Deadly Obsession (2020)

Deadly Obsession Jaycee Clark Deadly Obsession RT Bookclub TOP PICK She s his angel his love his obsession He knew she wasn t dead and he s finally found her Christian Bills has created a new life for her self with the help of the wealthy and pow
  • Title: Deadly Obsession
  • Author: Jaycee Clark
  • ISBN: 9781586086947
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Paperback
Deadly Obsession Jaycee Clark RT Bookclub TOP PICK She s his angel.his love.his obsession He knew she wasn t dead, and he s finally found her Christian Bills has created a new life for her self with the help of the wealthy and powerful Kinncaid family For almost nine years, she s been hiding, but dark secrets from her past threaten to rip her safe world apart Brayden Kinncaid doesn t know what s wRT Bookclub TOP PICK She s his angel.his love.his obsession He knew she wasn t dead, and he s finally found her Christian Bills has created a new life for her self with the help of the wealthy and powerful Kinncaid family For almost nine years, she s been hiding, but dark secrets from her past threaten to rip her safe world apart Brayden Kinncaid doesn t know what s wrong with Christian He s known her for years and only recently discovered his feelings for her go beyond friendship The changes in the once strong willed woman are startling Her haunted gray eyes and darting looks lead him to believe something is drastically wrong No matter how hard he pushes her, she won t confide in him But when Christian is attacked, Brayden vows to discover what she is hiding before it is too late Rating Contains violence and graphic sexual content.
Deadly Obsession Jaycee Clark

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    239 Jaycee Clark
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One thought on “Deadly Obsession

  1. Julie (jjmachshev)

    Yes After reading the other books in Jaycee Clark s Deadly series, I finally got Deadly Obsession It s another spine tingler that will have you shuddering and cringing from the twisted, psychotic villain and his obsession with the heroine.Christian has made her home with the Kinncaid s for the last nine years She still can t quite remember how she came to their home, but will be forever thankful that they offered her terrified younger self a safe haven and a family so much better than the one sh [...]

  2. Anne OK

    Another great addition to the Kinncaid Bros series This time around Brayden Kinncaid and Christian Bills the adopted daughter living with the Kinncaids A thriller and excellent romance An added plus was several appearances by Ian, the mysterious brother who is a master of disguise.

  3. Pamela(AllHoney)

    The third book in the Deadly series by Jaycee Clark Christian Bills has lived with the Kinnaid family for years and is practically family She works with Brayden and is the nanny to his daughter But a one night stand has her reevaluating her position Then her past catches up with her and she must decide whether to involve her family or take off alone An excellent addition to this series Almost gave a lower rating because of the borderline TSTL heroine but decided not to hold it against her.

  4. Jenny

    I knew it was only a matter of time until this came to bite me in the ass As they said, if something looks too good to be true, it probably is.So far, I ve loved the first two books of this series As for this one I was so bloody mad half the time, I couldn t see straight.Brayden and Christian could ve really had a nice little story going here Yes, I know this was a romantic suspense, so there had to be some drama, hence the title of the book Deadly Obsession.Ok, fine I d roll with it The action [...]

  5. Awilk -never sleeps-

    Jaycee Clark really hit her stride with Deadly Obsession This, the third book of this series was the best so far Bray and Chris were a great couple, and I enjoyed both of their characters I may not of made the same decisions as Chris did, but I could easily see her reasons for doing what she did Happily, she was a stupid heroine She had been through hell, and come out the other side a person I could respect.I have the next book waiting on my Kindle, and will be reading it by the end of the week. [...]

  6. Phe

    4.5 Stars Deadly Obsession is an adult contemporary romantic suspense thriller by Jaycee Clark and the 3rd book in her Deadly Kinncaid Brothers series.His angel He knew she wasn t dead And he s finally found herAn abused child and teenage runaway, Christian Bills created a new life for herself with the help of the wealthy and powerful Kinncaid family She showed up on their doorstep almost nine years ago, scared, starving and alone, and they took her in making her one of the family no questions a [...]

  7. Saly

    Rating 3.5 starsThis is the second twin s story and Christian who has been a part of their family for the past nine years She showed up on their doorstep as a teenager and never left, becoming the hero s daughter s mom for all intent and purposes and when the book starts they have just given into their passion and admitted their love for each other but the hero panics and blames it on the alcohol Now, the problems I had in the book was that we aren t given much information on the hero s daughter [...]

  8. Serena

    This is a great book and was one of my fav so far with the exception I felt she left out a major part at the end hope that sense will show up in book 4 I had a hard time with the killer in this book a sick individual this one was, almost think so then the first two Scary to think about The love that the leads show to each other and how he stands by her know matter how mad he get.

  9. Emmie

    Synopsis Safe for nowFor almost nine years Christian Bills has been hiding, but in that time she s created a new life for herself with the help of the wealthy and powerful Kinncaid family Now, dark secrets and an unforgettable nightmare from her past threaten to rip her safe world apart.Devoted but kept in the darkBrayden Kinncaid has known Christian for years and only recently discovered his feelings for her go beyond friendship But the changes in the once strong willed woman are startling He [...]

  10. Christi Snow

    My Review Overall 4.50Performance 4.75Story 4.25So far, this has definitely been the best of the series I loved this bookobably just because Christian and Brayden have had such a long relationship She had been part of the family since she ran away from her family in her teens To the other Kinncaid brothers, she s like a sister, which is why Brayden is so discombobulated by his new sexual feelings for her He doesn t know what to do with this, but knows he doesn t want to do anything that could th [...]

  11. Clare

    This is my first review on , and I chose to review this particular book as it is one of my absolute favourite books and forms part of one of my favourite series It is the story of Christian, a woman stalked and in hiding i love Jaycee Clark s style as we have both MCs point of views and, the way she write, i can really feel the Hero s love for the heroine Apart from that, she write romantic suspence as it should be The characters here are truly hurt by the evil deeds of the villian Some RS that [...]

  12. Olimpia

    Deadly Ties, the 3rd installment of the Kinncaid Brothers series was such a heartwarming story After reading this, I went and read some of the reviews All though I do agree that Christian should have told Brayden and the rest of the Kinncaid family who her stalker was, I also do understand If you think about it, coming from her point of view, she s told people in the past and those people she s lost because of it, I can understand her fear of losing anyone in the Kinncaid family as now they are [...]

  13. Anita

    TSTL to stupid to live heroines are my least favorite type of the damsel in distress found too often in romantic suspense Christine Bills is most certainly TSTL After 8 years of living with Brayden Kinncaid and taking care of his daughter, Tori, Christian and Brayden finally get together, but it ends up as a one night stand when Bray makes an ass of himself pun intended Christian decides that some space is needed and gets her own place Shortly after, the past she fled finds her again and she sta [...]

  14. Tamra LeValley

    Can any obsession be good Certainly not for Christain, or as she used to be call Josephine Once upon a time there was a girl named Josephine who was the apple of her step fathers eye Actually she was his Angel and nobody else could have her He would make sure of that even if he had to kill her new family and the man she loved named Braydon I just love this 5 book series so far This is the only author who has been able to put a suspense love story together and make it actually work The good chara [...]

  15. ʝαиє

    My 3rd on the Kinncaid brothers love story and I think JC upped her ante Cos this bOok make my blood boils Boiling to the max For a start, Christian happen to show up on their doorstep years ago And the Kinncaid had kept her and raise her as their own And one day, Christian received something that remind her of a past And that past push me to keep reading and find out Yes, I m a bit pissed with her secrecy about her assailant but then based on what she encounterd years back, I wOuldnt blame her [...]

  16. Hayzbaw

    Can you say AWESOME I started reading the 1st books in this series they can be read in order or as stand alones 5 54pm Friday and by 7 29am Monday morning I had finished the 5th book Yes I barely left the house all weekend and I was late for work Monday This romantic suspense series has fantastic characters, the author has made them come alive As you read these books you immerse yourself into the characters lives, you become vested in them overcoming obstacles, defeating the bad guys and living [...]

  17. Nancy Stopper

    I loved how this book started with the main characters already regretting a hook up I definitely saw that these characters were destined to be together based on previous stories, What Christian suffered was awful But, I didn t like how she continued to act stupid throughout the story Over and over she could have and should have protected herself and continuing to not tell the entire story or hiding information from the people that could help her I get that she was threatened and previous people [...]

  18. RedRedtheycallmeRed

    I read this as part of The Deadly Series Boxed Set.While I liked Brayden, he seemed a bit blah than Aiden and Gavin, nothing made him stand out from the other brothers Ian was the most interesting character in the book, and I am looking forward to his story.Christian s backstory was pretty horrific, hard to read at times But her behavior was completely puzzling I know she was concerned about everyone s safety, but the fact that her boyfriend and his family are sitting on billions of dollars sho [...]

  19. Jeanne Bufkin

    This was my first time reading this author, so I wasn t sure what to expect, but it turns out that I thoroughly enjoyed both her writing style and they way she tied the story together through the various points of view being introduced through multiple characters.Christian is a strong female lead who has been through a lot in her short life As someone who also has trouble opening up about feelings and emotions, especially to the people who love her, I felt like I was experiencing the story with [...]

  20. Whispers From

    Heart pounding thrillsChristian has been with the Kinncaids for many years She has been like a mom to Tori, Brayden s daughter Her and Brayden sleep together and he tells her it was a mistake She moves into a condo and starts getting pictures, phone calls When someone breaks into her condo, it s the man she s been hiding from, an important politician When he escapes, Brayden realizes he almost lost her and will do anything for her But now he s threatening the Kinncaids and she will do anything t [...]

  21. Carla Krissinger

    So far, this is the best yet The suspense and thrill is even higher when Kinncaid s adopted sweetheart Christian is placed in a bad situation Her past collides with her future and the reason she showed up on the Kinncaid s doorstep all those years ago, comes back to make life hell.The fast love that you find in the earlier novels, isn t present in this one because Christian and Brayden have already known each other She has practically raised his daughter as her own It was bound to happen The eve [...]

  22. Dorel

    In this 3rd book the storyline was ok I thought Christian s mother was a piece of crap she deserved to go to jail for what she let happen to Christian Her mother didn t even deserved to be called her mother Christian s stepfather also was a piece of crap he got what he deserved I really loved how the Kinncaid family sticks together The only thing that got on my nerves in this story Christian took to long to tell the Kinncaids the truth.

  23. Renee Brammah

    As a reader this book was very frustrating just how the female character Christian was so stubborn with no regards to her own safety She has experience with how cruel her sticker can be but still it wasn t motivation to help her self It just comes across as another dumb stupid female putting herself in unnecessary risk which could have been avoided.

  24. thadine

    This started well, but after a while just became tedious The heroine stubbornly refuses to reveal who the bad guy is even after announcing her decision to tell everyone , lies to her family and sneaks off alone even after she has been attacked and knows she is in danger It got ridiculous and dragged on and on.

  25. Tessa Wiegele

    This has to be my favorite so far in the series It made me really excited for Ian s book I really do enjoy the author s writing style she really paints a picture for the reader I recommend this book if you ve read the first couple books in the series Although, I think this book could be read as a stand alone.

  26. Kye Paradee

    So far my favorite of this series I don t mind smutt books, but I also like some type of action to happen during them This book focuses a lot on the creepy stalker and the fear portrayed Which is preferred

  27. Tanya

    Another wonderful installment from Jaycee Clark It was a bit darker than I expected, and my heart clenched and wrenched a bit too much, but it was well written and if anyone needed a HEA, it was Christian.

  28. Christine

    What a scary story, that takes us deeper into the Kinncaid family Christian is the adopted sister who is helping to watch after take care of Brayden s daughter, Tori The past comes back to haunt her and the Kinncaid family What a past she has

  29. Nikki ♥

    This was another enjoyable story in the Deadly series The only thing that didn t make it a 5 star for me was that I thought Christian was sometimes TSTL Other than that, it was a great read.

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