Book of Numbers: A Novel (2020)

Book of Numbers: A Novel Joshua Cohen Book of Numbers A Novel NATIONAL BESTSELLER NAMED ONE OF THE TEN BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY VULTURE AND ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY NPR AND THE WALL STREET JOURNAL A monumental uproarious and exuberant novel about
  • Title: Book of Numbers: A Novel
  • Author: Joshua Cohen
  • ISBN: 9780812996920
  • Page: 483
  • Format: ebook
Book of Numbers: A Novel Joshua Cohen NATIONAL BESTSELLER NAMED ONE OF THE TEN BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY VULTURE AND ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY NPR AND THE WALL STREET JOURNAL A monumental, uproarious, and exuberant novel about the search for love, truth, and the meaning of Life With The Internet More impressive than all but a few novels published so far this decade a wheeling meditationNATIONAL BESTSELLER NAMED ONE OF THE TEN BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY VULTURE AND ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY NPR AND THE WALL STREET JOURNAL A monumental, uproarious, and exuberant novel about the search for love, truth, and the meaning of Life With The Internet More impressive than all but a few novels published so far this decade a wheeling meditation on the wired life, on privacy, on what being human in the age of binary code might mean Joshua Cohen, all of thirty four, emerges as a major American writer The New York Times The enigmatic billionaire founder of Tetration, the world s most powerful tech company, hires a failed novelist, Josh Cohen, to ghostwrite his memoirs The mogul, known as Principal, brings Josh behind the digital veil, tracing the rise of Tetration, which started in the earliest days of the Internet by revolutionizing the search engine before venturing into smartphones, computers, and the surveillance of American citizens Principal takes Josh on a mind bending world tour from Palo Alto to Dubai and beyond, initiating him into the secret pretext of the autobiography project and the life or death stakes that surround its publication Insider tech expos , leaked memoir in progress, international thriller, family drama, sex comedy, and biblical allegory, Book of Numbers renders the full range of modern experience both online and off Embodying the Internet in its language, it finds the humanity underlying the virtual Featuring one of the most unforgettable characters in contemporary fiction, Book of Numbers is an epic of the digital age, a triumph of a new generation of writers, and one of those rare books that renew the idea of what a novel can do.Please note that Book of Numbers uses a special pagination system inspired by binary notation the part number precedes the page number, and is separated from it by a decimal point.Praise for Book of Numbers The Great American Internet Novel is here Book of Numbers is a fascinating look at the dark heart of the Web A page turner about life under the veil of digital surveillance one of the best novels ever written about the Internet Rolling Stone A startlingly talented novelist His deeply rewarding novel is about an online religion gone wrong and its importance lies in the fact that nearly all of us in the modernized world are members of that faith, whether we know it or not The Wall Street Journal Remarkable dazzling Cohen s literary gifts suggest that something is possible, that something still might be done to safeguard whatever it is that makes us human Francine Prose, The New York Review of Books A hugely ambitious novel set in the high tech world of now a verbal high wire act, daring in its tones and textures clever, poetic, fast moving, deeply playful, filled with jokes, savvy about machines, wise about people, dazzling and engrossing Colm T ib n, The Guardian Joshua Cohen is the Great American Novelist Like Pynchon and Wallace, Cohen can write with tireless virtuosity about absolutely everything Adam Kirsch, Tablet A digital age Ulysses The New York Times Book Review The next candidate for the Great American Novel David Foster Wallace level audacious Details A brilliant book The Boston GlobeFrom the Hardcover edition.
Book of Numbers: A Novel Joshua Cohen

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    Joshua Cohen

One thought on “Book of Numbers: A Novel

  1. Don

    1 None of the people giving this bad reviews here have read the whole book and or they are incapable of reading serious literature at all see the reviewer who confuses the racist ideas of characters with the ideas of the author doing her own bit of quasi racist thing with a veiled anti Jewish comment about Brooklyn OR the other reviewer who complains about being forced to expand her vocabulary.2 This is an ambitious novel, and it is very good My bias is to like ambitious books than I probably s [...]

  2. Nathan "N.R." Gaddis

    Joshua Cohen s Book of Numbers may well be the only hot ticket hot number I read this year Leon Forrest s Divine Days and Schmidt s Abend mit Goldrand just arrived and I doubt very much whether anything being published this year and flirting with The Millions and or the NYT s Breast selling list will come anywheres near touching either of these two BURIED works of GENIUS But I could be wrong.Cohen I got curious about because he had published a first novel, a FAT novel, with Dalkey Archive, and o [...]

  3. Snotchocheez

    1.5 starsI can t say thatBook of Numbers was a disappointment that 2.93 kept my expectations low but the handful of folks that lauded this thing like it was some kind of Ulysses Meets the Internet Age drew me to see what I was missing out on I was not prepared, though, for this barely readable, technobabbly mess Joshua Cohen foisted upon us I don t want to waste a bunch of time writing about a book I almost completely hated, but a few things Without question, Cohen is an intelligent guy, probabl [...]

  4. MJ Nicholls

    The supersonically skilled word spinner, whose incredible novel Witz although overlong and insufferable showed the young man s smarts with language to have almost no limits, has managed to combine his torrential lexicon with something approaching a plot , and secure well deserved mainstream attention For those Witz lovers, or those who read his prolific previous two novels, a story collections, and chapbooks precede this epic monstrosity , worried about a dilution of ambition or language for the [...]

  5. Perry

    Un roman de crivain d daigneuxMr Cohen is no doubt very clever, but sometimes his brains go to his head Do you find Qu b cois friendly to non Qu b cois or Parisians to Americans Do you tend to deify Ivy Leaguers You could well love this novel.Myself, I find literary haughtiness tedious and vexatious, and the writing in this novel to have acted as the literary equivalent of a Benzo Nyquil cocktail Borrowing and modifying a 1953 quote of Margot Asquith referring to Lord Birkenhead.

  6. Jonfaith

    This is the bread of affliction Eli Eli lama shavaktani Father, Father, why didn t Christ quote the Psalms in Hebrew was he that inept, or does excruciation always call for the vernacular This isn t for most people Even the intrepid biosphere of will find this alarming, if not unnecessary I do appreciate Cohen s project, even if it is maddening There is a dash of Trollope, lanced with Sade, pushing a ready mirror to our media drunk rictus The result isn t pretty Technology has a taxonomy and a m [...]

  7. Zach

    Thoughts about this masterpiece that are not actually about this masterpiece 1 NetGalley Publishers must stop sending galleys pre release copies of books to people in exchange for an honest review The honest reviews piling up here like dead leaves in a gutter that give the book 1 star The reviewers openly acknowledging having read like maybe 100 pages which means like maybe the first six paragraphs The reviewers attacking the author for trying to make them feel stupid As if an author who can mak [...]

  8. Yukari Watanabe

    I was so excited to receive NetGalley copy because it received a Starred review from Publishers Weekly.Unfortunately, I soon realized this novel is not for me I was constantly reminded by the author that I am not worthy of his novel I m sorry that I m not one of Manhattan intellectuals I m sorry I couldn t laugh when it s supposed to be funny I am a poor country bumpkin who stumbled into a very fashionable Manhattan party wearing a hand me down flower pattern dress.But, I have a feeling it s qui [...]

  9. Sue

    I am feeling totally whipped by this book, stretched and poked Reviewers on have said they quit after 50 pages or 100 pages, and I get that They probably went out and did great things with the hours they saved This strange book is, however, entirely readable even if it did not readily pull me in I sighed early on and figured I had to know where Cohen was leading I m glad I made the investment, but it was a wild ride.For starters, the voice changes from time to time, and it takes a bit of a read [...]

  10. Thijs Joores

    Het eerste boek dat ik n ster geef Gefeliciteerd, Joshua Cohen Met deze 500 pagina s pure ellende heb je de eer ruimschoots verdiend.

  11. Chuck

    The first thing to realize is that this is not an average novel If you re looking for a breezy read, this is not it While I ve seen comparisons to David Foster Wallace and Thomas Pynchon, I m not finding it anywhere near that difficult, but I can see why someone might make that comparison it s just absolutely packed with quick witted asides, and it would be easy to either get frustrated trying to follow it, or think you re following it when you re actually missing a great deal So you need to rea [...]

  12. lisa

    Ok, I hate to do this, but I m calling it I simply can t finish this book I received a copy on Netgalley almost a month ago, and I dove right it The writing is different from most contemporary fiction today, with wordy sentences, full of humor and depth The plot was a great premise for this day and age, and if I weren t someone who has so much to read, if I were the type of person who only read two books a year, this one would be a wonderful choice The sentences are some to savor and the ideas a [...]

  13. Ben Bush

    I wrote a listicle about Joshua Cohen for Flavorwire Book of Numbers explained, if not through animated GIFs, at least adjacent to them bitly 1HvqIaRThat article was kind of a byproduct of interviewing Cohen for Los Angeles Review of Books bit 1eABwbOThe part of the interview where I talked to Cohen about his work translating porn CD ROM product copy while living in Eastern Europe is up at The Rumpus bit 1dD6C1H

  14. Suzanne

    I think one or of the Joshua Cohens really loves to write but holds his readers in very low regard This never ending exercise holds some gems within it, but they are so cleverly disguised and concealed within a monstrous text, that merely interested and patient readers will miss them Only the most fanatic readers, or possibly best friends, relatives and fictional readers of the Joshua Cohens will love this book The rest of us will feel sad and disappointed that so much talent is wasted.

  15. Marc Kozak

    For this weighty and modern book about the Internet and search engines, it seemed appropriate to click around on random links and just include chunks of text from various places to serve as a review The problem with internet quotes is that you cant always depend on their accuracy Abraham Lincoln, 1864 A popular internet meme re validity of accurate info on internet Original source unknown, unknowable knowyourmeme memes fake quotations Book of Numbers is a 2015 novel written by author Joshua Cohe [...]

  16. Chaitra

    I wouldn t have looked out for this book s release had it not been for Random House rejecting my request for an ARC on NetGalley I was surprised and than a little curious, because Random House as a rule doesn t reject my requests Then I learned that my approval to review ratio was the pits, even for a normally lenient publisher But still, the curiosity was there, only increased when I saw great reviews on different publications Then I saw the reviews on GR.Then I read them Most reviews with the [...]

  17. kate

    Previous reviews seem to confirm that Joshua Cohen s Book of Numbers is becoming the Book No One Can Finish of 2015.What to do about this Spend time reading the rest I m about 1 4 of the way through this 600 pager , because I hate leaving a book unfinished or, for that matter, reviewing a book I haven t finished Or spend my time reading something worthwhile, getting other work done God knows time is not a thing I have a surplus of So I m torn I might trudge on for a while and update this revie [...]

  18. L.M.S. Rosa

    Philip Roth s influence looms upon this novel like a mountain s shadow upon a blade of grass It s not so much the question of Jewishness as the author, successful novelist called Joshua Cohen, writing about a failed novelist called Joshua Cohen Cohen started publishing young, has received wide acclaim and even published with the prestigious Dalkey, so the nostalgia for the woe me I m a poor little writer nothing works in my life clich s that permeate this novel is manipulative, even insulting Th [...]

  19. Apollinaire

    I just finished Book of Numbers and it seems a different novel than I started, though it begins and ends in nearly the same place, with the same character, one Joshua Cohen of two hapless, returned to sender, temporarily unplugged Many novels finish about 4 5 of the way through, then stall, like when you are talking to someone you love and don t want to get off the phone Not Cohen s It s not that it starts slow but that it puts its most smelly foot forward The first what 150 pages features the s [...]

  20. Marc Nash

    A book in 3 movements.First it s all fractured narrative as unlucky novelist Joshua Cohen his debut novel published on the day the Twin Towers fall leads a peripatetic meander through his lifes and loves and the securing of a commission to biographise Tech king Joshua Cohen no relation who is modelled on Steve Jobs, Wozniack et al This meander has some sumptuous writing in parts, with very serrated images and neologisms a plenty Second movement is the biographical tale of Joshua Cohen tech not a [...]

  21. Ally

    At its core, this is the story of a Larry Page Sergey Brin Steve Jobs type who hires a struggling writer to ghostwrite his memoir However, to look at it in such a simplistic way is to ignore what makes this novel so captivating The time period in which most of the action takes place is that of our current day, with the prevalence of social media and the hyper availability and interconnectedness of people and information The majority of the book is written in a fast paced, texting ish style, wher [...]

  22. Gerhard

    I Finished This Fucker.Difficult to believe I have been struggling with this monster since July While there is no doubt as to the brilliance of Cohen, namely his verbal gymnastics, combined with his seemingly inexhaustible general knowledge, this takes a heavy toll on the casual reader.Maybe therein lies the rub is this book only meant for acolytes and or literati I feel that, as a postmodern experiment, it threatens to alienate the reader to the extent that he she feels removed from the equatio [...]

  23. David

    4.5 rounded up to 5 stars My review appears in New York Journal of Books Read that review first Additional remarks that appeared in a different and now defunct publication begin with the next paragraph.Jewish books Joshua Cohen s Book of Numbers is a high tech epicWhat happens when a down on his luck luddite novelist is hired to ghostwrite a memoir by a math whiz tech mogul who shares his and the author of this novel s name That s the basic premise of Joshua Cohen s novel Book of Numbers which w [...]

  24. TheLongWait

    Brilliant and challenging all at once Don t believe the hatelonger review to come.This novel winds and warps itself into a hundred different directions only to finish at home Cohen is clearly a talented writer whose prose is second to none I can understand how some people might be turned off by this book, but it is worth the effort And it takes effort to follow the narrative through different points of view I guess some people were looking for something far different than what s contained inside [...]

  25. Augustin Erba

    The internet novel that imitates the internetThe novel s first part is the best and funniest contemporary reading I ve had in a long time Characters, prose and story mix seamlessly into what promises to be a great read Unfortunately the writer then indulges in a mid section, which is the majority of the book, that is a mockumentary based on some kind of a blend of Jobs, Zuckerberg and Bezos The midsection is dead on the page, telling without showing, no characters we re engaged in, resembling so [...]

  26. Carolyn

    I really wanted to like this book and did but not love it as much as expected, hence only 4 stars My favorite part was the 400 page discourse by Principal on his life and work and philosophical perspectives The biographer s experiences were interesting, too, but not as compelling as getting inside the mind of the biographee Similarities to actual persons are quite obvious and the techy geeky aspects and language may be off putting to many, but if you are a fan of Silicon Valley and The Big Bang [...]

  27. Adrian

    After finishing this last night, I had to take some time to ponder just where I would place this From an overall entertaining perspective it was just that, ok But, from a creative mindset in writing style I do have to give it much praise It won t be for everyone, but, to split the narrative continuously, the author himself, the character the author is writing about and the writer within the story putting it altogether is an accomplishment Perhaps I ll revisit it at some point and have a differen [...]

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