Versplinterd (2020)

Versplinterd Dani Atkins Els Franci-Ekeler Versplinterd Vijf jaar geleden stortte Rachels wereld in toen bij een ongeluk haar beste vriend Jimmy overleed en zijzelf gewond raakte Nu ziet ze de vriendengroep weer voor het eerst bij de bruiloft van haar ex M
  • Title: Versplinterd
  • Author: Dani Atkins Els Franci-Ekeler
  • ISBN: 9789032514617
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback
Versplinterd Dani Atkins Els Franci-Ekeler Vijf jaar geleden stortte Rachels wereld in toen bij een ongeluk haar beste vriend Jimmy overleed en zijzelf gewond raakte Nu ziet ze de vriendengroep weer voor het eerst bij de bruiloft van haar ex Matt en zijn verloofde Cathy.Als ze die avond Jimmy s graf bezoekt, wordt ze overmand door hoofdpijn en raakt buiten bewustzijn Als ze bijkomt, blijkt haar leven heel andersVijf jaar geleden stortte Rachels wereld in toen bij een ongeluk haar beste vriend Jimmy overleed en zijzelf gewond raakte Nu ziet ze de vriendengroep weer voor het eerst bij de bruiloft van haar ex Matt en zijn verloofde Cathy.Als ze die avond Jimmy s graf bezoekt, wordt ze overmand door hoofdpijn en raakt buiten bewustzijn Als ze bijkomt, blijkt haar leven heel anders te zijn dan ze zich herinnert het ongeluk van vijf jaar geleden is nooit gebeurd, zij en Matt zijn nog bij elkaar en Jimmy leeft nog Rachel kan het niet geloven, het is bijna te mooi om waar te zijn.
Versplinterd Dani Atkins Els Franci-Ekeler

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    124 Dani Atkins Els Franci-Ekeler
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  1. Aj the Ravenous Reader

    3.5 stars rounded up I randomly picked this up from my friend Carol s favorites shelf and I m glad I did It s a creative story told in an imaginative plot with a dab of paranormal, a good dose of mystery and a hint of sci fi with this possibility of a parallel world and until you finish the book, you won t be able to tell really which is which Rachel, a not so reliable narrator, opens up the story with a flashback of the last night together she and her closest friends had before going off to Uni [...]

  2. Carol [Goodreads Addict]

    Then and Always by Dani Atkins was first released as Fractured in the UK and is being released in the US on May 20, 2014 as Then and Always If you want to read a beautiful Cont Romance that is different than anything you have read before, a story of second chances, a story that will make you laugh and cry, with a little sprinkling of magic, then this is the book for you I loved this book and could not put it down I can honestly say that I was not prepared for the emotions this book would bring I [...]

  3. Shell The Belle

    FIVE SOLID KEPT ME HOOKED TO THE VERY END STARSSIDE NOTE Let me just say, I wish the Author or the Publishers would decide on a title for this some reviews are calling it Then And Always and some Fractured WHICH IS IT It seems to change constantly and by geographical location Whaatt ANYWAYS .WOW JUST WOW.This book had me hooked from the very first paragraph My first life ended at 10.37pm on a rainy December night, on a deserted street beside the old church.My second life began some ten hours lat [...]

  4. Becci

    I straight up do not understand the relatively high star ratings this book has got both on here and on where I bought it for like 99p I have no problem with chick lit y fluff as long it as at least somewhat entertaining or compelling This book is neither The concept was really interesting and could have been carried out so much better if it wasn t for a the distractingly shitty over dramatic flowery prose that read like a 15 year old s crummy fanfiction I was actually convinced that it must have [...]

  5. Frankie Lovely

    3.5 starsFind this review and others at A Thousand Lives of Frankie LovelyThis book was a pleasant surprise The Story5 years ago, Rachel s life was forever changed when a freak accident left her world turned upside down Now she is returning home where grief and regret still live and remind her of things she would rather forget But when she suddenly wakes up in a hospital bed, Rachel finds a second chance at happiness in this heart wrenching story about love, loss, friendship, grief, second chanc [...]

  6. Diane S ☔

    I am not a big reader of women s fiction or the so called chick lit Not that there is anything wrong with the genre, I just tend to favor historical novels or those of the legal suspense, mystery genre Very hard for me to give four stars to this kind of novel So why than did this book have me sniffling at the end Well this book had some really great characters, some not so great ones as well, but it made the good ones come off even better The big hook though is that once you are invested in the [...]

  7. Megan Readinginthesunshine

    I just finished Fractured this morning and I ve spent the past few hours trying to get my thoughts together but my first thought was WOW Even now my mind is still with the characters and thinking about the events and I m so devastated to have finished this book, and at the same time I am in awe of Dani Atkins BRILLIANT writing.The night of the accident was a night that changed everything Five years on Rachel s life is falling apart She has a job she doesn t like, she lives alone in a tiny flat a [...]

  8. Nicki

    This was a nice, easy read, if a little over written at times Rachel is 23 years old and when she was 18, her life was changed by a catastrophic accident Or was it At the start of the book, Rachel is a sad, lonely girl, scarred and ill five years on from the accident Then she collapses and wakes up to a different life, one where she s a successful journalist engaged to her high school boyfriend And best of all, the friend killed in the accident five years ago is miraculously alive and her dad is [...]

  9. Joan

    I paid for this book Fair enough Most people will have done But Can I have 20% of my money back WHY Well, at the 80% markon my Kindle JUST when I was expecting the BIG climactic scene the OMG moment this book ENDS.I am okay with books that have the last few pages devoted to Author bio, or other novels etc But NOT TWENTY PERCENT OF THE BOOK It s like buying a cd of guitar music and finding that four of the twenty tracks are violin tracks Not what I paid for And this is not the first book that s d [...]

  10. Emma-Louise

    This is honestly the most powerful book I have ever read.Everything about this book was perfect from the grammar and spelling which is rare to find on e book editions, for some reason to the intricate and extremely detailed storyline This book was clearly deeply thought out from beginning to end and each part flowed nicely on to the next, only giving you the information you need at that time along with the main character, Rachel The book puts you in her shoes, unable to comprehend what is going [...]

  11. Jules

    I loved this book, and thought it was very cleverly written I spent the whole book mind boggled by the mystery of Rachel s memories, struggling to try and work out what the logical answer might be I finished it a couple of hours ago, and I m still feeling shell shocked by the ending I never saw that coming I actually gasped and cried real tears near the very end, as the mystery started to unravel and the truth of the situation became apparent Gosh, quite emotionally draining, but not all in a ne [...]

  12. Ana M. Román

    Empec ador ndolo No s lo por lo que contaba y como lo contaba, que tambi n, sino por los momentos que me hizo recordar Esa reuni n de amigos justo antes de irse a la universidad me record mucho a la que tuve yo con los m os Nos recuerdo a todos con cara de circunstancias, con muchas ganas de querer empezar esa nueva etapa pero tambi n con el miedo latente de que termin ramos perdiendo la amistad que ten amos Por fortuna, aunque algunos se han perdido por el camino la mayor a permanecemos bastant [...]

  13. Ash Wednesday

    3 STARSTHE HOOK For fans of One Day, What Alice Forgot and Sliding Doors Well I wasn t exactly wowed by One Day but while I m also not a fan of anything Gwyneth Paltrow, I was quite familiar and intrigued with the premise of Sliding Doors I think I stopped reading the blurb after that and just requested this automatically So one can imagine my surprise with how Then and Always seemed to be a sleepy Adult Contemporary Romance one chapter then playing with sci fi, paranormal possibilities in the n [...]

  14. Jo

    I have to admire the author of this book to a certain extent for managing to take such an interesting concept and turn it into an unbelievably dull story I don t often review books and I don t like to be too negative, but this book was really not good at all I m very surprised to see so many good reviews The premise was good and I was looking forward to it having read the blurb, but it just didn t work.To summarise some of the main problems I had with this book it wasn t very well written the wr [...]

  15. ღ Suus ღ (pages.and.books)

    Samen met de groep YA CHICKLIT NL als readalong gelezen Voor het eerst een readalong waar zoveel gediscussieerd werd over het boek Wat opvalt is dat de meningen nogal verdeeld zijn maar over het algemeen door de meesten als mooi ervaren Mijn mening is dat het een onwijs mooi boek is Gedurende het verhaal vraag je je af wat er nou precies gebeurd is Tijdens het laatste hoofdstuk vallen alle gebeurtenissen op z n plaats.

  16. Eilonwy

    Maybe 3 1 4 stars It s hard to write a review for this without spoilers The book s premise is this What if you woke up in the hospital after an accident, and discovered that you had one set of memories about the past five years, while everyone else around you had completely different memories That s what happens to Rachel, and the mystery of how it happened kept me flipping the pages as fast as I could Overall, I really enjoyed this book The premise was fascinating, and the suspense and pacing w [...]

  17. ~♥~ happinesslife

    yourhappinesslife El libro est muy bien llevado, todo concuerda y engancha mucho el misterio Sobre la mitad del libre me ol a cual ser a el final por que la autora nos da peque os detalles y nos deja algunas pistas pero aun as no quieres creerlo y sigues adelante leyendo esta preciosa historia Me ha gustado much simo el apoyo de Jimmy hacia Rachel, Matt, su prometido, no estaba con ella y s escusa me pareci lamentable, en cambio aunque Jimmy siempre ha estado all y a veces est ausente se nota su [...]

  18. La Talpa

    Hmmm Das war leider nichts f r mich Die Grundstory habe ich so oder so hnlich bereits einige Male gelesen bzw In Filmen gesehen und auch das Ende fand ich nicht wirklich gelungen und eher unpassend Ich muss zwar sagen ich habe mit diesem Ende nicht gerechnet, aber so wollte ich es auch einfach nicht.Rachel hat mir aber als Charakter wiederum gut gefallen, was wahrscheinlich auch der Grund war warum ich das Buch nicht abgebrochen hatte und nat rlich wollte ich das omin se Ende kennen.Soweit h tte [...]

  19. Maribel

    Historia de lectura gil, con una trama que engancha y entretiene a partes iguales La escritora sabe como mantenerte atenta a la historia y que no decaiga tu inter s Rachel y Jimmy son muy especiales y entra ables, debo reconocer que me han conmovido He subido finalmente mi valoraci n porque muy pocas veces, un libro de stas caracter sticas me sorprende con su final y me deja sensaciones contradictorias Recomendable.

  20. Chick Lit + Wine

    Can two different stories lead to the same happy ending Or will Rachel stay FRACTURED forever The back cover of Fractured tells of two very different lives led by the same young woman In one world, twenty three year old Rachel is alone, miserable, and fighting the inevitable progression of an illness that she can t or won t find a cure for In the other, Rachel is a happy, successful young woman affianced to her high school sweetheart and about to discover that he may not, in fact, be her true lo [...]

  21. Lucinda

    A powerfully poignant romance that is uplifting, satisfying and such a sweet story I simply love on those dull rainy days to curl up under a warm blanket with a cup of hot chocolate and a scintillating story Fractured has to be one of the most heartrending, sparkling stories that I have encountered this year with the profoundly moving prose really touching me deeply It is a book that shines with originality, flair and fun amid a hugely popular genre for female readers As a hopeless romantic I wa [...]

  22. Esther

    Wauw, ik moet echt even bijkomen van dit boek Wat een romantisch maar ook verdrietig boek Ik heb het boek verslonden.

  23. Jess Lynn

    I received an advance reader s copy of this book for an honest review.Unfortunately, this book just didn t do it for me The premise itself was interesting Rachel Wiltshire is out at dinner with her friends when they re struck by a horrible accident that tinges Rachel s next five years with despair view spoiler The car crash was probably one of the well written parts of the book for me This was also when I felt the characters were the most real I felt the connection between Rachel and Jimmy, and [...]

  24. ☮Karen

    Oh man, this was a good story So good, I could not tear myself away from it until I finished Twists and turns along the way I was hooked The heck with sleep and meals Not one of the endings I pictured was correct For that, 4 stars, maybe even 5.My only complaint would be my usual one where romance books go the sap zaps my enthusiasm, the words and sentence structure annoy me, and I am constantly reminded of writers who shall remain nameless but are not my favorites Dang, I wish I could offer up [...]

  25. Daphne Hartman

    Het is een leuk boek Vooral het begin is pakkend Na de eerste echte gebeurtenis op de begraafplaats was ik even het spoor kwijt, ik begreep even niet meer waar het verhaal nou heen ging Toch ben ik door blijven lezen en werd het me duidelijk Ik had het wel fijn gevonden als het me al wat eerder duidelijk was geworden want nu heb ik best een tijd niet begrepen waar het verhaal nou om ging Vervolgens kreeg ik de indruk het verhaal alleen nog ging draaien om de soort driehoeksverhouding tussen Rach [...]

  26. Odette Knappers

    Oeps.Ik mocht het nog niet uitlezen van de readalong, maar heb het toch gedaan Kon me voor het laatste hoofdstuk echt niet meer inhouden, en anders zou het voor mij pas maandag wordenWat een prachtig verhaal, zo ontroerend Wat zou jij doen als je leven op die ene kruising een andere afslag had genomen En het is nooit te laat om een andere afslag te nemen Dit boek heeft echt een mooie diepere boodschap Ik ben helemaal verliefd, helemaal geweldig.

  27. Shannon

    I love this book so much I read it for a read along and it was really hard to stop reading every time again but now I finally was allowed to finish it It was such a lovely story and I m in love with the ending It totally deserves the five stars.

  28. Liz Barnsley

    Well Started this today Finished this today Cried big buckets of tears, sobbed into my pillow for half an hour now I m writing this Do I REALLY need to say any Nope don t think I do Happy Reading Folks

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