Mansions (2020)

Mansions Whitney Bianca Mansions My family estate was built in the s at the height of the boom years It s a massive Tudor style with two wings and thirty rooms It s a sprawling ugly beast It s also the perfect hiding place Arm
  • Title: Mansions
  • Author: Whitney Bianca
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 471
  • Format: None
Mansions Whitney Bianca My family estate was built in the 1920s, at the height of the boom years It s a massive Tudor style, with two wings and thirty rooms It s a sprawling, ugly beast.It s also the perfect hiding place.Armstrong Manor is off the beaten path, desolate, and far from any suspicion It s the best playground for my deviant desires.Where Adrienne Hamina is concerned, all of my desiMy family estate was built in the 1920s, at the height of the boom years It s a massive Tudor style, with two wings and thirty rooms It s a sprawling, ugly beast.It s also the perfect hiding place.Armstrong Manor is off the beaten path, desolate, and far from any suspicion It s the best playground for my deviant desires.Where Adrienne Hamina is concerned, all of my desires are deviant.I spent fifteen years in lust with a woman who was as intangible and as wild as a warm breeze Now she s no longer a fantasy I ve tasted her blood, her sweat, and her come I ve witnessed her in the rapture of orgasm and at dizzying heights of pain I m enad with her than ever.She ll never run from me again.Ever.Every mansion has its secrets Adrienne is mine.Warning This Gothic dark erotic tale contains violence, explicit sexuality, and adult situations The content may be considered objectionable, so please read at your own discretion.
Mansions Whitney Bianca

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    Whitney Bianca

One thought on “Mansions

  1. Hana ♡

    4.5 I Must Be Sick Stars Adrienne and Dorian met when they were teenagers and had an instant connection Dorian could never get her face out of his mind an obsession was formed ever since their first meeting They both moved on with their lives, Dorian took over his fathers company and got married while Adrienne travels the world as a freelance photographer They cross paths again in New York at an event and lets just say Dorian isn t letting her go this time no matter what.There is just so much me [...]

  2. Snow

    WellFuckWhat a depravingly sick bookAnd yet I couldn t stop reading itI know i hated the guy from the start and there s no redemption for him in my eyes even though the author attempted to show otherwiseFuckI m just so conflicted after finishing this pushed my limits and a general sense of tolerancebut despite the fact that it was very well written, this story and the main male character simply put me off, made me crawl from my own skin and think of what utterly vile things I would do to this gu [...]

  3. Skye Warren

    Dark, twisted, and completely fresh I was enthralled from the first page, shocked, delighted, horrified, and sighed in satisfaction at the end.

  4. Naksed

    Based on the sample, I didn t think this would be the right book for me but the cherry on top of the cake was when one reviewer mentioned that thisahem hero gets involved with the heroine while already married AND having another mistress on the side.No Just no.

  5. Chitra *CJ*

    So omg WOW.Just wow.Few things out THIS BOOK IS UNSAFE Opposite of safe It has nothing to do with safety DARK DARK DARK DARK DARK Possible triggers like forced seduction, dubious consent, blood play, suicide, cheating just to name few.So lemme start.This was my first book by this author but it certainly won t be the last.This isn t a love story There is no love Just possession.The hero reminded me of an obsessed collector with one goal His most prized object was the heroine And he went to insane [...]

  6. Laura- BookBistroBlog

    MansionsBy Whitney Bianca4 StarsAfter waiting forever, it seems like to get my grabby hands on this latest release from Dark Author Whitney Bianca, I am left with the feelings that there needs to be Although there was an ending, it seems like there could be to come Fingers Crossed Adrienne has always walked on the outside of the box Raised with money surrounding her, she chose not to be one of the society girls She chose to run bare footed and get dirty Her life has been one turmoil after anot [...]

  7. Alpha Possessive Heroes

    I m used to this author, so when she released this book I kinda knew what I was getting into I thought I was prepared but damnnnThis is not for everyone So to readers who get easily offended well this is not for you It pretty much have everything thatYOUprobably despised in a story Its fucked up Its dark Its gross And I liked it Now I m just hoping for the next book or a sequel I mean there is one right How it ended was abrupt and seems like not really a hea

  8. Parminder

    I loved Love is Strange I didn t think Whitney could ve topped that but Mansions has just proven to be just as good if not better The hero or some might see him as the anti hero, has the charms and destruction of Sebastian from Cruel Intentions I loved the way it all played out in the book, the real and rawness of the characters are all displayed The encounters from when they were very young to adulthood had me captivated Whitney Bianca has a beautiful skill, I just hope there are many dark rea [...]

  9. Jennifer

    2 Yikes StarsThese are the words for this book.Strange Weird Cruel Sometimes I like these factors in a book But I didn t in this case Let me tell you why I love dark romance In fact, the darker, the better, but I would not call this dark romance If this were a movie, it would be a horror movie But maybe the author meant it to be a horror story In which case, she succeeded I actually started this book and was enjoying it VERY much When the story took an unexpected turn, it started to decline for [...]

  10. Julz

    What a strange story This one pulled me in but I am not sure how I felt about it The fact that he was married was off putting The heroine loosing her legs was strange but it was good to see how that didn t take anything away from the heros feelings for the heroine I hated the fact that he hero was still sleeping with his wife and mistress after getting together with the heroine It felt so wrong but then when he dumped the mistress and killed the wife I was elated The hero was dark and twisted an [...]

  11. *~* Susie

    Re read 12 26 17I loved this just as much the second time I REALLY wish there was from this author She is a genius of dark romance.Deliciously dark I hated Dorian for most of the book But the ending seemed perfect to me.

  12. Rose

    This is a very dark book and it kept me captivated It s dark like the underestimated series and the consequences series It s not safe It s crazy Adrienne and Dorian are both messed up characters The reason I gave it only 3 stars and not is cause the last chapter to the epilogue felt like WOAH How can we just go from that to the epilogue It s also not a 100% HEA I wanted to see her and Jessica s relationship develop and I want to know the explanation given to Jessica, I want to see how she ended [...]

  13. Ashi- A hopeless romantic girl :D

    Dude whitney bianca has just become my most fav dark erotic romance writer ever i mean first i know what love is and now this I just love how fucked up and ott possessive her heroes are just the way i like them and how her heroines always end up going crazy LOL.even though i hate cheating and hero with anyone other than the heroine and tbh sometimes i even leave the book just coz they have those scenarios but not MANSION The story kept me with it and made me enjoyed it to so yeah it was a fun bu [...]

  14. Rin W. Vitale

    4 stars Another well done story by Whitney Bianca Not a common love story This one is perfect in its imperfection.

  15. ZARIA (Sheldon Cooper lover)

    DNF 70%Some disturbing shit, that will make you feel absolutely filthy Why o why didn t I read the reviews first.Anyway this was definitely not for me, too disturbing for my taste.

  16. Shelby Palmer

    This was ok I guess I don t really have much to say about it A decent amount of spelling mistakes though Especially calling an iud a uti.

  17. Nikki

    Ugh I just don t know how to review this.The beginning was EVERYTHING I love the way Whitney can write a descriptive scene and have me emotionally connected to the characters without many pages.My problem was with after the SPOILER MAYBE accident that happened to Adrienne, I felt mad that she couldn t live the life she wanted, it also made me resent Dorian I am very mixed on this because this had less emotion and obsession as to her previous books I still enjoyed and I will be reading book 2 if [...]

  18. Tramaine Hillard

    Loved It I have been a fan since I know What Love Is my favorite dark read , and Mansions did not disappoint It is gloriously dark, captivating, and oh so smutty 5 Beautiful Stars

  19. MadLoveBookBlog

    First book from this author and definitely will not be the last The only words that come to mind after reading this book is twisted and Machiavelli Can t wait to read another book from this author.

  20. Hh

    i just can t describe my feelings when i read this bookit blow my mind and made me speechless Whitney Bianca this is the book that will kill all the books this year 2017 you didn t disappoint me i can t wait for your next book and i hope it will be the mansions 2i can t get enough with them

  21. Amanda Delfiol

    This was very fucked up I loved it.For starters, this book is anything but a romance If you have a weak stomach and or get triggered easily, this is not the book for you If you are into psychological analysis, this book will take you on a ride I have an incredibly weird fascination about sociopaths and psychopaths, which is probably why this was such an interesting read for me Beware that this is not a book that can be read in one sitting, as it is incredibly dark in the worst or best way possib [...]

  22. Kristy Odom

    Oh my gosh This book is so good I was so transfixed by these characters I can t wait to read of her books

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