The Heir to the North (2020)

The Heir to the North Steven Poore The Heir to the North Caenthell will stay buried and the North will not rise again until I freely offer my sword to a true descendant of the High Kings or until one takes it from my dying hands With this curse the Warloc
  • Title: The Heir to the North
  • Author: Steven Poore
  • ISBN: 9781909845893
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Paperback
The Heir to the North Steven Poore Caenthell will stay buried, and the North will not rise again until I freely offer my sword to a true descendant of the High Kings or until one takes it from my dying hands With this curse, the Warlock Malessar destroyed Caenthell The bloodline of the High Kings disappeared and the kingdom faded into dark legend until even stories of the deed lost their power But now Caenthell will stay buried, and the North will not rise again until I freely offer my sword to a true descendant of the High Kings or until one takes it from my dying hands With this curse, the Warlock Malessar destroyed Caenthell The bloodline of the High Kings disappeared and the kingdom faded into dark legend until even stories of the deed lost their power But now there is an Heir to the North Cassia hopes to make her reputation as a storyteller by witnessing a hardened soldier and a heroic princeling defeat Malessar and his foul curse But neither of her companions are exactly as they appear, and the truth lies deep within stories that have been buried for centuries As Cassia learns secrets both soldier and warlock have kept hidden since the fall of Caenthell, she discovers she can no longer merely bear witness Cassia must become part of the story she must choose a side and join the battle The North will rise again.
The Heir to the North Steven Poore

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    211 Steven Poore
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One thought on “The Heir to the North

  1. Andy Angel

    The Heir To The North is the first novel by Steven Poore but to read it you d think he s been doing this for years HttN is Epic Fantasy of the highest standard.The general gist of the story is the usual descendant of displaced royalty evil warlock prophecy fare that much of the fantasy genre uses but is a whole different level to a lot of what is out there today Several hundred years ago the Warlock Malessar pulled the castle of Caenthell apart stone by stone, the only survivors being the soldie [...]

  2. Paul

    It feels like it has been an absolute age since I ve read any epic fantasy I decided to remedy this oversight by checking out The Heir to the North by Steven Poore.Cassia is an engaging heroine Still young and unsure of her place in the world, she questions everything Her inquisitiveness is infectious It makes perfect sense that a novice storyteller would be like this She understands the importance of the storyteller in maintaining an oral history within society Cassia is just beginning her jour [...]

  3. Joanne Hall

    Proper epic fantasy, crammed with swords and sorcery and storytelling heroine Cassia is an aspiring storyteller, employed by the mysterious old soldier Baum as witness to his exploits as he battles an ancient foe and tries to lift a centuries old curse But Cassia s new employer is than he first appears, and her gift for story will only draw her deeper into dangerHighly recommended

  4. Nia Ireland

    Thank you to the narrator for a complimentary copy of the audiobook edition of this book in exchange for an honest review This was an epic fantasy novel that just made me feel all warm inside It has all of the staple ingredients of the genre, there s a curse, an heir, some warlocks and old stories.It also had all of my favourite things a well built world, an underdog with untold potential, magic and a wee bit of seafaring.Cassia is a wonderful character to be narrating the story, she s been drag [...]

  5. The Nerd Book Review

    A review and interview with the author is available on my podcast The Nerd Book Review Quick and dirty A high fantasy, low magic book with a female protagonist who will undertake a journey both literal it is a high fantasy so of course it has a journey and figurative The journey doesn t drag on too long so don t worry there The book is extremely well written and amazingly edited There isn t a ton of unnecessary flowery language that can turn me off in high fantasy You can hear on the podcast on [...]

  6. A.F.E. Smith

    8 10Reviewed for Fantasy Faction fantasy faction 2016 the h 10 incredible, one of the best books I ve ever read 9 read this book next 8 very good, you should read this pretty soon 7 one to add to your TBR With so many books to choose from, I don t anticipate reviewing anything for FF that goes lower than a 7

  7. Juliana Mills

    Let me get something straight The Heir to the North blew me away.Right, now that s out of the way, I can start from the beginning I picked up Steven Poore s recent fantasy release, thinking at the time that I wasn t going to like it much The blurb sounded a little tropey, and a peek at the first page didn t really do anything to dispel that preconception But I rather liked the cover, and I was in the mood for some good old fashioned epic fantasy, so I settled in one night to give it a go.Three h [...]

  8. Catherine Griffin

    The scion of an ancient kingdom and an immortal soldier drag a vagrant storyteller s daughter along on their quest to defeat an evil warlock.Young Cassia dreams of being a famous storyteller herself, but her father doesn t let her perform Things change for her when grizzled soldier Baum and his noble young sidekick Meredith come to town and hire her father to travel with them They want a storyteller along to witness their quest to defeat an evil warlock, break a curse, and restore the ancient th [...]

  9. Kate

    I absolutely devoured this book it s fresh, original, and I didn t see any of the twists coming I think HTTN may have even surpassed The Copper Promise and Spark Carousel in my estimation It s an exciting, brilliant and entertaining read that is absolutely worth picking up.The writing is excellent the places and descriptions are fabulous, and the entire world has history behind it You feel that each place has an untold story, and even the throwaway lines of brief description about a particular l [...]

  10. Steven Guscott

    I m not going to make this a too lengthy review as sometimes I do All I ll say is this is a solid and reasonably engaging fantasy story The world is set out well and crafted sufficiently to visualise it, but I wasn t overly pulled in The characters are interesting and Cassia s journey, growth and experiences are certainly the strong point of this story that helps make it different from your average fantasy story Overall, the plot is well written and thought out There was perhaps too much descrip [...]

  11. Jodie

    The Heir to the North is an epic tale about a girl, Cassia, a storyteller s daughter, who s biggest dream is to become a storyteller herself A quest isn t what she wanted, but a chance meeting with Baum, a solider, and Lord Meredith, seems to change her mind As she grows into a woman, she learns to be strong and brave and becomes fierce The best part is that she doesn t realize how incredible she is I thoroughly enjoyed this book I can t wait to get into the second one The performance by Diana C [...]

  12. J.B. Rockwell

    If you like epic fantasy, this book is for you An ancient kingdom lies buried beneath a centuries old curse, a realm turned to myth until a sorcerer arrives, bringing with him the kingdom s last heir And caught up in it all, a simple tale tellers daughter, dragged along in a quest for redemption that is deeper, older and far complicated than she could ever imagine Filled with twists and turns and a quirky bit involving a rabbit kept an eye out for that HEIR TO THE NORTH will keep you turning pa [...]

  13. Sammy Smith

    This is one of my favourite books I m in the fortunate position of being able to read lots of work by up and coming as well as established authors, and Steven s book makes its way into my top 10 easily He writes effortlessly and the characters feel so alive that you can t help but be part of the story and travel around with them There are twists and turns throughout and Steven manages to avoid all the usual cliches a hard feat with epic fantasy More please

  14. Lelouch

    This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of AudiobookBoom dot com.The narrator did a fantastic job expressing both characters and emotions.The story was predictable, but I still enjoyed it At times it is somewhat slow with subplots, but that s normal for epic fantasy I was a little annoyed by the sexism, which I felt was unnecessary, but I dealt with it.

  15. Scott

    A Telling of a story teller s tale Wow, I have to say up front do not judge this book by its cover I know it sounds shallow, but I did not have high expectations when I first saw the book s cover I m so glad I read it as it is right up there with some of my favorite fantasy books by authors like Brandon Sanderson The author took me on an adventure I will not forget, and often felt like I was present within the story itself Although it is somewhat a coming of age book, it is not another YA fantas [...]

  16. Peter

    There are many cliches in the fantasy genre, it is impossible to escape for some and some books become cliches all of their own This is why approached The Heir to the North by Steven Poore with some caution, a coming of age tale about a young woman with an impossible destiny, it sounded a bit too good to be true wrong I was Welcome to my review of The Heir to the North by Steven Poore, an epic story of birthright, revenge, sorcery and fellowship For starters, I love coming of age stories even if [...]

  17. Kelley Ceccato

    This one ranks with Scriber, Eolyn, and High Maga among my favorite indie books that I ve discovered thanks specifically to A well written High or Epic Fantasy with a female protagonist is always a welcome treat for me That this one has an ambition to be a storyteller is a nice bonus, since I ve always liked storyteller characters and have felt frustrated that they re so often male I enjoy the details of the world building, but even I appreciate the complexity of the characters and the revelati [...]

  18. S.J. Higbee

    There are so many classic elements to this story a lost civilisation that has fallen into ruin evidence of arcane knowledge now gone some grumpy powerful magic users a lantern jawed warrior with a shiny family tree If you are an epic fantasy fan these tropes are as cosily familiar as a cup of hot chocolate at bedtime And then Poore adds his own spin on this epic storyline Think of the absolute opposite of George R.R Martin s approach There is a single protagonist and no it isn t the shiny warrio [...]

  19. Sarah Nell Lader

    This book had a lot of ups and downs there were many times where I thought, Oh, it s getting better Then, there were many times where I thought, Ohw it s getting worse Things I really enjoyed about this book included the narration I read the audiobook version, narrated by Diana Croft and the suspenseful end I was enthralled at the end of the book during a final confrontation that brought everything else in the book to a head, and I almost got sucked into listening to the second one.I won t be co [...]

  20. Joel Cornah

    Don t be fooled by the seemingly standard epic fantasy you might think this is Heir to the North is a surprising and beautifully crafted book that will no doubt stand apart from the crowd if enough people give it the chance it deserves.There s much to be said about this book A story about stories There s a lot being done with the idea of how powerful a story can be, with how they can affect one s outlook on the world, and with how they can twist the choices people make There s subtlety, depth, a [...]

  21. Kitvaria Sarene

    3,5 This story sucked me in right away I clicked with the main character soon and eagerly followed her throughout the book The plot was interesting, and did not feel like the 20th reread of the always same story, though some of the twists I saw coming a long way I don t know if I simply have read too many fantasy books by now, or if the foreshadowing was a bit heavy.There was a part about 1 3 though when the book felt a bit slow to me, and it took me days to get over, but once I passed that I de [...]

  22. David Sarsfield

    First book of 2016 read and off to a terrific start This was a wonderful story with great characterisation set against an incredibly rich and textured back story It was thoughtfully told with twists I never saw coming particularly at the end A refreshing break from traditional epic fantasy on so many different levels, Heir to the North goes well beyond the fixed parameters of Good vs Evil and lays bare the very human responses to personal circumstance and legacy The only minor criticism I had wa [...]

  23. T.I.M. James

    What makes a good fantasy novel Well something original is always a good start, but if you decide to go down the traditional route than you have to be sure that what you have is good Really good Steven Poore s Heir to the North falls into the latter of these choices and he delivers something that could be considered a traditional fantasy, although I would say it is not hardcore original And fortunately it is good Really good.When I think of traditional fantasy it includes some staple ingredient [...]

  24. Will Jones

    A storytellers delightA beautifully written high fantasy novel As an oral storyteller in the timeless tradition myself I was delighted to find the main character a storyteller _ something rich and strange in itself But storytelling runs though the book and the authors own DNA A highly recommended gem

  25. Chloe

    Do you remember that moment when you first discovered fantasy novels, when you realised here was your place, where dragons soared and magic surrounded you Heir to the north invokes this very feeling In a time where fantasy has become somewhat cynical it is beyond refreshing to see a novel bring back that wonder again.This is true fantasy at its best and invokes the spirit of David Gemmell with its themes, of an ancient curse, a half forgotten kingdom and characters that are than they first appe [...]

  26. Paige L. Christie

    Steven Poore s The Heir to the North is as delightful as it is unexpected I picked up this book because I enjoyed the author s post in a online fantasy group, and I was not disappointed From the beginning, both the protagonist and pacing are unique, a slow burn that divides into unexpected twists and lets the reader share the heroine s surprise and uncertainty, fear and wonder, as she journeys to knew cities and lands Despite limited choices, Cassia lays claim to her own autonomy and in doing so [...]

  27. Arron

    I listened this this book in audiobook format which was interesting in itself for the fact of a female narrator Diana Croft, very good telling the story of a young girl who for most of the book wants to grow up to be a storyteller I enjoyed the story and I ll admit I thought I knew how it was going to end up until I was proven wrong I had hoped to learn about the inner workings of how things worked in the world, the magic system, currency, trade, a little of the politics of the major civs etc. [...]

  28. Miguelito

    I really enjoyed this book and I got sucked into the world right away.Written from the perspective of a young story teller, it was refreshing to read something that s epic fantasy but doesn t consist of two dozen point of view characters Which made it that much better when the author still managed to slip in some really nice changes in character perspectives when it came to the surrounding cast as the story evolved The world starts off a black and white, but is definitely gray by the end.Plus th [...]

  29. Martin Owton

    Let s be clear here this is a YA coming of age story There s a prophecy, a couple of sorcerors, a dragon and a young age not clear I m guessing about 14 girl, Cassia, attempting to make her way in the world as a storyteller Anyone wanting lots of battles, swordplay and grimdark warriors would be well advised to look elsewhere There s a lot of travel and different locations which are competently described and differentiated though Cassia s naivety becomes tedious at times The ending is nicely don [...]

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