The Song of Synth (2020)

The Song of Synth Seb Doubinsky The Song of Synth Williams Burroughs meets Philip K Dick in this dystopian drug fueled novel set in the not so distant future Synth is a drug able to induce hallucinations indistinguishable from reality But it s brand
  • Title: The Song of Synth
  • Author: Seb Doubinsky
  • ISBN: 9781940456256
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Paperback
The Song of Synth Seb Doubinsky Williams Burroughs meets Philip K Dick in this dystopian drug fueled novel set in the not so distant future.Synth is a drug able to induce hallucinations indistinguishable from reality But it s brand new, highly addictive, and than likely dangerous Even the dealers peddling the pills don t know what long term effects the drug will have on its users For Markus OlseWilliams Burroughs meets Philip K Dick in this dystopian drug fueled novel set in the not so distant future.Synth is a drug able to induce hallucinations indistinguishable from reality But it s brand new, highly addictive, and than likely dangerous Even the dealers peddling the pills don t know what long term effects the drug will have on its users For Markus Olsen, Synth offers an easy escape to his crumbling life Markus, an ex hacker, has been caught red handed, and while his friends were sent to jail for thirty years, Markus decided to cooperate, agreeing to lend his services and particular criminal expertise to Viborg City s secret service, aiding the oppressive state power he d been fighting to break in exchange for his relative freedom.But Markus past as an anarchist comes back to haunt him, in the form of a credit card with no account but an seemingly unlimited balance as well as the discovery of a mysterious novel in which he is a main character How much of his reality is being produced by Synth How disconnected from real life has Markus become Forced to face his past and the decisions he s made, Markus must decide to choose between the artificial comfort of his constructed life and the harsh reality of treason and the struggle for freedom.Skyhorse Publishing, under our Night Shade and Talos imprints, is proud to publish a broad range of titles for readers interested in science fiction space opera, time travel, hard SF, alien invasion, near future dystopia , fantasy grimdark, sword and sorcery, contemporary urban fantasy, steampunk, alternative history , and horror zombies, vampires, and the occult and supernatural , and much While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller, a national bestseller, or a Hugo or Nebula award winner, we are committed to publishing quality books from a diverse group of authors.
The Song of Synth Seb Doubinsky

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    379 Seb Doubinsky
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One thought on “The Song of Synth

  1. Vincenzo Bilof

    Phillip K Dick s legacy lives on in Seb Doubinsky We have worlds within worlds, paranoiac fantasies, and a subtext critique about progressive technology and its ability to install variations of tyranny into government Here is a William Gibson wet dream in which we attempt to define worlds and understand them but learn that ultimately these worlds spawn each other and are reflections of reality In this book, we are distorted, a body of water with a puddle skipping across each event creates a new [...]

  2. Rodney

    I should have done this review long ago A phenomenal read Doubinsky has somehow relayed spies, drugs, class struggle and government in an impossibly poetic way This may just be my book of the year.Markus Olson was part of a group called the Potemkin Crew, responsible for hacking and destroying 5 war satellites, worth billions Ten years have passed since having his home raided and losing girlfriend Karen to his activities He now works for Viborg Security Center, part of his plea to shorten his se [...]

  3. Marvin

    It is impossible to write a review of a Seb Doubinsky novel that doesn t mention the influences of Phillip K Dick That is because there are so many similar themes The confusion between reality and illusion, the delicate role of identity, the connection between hallucinogenics and perception, and the soured fruits of repression in an authoritarian society to name just four But there are distinct differences too While Dick was essentially a pulp writer who tackled philosophical issues, Doubinsky i [...]

  4. Grant Wamack

    There s always a multitude of books sitting on my to be read pile and a lot of these are writers are new to me One of these figures is Seb Doubinsky He posts a lot of free poetry online and is supportive of a lot of writers in general I finally dug into his novel Song of Synth and didn t realize how damn good this guy is until now.Markus Olsen is an ex hacker who is forced to work for the state s secret service He starts taking a potent drug known as Synth It s relatively new and induces incredi [...]

  5. Kendall

    I found this book well written and very entertaining, but there were a lot of interesting plots that were built up only to be abandoned and never mentioned again in the second half of the book So many questions were left unanswered, which sometimes can be good as it forces the reader to think critically However, with this one, I feel it left too much to be desired Although I have given it a three star rating, I WOULD reccommend this book to others as I found it to be a fast paced, addicting read [...]

  6. Corby

    This book has problems, in my humble opinion The concept seems great, the cover flashy but tasteful, and the first few pages really pull you in In fact, I was hooked throughout the first 50 pages or so But by the time I got halfway through I was so annoyed with it I honestly couldn t even finish it.This book has so much potential, but falls so, so flat Mr Dubinsky overcompensates for his lack of imagination by indulging is his derivative, redundant and pretentious writing style Seriously, after [...]

  7. Nathalie

    Immense coup de coeur pour ce roman The Song of Synth is different from anything I have read in a long, long time It s fascinating, beautifully written, wonderfully strange, a kind of literary science fiction novel This was my first novel by Seb Doubinsky and it will not be the last I am very glad to see that he has written many books before that one If anybody wondered what literature was about, there it was, plan and simple comforting references You weren t completely alone in this world The b [...]

  8. Jeff

    An interesting study of a captured hacker, serving his time catching other hackers He believes his sacrifice saved his girlfriend, but then meets her as the boss of huge software company All this is complicated by a drug he is experimenting with, and gradually the drug takes over his life So he makes a breaking his life runs to the other end of the world to find a better version of himself

  9. Jibran

    What else can I say Any other rating would be a drug induced hallucination of your beloved Synth EDIT I owe this author a better review Not just because he had commented on my rating, but because Song of Synth iswithout a doubt one of the best novels I have ever read It honestly did have a profound effect on me, but we will get to that later, shall we Slight spoilers to followCharacters 5 5 The side characters aren t of great importance when compared to the back and forth, incredibly scintillati [...]

  10. David Bridges

    What do Peter Clines, Lauren Beukes, and Seb Doubinsky have in common They are my favorite contemporary Science Fiction writers What sticks out to me about Doubinsky is his ability to give me the same feelings I have when I read some of my favorite older obviously relative Science Fiction authors Doubinsky has this way of channeling PK Dick or Matheson which gives me this calming feeling when I read him.Anyways, The Song of Synth An alternate time In Viborg City Markus Olsen is a white hat hacke [...]

  11. Robin

    This book was all right, but I can already tell I ll be struggling to recall details in a month or two Didn t leave much of an impression There are little sparks and flashes of inspiration Some interesting concepts But not enough to catch kindling It was clear that this book was trying to do Something Ambitious, but it might take a mind inclined to academic reading than my own to suss it out Checked a bunch of the boxes on the postmodernism list, not always to the story s advantage Jameson, Lac [...]

  12. Andy Coleman

    A SIMPLE MAN S REVIEW A hacker runs from his past while taking a state of the art drug have I read this before This is the first book I ve read by this author, so maybe it s is style, but so much of the book felt unfinished Things touched on but needing depth For example, the drug, synth, can do some amazing things You can call up hallucinations on demand to transform your reality into whatever you want at the time How does it work What are the limits Who is the voice I would have liked to have [...]

  13. Katie Scofield

    Tried so harduldn t finish it Maybe I m just a literary Philistine, but it just jumped around too much to hold my interest The jumps between drug induced fantasy and reality were interesting at first, but at some point I needed something to latch onto, and never really found anything Hate hate hate not finishing books, but had to do it this time.

  14. Jennifer Jamieson

    An interesting look at the construction of reality The nature of the drug makes Marcus an unreliable narrator, but also makes us look at our own lives are we constructing our own reality by seeing things as we prefer, much the way Synth is pulling things from Marcus brain

  15. Kristine

    Song of Synth by Seb Doubinsky is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in early April.Doubinsky depicts an alterna future in which Markus Olsen who changes his name a couple times interacts with technology, imbibes in a stream of consciousness drug called Synth, engages in some sexual innuendo, before travelling to Sanmarkand and the story drifting to include activities in the lives of the local police.

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