Aelita (2020)

Aelita Aleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy Aelita Tolstoi published two science fiction novels both of which appeared in the experimental s and which were revised during the following decades of Stalinist terror Aelita is a science fiction
  • Title: Aelita
  • Author: Aleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy
  • ISBN: 9781589633742
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Paperback
Aelita Aleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy Tolstoi published two science fiction novels, both of which appeared in the experimental 1920s and which were revised during the following decades of Stalinist terror Aelita 1923 is a science fiction fantasy in the manner of H.G Wells, telling the story of a Soviet expedition to Mars with the aim of establishing communism A Red Army officer forments a rebellion of theTolstoi published two science fiction novels, both of which appeared in the experimental 1920s and which were revised during the following decades of Stalinist terror Aelita 1923 is a science fiction fantasy in the manner of H.G Wells, telling the story of a Soviet expedition to Mars with the aim of establishing communism A Red Army officer forments a rebellion of the native Martians, who are in fact long ago emigrants from Atlantis The story was adapted into a screen play in 1924 Its futuristic, expressionistic sets were designed by Isaac Rabinovitch of the Kamerny Theatre The film influenced the design in Flash Gordon, a space opera, which was created by the artist Alex Raymond in 1934 and led to a popular radio serial and several films Giperboloid inzhenera Garina 1926, The Death Box described an attempt of an unscrupulous inventor to use his death ray to conquer the world He manages to rule a decadently capitalist USA for a short period.
Aelita Aleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy

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    317 Aleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy
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One thought on “Aelita

  1. Chris

    It is impossible to find an accurate description of this book, and as other reviewers have stated, the classic silent Soviet film based on this book is nothing like it This can only be useful for the handful of people like me who ve actually seen the movie Even the description is inaccurate Gusev, a soldier of the recent Russian revolution, is bored with civilian life and its lack of adventure He comes across a posting for a companion for a trip to Mars, and decides it is the thing to do Los, th [...]

  2. Ghada Muthana

    I just remembered that this was the first book i ever read, after finishing all Ali Al Wardi books, when i was a teen, and also for unknown reason i read it for at least 5 times, never got bored I think it s time to re read this masterpiece

  3. Alexander

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  4. Harry Kane

    This book is the Great Gatsby of Soviet modernist 1920 s sci fi.The sci underpinnings are typical for the era inventor makes space rocket in his shed in order to reach Mars I note some reviewers find this as a reason to decry the book Perhaps it would be merciful for all involved to first ask yourself what your goals are before trying to appreciate vintage sci fi modernism on its own terms.The fi underpinning are weird fiction classic ones, which one is used to finding on the other side of the [...]

  5. Ilya

    An Art Deco Russian novel, combining Madame Blavatsky s esoteric writings, Edgar Rice Burroughs s princess of Mars and a worldwide not just Earth wide Communist revolution.

  6. Artur Coelho

    O levar da revolu o prolet ria aos oprimidos marcianos ser tarefa que recair nos ombros inesperados de dois aventureiros Um, Gussev, homem terra terra, antigo combatente do ex rcito vermelho, junta se ao mais alheado e determinado engenheiro Loss, inventor de um m todo de propuls o que permitir sulcar o golfo interplanet rio em horas Ao descolarem de Leninegrado, n o imaginam o que ir o encontrar na superf cie marciana Marte revela se o lar desolado de uma civiliza o destruidora, que mant m o se [...]

  7. Yair Ben-Zvi

    Hasn t aged too well but some elements of the story are exceptional The economy of storytelling and the number of details crammed into a relatively short story is amazing If you would like to read a pretty good precursor to modern science fiction then this is a good bet, not great, but certainly a piece worth knowing.

  8. David Layton

    This is an excellent translation of the first edition of a Soviet era bit of science fiction propaganda Tolstoi wrote Aelita as his way to get in good with the Stalinist government of the 1920s The story concerns two Russian adventurers, a moody scientist engineer and the Russian equivalent of a good ol boy ex soldier, who travel to Mars in an egg shaped anti gravity spaceship So, the beginning is a bit like Wells s First Men in the Moon When they arrive on Mars, they find a declining society ru [...]

  9. Martin

    Prvn vyd n v roce 1922 A mus m ct, e kniha samoz ejm stra n zest rla Dneska u mus m vn mat nadr en sov tsk revolucion e s sm vem Kr ska z Marsu Aelita je takov sov tsk verneovka, ve kter prob hne i pokus o komunistickou revoluci a to in jako jedin knihu zaj mavou A koliv autor dok e velice p kn navodit atmosf ru a a b snicky v e popsat, na knize je zn t, e ji asi psal pro ml de Chyb lo m lo a skoro bych ekl, e Tolstoj dok e zahr t akord na jednostrunnou kytaru, ale nakonec ten akord nezahr l Ver [...]

  10. Matt Kelland

    This is nothing like the movie It s basically standard pulp fare, not very well written, and not very interesting except as a curio.

  11. Realini

    Aelita by Alexei TolstoyScience fiction and romantic comedy but with only 5 out of 10 in this domain What do you expect when you learn that the author is Tolstoy Not a science fiction romantic comedy in any caseI was anticipating a serious drama, with personages that exult in deep feelings, are melancholic and they roam on the vast steppes.And what do I get A weird trip to Mars, where we meet inhabitants that do not speak a language that humans would understand.At least in the first place, becau [...]

  12. El Biblionauta

    La fascinaci n por Marte no es reciente Los astr nomos antiguos ya la observaban con inter s En 1877, el astr nomo italiano Giovanni Schiaparelli vio unas l neas en la superficie marciana que muchos interpretaron como canales de agua hechos por seres inteligentes La hip tesis de la vida marciana cogi entonces gran vuelo y autores de ciencia ficci n como Herbert George Wells plasmaron este hecho en obras como La guerra de los mundos 1898 en la que unos seres parecidos a pulpos a bordo de inmensos [...]

  13. Eija

    Aelita on pienoisromaanin mittainen tieteisfantasia kahden miehen matkasta Marsiin sek seikkailuhenkinen romanssi Marsin kamaralla Tarinassa on my s koomisuutta, oli se sitten tahallista tai tahatonta Mars on Maan kaltainen niin luonnon, rakennusten kuin asukkaidenkin osalta Tarinassa kerrotaan laveasti Maan muinaishistoriaa, miss tarunhohtoisella Atlantiksella on osansa Marsin nykyisten asukkaiden perim n Taivaanpojat olivat muinaisuudessa jo alistaneen alkuper iskansan, joten parivaljakon saap [...]

  14. Prasad BSV

    I first read this book when I was 15, and had since re read it at least 5 times I just made a mental note to read it once again.It is a great SF book, and a great thriller, and a great romance There is some Soviet propaganda in it the American journalist Skiles can t look at Russians in the eye, for example , but it does not detract it from being a great read The personalities of the protagonists Los Gusev are well sketched the revolution on Mars subsequent fighting are wonderfully described.I f [...]

  15. Anna Vanha

    I am not sure if everyone sees reviews, so if you are reading this I apologise This is not a review, I read this years ago and hardly remember it But I am leaving the country for a while and thus this book is going into storage, but I want to write down the quote below that I always think of and never remember verbatim My copy is from 1991 You must surely know, he said, that when I do not see you I go mad with alarm And when I do see you I am even alarmed It seems to me that it was my yearning [...]

  16. Jake Danishevsky

    I read this book while a kid in Soviet Union Even though, I only have a very little recollection of this book s content, but all I remember how great this book was, how it made me feel at the time and how I was completely in it until I was done I was not a big reader when I was young, but this is one of the books, that I couldn t put down and couldn t wait to get back to I also read it in Russian at the time Overall, it is a great book and I highly recommend it, from my childlike recollection.

  17. Àlvar Mercadé Ibáñez

    Es una historia ambientada a principios del s XX cu ndo fue escrita la novela en la cual un ingeniero y un soldado sovi ticos, con un trasfondo interesante de por s , viajan hasta Marte Y el choque inevitable con la civilizaci n marciana La mejor parte para m son las descripciones tanto de los personajes como de la arquitectura y tecnolog a marcianas El final es un tanto triste con un final sorprendente Lectura recomendable e interesante.

  18. Nancy Nguyen

    Wow The world in this story is extremely vivid Sometimes, I didn t know where I was or why I suddenly was thrown into this revolution, but overall it was a very good read There is a lot of question int he book about society and about the Soviet Union I especially loved the love story between Los and Aelita and how fleeting it was which I guess all things are fleeting It s a translation, so I can t really critique it all that well But it s a great read

  19. Iztok

    It is an interesting piece of Soviet literature, blending proletarian propaganda and science fiction But, hey, the revolution led by a humble of course ex soldier fails It is surprising that it was not considered reactionary in its time.

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