Prince of Demargen (2020)

Prince of Demargen E. Kaiser Writes Prince of Demargen The whole world knows his guilt and is absolutely correct about it but how far can a man go to regain respect so swiftly lost Or is an honorable death the best a fallen star can hope for
  • Title: Prince of Demargen
  • Author: E. Kaiser Writes
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  • Page: 492
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Prince of Demargen E. Kaiser Writes The whole world knows his guilt, and is absolutely correct about it, but how far can a man go to regain respect so swiftly lost Or is an honorable death the best a fallen star can hope for
Prince of Demargen E. Kaiser Writes

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One thought on “Prince of Demargen

  1. C.B. Cook

    I m not sure what I was expecting from this book, but it definitely blew my expectations out of the water While it did take me a long while to read it, I blame that on the fact that I was reading it on my computer I m always exceptionally slow when I read that way But wow, was this great At the beginning, I disliked Hess a lot, but E Kaiser did an amazing job of bringing me around to like him Ilise was also a favorite character of mine Can I kidnap her, please Or better yet, be her She s practic [...]

  2. Deborah O'Carroll

    I was struck by how unique this book is I ve never read anything like it I loved the main character, Prince Hess He was one of my very favorite things about the book Getting to follow along with his adventures and struggles and watch him grow was awesome He has such a distinct personality and I loved his sort of dry way of thinking and talking Definitely a deep character right there, with some very compelling struggles Also the stable and brawl scene was awesome Just saying It was glorious It s [...]

  3. Shantelle

    In the third installment of the Thaw series, we meet, face to face, Prince Hess of Demargen, and get to explore his story and the reasons behind his shocking behavior in Winter Queen The thirteenth son of a king and queen is on a journey of redemption but it seems to be a hopeless one A young ice queen finds many new challenges coming her way, one of them being in the person of an old enemy But perhaps it will help her heal and strengthen A powerful story of pain and utter despair, and forgivene [...]

  4. Emily

    Imagine What happened after the evil prince in Frozen was sent back to his country Prince of Demargren by E Kaiser Writes thoroughly explores this question The Prince of Demargen and the preceding books were not exactly like Frozen, but they were very similar The plots of the books were closer to the original fairy tales than in Frozen, but the five main characters were essentially the same Their backgrounds, thoughts, and motivations were thoroughly presented in the Thaw series and a new villa [...]

  5. Stargazer R.L.

    Basically I LOVE THIS BOOK And I LOVE HESS.The best thing about this book is its lovable main character Hess Other wonderful things about it are the epic journeying across beautifully described lands, loveable characters old and new, political messes, large portions that will make you laugh out loud, Hess s horse Tompte The list goes on So I ll stop and say that if you enjoy a good fantasy story that points upward, and any or all of the above, you will absolutely love Prince of Demargen I sure [...]

  6. Hannah

    Best book written by E Kaiser Writes yet And most interesting installment so far of the Thaw series The adventures of Hess, now the disgraced prince who tried to kill a queen and steal a throne, follow an inevitable story arc that any human can relate to His story is the universal story of how one mistake leads to another, and his downfall and eventual redemption are like a less bloody and, at times, humorous version of Revenge of the Sith There is real life in this fantasy story about a bad gu [...]

  7. Linda Walters

    I must say, that this one is my Favorite of the series so far I think that it would be best to read the two stories before it, in order to get the full impact and understanding of this story But it this book had quite the impact all of its own You can feel the agony of the Prince as time goes on I have to admit at one point it almost brought me to tears reading some of it But even with that said, it wasn t a totally depressing read either That has to be a delicate balance for an author to keep I [...]

  8. Laurin

    E Kaiser Writes has done a lovely job retelling the classic Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale of the Snow Queen in her Thaw series.In this third installment of the Thaw series, Prince of Demargen, the reader learns of the consequences of Hess s actions and how he tries to deal with them Hess s family, out of love, duty, and their own sense of responsibility for his actions, chooses to strip him of his royal title, disinherit him, and exile him from Demargen He wanders the countryside looking fo [...]

  9. Lesa McKee

    This story is filled withThrills Of a path unknown.Chills From the enemy within.Spills To flee from or to learn from Find out for yourself when you read about the Prince, his path, and his peculiar behavior Pros Very clean, just the way I like it.The story has a great beginning A crime has been committed And right away the characters jump into action.Many times I marveled over the poignant statements throughout the book, connecting me on an emotional level to the story Bravo I applaud this kind [...]

  10. Alyssa

    3.5 StarsWhat I thought So I hadn t actually read the first two books, but I was assured by multiple people author included that it would be fine, so long as I ve watched Frozen which believe me, I have .So at first in the beginning I though it was kinda slow and I didn t really want to read it cause there was a lot of political stuff and it just didn t really catch my interest.But once view spoiler Hess got banished hide spoiler , the pace began to pick up and I enjoyed it Then on his journey [...]

  11. Sarah Taleweaver

    E Kaiser s books continue to improve in this, the third story in the Thaw series As one might guess from the title, Prince of Demargen follows Prince Hess as he faces the consequences of what he did in Winter Queen Hess is arguably my favorite character in this series, so an entire book focused on him was a pleasure to read His character development is handled well, as is his struggle with the darkness within himself Even at the beginning, at one of his worst points, Hess knows what he s done an [...]

  12. Hayden

    3.5 starsThe third in a book series based on Hans Christian Anderson s The Snow Queen and heavily influenced by Frozen, Prince of Demargen is the story of the disgraced Prince Hess a character reminiscent of a certain Disney villain.While I admit I was a little worried with the whole retelling of Frozen aspect, it worked in this particular book After all, most of us who enjoyed the movie were a little curious about Prince Hans s deeper motives and what happened to him afterward Prince of Demarge [...]

  13. Brie Donning

    This book is really good.Despite having read the previous books, and only having a rough idea of them, I could figure out what was going on alright Hess was a brilliant character I could see his view of things so easily The emotion on this story was masterfully done I loved the story with the widow He was doing the best anyone could with those children and it was a lovely contrast to his overall badness.And on that note, I liked how there was a reason for his extreme wickedness, but despite that [...]

  14. Erika Mathews

    This was an interesting read Despite its length, it didn t feel long mostly due to the short chapters I did feel as though it ended without wrapping up as many loose ends as I would have liked.The main characters were a strong point of this book Hess was developed very well as a character throughout the story His growth was well portrayed, realistic, and satisfying His adventures were intriguing It did take a bit to begin to sympathize with him, but it happened Ilise was also excellently portray [...]

  15. Lauren

    I did not read the first two books in the series, but this is readable by itself However, I will say I feel there was some background information I was missing that would have made the first chapters a bit easier to follow Like a previous reviewer noted, the beginning chapters of the book are a bit slow and weighted down with a lot of details and background information to establish the story That said, the pace picks up nicely as the story gets going The characters are enjoyable because they are [...]

  16. Kelsey Bryant

    This story was told from an atypical perspective that of someone who s technically a villain, but who, midway, realizes there is something definitely wrong with him And that s when he begins a journey of redemption I loved this book, from its enchanting, European like world, to its rich character development, to its lovely writing style It created an atmosphere all its own The third book of a Snow Queen retelling somewhat similar to Frozen, this is the one that is the most unique of all so far A [...]

  17. E. Writes

    Author s Note Most importantly this is the story of the Devil s Mirror In Anderson s tale, one look and it turns the viewer s perspective to one filled with bitterness and blame for others, all they can see is evilness in the world and everyone in it.Do you know someone who acts like this In our world it is not some vile Mirror that robs the sight of all that is good, but the poison that begins in our own hearts When we believe a lie that the world is being mean to us, even in some small way the [...]

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