Moon Bears (2020)

Moon Bears Mark Newman Moon Bears Who can stand upright like a person Who smells honey from miles away Who builds a nest in the trees The moon bear With their big round ears moon shaped crescents and irresistible personalities ther
  • Title: Moon Bears
  • Author: Mark Newman
  • ISBN: 9780805093445
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Hardcover
Moon Bears Mark Newman Who can stand upright like a person Who smells honey from miles away Who builds a nest in the trees The moon bear With their big round ears, moon shaped crescents, and irresistible personalities, there is plenty to love about moon bears Full of fascinating facts, this book is brought to life with stunning photographs by renowned wildlife photographer Mark Newman.
Moon Bears Mark Newman

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    482 Mark Newman
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One thought on “Moon Bears

  1. Barbara

    I love how many books have been published recently about moon bears and how they are frequently used for traditional Chinese medicine Filled with large photographs that show the beautiful creatures eating, playing, climbing up trees, and just chilling out, this book is sure to bring even attention to these extraordinary animals and the work done by Animals Asia and others working to rescue those in captivity and encourage changes in how the bears are treated in their home countries Because the [...]

  2. Darin Raguse

    Core Curricular Tie 2nd Grade Reading Research Inquiry Life ScienceExplanation This book would be an excellent resource for the second grade reading unit on researching animals and their habitats It also correlates to state standards on life sciences I believe the book would best be introduced as a read aloud as it provides in depth information that would provide a foundational example for students before they begin research on their assigned animal While reading this book aloud, it would very n [...]

  3. Clare Rossetter

    This nonfiction text about the Moon Bear is told by introducing a specific moon bear on each page who lives in a rescue center in China The photographs and text are mixed in ways that showcase each bear as the author tells the readers about this interesting creature It begins with Ginny and explains how they got their name due to a large cream colored crescent across its chest Interesting each bear s markings are not exactly alike Each bear we meet has a distinct personality and kids will relate [...]

  4. Cristy

    The Moon bear, or Asiatic black bear are a unique breed of bear They get their name from the large cream colored crescent across their chest Every moon bear has their own unique marking on their chest This is the story of the bears at Animals Asia They are trying to rescue as many as they can They are milked for their bile which is supposed to have medicinal purposes according to their culture Animals Asia is trying their best to rescue as many of them as they can it this book does a great job o [...]

  5. Vannessa Anderson

    The pictures were descriptive in close up views.Moon Bears have a moon shaped crescent across their chests They have excellent hearing and sense of smell They are intelligent and curious and can walk on their hind legs for up to a quarter of a mile There is much to learn about these interesting animals.

  6. Edward Sullivan

    Interesting, accessible information and great photographs taken at moon bear rescue centers in China and Vietnam.

  7. Lynn

    Well presented information on Moon Bears with wonderful pictures taken at the Animals Asia Moon Bear Rescue Center.

  8. Sandy Brehl

    The appeal of this little known species is undeniable, made so by photography and information about the threats to their freedom and stability in the ecosystem.

  9. Rachel

    Interesting facts about Moon Bears, photographs are lovely, as the bears are named wish they had been grouped instead of having some bears only have one mention and then others two.

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