Blueback (2020)

Blueback Tim Winton Blueback Abel Jackson was ten years old and could never remember a time when he could not dive His mother said he was a diver before he was born he floated and swam in the warm ocean inside her for nine months
  • Title: Blueback
  • Author: Tim Winton
  • ISBN: 9780670078004
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Hardcover
Blueback Tim Winton Abel Jackson was ten years old and could never remember a time when he could not dive His mother said he was a diver before he was born he floated and swam in the warm ocean inside her for nine months so maybe it came naturally.He had lived by the sea at Longboat Bay his whole life.Every day was special.But it all became much, much precious the day he met Blueback.
Blueback Tim Winton

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    109 Tim Winton
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One thought on “Blueback

  1. Suzanne

    A simple yet very sincere telling of a boys life attached to the ocean from babyhood to adulthood We come from water she said, We belong to it Abel is looking for the answer to the sea, and has devoted his life to finding out what this could be What he knows for sure is that humans impact this perfect world This text would be great for anyone from 9 years of age to 90 Tim Winton tells another story based on the ocean, a riddle of nature versus human spoiling, in his calm and steady manner After [...]

  2. Moses Kilolo

    Any one can enjoy this book, whatever their age or literary likes or dislikes Its brief enough to be read in an afternoon, but deep and wise enough to stay with you a thousand afternoons after Encompassing the life of a certain Abel and a fish named Blueback, it contains important lessons about life, the sea, and conservation.Winton Writes All these years I just wanted to know about the sea I ve been everywhere, I ve studied, I ve given lectures, become a bigshot But you know, my mother is still [...]

  3. Tamsien West (Babbling Books)

    A lovely tribute to the beauty and power of the sea, and a powerful reminder of our responsibility to care for it.Tim Winton must love the sea, the way he describes the feeling of being underwater and the call of the sea is mesmerising The story follows the life of a boy growing up beside the sea, diving with his mother he meets a huge fish which he befriends and names Blueback Throughout his life the boy s relationship with the fish and the sea shape everything he does Towards the end the story [...]

  4. Kelly (Diva Booknerd)

    divabooknerd 2014 06 bTim Winton is magical Blueback is a beautiful and whimsical story of a boy and his friendship with a Blue Groper affectionately named Blueback For those who have never seen a Blue Groper, they are incredibly majestic and can be found in a variety in coastal waters throughout Australia, including exposed reefs Tim Winton has used Blueback as a symbol of our marine wildlife and how it s paramount to protect our coastline Although the storyline follows Abel from the age of ten [...]

  5. Janelle

    This is my first Tim Winton book, and based on my enjoyment of this novella, I ll be looking for from him It s a beautiful story, simple yet graceful and thought provoking It s supposed to be a children s book, but really I think it s a book for all ages.

  6. Sean Kennedy

    Beautiful little novella that is almost like a fairytale Winton writes so evocatively about the sea that you feel you re in there and you never want to leave.

  7. Peri Gradisen

    Blueback by Tim Winton is a very meaningful novel, that puts across a strong message That message is that we should all respect our environment properly It is a very touching story that is set in a Coastal town in Australia, called Longboat Bay.Blueback is about a boy called Abel Jackson and his mother Dora and their journeys through life and how they just happen to encounter a beautiful creature of the sea Blueback and fall inlove with it Blueback captures Able s and Dora s heart and over the y [...]

  8. Charlotte

    I found this book dull, un interesting and incredibly boring All it was about was a boy, who s best friend was a fish Which I think is pretty sad.

  9. Jay

    The intended audience for this short work is not at all clear It is frequently listed among Winton s adult novels, with the subtitle of a contemporary fable But its plot simplicity in addition to subplots left undeveloped and stylistic directness and bareness seem to place it appropriately among his works for youth.Yet even in its simplicity, it includes many of the themes that characterize his novels and short stories The sense of the quest or the odyssey Laurie Clancy , which is present in mo [...]

  10. Judy

    Oh what a beautiful little tale Tim Winton you have done it again.This little book now has a home on the top bookshelf alongside the likes of Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, as a feel good, uplifting gem of joy that can be picked up and enjoyed in a little over an hour Guaranteed to uplift and improve your day.It is now 2017 and I have just reread this gem for the umpteenth time I love it with each read I have just handed the paper version to reading friend and had to read it again before it left [...]

  11. Kylie Purdie

    Blueback is one of those beautiful cross over books written fro children, but with so much to offer adults as well On the surface it s the story about a boy and a fish, while deeper down it s about respect for our environment, the importance of keeping what matters in sight and the love of family.I listened to this in car with my kids aged 11 and 7 and love the fact they protested every time we had to stop Winton s writing loses none of it s eloquence when he writes for children His descriptions [...]

  12. Adam

    A pleasant and very sentimental but, alas, unexceptional novella with heavy ecological themes The book is likely to mean the most to some young adult readers who will find the broad strokes story inspirational A few times during the course of the book, Winton dangles cliched plot lines in front of the reader But these are mere red herrings, and he soon cuts that bait and moves on to better, and less predictable, things.

  13. Alessandra

    Nonostante la brevit del libro, le 5 stelline gliele do con il cuore perch c qualcosa di magico in questo racconto La prova che anche attraverso una scrittura semplice, quasi essenziale, si pu emozionare Una fiaba davvero per tutti, per leggere qualcosa di leggero ma, allo stesso tempo, per riflettere sulla natura, sulla famiglia e la vita Davvero, davvero carino.

  14. Ashley

    We had to read this for school in year 5.The catch was we had to do activities as well so that s probably why i didn t enjoy this book as much as i would ve.It was alright though and it made me sad.

  15. Creative Kids Tales

    Down through the centuries the Jackson family had always earned their living from the sea, from the old days of whaling and fishing, to the modern times of abalone harvesting Ten year old Abel Jackson s father had been killed by a tiger shark when he was pearl diving in Roebuck Bay, but Abel still loved to swim and dive in the ocean Whilst diving in Robbers Head to harvest abalone, Abel and his mother befriend an enormous blue groper, who Abel names Blueback Enthralled by the wonderful experienc [...]

  16. Cheyenne Blue

    Blueback is a deceptively easy novella about a boy, Abel, growing up with his mother, Dora, in a hamlet on the coast of Western Australia It s a tale about the sea, and Abel s and Dora s love for the sea, and how it permeates their lives It s also about nature, human relationships, and ecology Winton is always at his best when there s water involved His prose is straightforward, without embellishment and every time he writes about the sea you can feel the water slide over your skin The story fol [...]

  17. Tanja

    A beautiful at times magical story, with an important message, that moved me to tears I know, I am easily moved but still, this story might get to other readers too In a coastal area in Australia, Abel and his mum lead a quiet, yet challenging life, in harmony with the environment around them Not everyone around them agrees and so saving the sea and all its creatures becomes a lifelong battle for the two I could imagine that this book would make a fantastic read aloud and spark some great discus [...]

  18. Amy

    An absolutely magical, perfect slice of life I picked this up as it s part of the Penguin Australian Children s Classics series which I adore and even though I had not actually heard of this particular Tim Winton book before, it is so deserving as being part of this collection It s not a typical children s book, reading like a fairytale than anything else with it s jaw droppingly beautiful prose, even when describing tragedy and pain I loved this dearly and know the world of Abel, Dora and Blue [...]

  19. Lydia

    This is a little fable by Tim Winton, and even though I really don t like Tim Winton, or his writing style, I liked this book I really don t want to go into too much detail because it s almost a novella and a children s book so to go into the plot would really spoil the story But it s a very vivid and colourful story about a boy and a fish he names Blueback Winton has a really strong connection with the sea and surf culture and he has a great respect for it, and I think that s evident in this li [...]

  20. Shadows n Secrecy

    Apr 15, 2015I need a bit of a break from intense books, since I m in a bit of a book hangover from Caster Chronicles I was going to read If I Stay, but it s going to be a few days before it would be back in the library There s been a lot of talk about Tim Winton being an amazing author, so I just thought to give one of his novels a go since it was right there in the library today.

  21. James Ovidi

    I really enjoyed this book Though it was a very easy read, it was filled with relatable and interesting language that as an Australian I can relate to My mother even enjoyed it and she said I really enjoyed the ending and thought it was sweet and touching.

  22. Annabelle Moses

    Blue back is about a 10 year old boy called Abel, who is a diver and follows in his mothers footsteps He gets married and his wife and his daughter both are divers His is named after his mother Dora

  23. Kerri Green

    I guess I don t like books to lecture me so a fable isn t my style but the writing style was easy and homely in true Winton form I can see why it makes a great student text for environmental studies.

  24. Julie Pearce

    The term modern fable is missing from this edition, which feels very modern and gorgeous with its vibrant blue papers and illustrations by Allison Colpoys The relevance of the tale has not changed, it is focused, succinct and lovely to read.

  25. Janita Knowles

    The sand and salt seems to fall out from between the pages of every book Winton writes set on, in or near the ocean For anyone who has ever grown up as a coast dwelling Australian, Winton is a writer that speaks a language you can own It helps if you are roughly of the same generation too.

  26. Robert Ditterich

    What a stunning little book, and what tremendous restraint Winton has used in keeping it small I d love to see every 12 year old on the planet read this or have it read to them by their grandparents.

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