Flowers in the Snow (2020)

Flowers in the Snow Danielle Stewart Flowers in the Snow If you step across the threshold of Betty Grafton s house you can be sure of two things she ll feed you until you re ready to bust and she ll love you before you even realize you re worthy of it She
  • Title: Flowers in the Snow
  • Author: Danielle Stewart
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  • Page: 197
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Flowers in the Snow Danielle Stewart If you step across the threshold of Betty Grafton s house, you can be sure of two things she ll feed you until you re ready to bust and she ll love you before you even realize you re worthy of it She s spent her life building a family that finally feels complete But as sad news forces her to relive the darkest moments of her life, she decides to share the story with thoIf you step across the threshold of Betty Grafton s house, you can be sure of two things she ll feed you until you re ready to bust and she ll love you before you even realize you re worthy of it She s spent her life building a family that finally feels complete But as sad news forces her to relive the darkest moments of her life, she decides to share the story with those she loves Revealing the hard truth about growing up in the South during the 1960 s is difficult but necessary She tells the tale of how an unlikely friendship shaped her into the woman she is today Exposing her mistakes, her fears, and her impossibly difficult heart break, Betty strives to teach them all what it means to truly love.
Flowers in the Snow Danielle Stewart

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One thought on “Flowers in the Snow

  1. Lady Vigilante (Feifei)

    DNF at 48%I like reading books that are a blast from the past so to speak This book s subject matter is a tricky one and I respect the author for writing a story centering on it However, I could not connect with the writing style at all It came off as preachy, like it was trying to educate everyone about segregation and racism I felt like the story flow was unnatural and forced, and though there were several scenes that tugged at my heartstrings, it wasn t enough to motivate me to want to contin [...]

  2. Renita McKinney

    What can I say How do I say Danielle Stewart has once again amazed me with her ability to tell a story you cannot walk away from She has the ability to draw you in, grab you tightly and never let go until you see the words, the end She has written about an era in this country with such knowledge and amazing class.She tells a story story A story of racial divide, prejudice, misunderstandings and hatred She tells a story of unconditional love, growth, forgiveness and acceptance She has taken a sub [...]

  3. GinnyGallagher

    My Review You ll promise yourself you won t cry, and then you ll break that promise a million times But someday it will change Your heart will begin to see vibrant colors again Winnie, Flowers in the Snow by Danielle StewartDanielle Stewart s newest book, Flowers in the Snow, reveals the ugliness of racism and the beauty of rising above it It s a story told in easy conversational style from the viewpoint of Betty as she recounts her story of how an improbable friendship forever changed her into [...]

  4. Tracey Quintin

    Danielle Stewart remains my 1 and on my pedestal as she ALWAYS delivers an outstanding read and this read is 10 stars I could not put this book down, was captured from the cover on WOW.Betty s story takes us back to a time where unlikely friendships are born and love exists through courage, strength and determination to stand up for what is right during the turbulent civil rights times when discrimination was rampant My eyes fill with tears as I write this because NO one should have to endure wh [...]

  5. Shy

    I know it s hard to believe, but I spent years being Willow like I just woke up one day and decided it was exhausting being mad all the time It s easier to send love out into the world, because most of the time that s what comes back to you The words above were words spoken by Betty to Willow Settling Score It was then, that I said to myself, I know there s to Betty s life that s needed to be unearthed Before I read Betty s story, apologized in advance for the tears that I might shed The thing [...]

  6. Kels

    Every once in a while, you stumble across a book that unexpectedly grabs a hold of you, squeezes you tightly changing your insides, and then stays with you long after the last page of the book is read Flowers in the Snow is just that book, and was a surprisingly delightful and enthralling find.The writing style of Danielle Stewart is boldly vivid, painting the portrait of an era not too long ago while also efficiently setting the scene to transfer back in glimmers to the present stage The dialog [...]

  7. Cynthia

    I ve written and rewritten this review on paper so many times words can t fully express the love I have for this book.This book has a whole lot of heart and love.There are some heart wrenching moments where a HUG is a necessity Sometimes a hug is the only way to squeeze someone s worry away Then there are those proud moments I had a SMILE that went from ear to ear where courage, love and bravery were displayed.Flowers in the Snow brings history to life There aren t enough accolades I can give in [...]

  8. Nicole

    Absolutely amazing and touchingI didn t expect this book to pull me in and hold me there I loved it A book full of love conquering hate Can t wait to read book 2 in this series.

  9. Melody

    In Flowers in the Snow, Betty tells the story of her past to her family Therefore, the books starts in modern day and then the reader is taken back to the sixties A few chapters in the book gives us a glimpse at how Betty s family reacts to her story.I had a hard time rating this book, because I absolutely loved Betty s story, yet I didn t care much for the modern day chapters in the book In fact, I thought they took away the momentum of the story Also, I felt like those chapters were written as [...]

  10. Kristi

    2018 Reading Challenge A book with a weather element in the titleThis book is about love, friendship and the reality of what human beings can really be like good and bad I can t recall reading a book by Danielle Stewart before but if this is what her writing is like I will definitely read books by her.The story felt real to me and I thought I had it figured out but was greatly surprised with the ending I ll be honest it was a hard book to read, there were a few times I just wanted to stop so I [...]

  11. Dayreader Reviews

    Flowers in the Snow by Danielle Stewart really sent me back to a time where the color of your skin determined one s self worth This book tore out my heart for how people were treated, I was born in the early 70 s so I don t remember much of this in the south I do remember being a little girl and a couple of generations ahead of me still being very prodigious They would not allow a person of color in there home I also remember being taught in school that we were all the same, and that we were all [...]

  12. Jaime Stevens

    Loved it I would recommend reading the Piper Anderson series if you really want to get to know about Betty before reading Flowers in the Snow I like how Danielle has written books based on her main characters and how they all tie in together they are captivating This has been my favorite so far, but I really enjoy reading about the 60 s era, not because of what happened but for the stories and struggles people faced Although Betty is a fictional character, I could still feel het naivete struggle [...]

  13. Nicole Richardson

    I just finished Flowers in the Snow and I am so impressed with this series The way you teach, inform and make us feel like we are there with Betty is amazing I have been teaching the Civil Rights movement to 4th and 5th graders for 20 years and this just really pulls it all together Truly loved thisund myself sobbing several times Highly recommended girl Piper Anderson, but this is going to be your best series ever Can t wait until Spring

  14. Jessica

    Simply amazing It was difficult to get through at some parts, but only because of the subject matter and trying to imagine how the world was in that time Betty s story of growing up and her becoming friends with Winnie and Alma at a time when that wasn t allowed, was incredible I smiled while reading this book and I cried a few times Can t wait to read book 2 in the Edenville series.

  15. Heather

    I almost never give 5 stars but this book was fabulous It s a quick read but so full of friendship, love and heartache I love that the book is Betty telling her story to her family finally I love the unexpected twist at the end Well worth the read.

  16. Elizabeth

    This book was on a shelf in my library for far too long, I wish I read it sooner That being said, in this moment, I don t even know where to start with reviewing it because it was amazing I don t have the words right now to really express how much I enjoyed this book

  17. Tecky A. Rusk

    RivetingGreat story Adventure, romance, tragedy, and funmehow revolving around a painful history we all share in one way or another.

  18. Elley

    I downloaded this as a free e book, and was surprised by the depth of the content.Betty is telling her adopted children the story of her own childhood for the first time She finds it difficult to talk about the past, but reluctantly describes growing up in Edenville, NC in the 1960s Her father was a KKK leader in a town overwrought with klan presence Integration had already become law, but the klan were trying to prevent it The results are horrific and violent, and show that oppression doesn t e [...]

  19. Leslie Miner

    The narrative of Betty s life was interesting It didn t have enough character development for me, and I was never able to visualize the scenery It read like someone s journal An interesting journal.

  20. Thom Swennes

    Love is greater than every difference we have Eleven year old Beatrice Betty Reynolds Grafton grew up is the violent unrest of the early 60 s The world of West Edenville, North Carolina, with its dirt floor cabins with no electricity and indoor plumbing, is as strange to me as the village huts I was to see later that decade in Vietnam Racial strife erupted on the streets of many southern states, threatening to unleash a violence that would overshadow its tumultuous past and the war of a century [...]

  21. Lisa

    Such a great read and an engaging story I was fully engaged and didn t want to set it down I loved the characters and their bravery and compassion in the midst of such terrible events in American history Danielle Stewart really portrayed how awful the racism and treatment of African Americans were in the South during the 60 s, as well as portrayed the emotions and the characters of Betty, Simpson, Winnie, and Alma whom had courage, compassion and love for another despite the color of their skin [...]

  22. Katharine Cordy

    I got this book because I attended a release party for Jeanette Winters I downloaded it because it was free, I didn t think I would even read it I am so, so glad I did I typically don t care for throwback novels I wasn t even impressed with The Help, this book though touched me.I started crying in chapter one, the weight of the world on one woman s shoulders and losing her best friend to a disease such as cancer is horrible Perhaps this is too close to home for me I don t know The story of how t [...]

  23. Donna

    Wow Ok,I m hooked What a voice you have This book should come with a warning Once you start, you will not be able to stop Loved the characters, the way she captured this unfortunate moment in time and the heart felt sympathy she was able to instill in me with her story line I don t know if it was because I was a young girl in Chicago, at the time all this unrest was occurring with the integration of schools, but this story really resonated true for me I remember seeing adult protesters throwing [...]

  24. Tam Tam

    This book was a like slice of sweet potato pie, you know it s bad for you but you eat it anyway because you know it ll taste so, so good Racism is a hot button for me It hurts to hear and see someone treated horribly just because they may be different from you But Danielle tells the story in a way that leaves out a lot of the graphic violence and language that may have been part of the story which I appreciated for this story in particular In this book, Betty shares her story with her children a [...]

  25. Shauna Stewart Hougham

    I love everything Danielle writes and knew I would love this one as well BUT WOW OH WOW This book, took me back to my childhood, and I can recall some of the things that occurred in my little 4 6K people as they Blacks and Whites were separated The book was told by Betty as she grew and lived this We feel her heart ache, we cry with her, we smile, laugh, feel her small victories as she feels them and then the heartaches once again The book did not go where I thought it would it went way better t [...]

  26. Linda Ostrom

    This is a wonderful series about a town in the south called Edensville and a woman named Betty She lived through the terrible time in the south when people were fighting for equality Betty s father was in the klu klux klan and she saw and heard things that no child should hear.This is Betty s story that nobody has been told before All her life she has been getting letters and her family had no idea who from or how or why One night when Betty knew her friend was dying she decided to tell her stor [...]

  27. Kathi Defranc

    This is an excellent book,I have read the Piper books,but this can stand alone about racism in the early years of our country I learned many new things,and continue to feel the love and acceptance of these wonderful characters this author has brought to life I feel as I am living with them through every line,a truly amazing way of writing that gets me involved with emotions and intense feeling I believe this book should be read by all ,as it even pertains to life as we know it today.

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