A Rock Can Be... (2020)

A Rock Can Be... Laura Purdie Salas Violeta Dabija A Rock Can Be Rocks may seem like boring static objects until you discover that a rock can spark a fire glow in the dark and provide shelters of all shapes and sizes Laura Purdie Salas s lyrical rhyming text and
  • Title: A Rock Can Be...
  • Author: Laura Purdie Salas Violeta Dabija
  • ISBN: 9781467721103
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Hardcover
A Rock Can Be... Laura Purdie Salas Violeta Dabija Rocks may seem like boring, static objects until you discover that a rock can spark a fire, glow in the dark, and provide shelters of all shapes and sizes Laura Purdie Salas s lyrical rhyming text and Violeta Dabija s glowing illustrations show how rocks decorate and strengthen the world around them.
A Rock Can Be... Laura Purdie Salas Violeta Dabija

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    Laura Purdie Salas Violeta Dabija

One thought on “A Rock Can Be...

  1. Suzanne

    I m glad to see Laura Purdie Salas continue with her series of Can Be books This time she explores the ways rocks are used or found in our world The lovely illustrations show rocks as park fountains, stepping stones, winding paths, and other artistic or practical uses The rhyming text carries the readers from page to page as volcanoes, harvest moons, and hopscotch boards all show rocks and stones in various ways A section in the back contains information about each rock that is shown in the boo [...]

  2. Miss Pippi the Librarian

    A Rock Can Be is a companion book to A Leaf Can Be and Water Can Be Again, it s a book to showcase rocks in our world Some rocks or obvious, while others are not It s a great book to get the mind thinking and feet moving to discover all the rocks around you If the rocks depicted in this picture are confusing, Salas shares additional information at the end of the book, plus a glossary and places to find information It would be a great non fiction book to share with young learners.Reviewed from a [...]

  3. Diane

    I love this series Water, Leaf and now Rock Poetic and informational Gorgeous illustrations I love how the author elaborates on the meaning of her words in the back of the book to help students understand the connections For example night glower refers to phosphorescent rocks Another definite purchase for my library.It might be a good writing prompt for students, combining research on a topic and then creating a visual poem about that topic.

  4. Kendra

    Oooh I learned a lot about rocks Simple text, with expanded information in the back Rocks aren t boring at all

  5. Ashley Mohar

    Twin Text Rhoda s Rock HuntGriffin, M 2014 Rhoda s Rock Hunt St Paul, MN Minnesota Historical Society Press.Rationale I paired these two books together, because A Rock Can Be is about rocks and the different ways they are used in the world, from fountains to dinosaur bones The twin text that I chose to pair with it talks about Rhoda, and how on a hike with her aunt and uncle, she looks for rocks She finds all types of rocks and eventually comes to a lake where the beach is covered in rocks I tho [...]

  6. Jana

    Simple, poetic text along with colorful, cheerful illustrations share many of the ways rocks make the world a better place Examples include hopscotch markers, lake skimmers, paving stones, and statues Factual information about each example is included in the back This would be a terrific mentor text for poetic descriptions of the things that make up our world This would definitely be a great book for all bookshelves

  7. Jean Doolittle

    a poetic exploration about rocke rhymes are sometimes obtuse references that are unclear even to me, but the illustrations are beautiful and the glossary clarifies the discriptions it is a book that grows on you In the right setting, it can spark thinking and exploration, especially followed up by a walk or a field trip to explore all the places rocks can be seen and used.

  8. HueL

    Nice nonfiction, pretty illos It is the trendy style, won t last forever, but still would work for 10 or 15 years If there is 4.5 , I would give 4.5

  9. Rachel

    This is a very beautiful book The illustrations are stunning There is no plot It s about rocks It rhymes At the end, there s a dictionary of sorts that explains how a rock can be all these things Perhaps it would be better if the explanations were on the page that references them, instead of collected at the end.

  10. Sarah

    McGuirk, L Ritchie, D Austin, N 2011 If rocks could sing A discovered alphabet Berkeley Tricycle Press Rationale I chose these books because they are for primary grades The non fiction book tells simply about what rocks are and where we can find them The book gives examples of things that may normally not be considered rocks ie Bones The fiction book, If rocks could sing, is an alphabet book of rock pictures The pictures portray rocks shaped like something from each letter of the alphabet This w [...]

  11. Katie Fitzgerald

    As in Water Can Be, the illustrations in this book have an ethereal, soothing quality Illustrator Violeta Dabija makes wonderful use of light in many of the images, using it to portray lava shooting forth from a volcano, moonlight bathing gemstones, and the sparks made from flint striking rock Each picture does a lovely job of portraying the exact meaning suggested by the text with a little bit of extra character to bring each scene to life.This book is a great way to introduce non fiction eleme [...]

  12. Barbara

    I like all three of these titles A Leaf Can Be, Water Can Be, and this one, A Rock Can Bertly because of their exquisite poetic language but also because of the way they encourage readers to use their imaginations and see so much than just a leaf, water, or a rock In rhyming text, the author looks at the rocks around her and sees, among other things dinosaur boneepping stoneharbor protectornd connector unpaged Ideal for sharing with budding writers as a writing mentor text illustrating playful [...]

  13. Leslie Rendon

    This book informs us about all the different types of rocks that we probably did not even know were rocks It is informational for students to learn all the different type of rocks there are and maybe they will want to collect them in their own time at home I remember in elementary I can back home from reading about all different types of rocks and I was so astonished that I decided to collect different kids of rocks and show them to my teacher I would definitely love if my students did this I li [...]

  14. Grace Livengood

    Salas, L P Dabija, V n.d A rock can be When we see rocks, there is probably not a lot that comes to our minds, they are static objects that are a constant part of the background of our lives Told in verse, we see that there are a lot of different sides to a rock, and how useful it is for many purposes It can start a fire, be a home, and it can contain a lot of history from the Earth itself The illustrations capture the reader s attention with it s brightly painted pages in order to convey the ex [...]

  15. Carol

    At first one might think a rock is one of the most boring and uninteresting creations This simple yet beautiful book is sure to change that opinion The wonderful illustrations combine with flowing, rhyming text to tell of many things rocks can be and do My favorite line in the whole book is A rock is a rock, our Earth in your hand Our world s full of rocks, some simple, some grand.The book is wonderful all on its own but as an added bonus at the end there are several pages giving details of each [...]

  16. Joanna

    Lovely, lovely book, just crammed full of creative images illuminated by gorgeous illustrations, and a gentle rhyming text that is perfect for reading aloud My favorite pair food grinder, path winder Each page shows a glowing fall scene in golden hues the food grinder rocks are helping the chicken process food in her crop, and the path winder rocks make up a path for the gentleman peddling home a pumpkin on his bicycle A rock can be many things This is a great book to start conversations.

  17. Traci Bold

    Clever, witty and intriguing describe what you find inside this fascinating picture book by Laura Purdie Salas and Violeta Dabija Often the natural items around us are taken for granted In this book rocks are explored in their simplistic, yet intricate forms Rocks are pebbles, gems, statues and boulders and everything in between The end of this book describes in detail the specialness of each rock A rock can bee same as a child can beGreat concept and message.Published by Millbrook Press.

  18. Jeff Corrigan

    From home to stone to dune to moon this picture book is sure to teach your child that there is to rocks than meets the eye As your children advances the additional information and glossary in the back of the book can extend the shelf life of this picture book and further advance their understanding of the importance of rocks in our daily lives Beautifully illustrated Two thumbs up The Librarian Uncle

  19. Meghan Nels

    Laurie Purdie Salas newest title, A Rock Can Beeases the eyes and mind in the same manner as A Leaf Can Be and Water Can BeBeautiful illustrations and minimal words showcase the numerous uses and locations of rocks Additional information about each item pictured as well as a glossary enhance this informative picture book The creative conversations and awesome wondering A Rock Can Ben initiate are endless.

  20. Laura G

    Two words of poetic text identify all kinds of things a rock can be and then the author expounds in the back matter about each of these types uses of rocks A great combination I was most intrigued that a rock can be a food grinder In the back, the author explains that many birds, including chickens, swallow pebbles that jiggle around in their stomach and help them digest their food The author had many other titles A Leaf Can Be, Water Can Be, etc.

  21. Margie

    Few collaborative efforts express genuine appreciation for natural elements than the books, A Leaf Can Be and Water Can Be written by Laura Purdie Salas with illustrations by Violeta Dabija Their third title, A Rock Can Be Millbrook Press, March 1, 2015 is as illuminative and inspirational as its predecessors.My full recommendation librariansquest 2

  22. Bethe

    a good rock book is hard to find this one is excellent, qualities of poetry and NF combined with beautiful illustrations Back matter explains the rock ness of each page, glossary, and further reading going to order some of these books too Young readers and their teachers will love this book This whole series is excellent, can t wait for another one.

  23. Kate

    The illustrations in this book are gorgeous and lush, depicting all the different forms that rocks can take, from mountains to dinosaur bones to chalk to sand to gems At the end of the book, all of the short rhymes about what rocks can be are explained further with interesting rock facts for example, that some birds will swallow rocks to help them digest their food

  24. Lynn

    The simple, rhyming text is direct and clear and provides a wonderful introduction to earth science for lower elementary students The illustrations show the various forms, but are so colorful it seems they belong in a story book.Backmatter is very useful to explain the various types uses of rocks.

  25. Samantha

    Rhyming text illustrates how essential rocks are and celebrates the many ways we use them.Back matter consists of brief paragraphs of info about each of the uses of rocks that appear in text, a glossary, and a further reading section.Highly recommended for sharing with PreK 2, especially in daycare and preschool classrooms.

  26. Bmack

    This is a very simple book about what a rock is and it s different forms You could use it with a rock unit or similar science lesson as an intro There are only two words on a page but Dinosaur bone Stepping stone but the back of the book has a few sentences about the rocks on each page The illustrations are really nice as well.

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