Finding Sagrado (2020)

Finding Sagrado Roger E Carrier Finding Sagrado A Teenage Odyssey for Adults and Mature Teenage Readers Roger E Carrier tells an engaging story of youth redemption and sexual coming of age in New Mexico In seventeen year old Shane Russell m
  • Title: Finding Sagrado
  • Author: Roger E Carrier
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  • Page: 330
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Finding Sagrado Roger E Carrier A Teenage Odyssey for Adults and Mature Teenage Readers Roger E Carrier tells an engaging story of youth, redemption, and sexual coming of age in New Mexico In 1971, seventeen year old Shane Russell makes a well planned escape from a Michigan winter and sets off on a 2,000 mile adventure in search of a town that exists only between the covers of Richard Bradford s famousA Teenage Odyssey for Adults and Mature Teenage Readers Roger E Carrier tells an engaging story of youth, redemption, and sexual coming of age in New Mexico In 1971, seventeen year old Shane Russell makes a well planned escape from a Michigan winter and sets off on a 2,000 mile adventure in search of a town that exists only between the covers of Richard Bradford s famous New Mexico novel Red Sky at Morning J.B Lippincott, 1968 Driven to recreate the nude scenes and vivid characters in Bradford s fictional town of Sagrado, Shane forever touches the lives of his widowed landlady, the detective hired to find him, and his new friends at a colorful high school deep in the Land of Enchantment Against the backdrop of his father s death in Vietnam and life with his stepmother s new boyfriend, Shane flees the painful realities of his life In doing so, he finds a place where bats fly and love heals the wounds of the human spirit He also encounters Mark Twain s great truth Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow mindedness.
Finding Sagrado Roger E Carrier

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One thought on “Finding Sagrado

  1. Sami

    Finding Sagrado is a smart, honest, thoughtful story about a likable young man charting his own path toward self realization Carrier is a fine writer, but even importantly in this book is how the story causes the reader to re visit his or her own adolescence Certainly the circumstances don t match up, but the emotions and dreams of the young character resonate close to home ambition, loneliness, trepidation, hope I find myself still wondering about Shane as to what may have happened to him afte [...]

  2. Rafael Rodríguez

    After reading the book, and having English as my second language I would recommend this book to anyone learning the language at an intermediate or even advance beginner as the language used is not hard to understand.Story wise I like the book Even if you prefer other genres with action or science fiction, the author did a good job at keeping it simple while having a meaning, something for the readers to think about The story start with a teenager trouble by the death of his parents, his father [...]

  3. Carol McKibben

    Roger E Carrier immediately drew me in with the premise of a young man trying to find himself in the pages of Red Sky in Morning, a beloved adolescent novel, after the death of his father Taking it further, Shane, our hero, goes in search of the life and the characters depicted in Red Sky What happens along the way and when he reaches his destination is entertaining and keeps the reader engaged Carrier captures both Shane s need to find his place in life and the compassion he finds from both str [...]

  4. Samantha Luntz

    I love this book Best book I read in a long long time.So happy that I decided to read it I highly recommend it to everyone Well written and thought out Takes me back, way back and that is a wonderful place to go.

  5. Matthew

    I wasn t at all sure if I was going to like finding sagrado when I first cracked the cover on the book I honestly thought that it was going to be one of those nostalgic trips down memory lane View the world through rose colored glasses sort of books and I would not be able to establish a personal connection with the characters or have a reference point for the timeframe of their world I was soon proven very wrong within the first 20 pages I was hooked Mr Carrier, positively sucked me into his un [...]

  6. MrsBee

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and have passed it on to other family members of different generations as Roger Carrier s writing is a great read whether young or old A story about an adolescent boy dealing with his father s death, the journey that the main character goes on to find Sagrado is beautifully written, easy to follow and provides the reader with glimpses of poignant moments as well as lighthearted and funny moments Reading this book has inspired me to watch Red Sky At Morning [...]

  7. Zoran Ivančić

    It was an amazing book Book that I could not let go Once you start reading it you have to finish You have no choice It sucks you into its world.Excellent plot and amazingly easy to relate to characters I began to wonder should I do the same as Shane and try to find something I was missing in my own life Maybe run away to find a place of my dreams Oh, wouldn t it be nice to find so many different people that are so eager to help you Anyhow, I really enjoyed reading it, it was fun, easy to read I [...]

  8. Green

    Finding Sagrado is a great book Fun, engaging and interesting, it is written in a casual, approachable language, which ultimately turns it into a pleasant reading experience The characters experience and relate to the pressing emotions, conflicts and desires which are characteristic of youth and growth It was a joy reading this book, and I even lost track of time It is just simply a fantastic book and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

  9. Luntz

    At fist I got this book completely wrong I thought main charachter has such a good luck that nothing bad happened to him troughout entire book After discussing this book at my book club we figured something out Shane is constantly struggling with grief Actually every charachter in book is dealing with this monster in his her own way.

  10. Simon Bent

    When I first started reading this book I became spellbound by it The charachters are so well portrayed, the plot is well thought out I enjoyed every page and probably will read it again and recomed it to everyone.

  11. Pailo

    Loved the book You should definetely buy it It ll be worth every penny From the first page you ll be mesmerised While reading it I didn t wanted it to end Had tons of fun.

  12. Sadia

    Finding Sagrado is a fantastic read Shane, the protagonist wishes to find his personal Sagrado, a fictional town from his favourite book And find he does, along with some really nice friends and mentors, similar to the characters from his beloved novel but different in so many aspects and a lot better, because they belong in his life I appreciated the optimistic tone of the book, the adventure started a bit slowly but once it got going I was all in Roger Carrier is a great storyteller and he has [...]

  13. Mackenzie Corpora

    I picked up the book and was captured immediately from the first page and forward, it was a book that i found myself not being able to put down Right from the start Finding Sagrado has done something that I have yet to see It s almost like a premonition for how the readers, myself included, act after picking up this book Shane is so lost in his own book that by the next morning he s still thinking about it constantly Then the heavy stuff comes and after reading this you realize the emotional str [...]

  14. Natashiah Jansen

    If the first few pages of a novel do not suck me in, I usually don t read further, but Finding Sagrado had me engrossed from the very beginning The plot is unpredictable and the characters are well developed and have layers that are peeled with each turn of a page The story starts with a teenager having to deal with the loss of his parents, but manage to find solace in one of his favorite books, which has many similarities to his own life He sets off in pursuit of his personal Sagrado and on his [...]

  15. Norisse

    There are times when we try to take a break from the woes of our everyday lives by losing ourselves in books Shane, the main character, takes this escape to a whole new level when he runs away from home to search for a fictional town called Sagrado and reboot his life From here, Roger E Carrier weaves a geographic and spiritual journey for the young man and the people connected to him.A great part of this novel displays healing from grief for a family member This motif alone inspires great empat [...]

  16. Mitan

    Finding Sagrado is a novel placed in America in the time of the Vietnam war It is a story about easy to like teenage boy, who after his father s death in Vietnam and his stepmothers decision to start dating, decides to escape from home, trying to find himself in the pages of his favorite novel We can easily follow his emotional journey, adventures and interaction with the rest of the characters of the novel An easy to read novel, novel about youth, love, independence and all the challenges and d [...]

  17. Teressa

    Terrific Coming of Age Story I really enjoyed listening to Finding Sagrado In fact, I think it should could win a YA literary award This was a well written and well performed audiobook The protagonist Shane decides to set out on a journey that takes him to places he s never been where he meets new people, makes friends, and even enrolls in a new school while in search of the fictional town of Sagrado It was a good coming of age story and I love that it was set in New Mexico.This story was richly [...]

  18. John M

    What an interesting book I usually do not read this genre but thought I d give this one a shot and loved it The author moved from point to point smoothly while creating a sense of danger throughout the journey Beginning with the death of his parents, the main character begins to pursue a new life in Sagrado, New Mexico From there, the plot and supporting characters bring the whole world to life I love unpredictable works and this definitely was one Readers who like a slight supernatural twist mi [...]

  19. Landrie

    Shane Russell is a high school kid that is orphaned when both his parents die a few years apart from one another After his father is killed in Vietnam he lives with his stepmom and half brother not really knowing where he fits in When his stepmom starts dating right after his dad dies he gets angry and decides to run away Shane is a smart guy so he comes up with nearly flawless plan to go on a solo journey to New Mexico in search of Sagrado, a fictional town from a book he read in English class [...]

  20. Tanya Amor

    It s been such an awesome read, Finding Sagrado.The reader follows the travels of Shane Russell, a seventeen year old runaway who tried to recreate his favorite novel, Red Sky at Morning He goes on a physical journey, from his hometown to the town he recreated at Sagrado, as well as an emotional journey from resentment of his conditions to acceptance of what the world has given him, and how to better appreciate it It s a really good read, and very enlightening, especially if you re at a point in [...]

  21. Shruthi

    Having undergone tragedy after tragedy, Shane sets out on a journey in search of Sagrado and living in his dream world What follows A tale of adventure, love and independence, this book is the perfect read for any book lover looking for a literary work of art An intriguing story which ll inspire you to create your own fantasy The perfect blend between happiness, sorrow and hope will keep you captivated forever Get ready to dive headfirst into Roger E Carrier s mystical world and prepare to be sp [...]

  22. Farr Far

    Much like the 1971 movie Red Sky at Morning Finding Sagrado captures both the spirit of youth and the beauty of the southwest The book is poetic in its descriptions of the inherent magic of New Mexico, and there are even some magical mystical elements in the book It is a book that connected my heart to the characters, I found myself anticipating and secretly praying for their fates Highly recommended

  23. Mark Wallon

    Roger s writing style opts for the simple over the complicated, making this book a quick and pleasurable reading experience We watch Shane s character develop against the backdrop of the breathtakingly beautiful and magical U.S southwest I would have liked to have gone even deeper into the characters, but I guess we can leave that for the sequel I hope there is one

  24. Carlos Garcia

    Moving through time and space, Finding Sagrado takes us from the cold of Michigan to the beatifully spectacular southwest, as we follow young Shane on his epic adventure to find himself The story of growth, pain and healing, youth and friendship is one that everyone can relate to Highly recommended

  25. Poul

    So what to say about this amazing book I mean wow Loved it so much My best friend refered me to this book, and I m so happy that he chose to do that This is my favorite book so far All of you reading this review should be reading this book instead You ll not regret it.

  26. Jacob

    Carrier did a great job of channeling the restless teen spirit onto paper In Finding Sagrado Carrier writes about a young boy becoming a man and traveling to a far out place to find his real hearts desire It s a great read for anyone I give it a five and would recommend it to everyone.

  27. Gabriella Williams

    Finding Sagrado is a very interesting read I picked it up not knowing what to expect, but I found myself identifying with Shane and his adventures and the risks he takes all for the sake of his dreams and desires Great novel for youth and adults alike

  28. Poul Malerey

    This Amazing well written book was such an ispiration for me and my family After reading it I ve convinced my mother and brother to read it We lost our father to war We used to dread over this This book showed us how to deal with that great loss I am so grateful to Roger for writing this book.

  29. Diane

    Finding Sagrado than deserves its five stars, is recommended for adult and mature young adult readers, and is a complex novel set in 1971, revolving around a runaway teen s lofty goals to re create the life sized stone heads described by author Richard Bradford in his 1960s classic Red Sky at Morning.Shane s unusual dream brings him into contact with a host of disparate individuals from all walks of life While these are everyday people, they also represent a wide range of lifestyles and perspec [...]

  30. D.M. Roberts

    While the common term for this kind of a story is coming of age , there s to this book than just the pilgrimage of the teenage protagonist, Shane Many of the characters, young and older, go on their own journey of self discovery that parallels the travels of this idealistic boy He searches for the equivalent of a fictional town in the novel Red Sky at Morning , for it contains characters and plot points of a life very different from his own He s looking to free himself from a lonely existence w [...]

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