Storm of Lightning (2020)

Storm of Lightning Richard Paul Evans Storm of Lightning Michael and the rest of the Electroclan are facing their greatest crisis yet The resistance movement has been compromised The safe house has been destroyed The voice is in hiding and they have no ide
  • Title: Storm of Lightning
  • Author: Richard Paul Evans
  • ISBN: 9781481444101
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Hardcover
Storm of Lightning Richard Paul Evans Michael and the rest of the Electroclan are facing their greatest crisis yet The resistance movement has been compromised The safe house has been destroyed The voice is in hiding, and they have no idea if their families are alive or dead What they do know is that the Elgen won t stop until they ve destroyed the Electroclan.And the Elgen are on the move They ve launcheMichael and the rest of the Electroclan are facing their greatest crisis yet The resistance movement has been compromised The safe house has been destroyed The voice is in hiding, and they have no idea if their families are alive or dead What they do know is that the Elgen won t stop until they ve destroyed the Electroclan.And the Elgen are on the move They ve launched a new assault on the small island nation of Tuvalu If they are successful, it will be the first domino to fall as part of Admiral General Hatch s master plan to take over the rest of the world But cracks are beginning to appear in the ranks of the Elgen elite, and while Hatch still rules with an iron fist, there are signs of dissent Could he find himself facing enemies within and without Or will he strike first If the Elgen are beginning to turn on one another, can Michael and the rest of the Electroclan use it to their advantage Or is it just a trap to destroy the Electroclan once and for all The stakes have never been higher, and Michael and his friends are about to be tested in ways they never imagined.
Storm of Lightning Richard Paul Evans

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    Richard Paul Evans

One thought on “Storm of Lightning

  1. Colleen Houck

    Love the lightning scars I always learn so much in these books Ostin teaches me a lot Again the cover is outstanding Just when I think Hatch can t get any creepier Shudder The poor islanders Can t wait to find out what happens next.

  2. Morgan

    A little too much time with Hatch I liked Jade Dragon despite literary flaws because it had plenty of time for Michael and Taylor, but this one didn t as much It kind of felt like filler, like it just exists to change the dynamics and further Hatch s world take over so the climax of the series can be set upt much And there s only a teaser in regard to the identity of the Voice at the end, though I have a guess So I didn t enjoy this one as much as previous MV books Or maybe I m just suffering a [...]

  3. Connor

    I feel like this series has gotten worse over the course of the five books to be honest I loved the first couple, but then meh The characters just bop around for 170 pages which is than half the book before being assigned something to do Even then, it wasn t anything that amazing Some of the dialogue made me cringe with how awkward or cheesy and out of place it was The writing itself isn t bad, however It s actually quite good, and Hatch s kids were way interesting in this book than they have [...]

  4. Erikka

    This wasn t the best Vey book Lots of exposition and Hatch being a cartoon caricature of an evil villain, and way too much wasted space talking about their travel accommodations what hotel they stayed at, where they were going in great detail, how long it took to drive, where they ate, what they ate, etc Too much I think this book was just too much filler It didn t really add anything to the plot so far that couldn t have been a few chapters appended to another book Oh well I still look forward [...]

  5. Ben

    Such a great book Can t wait for book 6 We meet one of the last 2 electric children If you are expecting this to be filled with action and battles, then you will be disappointed by this book Michael and the Elctroclan don t come face to face with Hatch and his youths at all However the book sets up a massive battle to take place almost immediately when book 6 starts D

  6. Amy B

    This was NOT a story And it s only a book because it s pages of writing glued together Pages of writing pages of them, with nothing happening Traveling, eating, complaining, dealing with emotions, swimming, playing sports The only time powers were ever used for something other than healing pain or warming food was when Michael lost his crap and started attacking semi innocent juvies Storm of Lightning Really I was willing to be fairly nice to the previous book because I liked the first two in th [...]

  7. Micah Grant

    Compared to the rest of the books in the series, this was before average It sets up the next book nicely, but seems to be only half a book on its own Not much really happens, which makes me think he was stretching the story or just trying to meet his deadline I hope the next one is back up to his standard.

  8. Arika

    I normally don t have spoilers but I need to rant about the end.Ok so let s begin.What the CRAP Richard Paul Evans WHAT THE CRAP Ending a book like that is not okay I don t care if there is another book, there is but it comes out 2016 Okay so he ends the book with the voice being impossible Duh it s Michaels dad who else could it be If it is someone else,.en Joel can keep Michaels mom but if it is his dad, good luck Joel You ll need it I feel better after ranting but I won t be able to wait till [...]

  9. Charlene Pratt

    Another amazing virtual ride.The continuing adventure although adventure brings fun things to mind of the covert war between the Elgen and the Electro Clan continues to thrill and excite Cannot wait for the next part of the story Thank you Mr Evans for an amazing mental holiday.

  10. Katrina

    Not the best in the series Obviously this is a filler book in the series to get us to the next phase in the story Not much adventure, nor character development, but I m still looking forward to the next book.

  11. Ellie

    If you ve read this series in chronological order, then this book might be necessary, but not as enjoyable as its predecessors.I ll start with the pros Michael Vey We ve seen the Electroclan sink theAmpere , destroy a power plant, free some of their most trusted allies, and rescue an autistic savant Now they re back after a cliffhanger The plot, as usual for Mr Evans, is amazing This book not only discusses the psychology of the characters, but of society and how to destroy rebellion What is sur [...]

  12. Avery (ThePagemaster)

    This book, tome, is kinda like the new Blair Witch movie I saw a couple of days ago I liked it, but I could not help but get either bored or pissed off for the vast portion.Let me go through the pros first, and there are some First off, this book is the shortest installment, which makes for a very quick read you could read this in one sitting, if you have enough free time I love that confidence booster feeling you get when you read an entire book in one sitting I really like Richard Paul Evans w [...]

  13. Deborah

    Though, this is not as action packedVol 5 certainly leading into Vol.6 which I, believe, will be VERY action packedI gave it a 5 for the continuance of this serieslling in what is to comeI LOVE the writing of Richard Paul EvansHis characters are WELL WRITTENEVIL is EVILd the good guyshave GREAT SPIRIT Just sorry, I have to waitOTHER YEARd thenr the conclusiontANOTHER WHOLE YEARNow, that is the bummer of starting a SERIESat have not been published, yetile

  14. Gabby

    This book was so much shorter then the others but it did not disappoint At the beginning I wasn t loving it like I usually love these books but as the book started going deeper into the story I really enjoyed it I feel like this book was a build up to the next book Not much action, intense, almost being killed scenes as previous books but it s still worth the read Not my favorite book in the series but 5 stars for sure

  15. Braden

    Michael Vey is a kid with extraordinary powers He is electric In this latest book of Michael Vey he is hunting down this guy named Hatch Hatch is a very bad guy with many people on his side called Elgen When they go to this ranch they find many bones of horses and many scorched buildings But what could possibly be living there A Elgen Guard He was shot out of a helicopter by his own men After that they have many big battles but you have to read it to know the ending.

  16. Adam

    Warning This book is not like the other books in the Michael Vey series.Or at least that s my two cents.While they were all action packed and filled with plot twists, this was reserved and focused on the characters.And boy, do I love the characters.If you don t think the Michael Vey series is for you, at least give it a shot, because the characters deserve to have their story be told.Read it You won t be disappointed.

  17. Rick Stuckwisch

    Well, this certainly remains an exciting and compelling series, and now we re all a bit bummed that we ll have to wait another year for the next installment For the time being, though, this was a good read In fact, the writing has improved as it s gone alone Smoother and natural, less choppy The characters have all developed nicely over the five books so far, and the plot twists and turns have been well executed A good series, worth checking out.

  18. Carson Howell

    Overall great book there wasn t as much action as the past books but it was fun reading them learn things that they didn t even know about their powers and the switching of view was a very smart decision on the authors end because you can view all of the characters thoughts and actions without having it be in third person.

  19. Ryan

    Again super fun while it lasts But the endings of these books kill me Not because I can t wait for the next one although that s true It s because the climax is always somewhere in the middle leaving the last quarter to set up the terms of the next installment.

  20. Raegan

    I did not like this book Seems every book in this series has the same plot and same expected reactions I read books in hopes of not knowing what comes next, but this one was very predictable and boring Nothing ever seemed to happen Not going to continue reading the series.

  21. Melissa

    Liked it, I enjoy the series and I love that my kids love it This one was not quite as interesting exciting as some of the other books, but there are some intriguing happenings and unexpected turns Good book overall.

  22. Jadiel

    Michael Vey Storm of Lightning is the fifth book of the Michael Vey book series This book is great for those who like to read action and superheroes books The main character in this book is Michael He and some of his friends have electric powers and are trying to stop an evil electric company organization called Elgen from taking over the world On this quest they encounter many challenges like combating security guards and other teenagers that have electric powers If you are interested in findin [...]

  23. Sabrina "Look At My Books"

    It really was a filler book Not bad but Not good enough so it deserves to be it s own book I would have prefered it if this book would have been included into the next.Although the end kinda saved it for me and made me buy the next book immediately.It really laid down some really thrilling possible plots and I m eager to explore them.

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