Lavr. Romaan müstilisest ravitsejast (2020)

Lavr. Romaan müstilisest ravitsejast Evgenij Vodolazkin Veronika Einberg Lavr Romaan m stilisest ravitsejast Lavr on lugu nda sajandi k laravitsejast kes on v imetu p stma oma armastatut kui too sureb nende lapse s nnil Sureb patus sest nad ei ole kiriku kombe kohaselt laulatatud ega p hitsetud Ahastus
  • Title: Lavr. Romaan müstilisest ravitsejast
  • Author: Evgenij Vodolazkin Veronika Einberg
  • ISBN: 9789949486762
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Hardcover
Lavr. Romaan müstilisest ravitsejast Evgenij Vodolazkin Veronika Einberg Lavr on lugu 15 nda sajandi k laravitsejast, kes on v imetu p stma oma armastatut, kui too sureb nende lapse s nnil Sureb patus, sest nad ei ole kiriku kombe kohaselt laulatatud ega p hitsetud Ahastuses mees l heb maailma r ndama, otsides lunastust Oma retkedel teeb ta l bi korduvad metamorfoosid, muutes iga kord ka oma nime loo alguses on ta Arseni, andekas ravitsejaLavr on lugu 15 nda sajandi k laravitsejast, kes on v imetu p stma oma armastatut, kui too sureb nende lapse s nnil Sureb patus, sest nad ei ole kiriku kombe kohaselt laulatatud ega p hitsetud Ahastuses mees l heb maailma r ndama, otsides lunastust Oma retkedel teeb ta l bi korduvad metamorfoosid, muutes iga kord ka oma nime loo alguses on ta Arseni, andekas ravitseja v ikesest k last Armastatu kaotuse j rel v tab ta nimeks Ustin ning asub ravitsema katkuhaigeid ja v itlema needustega Alles l pus, vana mehena, olles saanud nii inimeste kui kiriku austuse osaliseks, v tab ta nimeks Lavr Selle nime all p rdub mees tagasi oma koduk lla, kus tal seisab veel ees elu k ige raskem katsumus.Lavr on meisterlik jutustus keskaegsest Vene hiskonnast, rikkalik detailides ja osaliste pikas, v rvikas portreede galeriis Lugeja kohtub Ustini patsientide, kaasreisijate, igeusu munkade ja kohalike v imumeestega ning teeb kaasa keskaegse palver nnaku Jeruusalemma Ometi ei ole tegemist ajaloolise romaaniga, pigem vastupidi tegemist on ajatu looga armastusest, kaotusest, eneseohverdusest ja usust.
Lavr. Romaan müstilisest ravitsejast Evgenij Vodolazkin Veronika Einberg

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    492 Evgenij Vodolazkin Veronika Einberg
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One thought on “Lavr. Romaan müstilisest ravitsejast

  1. Dragos C Butuzea

    un roman beton mi a fost t r e s scriu despre romanul sta, dar frate deja a trecut o groaz de timp i tre s scriu, altfel o s uit de el total am c utat ceva pe net, pe bloguri, dar cucu, nimeni n a avut p n acu i s nge n barabule s scrie excep ia e aici, la valeriu gherghel ce mi a pl cut 1 e o carte plin de speran , luminoas chiar dac se petrece n evul mediu rusesc ntunecat, de dinaintea lui ivan cel groaznic, unul plin de cium , de mizerie, dar i de mistic personajul e plin de speran i de voin [...]

  2. Hugh

    I hope this doesn t come across as meaningless hyperbole this book is extraordinary and the translation is brilliant There are some fine detailed reviews here already, notably those by Antonomasia review show and Paul Fulcher review show , and I accidentally left my copy on a train just after finishing it, so I ll confine myself to a brief overview.This is the story of Arseny, a humble 15th century Russian who begins life as the orphaned grandson of a village healer After his grandfather dies, h [...]

  3. Simona

    Un roman incredibil despre timp, despre vindecare i despre m ntuire prin iubire, scris ntr un sublim registru tarkovskian.Dup p rerea mea, meritul cel mai important al acestei c r i este c reu e te s se fac dezirabil i digerabil at t pentru evlavio i c t i pentru liber cuget tori, fiind lipsit de orice arogan excesiv moralizatoare.Spun c este o carte despre timp, deoarece arat cum i de ce anume nu exist timp fizic, ci doar ve nicia Pentru Creator nu este nimeni mort, ns doar planul existen ei fi [...]

  4. Lynne King

    When I read Laurus in early 2013, I had no idea I d ever translate the novel I simply read the book, enjoying Eugene Vodolazkin s mediaeval Russian setting and following the emotional and physical journeys of his main character, a man who seems to live four lives in one.The I read, the Laurus bewitched me, keeping me up at night with accounts of pestilence, apocalyptic thoughts, mediaeval winters and pilgrimage It wasn t just the plot that fascinated me though Vodolazkin s language which blend [...]

  5. Lisa Hayden Espenschade

    I loved this book when I read it last year and love it even now that I m translating it Vodolazkin s medieval setting, humor, and mix of contemporary language and old language make for a fun and pretty indescribable book about a man who s a healer, holy fool, pilgrim, and monk.

  6. Gorkem Y

    Rus Ger ek st c l Eugene Vodolazkin Rusya da son y llarda ad n fazlas yla duyuran ba ar l bir yazar oldu unu uluslararas edebiyat dergilerinde okumu tum zellikle Vodolazkin in Laurus ba ar s ve Rusya da ok prestijli oldu u ifade edilen 2 nemli d l sahibi olmas , uluslararas anlamda da ele tirmenlerce v lmesi bu kitaba kar ilgimi st seviyelere ta d.Vodolazkin, zellikle Orta a Rusyas konusunda uzmanla m bir tarih i asl nda Bu nedenle de bu kitab n olu turuldu unu orta a kurgusu, dinsel, spirituel [...]

  7. Susan

    This is a surprising, deep and mystical novel set largely in medieval Russia but branching out to different places and sometimes different times We know that Arseny was born in 1440 and was brought up by his grandfather, Christofer When his grandfather dies, Arseny becomes the local healer and, one day, brings into his humble home a young woman Ustina When she dies in childbirth, he begins a life travelling and trying to make atonement for her death.You will have to decide whether Arseny, who is [...]

  8. Vit Babenco

    And then there is the fish with many legs No matter what color stone it swims up to, it takes on that color if it is white, it turns white, if it is green, it turns green Some people, child, are the same they are Christians with Christians and infidels with infidels Laurus is an unexpected conjunction of magic realism and hierography and the book is tragically poetical Ustina was not separate from his love for her Ustina was love and love was Ustina He carried it as if it were a candle in a dark [...]

  9. booklady

    A new Medieval Russian novel well new for me and new considering seventy years of Communism has precluded this type of literature When I first read about Laurus in a favorite book catalog I can t begin to tell you how excited I was Real literature has returned to Russia, and who knows how to write romantic in the old sense of the word travelogues like the Russians C.S Lewis would be thrilled He might even bend his one old book for every new book rule in this case.Laurus is about one man s life s [...]

  10. Lark Benobi

    When I got to the end of Laurus I thought this is the best book I ve ever read I ve had that feeling before with other novels and I hope I will have it again in the future but even so Laurus will remain one of the most perfect and memorable experiences of my reading life It probably changed my experience to have read The Confession of St Patrick before reading Laurus Unlike Augustine s very Roman intellectualism, St Patrick s confession describes a reality where the spiritual and the physical wo [...]

  11. AnaVlădescu

    I was very surprised to realize that this book has been published only recently, because the writing is consistent with an end of the 18th century style, and not only in its mimetic qualities, but rather in its actual construction The author chose a medieval character and a travel across Russia towards the Holy Land in order to talk about God and the belief in God The writing is exquisite, an absolute pleasure to read, and the characters are very, very nicely developed.P.S Many thanks should go [...]

  12. Caro M.

    I loved it Simple and brilliant, this novel is one of those you don t get to read every day It s one huge metaphor of time and human life itself, but at the same time it s a chronicle of life of the particular human And it breaks your heart and makes you smile at the same time The language is easy and beautiful, and the trick of using Old Russian language mixed together with modern words gives an extraordinary effect, sometimes puzzling, sometimes comical Strongly recommended.

  13. Antonomasia

    A book in a genre I ve hardly read since my age hit double figures stories of the saints Laurus, the life of a fictional fifteenth century Russian folk healer, holy fool, pilgrim and eventual monk is essentially an invented example baptised Arseny, he adopts a number of names through the phases of his life, culminating in Laurus Miracles and prophetic visions are presented as a matter of course, as in the life of a saint, not the mode of fantasy or magic realism familiar to non religious English [...]

  14. Matt Sheffield

    This book was not what I expected and my expectations of its quality were high So when I began to travel along with the pilgrim, Arseny, I was initially left scratching my head at all the seemingly strange events that did not seem to be building toward anything But then I read this quote from the author, Vodolazkin There are two ways to write about modernity the first is by writing about the things we have the second, by writing about those things we no longer have Laurus is a book about the thi [...]

  15. Razvan Zamfirescu

    Spicuiri din recenzia finala care se gaseste pe blogul meuAm cugetat la titlul romanului care spune din start c este un roman neistoric, Vodolazkin subliniind c a pus o sticl de plastic ntr o p dure din Evul Mediu pentru a sublinia faptul c Laur nu este un roman istoric Da, Laur este un roman anistoric La fel i Laur Arseni Ustin Ambrozie Plutesc deasupra timpului, sunt prezen i l ng tine, sunt prezentul rememor nd trecutul i viitorul Anistoric nu n sensul g ndit i propus de Nietzsche, ci anistor [...]

  16. Calzean

    This is an impressive read In 15th Century Rus , Arseny becomes a healer, spiritualist and holy man The book charts the four parts of his life as an orphan living with his Grandfather who is also a healer and then lives with Ustina who dies in child birth, he then wanders and becomes a holy man, he journeys to Jerusalem, years later he returns to his birth place.Through this there is humour, naturopathy, old language, debates on time and when the world will end, prophecies, jumps to future event [...]

  17. Janet

    IT S HARD TO WRITE saintly characters Alyosha in The Brothers Karamazov is the least interesting of the brothers Everybody reads the Inferno, but how many make it to Paradise Yet Eugene Vodolazkin, whose second novel, Laurus, won both Russia s Big Book and Yasnaya Polyana prizes in 2013, succeeds gloriously, giving us not just goodliness but an actual saint a fictional wonderworker in the 15th century A scholar of medieval literature at St Petersburg s Pushkin House, the Institute for Russian Li [...]

  18. Paul Fulcher

    There were, however, those who did not want to come to terms with death but also reflected on ways to overcome it, even in the case of a universal end It was among these people that a rumour began to spread, saying Amvrosy possessed the elixir of immortality That Amvrosy, when he was still Arseny, had allegedly brought that elixir from Jerusalem Fearing that there would not be enough elixir for everyone when the time came, some people settled by the monastery walls and built themselves some semb [...]

  19. Max Nemtsov

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  20. Andrei Cioată

    Acest roman pur si simplu te marcheaza Acum, ca l am terminat, ma incearca o intensa fericire datorita faptului ca l am citit Una dintre cele mai subtile si frumoase carti pe care mi a fost data s o citesc Multumesc, draga prietena, pentru recomandare

  21. LindaJ^

    What a trip I loved this book but how to describe why Well, first there is the gorgeous dust jacket there are some books, like some wines, that just have to be bought because of cover label And when you start with a good impression, you have a positive frame of mind right from the start The cover, besides being red, has the look of an icon to it And that created the perfect mindset to start this book which is riddled with orthodoxy, i.e the Orthodox Church And I do so love icons I once had the p [...]

  22. Mirela Vasile (Dinny)

    L.E O carte pe care am ocolit o ceva vreme, partial nu stiu de ce, partial dintr un sentiment care imi spunea ca ar fi o carte trista Pana duminica asta cand intrand intr o librarie cu gandul de a cumpara ceva ca sa mi trec timpul cateva ore, am ales o intr o fractiune de secunda fara sa mi fie clar de ce depasea oricum cu mult suma pe care aveam de gand s o dau pe o carte in ziua respectiva.Dupa asta, aproape ca n am mai lasat o din mana, am citit o acasa, in parc, la serviciu si, ceea ce e tot [...]

  23. Douglas Dalrymple

    An unusual and interesting, but finally unsuccessful book, I think.Laurus has been compared by at least one critic to The Name of the Rose and by another to of all things Canterbury Tales, but it seems to have nothing in common with these beyond the fact that it too is set in the Middle Ages As a fictional portrait of a medieval saint, Laurus might be better compared with Frederick Buechner s Godric As a work of fiction written by a medievalist and hence with a whiff of authenticity to it , you [...]

  24. Cindy Rollins

    3.5 There is vanity in excess penance You must have sustenance Sr Monica Joan Call the MidwifeI am afraid Arseny found the vanity of repentance I am not Orthodox but since I have friends who are I am hesitant to be too critical lest I hurt their feelings Did I enjoy reading this Yes I liked the style and the flow I enjoyed reading about someone s life even though fictional and I liked Arseny Laurus I especially liked the idea that his name changed over and over again because he was different at [...]

  25. Cărți și călătorii

    Extras din recenzia care se g se te aici mihaelaburuiana cartisicalParcursul lui Laur mbin realul cu fantasticul, sacrul cu profanul, puterea cu sl biciunea, dar peste toate domne te dragostea Drumul lui ini iatic se desf oar pe fundalul unei Rusii primitive, marcate de numeroasele supersti ii i credin e populare din Evul Mediu, de necunoa terea unor reguli elementare de igien i de un respect amestecat cu team fa de vraci i de nebunii ntru Hristos care rostesc adev ruri greu de p truns O scen me [...]

  26. Tim McIntosh

    Unlike any book I ve ever read Reviewers compare it to Eco s The Name of the Rose or Gabriel Garcia Marquez s magical realism Yes, those comparisons are valid Laurus flits around the timeline in an unpredictable way zooming from the late medieval cemetery to a helicopter planting a huge cross atop a church the cumulative effect is a very magical, porous narrative that connects myth with reality with rumor with sainthood.The protagonist the heartbroken Arseny has that most rare of literary charac [...]

  27. Pîrvan (Jenaru) Dana

    lapunkt 2015 01 26 atemCa i Ludmila Uli kaia, Evheni Vodolazkin este un scriitor rus contemporan care m a surprins ntr un mod mai mult dec t pl cut Romanul acestuia publicat n urm cu doi ani n Rusia Laur recent tradus extrem de expresiv, cu at t mai mult cu c t nu pu ine vor fi fost dificult ile n limba rom n de Adriana Liciu pentru Humanitas Fiction, este o poveste stranie i frumoas ce va contraria poate cititorii pasiona i de proza contemporan Chiar i ia ceva timp p n reu e ti s n elegi ce ai [...]

  28. Jane

    This novel harked back to pre Soviet fiction plus a large dollop of Russian Orthodox spirituality In 15th century Russia, Christofer, the grandfather of a young man, Arseny, teaches him the secrets of herbal healing Also, Arseny learns the power of undying love from a young woman, Ustina, who arrives at his hut one day After her death in childbirth and that of their son, out of self blame for their deaths, he becomes a wanderer and fool for Christ He becomes clairvoyant, with eccentric behavior, [...]

  29. Ele Dalmonte

    Ambientato nella Russia del XV secolo, tra izbe e fitti boschi e monasteri ortodossi, narra la vita intera di un medico dotato di particolari poteri taumaturgici che diverr poi, per colpa e per a, asceta, pazzo di Dio , guaritore di vastissima fama, pellegrino, monaco.Lo stile particolare, per me inconsueto mi ha ricordato quello delle fiabe russe ma anche delle Sacre Scritture, essenziale e lento e martellante, intriso di misticismo e di prodigi, di delicata visionariet.Una prosa che m risultat [...]

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