Style: Toward Clarity and Grace (2020)

Style: Toward Clarity and Grace Joseph M. Williams Gregory G. Colomb Style Toward Clarity and Grace This acclaimed book is a master teacher s tested program for turning clumsy prose into clear powerful and effective writing A logical expert easy to use plan for achieving excellence in expression
  • Title: Style: Toward Clarity and Grace
  • Author: Joseph M. Williams Gregory G. Colomb
  • ISBN: 9780226899152
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Paperback
Style: Toward Clarity and Grace Joseph M. Williams Gregory G. Colomb This acclaimed book is a master teacher s tested program for turning clumsy prose into clear, powerful, and effective writing A logical, expert, easy to use plan for achieving excellence in expression, Style offers neither simplistic rules nor endless lists of dos and don ts Rather, Joseph Williams explains how to be concise, how to be focused, how to be organized FilleThis acclaimed book is a master teacher s tested program for turning clumsy prose into clear, powerful, and effective writing A logical, expert, easy to use plan for achieving excellence in expression, Style offers neither simplistic rules nor endless lists of dos and don ts Rather, Joseph Williams explains how to be concise, how to be focused, how to be organized Filled with realistic examples of good, bad, and better writing, and step by step strategies for crafting a sentence or organizing a paragraph, Style does much than teach mechanics it helps anyone who must write clearly and persuasively transform even the roughest of drafts into a polished work of clarity, coherence, impact, and personality Buy Williams s book And dig out from storage your dog eared old copy of The Elements of Style Set them side by side on your reference shelf Barbara Walraff, Atlantic Let newcoming writers discover this, and let their teachers and readers rejoice It is a practical, disciplined text that is also a pleasure to read Christian Century An excellent book.It provides a sensible, well balanced approach, featuring prescriptions that work Donald Karzenski, Journal of Business Communication Intensive fitness training for the expressive mind Booklist The college textbook version, Style Ten Lessons in Clarity and Grace, 9th edition, is available from Longman ISBN 9780321479358.
Style: Toward Clarity and Grace Joseph M. Williams Gregory G. Colomb Style Toward Clarity and Grace Chicago Telling me to Be clear, writes Joseph M Williams in Style Toward Clarity and Grace, is like telling me to Hit the ball squarely I know that What I don t know is how to do it If you are ever going to know how to write clearly, it will be after reading Williams book, which is a rigorous examination of and lesson in the elements of fine writing. Style Toward Clarity and Grace by Joseph M Williams Style toward Clarity and Grace can help, it is a thorough, elaborated yet comprehensible guide book on communicating complexity effectively and elegantly. Style Lessons in Clarity and Grace Style Toward Clarity and Grace PDF by Joseph M Some of the techniques listed in Style Toward Clarity and Grace may require a sound knowledge of Hypnosis, users are advised to either leave those sections or must have a basic understanding of the subject before practicing them. Style Toward Clarity and Grace Joseph Williams review Williams Style Toward Clarity and Grace is different Rather than just explaining how to write clearly, Williams also explains why some things work and some don t Toward Clarity and Grace begins with a history of bad writing and an analysis of its causes Five chapters build a model for structuring sentences, paragraphs, and whole Pdf Style Toward Clarity And Grace Download Pdf Free Ebook Download Style Toward Clarity and Grace Chicago Guides to Writing, Editing, and Publishing and read Style Toward Clarity and Grace Chicago Guides to Writing, Editing, and Publishing online books in format PDF Get also books in EPUB and Mobi Format Check out other translated books in French, Spanish languages. An Excerpt from Style Toward Clarity and Grace Style Toward Clarity and Grace and is published by the University of Chi cago Press You will profit from this book It is rich in detail and example, grounded in research, and refreshingly well balanced It teaches a system of prin ciples for clarity, coherence, empha sis, and concision all with a view to Style Towards Clarity and Grace Williams Doing years That s how long it s taken to read Style Towards Clarity and Grace by Williams and Colomb Professor LB recommended it back in I picked up a copy at the University of Victoria bookstore the sticker is still on the back. Joseph M Williams Duke University Joseph M Williams Toward Clarity and Grace With two chapters coauthored by This book originated as Style, first published as a textbook by Scott Foresman in and then in two editions in and I wrote it for four reasons First, the standard books Writing with Style University of Texas at Austin Writing with Style William Cook University of Texas at Austin based on Style Toward Clarity and Grace by Joseph Williams Explain what problem it addresses Clarity Organize the paper well and write clearly Make sure you support your claims Novelty Extend the frontier of knowledge Explicitly relate your research to previous work.

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    478 Joseph M. Williams Gregory G. Colomb
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One thought on “Style: Toward Clarity and Grace

  1. Terence

    This is a brilliant little guide to improving your writing that I wish I had known about when I was an English teacher.Williams begins with the basics and builds up to chapters on style and usage The underlying themes throughout are two Good writing is not limited to professional authors anyone can do it with sufficient practice and a decent amount of concern about what you write and the rules of grammar and syntax are guides to clear communication Writers can bend and even break them in the int [...]

  2. Vanessa

    Not too bad for an English textbook My favorite parts are when Williams makes the very mistakes he chastises other writers for doing.

  3. Juliana

    This book changed the way I think about sentence structure, and I m the type of girl who thinks about sentence structure all the time.

  4. Cathy Douglas

    This is my favorite left brained writing book It s taking me forever to read it, but that s okay, and when I finish, I might just go back and read it again I like it that Williams gets me to think about sentences I naturally write like a runner, as if getting to the finish line first were the only measure of success I m too damn old to run like a runner any , no why not plug on with paragraphs and pages as if they were timed laps on the track But of course that isn t the way writing works It s [...]

  5. Patrick Garrett

    A Rather Expensive Guide with Little Unique ContentThough well written a prerequisite for a style book I wasn t blown away by this guide s content A required text for a rhetorical studies seminar at UC, Riverside, we compared this book with Virginia Tufte s Artful Sentences to glean practical value from a spectrum of books that have the intention of distilling style into a couple hundred pages The approach in this text comes in response to, and in some ways falls short of, the seminal Elements o [...]

  6. Ksenia Anske

    A book to buy to have in your reference library, along with The Elements of Style and The Chicago Manual of Style Though you ll find it mostly discussing non fiction examples, the lessons are the same You can apply them to any writing, fiction included And you ll chuckle, too, recognizing your own ineptnesses described so eloquently here, and with such fine humor especially when you get to the last chapter that includes a brief history of good English and the separation of real grammatical rules [...]

  7. Denis

    I fell in love with the way that Williams debunked the invented rules that grammarians use to bludgeon writers and rant about the death of the English language I don t agree with everything he said, but his book is the first style manual I ve ever read that I would have no qualms about suggesting to others.

  8. Vanessa

    Writing is a difficult task to say nothing of writing with a second language , no one is in need of guidance and help than a writer who doesn t know how to put her thoughts into words in a captivating and convincing way Style toward Clarity and Grace can help, it is a thorough, elaborated yet comprehensible guide book on communicating complexity effectively and elegantly The precursor of this book was a text book of writing for undergraduate students in US, which is to say this may not be the r [...]

  9. Omar Halabieh

    I recently finished reading Style The Basics of Clarity and Grace by Joseph M Williams.Below are key excerpts from the book that I found particularly insightful When we don t know what we re talking about or have no confidence in what we do know we typically write long sentences choked with abstract words I suspect that those who choose to observe all the rules all the time do so not because they think they are protecting the integrity of the language or the quality of our culture, but because t [...]

  10. Joe S

    For the tens of people out there who actually have to teach reading and writing, I ve decided to start reviewing the heap of atrocious textbooks I ve had to slog through while building my syllabi.This book is brilliant I feel like a better writer for having read it I wish it had been required when I was taking first year comp It fucks the old school conservativism of Strunk n White right in the ear Williams sidesteps the paralyzing imperatives for pre and mid writing processes and skips right to [...]

  11. Jo Deurbrouck

    Yum, grammar porn I could watch Williams parse beautiful, grammatically sophisticated sentences all day long I also appreciate his easy refreshers for concepts like nominalization, summative clause, and the difference between coherence and cohesion These things only stay fresh in my mind if I take myself back to school now and then Some reviewers have dinged the man for being a less than graceful writer from time to time This doesn t detract from the book s value for me What would, I think, if I [...]

  12. Marc Perry

    If you read only one book to improve how you write, edit, and read English prose, then in my opinion, it should be this book by Joseph Williams This is not a book for the uninitiated Rather, this is a book for experienced writers who are unhappy with how they write, and are flailing around looking for some way to improve their writing It is all in here the history of how the English language assimilated multiple words, with different origins, that have similar or identical meanings how obtuse, a [...]

  13. Ian Yang

    Don t know how I actually bumped into this great book, I guess I was just fortunate when I fortuitously picked the right book that accidentally mentioned it I wonder why I was never introduced to it when attending university cause it not only clarifies plenty of practical and fundamental knowledge about writing in English or rewriting, quoting the author but helps a great deal when you want to rephrase a complex sentence and make it less impersonal and obscure, especially when the materials are [...]

  14. Laura

    There were a lot of relevant writing issues in this book and I felt like it did a good job of explaining the different concepts to make writing sound better and clearer Every chapter featured a different aspect of writing that could be improved I knew that I did a lot of things this book said were common mistakes and it was nice to see how clunky and cluttered it made writing and how I could fix it This book helped my writing and offered tips and ways to change my writing to make it graceful an [...]

  15. Vera

    I m so happy I met this book In contrast to many writing guides, it does not offer any pedestrian advice on common mistakes such as its it s or affect effect, it does not overuse jargon, and it does not digress from its purpose It provides clear, step by step instructions for writing tighter sentences and coherent paragraphs A lot of stuff I read in grad school is so dense and cluttered that it is barely comprehensible, so I m glad that there is a book on how to write sentences that are sophist [...]

  16. Beth

    I had to read this book for a writing class I took called, Writing, Technology, and Style Despite some places where I felt where Williams went into too much detail, I thoroughly enjoyed his chapter on usage because it was just another tally mark of books that I ve read that talk about how teaching nothing but grammar to students actually makes them worse writers Again, there were quite a few chapters in this book that I glossed over because some of the things Williams was saying were too complic [...]

  17. Emily

    Gives great examples of clear, concise writing along with examples of less clear, less concise writing Provides grammatical syntactic explanations for why certain sentences are clearer or less clear These examples and practice exercises help me to think about the phrasing and pacing of my sentences as I write.

  18. Kristin Canfield

    I read this book one lesson at a time over several months and I found it incredibly useful for improving my writing in a practical sense So many books on style give prescriptions for what good writing looks like without telling you how to get there I ll return to these exercises when revising my work in the future.

  19. Eleanor

    Incredibly elegant manual on writing mostly for research purposes Each chapter is preceded by quotes that illustrate the point of the following section beautifully, poetically The writing is so clear and direct yet friendly and inviting, I d love to write half as well as the author of this manual.

  20. Linda

    This is the best how to book I ve ever read Williams breaks the writing process into 10 key elements that ensure that the message is correct and will be read He provides many examples and goes through the process of editing samples from good to really great Chapter 9, Elegance, is absolutely amazing I need to reread this book

  21. Katie

    Very, very clear, well written, and it explains the dilemmas and controversies of style It is designed to empower the reader to make their own decisions about rules and choose a style, rather than suggesting a best style and how to follow it.

  22. Anne

    Have you ever thought of your sentences as stories Do you want to see someone take a stab at defining elegance in writing Check out Williams I tutor in a writing center and we read this book as part of our tutoring preparation A practical step above Strunk White, in my opinion.

  23. Public Words

    If you want to learn how to write well, with elegance and power, this is the only book after Strunk and White that will tell you how Williams has figured out some aspects of writing no one else has.

  24. Isaac

    The best book on grammar and syntax I ve read.Makes Strunk and White s Elements of Style seem way too spartan in comparison.I wish I d read this before I finished my degree.

  25. Amber

    This book is eye opening for writing non fiction You cannot read it without suddenly seeing how you could become a better writer.

  26. Graeme Roberts

    The information in the book is excellent As a writer, I might use it for occasional reference, but trying to read it was painful and unrewarding.

  27. Robert

    A landmark book that provides, sound, non pedantic advice on writing cleanly and elegantly It s the English Composition course I never took

  28. Alex

    Joe Williams knows what he is talking about His rhetorical analysis toward the end of the book was extremely interesting and gave me new insights into how historical figures write.

  29. Stephen

    Anyone who writes anything should spend some time reading this book and doing the exercises it contains I revisit it often and am never disappointed with what I learn.

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