A Rather Lovely Inheritance (2020)

A Rather Lovely Inheritance C.A. Belmond A Rather Lovely Inheritance After her Aunt Penelope dies historical researcher Penny Nichols is astonished to learn that not only is she a bona fide heiress but she s also been invited to put her research skills to work This ti
  • Title: A Rather Lovely Inheritance
  • Author: C.A. Belmond
  • ISBN: 9780451220523
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Paperback
A Rather Lovely Inheritance C.A. Belmond After her Aunt Penelope dies, historical researcher Penny Nichols is astonished to learn that not only is she a bona fide heiress but she s also been invited to put her research skills to work This time, the history she s researching happens to be her very own What she discovers about Aunt Penelope a pair of wills, double lives, secret histories, and a family tree of vulAfter her Aunt Penelope dies, historical researcher Penny Nichols is astonished to learn that not only is she a bona fide heiress but she s also been invited to put her research skills to work This time, the history she s researching happens to be her very own What she discovers about Aunt Penelope a pair of wills, double lives, secret histories, and a family tree of vultures is about to sweep Penny and a long lost relative across France, over the hills of Italy, and throughout half of Europe on the adventure of several lifetimes.
A Rather Lovely Inheritance C.A. Belmond

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    C.A. Belmond

One thought on “A Rather Lovely Inheritance

  1. Carolyn Agosta

    I picked up this book simply because I liked the cover art kudos to Helen Chapman The first chapter made me wonder if this was going to be chick lit which I don t care for, since the main characters tend to be shallow and annoying , but instead I became really charmed by Penny Nichols and her adventures I was a bit thrown by the mention of the Penny Nichols mystery stories, since I knew there really was a series of novels with that name written in the 1930 s my mom owned Penny Nichols and the Bl [...]

  2. Jlaurenmc

    I received the first three books in this series from author C A Belmond from a wonderful publicist at Penguin The third book A Rather Charming Invitation was released on February 2nd I ve just finished the first book A Rather Lovely Inheritance since my reading OCD prevents me from reading series books out of order , and I was thoroughly enthralled by Penny Nichols, the heroine of the book.In A Rather Lovely Inheritance, Penny Nichols is a freelance set designer for small budget historical films [...]

  3. Linda

    This book was a total surprise and drew me into the story immediately Penny Nichols, a historical researcher for film documentaries, and who has a rather complicated family tree, is summoned to London for the reading of a will Her great aunt Penelope, for whom she is loosely named, has died at age 90 She had only met Aunt Penelope once, when she was 9 years old, and can t imagine that she has been left anything at all Once there she develops uncousinly feelings for her cousin Jeremy, the lawyer [...]

  4. Loretta

    A charming romantic novel with just enough intrigue and descriptions of any woman s dream life antiques, Europe, handsome man, spas, great food, beautiful clothing, etc.Lots of fun

  5. Letty

    A sweet and enjoyable book Liked the character of Penny Nichols Not realizing this was a series when I started reading, I ll now have to continue on with book two to see what s up next for Penny The narration seemed a bit brash to me at times but overall I thought it was a good story.

  6. QNPoohBear

    The unfortunately named Penny Nicholas slaves away at her job as a freelance historical researcher She s currently working for a low budget film company under her ex boyfriend when she receives a call from her Mom stating that Penny needs to fly from the south of France to her mother s native England for the reading of great aunt Penelope s will Penny only has vague memories of a very old lady She has stronger memories of her cousin Jeremy, now a high powered lawyer handling Penny s inheritance [...]

  7. Jen

    I saw this referred to as romantic suspense somewhere and I suppose that that does technically describe it, but it feels much caperish than suspenseful in fact, the word that came to mind as I was reading it was madcap, even though it didn t have the ditziness that I feel that word implies Although it is definitely a contemporary story in the timeline sense, I can t really categorize it as contemporary romance certainly not given what else falls under that category It just has such an old fashi [...]

  8. Dianne

    Penny Nichols is an American historical researcher with relatives in England She is working in France on a movie when her mother calls to tell her that great aunt Penelope has died and there is to be a reading of the will that she hopes Penny will attend as her parent s representative When Penny gets to London she is reacquainted with her cousin Jeremy who is the lawyer taking care of the family s business matters.It wouldn t be an estate settlement if someone didn t want than they were entitle [...]

  9. Grey853

    When her Aunt Penelope dies, Penny Nichols, an American historical researcher for movies, becomes an heiress She has fond memories of her aunt as well as her Cousin Jeremy, who is now all grown up and a lawyer handling the inheritance Things get complicated when when another aunt and cousin want to contest a part of the will, the French part, which is apparently probated differently than an English will would be When it turns out that her Cousin Jeremy isn t actually her cousin, Penny is rather [...]

  10. Kimberly Fields

    I was drawn to this book by the premise of a historical mystery, digging into the heroine s own family I was a little disappointed to find that the mystery wasn t all that family history based, but I enjoyed this book nonetheless The characters weren t super deep, but they were quirky and fun, and the adventure was delightful My biggest complaint was the language While the book wasn t super full of profanity, there was a little than necessary, especially several uses of the F word which don t b [...]

  11. Fran

    This is an intriguing little book that first feels like it is going to be chick lit but then shows itself to be a little bit of everything An American woman who peripherally works in TV is left an inheritance from a maiden English aunt There is a semi mystery about the family, and one cousin siccing bad guys to steal part of the inheritance But it also has lovely descriptions of European coastal towns and fancy London hotels the type of which I have never stayed in Not Bayswater in other words S [...]

  12. Gail

    And this is a rather lovely book, too Penny Nichols is a historian and researcher for a Hollywood television production company currently on the French riveria filming a story She is summoned to London to handle an inheritance for her English born mother She encounters wealth, stealth, and a rather lovely man A sweet book with wonderful characters, riches, and love Moving back and forth between the French riveria and London is also not too shabby a life for a struggling historian Very enjoyable. [...]

  13. Linniegayl

    I really enjoy this series, and have a special fondness for this first in the series I gave it a DIK A review at All About Romance likesbooks cgi bin bookRevI just finished my first listen of this in audio and the audio worked quite well for me as well it s still a DIK for me 09 14 17.

  14. Meagan

    A cute little mystery, though at times I got frustrated with the heroine Too much crying But it takes place mostly in Europe and I love reading about the places they visit.

  15. Kristen

    This book was an absolutely fabulous and fun romp of a book There is so much going on in this book, it s really kind of hard to categorize accurately It s a caper, a cozy, a family secrets story, a romance but only really lightly and a world travelling adventure story There is truly something for everyone in this book, and it s absolute BUCKETS OF FUN First and foremost, I adored main character Penny Nicholls stop and think about that for a second, and then sympathize with what Penny has gone th [...]

  16. Kiki Belle

    This was easy to read and cute chick lit fluff but three things bothered me This is shelved as mystery and there barely is one so I definitely didn t get what I was looking for, and I couldn t get over Jeremy and Penny thinking they were cousins all their lives then when they find out they aren t blood related they jump straight into a relationship They re even thinking sexy thoughts about each other while still thinking they re related And 3 Penny s the modern world sucks attitude is exhausting [...]

  17. Kathryn Class

    If you like the Her Royal Spyness series then Inthink you ll like his book I listened to the audiobook and it was read by Katherine Kellgren who also reads for the Spyness series, so maybe some of my association was because of hearing her voice both books, but the feeling of the books were very similar I found this book enjoyable until the end which was a little bit drawn out The mystery is loved but the book goes ok for another two hours to tie up other story lines and set the book up for the n [...]

  18. Melinda

    I pretty much stayed up all night reading this book and it was worth it It was a nice departure from all the depressing real life news lately The male lead reminded me a bit of Mark Darcy from the Bridget Jones books All sexy British man, high powered lawyer, but can t really pull his head out of his ass until the very end The female lead is a cute and bumbling American British French ginger who is just trying to figure out what to do with her life Really a fun, refreshing read I ordered the res [...]

  19. Brenda Mengeling

    This is a lighthearted and fun romantic suspense novel The suspense is the weakest part of the story, and the characters are the most fun Penny Nichols, a young historian who works in the television and film industry, inherits from her great Aunt the contents of the garage of her aunt s French Riviera villa Penny has no idea what this will entail, but it is clear someone else does and wants to make sure Penny doesn t find out Penny is fun to spend time with She has a lot of spunk and intelligenc [...]

  20. Donna

    I was prepared for a light hearted romantic adventure and while that was the author s intention unfortunately it was just so boring I would have DNF d it but I was listening to it narrated by Katherine Kellgren and she is so good I stuck with it she s why it gets a second star I knew it was bad when I had listened for several hours straight while cleaning the house and then a few hours later I had to stop and think whether I had finished the book or not I hadn t still two hours to go Now that is [...]

  21. Rebecca

    I felt like I was reading a Hallmark movie It s a good vacation read because it s quick and isn t too involved I find Penny slightly annoying but only when it comes to guys And if my friend was dating Jeremy I would tell them to break up based on how he appears to treat the women he s dating So not really the most likable main characters But again, a Hallmark movie so they re not supposed to be the most compelling anyway.

  22. Nancy

    Penny Nichols is living a rather ordinary and sedate life until her great Aunt Penelope dies and leaves her quite a bit than she expected The reading of the will and the distribution of assets opens up a whole unexpected can of worms Of course when you talk about inheritance stories there always has to be bad guys trying to take what the good guys inherited In this case, some of the bad ones don t really show up until the dust settles but you could predict that.

  23. Niki

    Who doesn t love reading about Europe This book was quick and easy to read I think everyone has dreams of finding out they have inherited something amazing and worth lots of money from an relative and this is exactly what happens in this book to Penny A pool struggling girl who is working just to survive The story is of how this happens and what she will do and what she will continue to find out as she starts her journey Fun and quick read that is entertaining.

  24. Homewood Library

    Light on the intrigue, heavier on the romance This was a beach read, and it was exactly what I expected wanted.The characters were fun and interesting, the plot made me sigh in wistful dreaminess, and I smiled lightly when it was done.Ignore the Mary Sue elements, and just enjoy Miss Kelly

  25. Therese Van arsdale

    Light FunThis is a fun caper tale, full of banter, laughter and the true meaning of family Penny the heroine is a likeable modern working girl who decides to live her life to the fullest once she receives her various legacies and Jeremy, her partner in childhood crime is her perfect foil This is a good choice for lovers of screwball comedies.

  26. Ashly C

    Not a murder mystery Not really a mystery at all More like genealogical research I really loved it at first, but around the middle it kind of became of the same old, same old Overall, a pleasant read.

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