Fractured Lines (2020)

Fractured Lines Jen McLaughlin Fractured Lines The lines we once crossed so easily have widened and torn us apart Once upon a time I thought Finn and I would live happily ever after but real life doesn t always have a happy ending He s testing m
  • Title: Fractured Lines
  • Author: Jen McLaughlin
  • ISBN: 9780989668484
  • Page: 143
  • Format: ebook
Fractured Lines Jen McLaughlin The lines we once crossed so easily have widened and torn us apart .Once upon a time I thought Finn and I would live happily ever after, but real life doesn t always have a happy ending He s testing my trust, and I m losing faith in the man I thought I d spend the rest of my life with, and there s nothing I can do to stop it He s the one I trusted to keep me safe, buThe lines we once crossed so easily have widened and torn us apart .Once upon a time I thought Finn and I would live happily ever after, but real life doesn t always have a happy ending He s testing my trust, and I m losing faith in the man I thought I d spend the rest of my life with, and there s nothing I can do to stop it He s the one I trusted to keep me safe, but now he s the source of my greatest pain .Forgiveness is fragile, and some fractures never fully heal .One mistake a slip in a moment of weakness might cost me everything I ve worked so hard for The thing about trust is that it s a lot easier to lose than it is to build Just as I m about to give up and surrender to the demons from my past, an unexpected threat reminds me what I m best at protecting the woman I love Whether or not she wants me, I will fight for Carrie and our daughter, and I will keep them safe no matter the cost.Even if I have to put my life and my heart on the line.
Fractured Lines Jen McLaughlin

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One thought on “Fractured Lines

  1. Michelle

    ARC provided by author in exchange of honest review 5 Beautiful Stars How far would you go to fight for your love Are you willing to go against all the odds stacked against you And can love truly heal In Fractured Lines by Jen McLaughlin, the power of love is the major theme of this book True love is definitely worth the fight when you know a couple like Finn and Carrie truly deserves the happily ever after These two battle all the odds and come so far in their relationship And truly these two d [...]

  2. Bethany

    Fractured Lines by Jen McLaughlin is book 4 in the Out of Line series I haven t read any of the books from this series before You can read this book as a stand alone from the series There is some recapping as to what goes on in the other books so you re not completely lost, but if you are wanting to read this series I would definitely start by reading book 1 Out of Line For those who have read this series will probably really love Fractured Lines because their favorite characters are back I m no [...]

  3. Polly

    I really think this book was not needed It was the same shit different day I swear that the same two sentences were like on every page I was super bored and disappointed.

  4. Lustful Literature

    JOSIE S 5 STAR REVIEW The Out of Line series is my favorite series, I read all three books and fell in love with Finn and Carrie When I saw they were going to be getting another book I was smiling all the way home I cannot get enough of the pair Finn is my favorite BBF I literally cream my panties when I read about him.In the last book Out of Mind, Carrie and Finn got their HEA, but this story looks into their lives 3 years after they got married and now have a daughter, Susan Then author shows [...]

  5. Heather

    The thing about trust is that it s a lot easier to lose than it is to build FinnTruth Finn Truth.Finn is struggling He slips up and hates himself for it Hates what could have happened but also hates that Carrie might see him as weak Carrie feels for him but she has a kid to worry about and as Finn says once that trust is gone it s very difficult to go forward and get that back.The thing about Fractured Lines is that Jen McLaughlin writes Finn s PTSD in such an authentic way that the reader can t [...]

  6. All Romance

    PEPPER S REVIEWFRACTURED LINES is the 4th book in the OUT OF LINE series However, it can totally be read as a standalone I haven t read any in this series which will be rectified immediately and the book read fine for me I just need , so I m totally going back to read the rest SoGod Dammit I don t even know how I m alive to write this review right now Because this book murdered me.AKA So Hugging Good.Let me explain, or try to.If you ve read my reviews, you know I am not into writing real wordy a [...]

  7. Francesca

    Finn e Carrie Una storia dolcissima, bellissima Questa novella stata un piacevole epilogo dell epilogo, passatemi il gioco di parole L a non sempre salva tutto e aggiusta tutto, ma una buona base di partenza.Consigliatissimi, tutti e quattro i libri.

  8. Kim

    Find this review and at kimberlyfaye reads.We all love when our characters get what we assume will be a happily ever after HEA , but sometimes what happens after the HEA isn t all sunshine, rainbows and kittens No matter how much a couple loves each other, previous issues have a way of resurfacing and causing trouble a second time around This is what we find with Finn and Carrie in Fractured Lines.I should probably be mad at Jen for putting one of my favorite bookish couples through another rel [...]

  9. Rhea Dsouza

    I love romance novels probably than I love reading any other genre of books I m one of those girls who keep re reading the end of romance novels to see how the boy finally gets the girl I m one of those girls who love the angst the characters go through and eventually, their personal epiphanies as they realise that they d be so much less miserable if they were with their significant others.But with Jen McLaughlin s Fractured Lines, I found myself sighing and sniffling every time the characters [...]

  10. Michelle

    2.5 3 starsOh manI guess I was expecting a little from this book.I wanted Carrie to have of a tough love backbone approach with Finn s issues Her being a therapist herself And being in the condition she was in She was just not doing it for me She needed to insist right from the start put down the ultimatum and a time frame For Finn to get help If he wanted to stay with her and his daughter.It was just so crazy And I m sorry I wasn t feeling the whole BDSM scene in the cabin They were never lik [...]

  11. Evette

    I have missed Finn and Carrie Fast forward time and we find them back in a place neither can handle and rocky wouldn t even begin to describe the terrain.This book had a very different feel, sexual, anger, pain perhaps The description of Finn s PTSD is so clear His pain broke my heart But again why not bring Carrie in, why hold er so far away and allow the rift to grow Don t get me started on Carrie She drove me crazy Not because she is a therapist, not because she is scared, but with the way [...]

  12. Jamie

    I haven t read any of Jen s books previously so I was worried knowing this was a standalone of a line of her books I am telling you there was absolutely no reason to worry In fact, I read this book in one sitting because I couldn t put it down and now need to read the rest I loved this story It was real It was not a sappy romance or all about sex It was like a real life marital struggle that you get to witness Jen had amazing character development in this story and even though it was set in the [...]

  13. K

    This book felt like an afterthought, like the author originally planned on three but saw the success of them and decided what the hell, let s extend it Nahlet s not The plot felt repetitive to what the couple had already overcome in previous books, the characters seemed immature and honestly there wasn t a real sense of the couple actually working through their issues The ending was needed so the author sugarcoated it all and rushed it.Not something I would read again.

  14. Emma

    so this was a difficult one for me It hit too close to home with association and lies undermining a marriage Putting children first when the person your supposed to trust the most rips away your foundation In my case the addiction won and my marriage broke up In fact the addiction is still winning with no contact between the children and their father It w as nice to image that these situations can be overcome and lead to a stronger marriage Just not mine.

  15. SnoopyDoo's Book Reviews

    This is the first and only book I read in the Out of line series But I can say that I did not feel lost Some things are told in this book of what happened in the previous enough to get an idea of what was going on I gather these two went through quite a lot together before getting their HEA.You can find my full review here snoopydoosbookreviews p 123

  16. Polly

    What the fuck I thought we had the hea already They ve been through enough Definitely waiting on reviews first before deciding on reading it or not Sounds like unnecessary drama

  17. Kristi

    There hasn t been a couple since Liv and Dean that deserved a HEA What a fantastic journey to take with these two

  18. Aria's

    POSSIBILI SPOILER ________________________________________ Ora so che la fiducia pi facile da perdere che da conquistare Ho cominciato a leggere questo ennesimo capitolo della serie Out of line, con un pizzico di scetticismo, chiedendomi in tutta onest cosa ci fosse ancora da dire su Finn e Carrie dopo l epilogo dell ultimo libro Non ho cambiato completamente idea In corso d opera ho apprezzato alcuni aspetti della narrazione e in fondo rileggere della spumeggiante quanto problematica coppia sem [...]

  19. Shawna Shauntia

    EXCERPT I lowered my face even I need you so damn bad Let me kiss you Let me make it better I know how to make it all better I brushed my lips across hers gently, testing her reaction She kissed me back So soft I barely felt it, and yet I somehow felt it down to my soul With a small groan, I closed my mouth over hers, crushing her against my chest and holding her so tightly I might have broken a rib Man, I d been waiting for this moment For her to stop shutting me out For her to want me as much [...]

  20. Camilla

    Piccola novella che proprio novella non Troviamo i nostri Carrie e Finn, ormai quasi trentenni alle prese con la famiglia, una bimba piccola e con i problemi di un passato che pensavano di aver oltrepassato I disturbi da stress post traumatici sono sempre in agguato, basta un niente per cadere nuovamente nelle vecchie cattive abitudini ma quando hai l a tutto sembra molto pi facile Litigi, parole grosse e un assenza totale di comunicazione porta i nostri protagonisti al punto di alcuni anni prim [...]

  21. Angela Delogu

    Faccio un unica recensione per questa serie composta da 4 libri che parla di Carrie e Finn, stavolta, devo dire che trovo lei eccezionale, ha una tale forza d animo da invidiare, per non parlare della sua capacit di perdono, Finn e Carrie dopo questo quarto libro si completano, e sono decisamente una di quelle coppie che ti fanno venire un infarto ogni capitolo.

  22. Lisa

    Ugh, the tortured rehash I can t stand it when stories do this And it s a novella too, which means there s barely time for the angst to start before the story is being quickly wrapped up and winded down Didn t enjoy this that much I bet I will like Riley s story next though.

  23. Romance and Fantasy for Cosmopolitan Girls

    Romance and Fantasy for Cosmopolitan GirlsOtto anni son trascorsi da quando Carrie e Finn si son conosciuti, anni in cui i due hanno sopportato alti e bassi, hanno capito che in due ogni sofferenza risulta essere meno pesante, quasi come se una mano amica ci sostenesse e supportasse.E questa mano, metaforicamente parlando, Carrie.Insieme i due hanno affrontato ogni sfida che il destino ha messo loro avanti, o almeno cos credevano.Avevamo lasciato i nostri beniamini con il loro lieto fine da vive [...]

  24. Claire

    Fabulous seriesFantastic series A great romance Wonderful characters and a easy fun read I thoroughly enjoyed reading Finn and Carrie s story and will definitely grab of this author in the future.

  25. Il confine dei libri

    Salve lettrici,Questa settimana sono stata super occupata con la serie Out of line di Jen McLaughlin e che dire settimana meravigliosa esprime bene il concetto Oggi vi parlo di Mi manchi tu , quarto e ultimo capitolo della serie Finn e Carrie avevano avuto il loro lieto fine Avevano lottano, sofferto e amato, ma cavolo se avevano vinto L autrice aveva concluso la trilogia in maniera perfetta, divina, e io avevo versato pi di qualche lacrima Ho amato i protagonisti pagina per pagina e lasciarli s [...]

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