Rachel's Day in the Garden (2020)

Rachel's Day in the Garden Giselle Shardlow Hazel Quintanilla Rachel s Day in the Garden Experience the benefits of yoga while learning about the signs of spring Join Rachel as she and her adorable puppy look for signs of spring in the garden Crawl like a caterpillar buzz like a bee and
  • Title: Rachel's Day in the Garden
  • Author: Giselle Shardlow Hazel Quintanilla
  • ISBN: 9781500138493
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Paperback
Rachel's Day in the Garden Giselle Shardlow Hazel Quintanilla Experience the benefits of yoga while learning about the signs of spring Join Rachel as she and her adorable puppy look for signs of spring in the garden Crawl like a caterpillar, buzz like a bee, and flutter like a butterfly Discover spring, explore movement, and learn the colors of the rainbow.The storybook includes a list of kids yoga poses and a parent teacher guide.Experience the benefits of yoga while learning about the signs of spring Join Rachel as she and her adorable puppy look for signs of spring in the garden Crawl like a caterpillar, buzz like a bee, and flutter like a butterfly Discover spring, explore movement, and learn the colors of the rainbow.The storybook includes a list of kids yoga poses and a parent teacher guide.Kids Yoga Stories introduce you to engaging characters who will get your child laughing, moving, and creating Reading is good for the mind AND body The story links several yoga poses in a specific sequence to create a coherent and meaningful story.This spring yoga story for ages 3 to 6 is than a storybook, but it s also a unique experience for children.
Rachel's Day in the Garden Giselle Shardlow Hazel Quintanilla

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    474 Giselle Shardlow Hazel Quintanilla
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One thought on “Rachel's Day in the Garden

  1. Jillyn

    4.5 5First of all, I have to say how much I absolutely love this idea I m a big fan of yoga myself and I think it s great that there exists a picture book series for young kids and adults too to get started practicing it at a young age while maintaining a fun and safe atmosphere This isn t a book I d ever noticed missing in my life, but I can say that now that I know it exists, it s one that I d definitely recommend to my parent friends and relatives who have small children Let s start with the [...]

  2. Christy

    This review first appeared on my blog Christy s Cozy Corners.There is so much greatness packed into this little book Rachel s Day in the Garden not only teaches kids some easy yoga poses, it also teaches them colors and some easy spring science I love books that are entertaining while teaching children This way they are having fun while learning All of the instructional material included in the book will help you be safe while doing the yoga poses I adore the colorful illustrations in Rachel s D [...]

  3. karmaforlifechick

    I thought this book was delightful I have done yoga for years and I remember trying to explain to my little ones how to do the moves and this book would have been brilliant and fun for both parent and child What a fun way to involve children in being mindful, and incorporating movement and calmness in their lives.

  4. Diah Didi

    I love the idea that Rachel and her dog, Sammy, exploring the garden while doing yoga, or perhaps doing yoga while exploring the garden It gave me ideas to tell my nieces and nephews that while we re doing exercise outdoor, we ll get to see and learn things, too So not only you d be healthier and relax , you d be richer in experiences and knowledge So it s definitely good for mind, body and soul The illustrations were clear, beautiful, colorful, and somehow brings the joy in me and I couldn t [...]

  5. Bonnie

    Giselle Shardlow, the creator, of Kids Yoga Stories has again created a story designed to help children learn through movement and fun In Rachel s Day in the Garden, a little girl and her puppy wake up and explore the wonders of spring through specific yoga poses that are woven throughout the story The story and the poses compliment each other in a seamless fashion The illustrations bring the story to life just as spring brings the earth to life They are bright and vibrant, and I particularly lo [...]

  6. Stephanie Ward

    Such fun My toddler and I love this book, in fact, it s hard to tally which of us has asked to read it often.A few of my favorite things about this book Creative illustrations There is a brilliant texture and complexity to the illustrations in the book Newspaper print peaks out behind wallpaper and clouds And the rich colors and patterns create a wonderful sense of calm throughout the story An active read My 3 1 2 year old asks for the yoga mat so we can do all the poses while we read the story [...]

  7. Tiffiny

    I thought this was a really interesting topic for a children s book I m always a fan of books that are interactive and that can get kids up and moving.Every time my daughter sees my yoga mat out, she asks to do exercise on it, so I had a feeling she would enjoy this book I was right The first time I read it to her, she started trying the yoga poses Since Pooky is only three years old, most of them were too difficult for her to do, but she had fun trying them anyway I think slightly older childre [...]

  8. Teresa Kander

    I absolutely love this little book It can help with color recognition, along with giving children and parents the opportunity to practice ten different yoga poses Each pose is related to a keyword in the text of the story, and they are all summarized at the end of the book There is also a guide at the end of the book for parents teachers, to help you get the most out of the book.At first glance, the illustrations in the book seem like most other picture books, but if you look again, you will see [...]

  9. Lynda Dickson

    Join Rachel as she plays in her garden with her dog, Sammy, on a typical spring day You will learns about the different colors as they relate to nature Rachel also demonstrates ten yoga poses, each with a corresponding keyword in the text e.g sun, rain, tree, etc The poses are summarized at the end of the book There is also a Parent Teacher Guide to help you get the most out of sharing this story with young children The collage like illustrations by Hazel Quintanilla are absolutely breathtaking [...]

  10. Kirstin Pulioff

    What s a better way to celebrate Spring than frolicking in the garden For Rachel and her dog nothing These two explore her garden, experience a rain shower, plant in her garden and enjoy nature while embracing yoga This is perfect for getting your child moving and grooving in a fun way.I happily recommend this book to any parent with a young child, or a parent looking for a way to encourage and motivate exercise for their child.Happy reading and namaste.

  11. Abigail Kuhn

    I loved how easy it is to follow along with the poses given Its beautifully illustrated, easy to understand and colorful Follows along with nature and makes the poses fun fort kids to do This book is a great opportunity for parents and children alike to connect and learn about yoga.

  12. Eve

    The yoga component itself is a wonderful tool Many educators and parents use yoga to help children calm themselves As an adult who has recently started yoga, I truly understand how effective yoga can be to reduce stress While concentrating on maintaining the yoga position, breathing, and tightening or softening appropriate muscles, the mind is so busy it cannot focus on the stressor that occurred Yoga is an easy and effective tool to help children in dealing with their emotions and stresses Each [...]

  13. Beth Ann

    A Yoga Book For Toddlers That s right I said it Not only am I floored that this is a thing that exists, I m also extremely surprised that this isn t a thing I have heard of before This book and genre is recommended for children aged 3 6, and my child is 2.5, so technically we didn t get the full benefits of the right aged child for this, but I think my baby had a great time She really enjoyed getting on the floor and trying out all the fun poses and learning the names of all of them She also enj [...]

  14. Jessica Adkins-Charles Bottles & Books Reviews

    As a mom who does yoga with her toddler and if you are in our area our local library offers monthly mommy me yoga classes , I am thrilled to have found a series dedicated to young children and focuses on yoga while also making learning fun Since I have a boy, he would have rather Rachel have been a boy like him, but he really enjoyed the illustrations in this book Hazel Quintanilla does a wonderful job catching a child s eyes with her colorful art work The illustrations are absolutely beautiful [...]

  15. Kevin Gerard

    A Cute Book that Kids and Parents can Enjoy TogetherRachel s Day in the Garden is short and sweet, a perfect length to keep the attention of young children Parents can read the story along with their child, gradually switching roles as they practice yoga.I do a yoga routine every morning I see the practical application of this picture book Almost every pose is fine for small children I can visualize a parent with their child, laughing and playing while learning yoga together.The illustrations ar [...]

  16. Kim Propp

    Heart of a Philanthropist would like to thank Giselle Shardlow for gifting us a copy of Rachel s Day in the Garden in exchange for an honest review This review was first seen on Heart of a Philanthropist blog.Rachel s Day In The Garden was a joyful book laced with spring flowers, butterflies, and a beautiful atmosphere Rachel spends time with her doggy mimicking nature through different yoga poses See the sample page above The colors are bright and inviting, and the yoga activities Rachel does a [...]

  17. Tonja Drecker

    My youngest daughter loved this Not only are the illustrations colorful and fun to browse through and I love the extra textures thrown in , but this is a book which gets the reader involved The story itself is simple, but this isn t as much about the young character Sammy s adventures as it is her demonstrating various yoga positions Several basic and easy to understand yoga position are presented while the reader follows Sammy through her morning and into her backyard In the upper corner of eac [...]

  18. Wendy

    I found Rachel s Day in the Garden to be a very engaging story It reminded me of when my daughter was about five years old and she would stand next to me and do my workout and yoga workouts with me She has always just been such a sponge for knowledge and interested in learning about everything She would carefully watch what the instructor on the DVD was doing and mimic as best she could I took a short video of her doing this one time and it is still one of my favorite videos to watch often when [...]

  19. La La

    This book was colorful and the illustrations were charming I am big on teaching children true facts in stories, and saying a caterpillar is naughty for eating leaves when it is only eating to nourish itself sends an incorrect message Also, saying butterflies are attracted to pink flowers making it sound like that was the only color they prefer is false I guess the adult reader could discuss these inacuracies with the child, but they shouldn t have to correct a book for the author The key words u [...]

  20. Inderpreet Uppal

    This delightful little picture book with its beautiful images and easy to follow instructions is the perfect way to get some fun and exercise with our kids especially now when the summer break is on.The book tells the story of a little girl who is enjoying herself in her garden and doing yoga as well The simple asana or poses are easy to do They can be done by both kids as well as their parents Health and fitness for everyone along with Mother Nature.I found the story quite straight forward and [...]

  21. Erin Buhr

    I have long been a fan of Giselle Shardlow s Kids Yoga Stories We loved her Hello, Bali Island Adventure a while ago and were thrilled to review another Kids Yoga Story As much as I have liked the other Kids Yoga Stories, Rachel s Day In the Garden is my new favorite The story is sweet and simple It tells a Spring story that discusses the colors of the season while integrating simple yoga moves that are timely for the season and age appropriate for two to eight year olds The yoga positions fit w [...]

  22. Stephanie

    Rachel wakes up to a beautiful day and decides to spend her time outside in the garden with her dog Sammy When she goes out, Rachel finds many things to explore and finds different poses to see them in I loved that this book combined movement through yoga poses, colors and nature to create a whole new reading experience for kids This is a great way to introduce kids to yoga with easy poses that are associated with plants, animals and actions that they are familiar with such as trees, butterflies [...]

  23. Carolyn Wilhelm

    Rachel s Day in the Garden is an imaginary adventure story to help children engage and imitate Yoga poses It is fictional so enjoy the ideas and help your children understand the yoga routine with a story they can understand Of course this is a fun book and the cartoon images suggest the point is to relate to young learners and not teach non fiction gardening The poses are so great and children will have so much fun pretending along with this book.I volunteer in a daycare and the mom will love g [...]

  24. Dawn

    I received a free ecopy of this book for an honest review.Rachel s Day in the Garden is adorable and a great way to teach simple yoga poses to young children.At the beginning, it is suggested for the parent to flip through the book first to get acquainted with the format Then, as they read it with their child, the can both practice each pose as they go There is also a springtime keyword for each pose which is a simple word for the child to learn in place of the actual name of the pose.If you re [...]

  25. L_manning

    Spring is a wonderful time to watch the world renew and grow new life In this book, Rachel enjoys the outdoors in her own special way through yoga Incorporating some fairly basic yoga poses, Rachel and her dog Sammy enjoy the fresh spring air around them Key words for each pose help link the poses to the story Rachel can help people all over enjoy the beautiful spring world and yoga.This was a very cute book I love the bright colors and happy looking pictures Rachel and her dog take a quick tour [...]

  26. Bing

    The book provides a unique and smart combination of a spring themed, nature inspired story and yoga basics geared for young children The illustrations are simply adorable, featuring a great number of vibrant colors associated with spring The 10 yoga poses taught in the book are fun and age appropriate The keywords are very helpful for children to recall the corresponding poses that have been seamlessly integrated in the storyline Besides teaching kids about yoga, the story also encourage kids to [...]

  27. Darlene Cruz

    I received a digital download for a review from Mother Daughter Book Reviews and this is my honest review I had no problem rating this book a 5 star, so beautifully illustrated and the story that accompanied it, just perfect Rachel and her puppy creates a tale of events in the garden and this is where Rachel shows us her yoga poses Each pose easily executed for children to follow but what makes it cute Rachel demonstrate each pose while they endure rain like a mist, huddled under a tree and a r [...]

  28. Sandi Schwartz

    Rachel s Day in the Garden A Kids Yoga Spring Colors Book Kids Yoga Stories is especially unique because it intertwines yoga poses throughout the story for children to act out as the book is read Each page includes a key word in the text, the name of the yoga pose, and a picture of the character Rachel doing the pose Some of the poses featured are standing forward bend, tree pose, warrior 3 pose, cobbler s pose, and resting pose The book offers a multidimensional experience for children as they [...]

  29. Erika Messer

    I have read books like this before and I think they are super great for kids because it gets them off of the couch and moving, and the graphics are amazing they have a patchwork feel that gives you comfort My daughter is 8 and she loved this book, we did the exercises together and had a great time Definitely a must have for all kids to read and enjoy every day to get their exercise But it s not just the yoga, the kids also get to learn a lot about spring and gardening which is always fun Just an [...]

  30. Lisa

    Both kids were instantly drawn to the colorful cover While I was reading the story, J wanted to jump right into each yoga pose highlighted in a circle on each page After I did a pose, they got down the floor to do it with me I really enjoyed the illustrations, which portrayed a use of mixed media like cardstock, buttons, and newspaper On each page, you get a pose and a highlighted word I thought this was a big busy because I wasn t sure what to focus on and was trying too hard to connect the pos [...]

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