Caesar (2020)

Caesar Allan Massie Caesar Following Augustus and Tiberius this novel tells of the rise of Caesar in Rome and on the Empire s battlefields from the crossing of the Rubicon to the Ides of March The story is told by Decimus Bru
  • Title: Caesar
  • Author: Allan Massie
  • ISBN: 9780340599105
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Paperback
Caesar Allan Massie Following Augustus and Tiberius, this novel tells of the rise of Caesar in Rome and on the Empire s battlefields, from the crossing of the Rubicon to the Ides of March The story is told by Decimus Brutus, one of Caesar s closest generals who nevertheless joins the conspiracy to murder.
Caesar Allan Massie

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    Allan Massie

One thought on “Caesar

  1. Gumble"s Yard

    Short but tightly written, enjoyable but literary, novel of Decimus Junius Brutus s reminiscences mainly of the period post Caesar s defeat of Pompey as he awaits his death in Gallic captivity having been prescribed by the Second triumvirate In the book the narrators conventional historical role in Caesar s assassination is with the exception of he persuading Caesar to attend the senate largely swapped with that of Marcus Brutus.

  2. Liviu

    another reread though this one for once i remembered vividly from when I read it for the first time years ago probably in the mid 90 s close to publication time first and still best of the cycle and one of the books about Caesar that manage to be both conventional and innovative without stretching the historical evidence in any wayhighly recommended

  3. Hugh Ashton

    I think very highly of Allan Massie s books of Roman history, and Caesar is one of his best portraits The narrator is one of Caesar s closest allies, senior generals, and ultimately, one of his murderers, Mouse , better known to history as Decimus Junius Brutus The account of Caesar s rise, his fall, and the aftermath, is written as a dictation by Mouse to the son of his Gaulish captor, who is holding him at the orders of Mouse s former lover, and now one of the triumvirate ruling Rome, Octavian [...]

  4. João Roque

    Massie, para mim o mestre do romance hist rico, neste ltimo livro que dele li sobre as grandes figuras de Roma que escreveu Augusto, Tib rio, Marco Ant nio e Cal gula, al m deste C sar , consegue ainda surpreender me.Li primeiro os outros 4 livros, todos eles de imperadores romanos, deixando propositadamente para o fim o livro sobre C sar, que ao contr rio do que muita gente pensa, n o considerado Imperador.Ele foi o mais c lebre, porventura, governante de Roma, mas s o seu sucessor, Oct vio Aug [...]

  5. Spiegel

    Copiado do meu registro no Bookcrossing de 2004.Da s rie Os Senhores de Roma Ouvi dizer que o mais fraco da s rie A conspira o contra J lio C sar, narrada pelo Brutus N o gostei do estilo do autor Os di logos s o s cabe as falantes ele n o descreve o que os personagens est o fazendo enquanto falam e grande parte do tempo eles passam discutindo quem dormiu com quem sendo romanos, todo mundo dormiu com todo mundo T , d para seguir com a est ria C sar apresentado como algu m horr vel e entretanto a [...]

  6. Rusty

    Couldn t decide whether to rate this one as 3 stars or 4 probably 3.5 Anyway, reading the story of Caesar from the view of Decimus Junius Brutus Albinus, one of his closest friends and advisers and one of the assassins, was fascinating The author demonstrates how Caesar may have alienated himself from those who supported and advanced his career throughout his life As the story evolves it appears that the only opinion that counts is his own How can anyone doubt Caesar and his decisions yet those [...]

  7. Phil Shaw

    Of the three Emperor novels I ve read so far, and I ve enjoyed them all, this is my favourite Unlike the previous two, Caesar is not written by the subject but is narrated by one of his closest colleagues.I found myself caring a great deal for the narrator, and was very moved at the end of the novel by his fate due to his having done what any right thinking person would have reasoned to be the right thing , if assassination is ever the right course of action Caesar certainly comes across as a th [...]

  8. Mark

    I have a short review here hesperiana.wordpress 2016I was very impressed with this book and the way Massie captured the values of the Roman aristocracy Decimus Brutus is portrayed believably, and I liked his evolving evaluation of Titus Labienus.

  9. Edward

    A good read about a man who forcibly took his place in history The lessons he learned in his life lend themselves to our lives Caesar was not perfect, but then, no human is perfect We can only aspire to learning from our history.

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