Collide, Part One (2020)

Collide, Part One Ella Adams Collide Part One Part One of a sizzling New Adult erotic romance serial from Ella Adams When one morning Olivia collides with a handsome brooding stranger on the streets of Manhattan spilling hot coffee over his Ar
  • Title: Collide, Part One
  • Author: Ella Adams
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Collide, Part One Ella Adams Part One of a sizzling New Adult erotic romance serial from Ella Adams When one morning, Olivia collides with a handsome, brooding stranger on the streets of Manhattan, spilling hot coffee over his Armani suit, she has no clue that a simple offer to make amends will lead to the most intense erotic experience of her life.
Collide, Part One Ella Adams

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    472 Ella Adams
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One thought on “Collide, Part One

  1. Natasha

    This book is currently free on I don t know if the price will eventually change or not I think from the moment I started this book I knew it was going to piss me off Olivia is running late for work and half way through her cab ride decides that she could probably get there faster if she just walked Swinging the taxi cab door open she knocks over a stranger A billionaire stranger Offering to buy him coffee for ruining his suit they end up going back to his room at the Plaza Hotel This is when I s [...]

  2. A.M.

    Olivia is late for work when she bails out of her cab and knocks a suits coffee all over him Promising to replace it for him, she ends up in his hotel room with him What was going on here Did this man find me desirable If so, that was a first for me Handsome rich men never hit on me It was out of my comfort zone Yes, I like coffee I said trying to hide that I was blushing Kindle Locations 85 87.What Guys hit on you regardless of the woman s comfort zone And the grammar is bad comma after speech [...]

  3. Sophy Sorn

    collide cantevenfinish I like some sex in the book but really From chapter 1 3 there s sex in every page I hated when a heroine acts liked that She s smart and hasn t date for a long time, yet she bumps into the hero and followed him to his room and have sex with him On top of that they didn t used condom Yeah she s very smart Sorry I can continue the book disappointed

  4. Char Sowers

    To read full review go to my link text Hot, fast moving, and erotic read This is a super quick entry in the Collide Series, clocking in at about 48 pages Olivia meets a mysterious stranger after a taxi cab door meets expensive suit coffee She ends up spending the day in a Sexual Odyssey at The Plaza Hotel and emerges a woman with an new sense of self after meeting Troy She thinks she will never see him again but he suddenly arrives at her place of work and the journey continues But alas, this is [...]

  5. Lynn

    Olivia was late for work so she had taken a taxi but traffic was bogged down so she exited but threw he door open into a pedestrian She went to apologize and was meet by a gorgeous stranger and she had just spilled his coffee on his suit She offered to have his suit cleaned and offered to buy him another coffee But he had other plans for her and coffee was just one of them.

  6. Andita

    Decent butSome small grammatical errors that didn t detract but was noticeable I m not sure if I will try of the series or not I m not invested in learning about these characters The woman is naive and the man is predictable They also had sexy multiple times and I am not sure if they used protection which bothered me.

  7. Rebecca Membreño

    Quick Sexy readAn accidental cab door bump leads to a hot, sexy encounter for Olivia and Troy He later tracks her down at work as he can t seem to get enough of her They share sex and meals, but not much else and yet she does feel something for him to be jealous, leading to our first cliffhanger.

  8. M

    Quick readA young professional girl was stuck in traffic in New York she was going to be late, so she told the cab to pull over She exits the can suddenly and collides with a tall gorgeous billionaire who drives her wild This was a yummy read.

  9. Brenda

    this books was awful I have never read a book that had so many grammar mistakes and that lacked character development like this one, this book was like reading pornografy written by a 12 year old boy very disappointed

  10. MeganCastillo

    WellI got this book free on and it s what s figured a free book would be I didn t really connect with the characters enough to feel anything with the ending and some of the grammar could stand to be touched up.

  11. Rachael

    Well I wasn t a huge fan Maybe the story gets better, as it was just the first part But in my opinion, it just had little story line There really wasn t a plot to it and while I m all for steamy stories, it just lacked an actual storyline for me.

  12. Octavia

    I read this a few weeks ago and honestly can t tell you a single thing about it But I must have liked it because I own the second in the seriesats gotta mean something I guess.

  13. Jean Tallman

    great part 1 lots of sexCan t wait for part 2 Plaza Hotel, rich billionaire, sexy single NY woman, who could ask for Who could want

  14. Denita Kee

    This was a quick, hot, sexy read I really enjoyed it I m mad a Troy though Did he really move on to her coworker so quickly Ugh Can t wait to read .

  15. Cassandra

    Great bookI loved this book and can t wait to finish the series Onto the next one now This is one of three

  16. Shannon

    While short I did enjoy reading this book I am uncertain that I will look into this series at this time but I wouldn t mind looking into this authors writings.

  17. Breanna Eichhorn

    This book is amazing It is a short read I loved how well the book was written and how well the characters were developed I can t wait to read the next book in this series.

  18. kaiya ricks

    Great.It was great There is nothing negative or bad to say about this book positively wonderful I like this a lot.

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