Collateral (2020)

Collateral Callie Hart Collateral The final instalment in Zeth Sloane s story Please make sure to read Deviant Fracture Burn Fallen and Twisted before downloading this book Collateral With Lacey missing and everything falling apart
  • Title: Collateral
  • Author: Callie Hart
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Collateral Callie Hart The final instalment in Zeth Sloane s story Please make sure to read Deviant, Fracture, Burn, Fallen and Twisted before downloading this book Collateral With Lacey missing and everything falling apart, Sloane and Zeth will do everything they can to get her back If that includes facing off against Charlie Holsan, the DEA, and anyone else who gets in their way, thenThe final instalment in Zeth Sloane s story Please make sure to read Deviant, Fracture, Burn, Fallen and Twisted before downloading this book Collateral With Lacey missing and everything falling apart, Sloane and Zeth will do everything they can to get her back If that includes facing off against Charlie Holsan, the DEA, and anyone else who gets in their way, then so be it Faced with heartbreak, danger, and the increasing need to protect the ones he loves, Zeth Mayfair is finally realizing what it means to have a family With her fears coming full circle, Sloane must learn that forgiveness is the only way to move forward.
Collateral Callie Hart

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    366 Callie Hart
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  1. Jasmine

    5 COLLATERAL STARS Despite the brutality of his past and his upbringing, there is still a kindness inside of him He protected me He fought for me He found my sister, and he s carried me through so much It s always difficult to write a review when one of your favorite series has reached an end and you re afraid that your words don t do enough justice to it That s the state I m in right now and honestly, I m gonna keep this one short because all that I ve to say about this series has already been [...]

  2. Eliza

    Title CollateralSeries Blood Roses, 6Author Callie HartRelease Date 14th October, 2014Rating 5 Zeth Sore StarsCliffhanger No HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler I always knew reading the final book in the series wasn t going to be easy, I ve become so invested in the characters Callie Hart has created and completely engrossed in the story and situations they find themselves in In going into Collateral with the situation as it stood at the ending of Fallen, I knew the prices would be high and maybe [...]

  3. Sammy Loves Books

    This Wonderful Series Comes to an End I m Gonna Miss You Zeth You Yummy Kinky ManWow What can I say This series was Amazing It is everything I want when reading erotica Erotica with a serious plot, that s an action packed, page turner We had the totally badass alpha lead, Zeth When he wasn t committing violence for his mob boss, he was practicing wicked deviant sex I loved the heroine in this series Sloane was strong, sassy and sarcastic as hell Most of all she was a survivor that was determined [...]

  4. Vanessa

    5 She Hit this One Out of the Damn Park Stars OMG What is there to say here Ok, I will do you all a favor I will do two versions of this review First, here s the Cliffnotes It is fucking AWESOME, so just go and buy it now Why are you even still reading this GO Yeah, because really That is all is boils down to Casting For those that like a touch detail in their reviews, here we goThis was the absolutely perfect conclusion to one of my very favorite series EVER Couldn t have asked for anything I [...]

  5. Amy (Foxy)

    Pretty much sums up my reading experience with this series col lat er alnoun 1 something pledged as security for repayment of a loan, to be forfeited in the event of a default.2 a person having the same descent in a family as another but by a different linejective 1 additional but subordinate secondary.2 descended from the same stock but by a different line.I binged read this series over the last few days They were addicting, so much so, that I d finish a book and I wouldn t even take the time t [...]

  6. ღFloღ the coffee addict

    5 I m still in shock STARS My heart I wrap my heart around him as I cling on for dear life He kisses me, his lips finding mine, and I don t need to breathe any His mouth on mine is all I need His hands holding me tight is all I need Just him He is everything What an absolutely amazing series It broke my heart and made me happy all at the same time I m so surprised how much I actually love each and every part of Blood Roses There was no filler book or lacking off In fact I think it got even bette [...]

  7. Kathleen

    Story Rating 5 TWISTED STARS Hero Rating 5 I LOVED Him STARS Heroine Rating 5 ANGRY GIRL STARS Secondary Characters 5 STARS Action Level 5 STARS Heat Level 4 STEAMY STARS Ending 5 Will They Finally Have A Normal Life STARS Overall Rating 5, LOVED EVERY VIOLENT MOMENT STARS Collateral is the last book in the Blood Roses series and it BLEW ME AWAY I read this whole series back to back with only one detour With each book I was drawn into the lives of Zeth and Sloane and let me tell you, there was N [...]

  8. S.M. West

    6 BLOOD AND ROSES STARSSerials are always a gamble because you never know if the next book will be as good as the last, if the plot and character development will be well done, hurried or completely missing and if the story flow, arc and finale will maintain the momentum of the story, be engaging and overall one great read Well, Ms Hart had the perfect recipe for the Blood Roses series so well done that through ALL six novellas I was riding a high, totally riveted and holding my breath.The magic [...]

  9. Kim Bailey

    6 Star best of the best I didn t want it to end This is hands down one of the best series I ve read Top 5 Collateral just like the rest of this series is so intricate and artfully woven I never felt like I was just reading a book I felt like I was experiencing all the pain, anxiety and passion right along side the characters.The characters Dear lord I loved them Zeth Sloane are an amazingly strong sexy couple Their chemistry is off the charts Watching them struggle and grow together was such an [...]

  10. Anja

    WOW What an ending Suspensful, heartbreaking and freaking amazing This series has it all One of the main reasons you should really read this series is because of him ZETH THE perfect alpha male sigh I m going to hurt you now, but I promise you re going to like it See What are you waiting forREAD IT

  11. TORI

    5 Damn That Was Good StarsThis is a review of the series as a whole, not just this installment.Wow That was definitely a ride I ll never forget I m struggling to find words to sum up how I feel about this series There were so many aspects of it that I loved Everything just worked for me From the characters, to the plot, to the settings, the violence, the suspense, the thrills and twists The SEX Everything worked for me I have no complaints I was so lost in this series that I couldn t even write [...]

  12. Michelle

    5 I DIDNT WANT IT TO END STARS Reread 2 21Still 5 Stars Still my favorite Still sexy as hell Still LOVED it Still sad that it s the end I m so sad that this was the end of Zeth and Sloane I loved all six books This was one of my favorite series this year Some of my favorites This first one describes the way she felt about him perfectly If you re pulled under a wave, don t fight it You ll never win The ocean s a hell of a lot stronger than you It s wild All you have to do is hold your breath Rela [...]

  13. Kirsten

    5 Hate to See it End stars Wow What a rush this series was I honestly had no idea how crazy this was going to be when I picked up Deviant months ago I am so happy I took a chance on this one, as I usually try to stay clear from the serial novella This series is amazing and is going down as one of my heart pumping favorites Be happy that you will get all of your questions answered in this one Callie Hart wrapped everything up in the perfect suspense filled package There was always so much going o [...]

  14. Violina The Romance Lover

    5 I AM INLOVE WITH ZETH SLOANE stars And I love you, angry girl I really do I finished one of myALREADYfavourite series and I ambothsad and happy about it These booksstolemy heart and Idon twant it back It was a rollercoaster of emotions and Ilovedevery second of each book NOW LET S TALK ABOUT ZETH, SLOANE, LACEY AND MICHAEL, THE PEOPLE WHO MADE MY HEART WARM AND MADE ME LOVE THIS KIND OF BOOKS Zeth MOTHERFUCKING MyfairThis beautiful, dark, posessive,Alphamale and actually really funny is in myT [...]

  15. Rag

    5 You ll always be in my heart StarsI m not ready to say goodbye I want Zeth I would always love you.First things first, I want to thank my friend Sammy for reminding me how much I love this series and pushing me to read this one I was frightened to say goodbye to zeth and I couldn t continue on reading this one knowing its our last time together thanks Sammy If it weren t for you god knows how long it would ve token me to read it I loved Zeth s and Sloane s relationship in this book You can se [...]

  16. Candace

    This sixth book in the Blood Roses series, concludes the story of Zeth and Sloane However, they are expected to make guest appearances in the upcoming spin offs based upon other characters introduced in this series Rebel, Michael, and possibly even Cade, will have their own books over the next year or two I m not sure if I ll be reading those or not I enjoyed the characters, but there s something to be said for actually finishing a story I enjoyed this book and thought the ending was fitting, al [...]

  17. Olga therebelreader

    5 STARS review for books 1 6 I just finished Collateral, the sixth book of the BLOOD ROSES series, and have so many emotions flowing through me that I don t know where to start I m trying to put my feelings to paper, but I just can t find the words It was a one hell of a damn phenomenal story Firstly, I d like to say a big thank you to the author for her wonderful job The writing was flawless and the character development perfect This series is pure magic and it has everything I love in a book I [...]

  18. Jessica Gadziala

    I know a book or series is good when I feel just as sad about losing the characters as I do when I finish writing my own And THAT S how I felt about this series I haven t really reviewed any of the others because I was too busy trying to get to the next one So this review will serve as mine for the series.Zeth and Sloane are great characters The plot was detailed And this is probably the highest praise I can give a book because I am usually good at guessing them I didn t see any of the plot twis [...]

  19. Jen

    A wonderful ending to an awesome series I will miss Zeth and Sloane but am very happy to hear that we will get a story about her sister and the mysterious Rebel Even better is knowing that Zeth and Sloane will pop up in future books that Ms Hart will write.This was an explosive installment in so many ways So much happens, and it is important for the reader to read this before finding out any spoilers Believe me, I can guarantee you will enjoy this finale The sex is beyond smokin WHEW This couple [...]

  20. Elizabeth

    I m making myself be rough It feels necessary my relief at seeing her safe and unharmed is enough to make me dizzy And I want to devour her in some sick way, to press her into myself so the two of us aren t individual people any , but one living, breathing entity, where the threat of separation can never trouble us again ZethIn the final book of the series, Collateral does not disappoint Zeth and Sloane are together They are all in Now they are a force to be reckoned with The DEA is after them, [...]

  21. Andrea

    So this installment.Fucking.Love.It It was brilliant, hot, full of suspense and mystery 3 ZETH MAYFAIR, you ve ruined me for other book bf.I have a lot of mixed feeling right now I am deeply sad that Zeth and Sloane s story has come to an end but I have no complaints for such an ending Amazing It s been one hell of a ride through this six book series, and I enjoyed every fucking minute of it I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, this series I can t believe this is the end, but like we all know all goo [...]

  22. CC

    5 It s a ten on the pleasure scale Stars for this SeriesWhere do I begin Let me say, that I am floored by this author s series Each installment was written and developed with the complete story arc in mind and the author stayed true to her characters Without a doubt, Callie Hart has become a go to author for me As the title implies, there will be collateral in order for Zeth and Sloane to survive Who will succumb You will have to read the series, but the author will take you on an incredible jou [...]

  23. FMABookReviews

    5 Angry Bird, Lucky Charm, and Sexy as Hell, Stars What a perfect ending to a perfect story Love conquers all, letting go of your fears, learning to be vulnerable and trust others, moving on from the past at is what Zeth and Sloane s story was to me From incredibly engaging plot, that kept me on the edge of my seat the whole ride, to the boiling sex, to the superbly written characters, I had no other choice than to love this series

  24. Jamie ♡♡ submits to books ♡♡

    5 I Trust You Stars This pretty much sums up everything I feel about this author, her writing, this book, this entire series, these characters, everything PURE PERFECTION OF A STORY The conclusion to Zeth and Sloane was everything I wanted and needed The full circle of hate, revenge, death, greed, passion, hot ass sex, realization, friendship, sorrow, loyalty and love Fighting their past, brings them together with no chance of surviving without each other I want to devour her in some sick way, t [...]

  25. Cristina

    6 Stars Have you ever fallen in love with a story that you never want it to end That s I felt when I finished reading this book Let me start off by saying this series is hands down one of the best I ve read this year In case you re wondering, there are six parts to Zeth and Sloane story This is the last book in the series in case you don t care for cliffhangers You must read them in order so you won t get lost What I absolutely loved 1 Everything about Zeth and Sloane I didn t think it was possi [...]

  26. Dia

    5 BIG stars for this wonderful book It s so hard to say goodbye to these amazing characters after everything they ve been through You feel them so close to your heart Review soon

  27. Imani

    When I first read Deviant, I didn t know what to expect I was just reading a free kindle book during the week of my sister s graduation When I finished it, I loved it so much I bought the second one.I didn t realize how much I would come to love Sloane and Zeth, there story started out confusing and scary but it all made sense and worked itself out.One of my favorite characters is Lacey She was the saddest and best part of this series She was very innocent, even though what happened to her She w [...]

  28. Shanny

    I absolutely LOVED this series Such a dark story with a beautiful conclusion, it had me angry, laughing, crying, swooning and smiling.I really enjoyed reading about Sloane and Zeth from the first book until the last This was a great ending to this series I m going to miss You Zeth

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