Shackled (2020)

Shackled Tom Leveen Shackled From author Tom Leveen comes a taut suspenseful novel about a girl s abduction that leaves her best friend emotionally paralyzed until a chance encounter points her toward the truth and a terrifying
  • Title: Shackled
  • Author: Tom Leveen
  • ISBN: 9781481422499
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Hardcover
Shackled Tom Leveen From author Tom Leveen comes a taut, suspenseful novel about a girl s abduction that leaves her best friend emotionally paralyzed, until a chance encounter points her toward the truth and a terrifying new danger.Sixteen year old Pelly has a master plan After years of therapy, medication, and even a stint in a mental hospital, she s finally ready to re enter the world of tFrom author Tom Leveen comes a taut, suspenseful novel about a girl s abduction that leaves her best friend emotionally paralyzed, until a chance encounter points her toward the truth and a terrifying new danger.Sixteen year old Pelly has a master plan After years of therapy, medication, and even a stint in a mental hospital, she s finally ready to re enter the world of the living Pelly has been suffering from severe panic attacks ever since her best friend, Tara, disappeared from a mall six years ago.And her plan seems to be working, until an unkempt girl accompanied by an older man walks into the coffee shop where she works Pelly thinks she s seen a ghost, until the girl mouths help me on the way out, and Pelly knows she s just seen Tara.Too shocked to do anything, Pelly helplessly watches Tara slip away again as she steels herself against a renewed spiral of crippling anxiety But rather than being overcome by anxiety, Pelly feels energized than she has in years Determined to track down enough evidence to force the police to reopen Tara s file, Pelly s master plan takes a turn for the dangerous.Pelly decides she cannot be shackled by her past and the anxiety, fear, and grief that comes with it any longer if she wants to save Tara But in seeking answers through whatever means necessary, she ll come face to face with true evil And not all the shackles are in her head
Shackled Tom Leveen

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    138 Tom Leveen
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One thought on “Shackled

  1. Shannon

    1.5 5Shackled is about Pelly, a teen girl whose best friend went missing as a preteen, who believes she saw her best friend and suspected kidnapper in the coffee shop she works in The police appear useless in this small town, so with the help of a coworker, Pelly takes matters into her own hands and tries to track down her best friend and the unnamed male she suspects kidnapped her.This book was just so problematic First, the writing was less than mediocre, overdramatic, and used mental illness [...]

  2. Stacy

    Solid, fast read for teens who enjoy realistic thriller crime novels ideal for readers who will go on to enjoy Thomas Harris, Robin Cook, etc, but need to start with a age appropriate book Gripping, fast read with clear writing and a solid voice throughout Characters are well drawn and very interesting, they make believable mistakes and the tension escalates nicely throughout Would recommend for readers who enjoyed Cheryl Rainfield s STAINED Review based on an ARC supplied by the publisher at A [...]

  3. Julie

    I picked this up because it looked like an interesting quick read It was interesting but I didn t read it as quickly as I would of liked mostly cause life happened, but also because sometimes I got bored and didn t feel like continuing Honestly I thought of DNFing it but then I thought I m almost done Don t do that Anyway on to the review.It had a romance and I m kind of disappointed that it did I wasn t really expecting one and I thought it was mainly gonna be focused on Pelly dealing with her [...]

  4. Melenia

    As I had left my other two currently reading books in the car and it s much too cold to go get them I picked this up out of my library pile and I enjoyed it as a quick read with a twist I did not expect.

  5. Amy's Book Reviews

    At age ten, Pellie and her best friend Tara play hide and seek Tara disappears, leaving Pellie with severe anxiety When Pellie thinks she sees Tara in a coffee shop with an older, Pellie is convinced her friend is SHACKLED in that house.A lot about SHACKLED defied logic Pellie s anxiety is so disabling, she can barely leave the house and never at night She s able to hold down a job one mile from her home She quit therapy and her medication, which I m not sure why her parents allowed Pellie s PTS [...]

  6. Dylan

    TW Self Harm, kidnapping and rapeI was actually planning on taking a little hiatus from reading until next month because its just been so long since ive REALLY been engrossed into a book, but for some reason I decided to pick this up since I knew I was going to be in a car for an hour, and before I knew itI was over halfway through the book.Then, I had to leave the bookd I thought about it the entire time I then finished the rest of the book in 30 minutes.While this definitely isn t the BEST boo [...]

  7. Shant

    I don t know if this book was too short to do justice for the mental health parts of the book or too long at 212 pages, I was still kind of bored for the first 100 pages I at least liked the ending.

  8. Emmeline

    ehhhhhhhh Clunky writing and inconsistent characters and a misleading title Nothing happened really So my reaction is basically eeeehhhhhhhhhhh

  9. Miz Lizzie

    Pelly has been an emotional wreck ever since her best friend, Tara, was abducted from the mall where the two were playing hide and seek when they were ten Tara was never found and Pelly lost herself that day, overcome with fear and anxiety of just about everything outside of her house and holding herself responsible for Tara s abduction Now sixteen, Pelly is clandestinely off her meds and ditching her therapist as she tries to return to the land of the living by taking a part time job as a baris [...]

  10. Sherrie

    Following the disappearance of her best friend several years ago sixteen year old Pelly is struggling with the aftermath of the tragic event Pelly has recently gone off her meds and is working to control her anxiety and return to high school When a man appears in the coffee shop where she works with a young girl resembling her missing best friend, Tara, Pelly becomes obsessed with finding Tara Shackled is an engaging read although at times the main character is somewhat unlikable.

  11. Cristina Trowbridge

    Good book, fast paced, a bit of a reach in many places, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it

  12. Libby

    Shackled by Tom Leveen is a book that s not very popular but definitely one of the best books I ve ever read It s all about mental illness, kidnaping, and love If you are into books about mysteries you will without a doubt be into Shackled Pelly is a 16 year old girl who s best friend Tara went missing 6 years ago and left Pelly with bad mental issues One day at work Pelly was taking an order from a older man that was with a girl that looked like a ghost , Pelly soon recognized the girl and had [...]

  13. Bella❤️

    The truth doesn t always set you free The truth will or will not always set you free Tom Leveen s novel Shackled captivated my attention from start to finish I rate the book a five out of five rating without hesitation Two strengths of this novel include the plot and the mood.The strength of the plot include, building up to the suspense in the story The author didn t jump right into the theme right away He gave enough background information on what happened and he gave good description of the ch [...]

  14. Gilana Rincon

    I think Shackled by Tom Leveen was a very interesting book that kept you hooked to it at all times The tremendous effort Pelly shows all throughout the book to find her best friend is amazing The story itself I found was very moving because she went all this way to find her long lost friend and, even though she didn t succeed, it demonstrates her love for Tara and everything she d give to be with her But the way it turned out at the end is actually not that great The whole book has you excited a [...]

  15. Cate Samosky

    I picked this book up hoping for a psychological mystery and was not disappointed As someone who has struggled with anxiety and depression, I immediately identified with the protagonist, Pelly The author did an amazing job at portraying the every day horrors of dealing with mental illness without falling back on standard cliches.I ve read stories similar to this and most tend to end the same with revealing that the entire plot was in the characters head all along This is something that s shockin [...]

  16. Chloe Cornel

    In my opinion this wasn t that great of a novel Throughout the book the author sort of romanticizes Pelly s anxiety in a way just to build a plot rather than showing how she actually struggles I did find that this book was thrilling and also creepy at some points For example it was kind of creepy when Pelly hears someone jangling their keys because it made me suspicious as to who was following her Another strength of this book was the point of view it was told from In this book Pelly is telling [...]

  17. Allison

    Pelly hasn t been the same since six years ago, when her best friend was kidnapped from right in front of her Tired of being alone, Pelly decides to try and re enter society She gets a job at a coffee shop and stops going to therapy and taking pills, turning instead to cigarettes and cutting When a thin girl comes trailing into the coffee shop behind a much older man, Pelly swears the girl mouths Help me at her She looks into the girl s eyes and recognizes her as her lost friend When the police [...]

  18. Isabella

    I honestly enjoyed this book a lot I thought the plot was very interesting and creative At the beginning, I thought the book started off a little slow, but then the ending made up for it, which I liked Pelly was so determined to find Tara which made many people around her grow annoyed with her determination But having so many people saying that it wasn t Tara, made her even so The story s twist made me a bit shocked, but at the same time it did make for a good plot I do recommend this book for [...]

  19. Dani

    Ehh More so throughout the beginning of the book, I really loved the realness of the main characters anxiety and struggle It was super relatable and in a weird way almost comforting, because It was fairly honest and realistic giving readers me a chance to connect with the character BUTTT that s about all the good I have to say I didn t like the romance but maybe that s just me and to be completely honest I got incredibly bored and unfocused as the book progressed, so what was intended to be a fa [...]

  20. SpencerClark2

    The book Shackled was decent The climax happened for far too long You could never really get a appreciation for the characters because of how fast everything happened As soon as you started reading it was like BAM It was completely in your face and not in a good way I would only recommend if you are looking for a easy quick read If there was a positive in the book though you stayed hooked It truly never got boring.

  21. Abby Vanderford

    I finished this book in a few hours, but I did not really enjoy it The basic plot is really an interesting story, but I felt the execution of it was really a letdown I didn t like the description of Pelly s mental illness, and how she reacted to things because of that illness felt very forced Like SEE, SHE S DOING THIS BECAUSE OF HER PANIC ATTACKS Not a great read unfortunately.

  22. Courtney

    meh another fine book, but it didn t knock my socks off I could ve did without the awkward love interest bit seemed a bit forced I would ve rather they had just been friends or not friends at all, even.

  23. Petty Lisbon

    This book was a little young for me, but it went quick enough for me to not regret it I guess I m glad it was short because I don t need books with 3 times the description that go to the same end points.

  24. Cheyenne

    4.5 5This was a wonderful book I loved the story line and how Pelly would react to the situations that were handed to her It definitely shows how people who live with paralyzing fear and anxiety live The story was truly suspenseful with a crazy twist at the end which in fact made me love it.

  25. Melody Ocean

    HOLY CRAP My frie d says I am too extra but that point that people know what I am talking bout mafe me just wanna scream for her like omfgomfgomfgomfg loved this boom 5 5

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