An Apple for Christmas (2020)

An Apple for Christmas Darlene Franklin An Apple for Christmas Ruby Nelson trades her job in the laboratory for teaching in a small girls school in Vermont Twin sisters challenge her position and their father captivates her imagination Will the orchard grower gra
  • Title: An Apple for Christmas
  • Author: Darlene Franklin
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Kindle Edition
An Apple for Christmas Darlene Franklin Ruby Nelson trades her job in the laboratory for teaching in a small girls school in Vermont Twin sisters challenge her position and their father captivates her imagination Will the orchard grower graft Ruby onto his heart
An Apple for Christmas Darlene Franklin

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    233 Darlene Franklin
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One thought on “An Apple for Christmas

  1. Barbara Thompson

    An Apple for Christmas is a marvelous novella Author Darlene Franklin is excellent with combining her characters together The novella is well written using common knowledge and science about her subject I love and enjoyed reading An Apple for Christmas by Author Darlene Franklin I encourage you and others to read this marvelous novella Also, An Apple for Christmas is Book Four of Christmas Traditions series.I received a complimentary copy from the author, but was not required to review it This r [...]

  2. Carrie Pagels

    This is a really heart warming story.Darlene Franklin is known for her imaginative Christian historical romance with unique elements and this story is not different Turns out Miss Nelson has a background in agricultural science as related to apples and she s landed a job in the East with an apple orchard grower who is so enad of the fruit that he s named his daughters Margil and Pippin Mac Cortland has known deep sorrow, having lost his wife and being left to raise his twins by himself.You ll fi [...]

  3. Dana Kamstra

    Darlene Franklin s An Apple For Christmas was a wonderful read It had just the right amount of story for a novella It also had two charming and mischievous little girls and a family as unique as their names all named after apples .Ruby is a science minded woman who has found herself in a teaching position of not only a classroom of girls, but helping Mac Cortland understand his daughters just a bit better As it would turn out, Ruby just might be what the little family is missing.With a shared lo [...]

  4. Betti

    What a sweet story Enjoy learning about the rigors of developing new strains of apples as you get to know MacIntosh Cortland and his precious twin daughters Will they add a new variety to their orchard and their family Only time and faith will tell.

  5. Regina

    A warm and wonderful novella If you love or hate apples, it doesn t matter, this story will wow you Who can resist little ones, and twins to boot The twins knew what to do to get their daddy marriedopose for him Curl up and read this delightful book

  6. Robbie

    Ruby Nelson, the teacher for Spruce Hill Female Academy in Vermont, is clearly overqualified for her position.MacIntosh Mac Cortland, widowed father to twins, Pippa and Margil all three of the Cortland s are named after a type of apple , is curious as to why Ruby is teaching instead of following her original vocation as a scientist He s not sure he wants her teaching his girls.I especially enjoyed Pippa as she is spunky and inquisitive, sometimes to her detriment Both Pippa and Margil are lonely [...]

  7. Barbara

    On a scale of cotton candy to Brussels sprouts, An Apple For Christmas by Darlene Franklin is a Dutch apple pie Sweet flavors encased in the perfect crust.She s a scientist, nerd, and old maid who teaches and has a special place in her heart for a set of twins while he, a widower, fathers twin daughters and an apple orchard Do you want to know if each finds the apple of their eye Honest moment I loved the story, but all the typos and missing words really disappointed me And I have no idea how th [...]

  8. Laura

    I like Ms Franklin s recent novellas They are cute This one was set on an apple orchard and an all girls school in Vermont The father and both daughters are named after apple varieties Really cute There is a light faith message, which is really good At first I didn t like Ruby very much She was rude and prickly to the father But she softened up I didn t understand why she was unwilling to use her scientific skills when he asked, even though he offered to pay her for her help I also didn t under [...]

  9. Elizabeth

    An Apple For Christmas A Christmas Tradition novella 4 By Darlene FranklinAn Apple For Christmas is the first i have read by Darlene Franklin and it was a very good Christmas novella I will be reading by this author Miss Ruby Nelson quit her research position in New York to teach at Spruce Hill Female Academy She has a degree in agricultural science Mac Cortland brings his twin daughters , Margil and Pippin , to meet their new reacher With her degree she might be able to help him with his apple [...]

  10. Tina

    Apples For Christmas, a Christmas Traditions Novella PDF bookby Darlene FranklinRuby Nelson is the new teacher at an all girls school in 1895 Vermont She enjoys teaching these young girls, even the challenging ones There are twin girls, Pippin and Margil, in her class that have captured Ruby s heart The twins father, Mac Cortland, owns an apple orchard he and his deceased wife started years earlier Ruby is very interested in the apple orchard as she has worked with apples before moving from New [...]

  11. Angi G.

    Ruby Nelson has quit her research position in New York to take a teaching position at the Spruce Hill Female Academy in Vermont, in the hopes that she can teach the young girls and help them to learn valuable skills they will need later in life Even before the first day of school, she receives a visit from two of her students twin sisters, Margil and Pippin and their handsome father, MacIntosh Mac Cortland Mac discovers that she is interested in horticulture and invites her to visit their apple [...]

  12. Jane

    An Apple for Christmas part of the Christmas Traditions Series Book 4 is a delightful Christian story set in rural Vermont I loved the names of the twins and father, all named for apple varieties.Ruby the teacher was wise, compassionate and an insightful teacher for the two young girls, who had lost their mother at a young age The girls card on An Apple for Christmas was helpful to get the romance started for two reluctant adults, both interested in the other.An Apple for Christmas was a great w [...]

  13. Becky Canfield

    The Apple of the eye.What a wonderful Christian fiction story Mac has recently lost his wife and is now raising his twin daughters, Pipin and Margil They have an Apple orchard that Mac operates and the girls help with The girls are attending an all girl school and one is doing better than the other When the school teacher comes out to visit about the girl s grades, how will Mac respond This was a very good short story that I would recommend for even middle school aged kids I really enjoyed this [...]

  14. Loraine

    SUMMARY Ruby Nelson trades her job in the laboratory for teaching in a small girls school in Vermont Twin sisters challenge her position and their father captivates her imagination Will the orchard grower graft Ruby onto his heart REVIEW This sweet romance novella centers around a theme of apples Quick easy to read Christmas novella with a delightful old fashioned touch.FAVORITE QUOTES Faith is than attending church Church attendance is a good starting point But faith needs daily food read your [...]

  15. Nancy Reynolds

    Learning made fun and delicious apple moments Quite a lot is packed into this sweet and precious short story I loved it This is the first book I ve read by Ms Franklin, but I will definitely be reading others by her in the near future I found so much to love in this book about a modern woman who has chosen to take a teaching position in a Vermont school for girls I won t say get the book You ll love it.

  16. Jodi Woody

    This book is part of a boxed set Christmas Traditions All of the books are novellas and Christmas themed This one is about a teacher who is ahead of her time, a scientist who loves apples A single parent, who happens to own an orchard, enrolls his twin daughters in her class Pretty predictable, and this one wasn t my favorite of the bunch However, still good clean romance, and a fun Holiday read I give it three stars, I liked it.

  17. Diana Montgomery

    An Apple for ChristmasBy Darlene FranklinI really enjoyed this Christmas novella I thought it was kind of neat Ruby Nelson is the new school teacher in town and Mac Cortland is a widower with twin daughters Looking for a mother for the girls Ruby is very interested in horticulture So she is taking a liking to Mac Can there be something here Ruby seems to be a bit strong willed I really liked the characters If you like romance this one is a nice clean novella.

  18. Britney

    An Apple for Christmas is a wonderful novella Darlene Franklin has penned a story as sweet and delicious as the apples she has written about The endearing characters delighted and charmed me, as did the engaging storyline I loved An Apple for Christmas and I highly recommend this novella

  19. Cheryl Baranski

    An Apple For Christmas, By Darlene FranklinThis is a cute little novella Light and refreshing story Good historical Christian fiction This is the first story by Darlene that I have read, I enjoyed it This is the story of Ruby Nelson who gives up the job that she loves to go teach at an all girls school.

  20. CarolynB

    I enjoyed this novella, but novellas are not my favorites I feel that stories this short do not give enough room for the characters to be well developed I can see this plot and these characters developed into a full blown novel If that were the case, I m pretty sure it would rate 5 stars with me.

  21. Kathleen Bailey

    Really enjoyed this book Ruby leaves a lucrative career to become a teacher in a private school Even she has to wonder sometimes why she made this choice Then she meets two very challenging students As only the best teachers can, she helps them find their own best way to learn But gaining their father s cooperation might be a different story entirely.

  22. June

    This was a little different Mac is an apple orchard owner and has twin daughters who are growing up Ruby teaches at an all girls academy and has Mac s daughters in her class As she gets to know the girls and learn how they are each different, she and Mac also get to know each other.

  23. Wilani Wahl

    An Awesome Christmas Novella I did not want to put it down I loved the Gospel message in the story This was well written and the first I have read by this author and will now look to read of her books.

  24. Melanie

    An Apple For Christmas is a precious story of growth, learning and love Darlene Franklin s characters find a place in your heart and stay there throughout the novella You will have a warm, cozy feeling after reading An Apple For Christmas I highly recommend it

  25. Joyful

    Such a sweet wonderful novella Will the twins, who give the new teacher a hard time, purpose marriage to her for their dad A good read anytime of the year I was given the Christmas Tradition 8 novella set for an honest review.

  26. Linda Rainey

    Apple for the teacher.I loved the main character Ruby and how she left the laboratory to teach in a girl s academy.The book is for those who have faith in God s love and love a romance.

  27. Chris

    A delightful Christmas Novella, a wonderful and rocky romance, and delightful twins who actually proposed for their dad And of course lots and lots of applesGod bless you as you read this

  28. Nancy Luebke

    This was a short story but I really enjoyed it It was a fast read and I couldn t put it down This clean romance is suitable for all ages and has a nice ending And it is all centered around apples.

  29. Robin

    Delightful love story about a Widower with twin daughters and a school teacher How they come together is quite an entertaining read A very feel good story for Christmas Highly recommended.

  30. Robin

    A delightful, heartwarming story of love between a widower with twin daughters and their schoolteacher A truly feel good Christmas read Highly recommend.

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