Fall Hard (2020)

Fall Hard Zoe York Fall Hard Jared Sutter has a simple rule when it comes to women keep em happy and keep em at a distance He s got his reasons and they all make sense until he falls for his neighbor and Cassie Bronson makes him
  • Title: Fall Hard
  • Author: Zoe York
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Fall Hard Zoe York Jared Sutter has a simple rule when it comes to women keep em happy and keep em at a distance He s got his reasons, and they all make sense until he falls for his neighbor and Cassie Bronson makes him want things he s always kept off limits This novella was previously released as part of and is still available in the SEALs of Winter military romance superbundle.
Fall Hard Zoe York

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    384 Zoe York
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One thought on “Fall Hard

  1. Roksana

    SELF NOTE What virgin Hero He behaved like a manslut, doing all the sexual deeds possible orals getting them off in public places Sexual role play getting bj and even telling them how to do itrgin much Its like a slap in your faceheroine is obviously getting nothing virginal much from his left overs from other women s review show

  2. Melody Cox

    I read this last evening and was not impressed I will try not to give too much away but it is very difficult in this situation I really didn t care for the characters Jared and his secret just didn t do it for me view spoiler Jared was still a Virgin Too many in his family had been born out of wedlock and to make sure it didn t happen to him he decided to remain a virginnda Believe me, he did everything else possible except the final deed which caused the special ness of the situation to disappe [...]

  3. Daniella

    No.Thanks for the warning, Erika And thank you, Melody Cox, for your review Melody Cox s Review review show

  4. CC

    This was a sweet story A virgin hero what Did not mean he was inexperienced though The story was short and sweet An easy read.

  5. Jennifer

    Another great book in this series It only bugs me a little how short they are because she always has a great epilogue And Jared s secretwow, just wow I really wanted to see of Drew and Annie than just line about Jared getting his couch from Drew.

  6. Victoria

    4.0 RATING I m so glad I discovered Zoe York Both stories I ve read by her I ended up really liking Fall Out was the first book and is book one in the Seals Undone series It was a bit sexier to me than this second book, Fall Hard Fall Hard, was a sweeter book but still had nice steam level I was happy to be able to pick it up as part of the Seals of Winter A Military Romance Superbundle anthology for 0.99 Definitely worth the price, just for the Zoe York book alone Both books had quality writing [...]

  7. Alisha Webster

    Country boy Jared was infatuated with his beautiful neighbor She is a strong business woman, She didn t need any saving I liked that I m so sick of the damsel in distress story line Cassie is barren and that keeps her from finding any meaningful relationships Men her age want a family not IVF She Made a deal with Jared to only be friends I don t blame them, Relationships are tough I really liked this Novella Fighting their crushes because they liked the other person so much they wanted to be fri [...]

  8. Sjoukje

    OMG Jared is soooooooooo cute and sexy He is friends with his neighbour Cassie, a total gentleman who is not ready to settle down os so he thinks Until he realizes he wants so much from Cassie He wants it all But he is a SEAL, and he s got a little secret, which she is than happy to help him with She has issues of her own, but Jared being Jared accepts her just the way she is.I dont think I have ever read a book where the male character has never ya know But Jared is so manly and sexy that it [...]

  9. Bette Hansen

    This is a fantastic story with a truly unexpected twist Jared is definitely a one of a kind SEAL and I would love to have one of him for my very own I love Zoe York s writing style and this novella does not disappoint I highly recommend it.

  10. Netanella

    Nicely done friends to lovers with a couple who actually have conversations before jumping in the sack How s that for reality

  11. Tawnya Ward

    JustJust couldn t get into this one I found it hard to believe that Jared was a virgin There is no real character build up.

  12. Danielle

    This is the second novella in the SEALS Undone series by the talented Zoe York This series of novellas are quick, steamy reads but they don t lack any of the polish I ve come to appreciate from Ms York s longer novels This is a very sweet friends to lovers story with a very charming twist.Jared Sutter, a Navy SEAL, has a strict keep em happy, keep em at a distance rule when it comes to women He s got his reasons, and they re good ones He meets his neighbor, Cassie Bronson, and they fall into a f [...]

  13. Tonileg

    Contemporary neighbors fall in love storyline with a youngish military guy falls for his divorced sexy lady neighbor Jared Sutter is a professional military guy that is finally comfortable in his work and life when he falls for his sweet recently divorced neighbor, Cassie Bronson Cass has her own issues with dating some jerky guys, but she has a three date rule, which was cute because Jared respects it although for his own reasons There is a virgin in the story but not really because everyone se [...]

  14. Maria Rose

    I love Zoe s writing so I expect a lot from her stories and this one delivered exactly what I hoped for It s a friends to lovers story, with two neighbours who have managed to keep themselves at arms length but find that the attraction between them just keeps growing and finally has a chance to be put into play Both Cassie and Jared were wonderful characters friendly, caring, attractive people It s not often you find a male virgin hero, but it works well here, with a good explanation for Jared s [...]

  15. Jane

    Fall Hard is a cute story about a Navy SEAL and his first serious relationship with his classy next door neighbor, Cassie He is devoted to his career, she accepts the limitations of being a wife of a man serving their country in this mature but really cute romance that tells how they came together and learned to talk out the important issues in life Fall Hard presents an accurate picture of the difficulties of being in love and marrying a military man.

  16. Wendie

    Skip this one if you get the series Not even believable in the slightest way even in romance novel land

  17. Vera Baker

    Zoe York is my recovery author When I m feeling sad or having an ugly cry for another book, I love going to her for the hot and sweet love story that gives me an HEA and is hot, hot, hot We all want Zoe York characters to be our friends and lovers These stories follow Navy Seals at a crossroads in their careers Navy Seal relationships are difficult at best They are typically men who face the daunting prospect of rarely being home, of putting themselves in danger most of us will never be able to [...]

  18. Debbie

    Jared is the sweetest, hottest guy ever He s secretly in love with his neighbor Cassie but doesn t pursue a relationship because he s a Seal and is afraid he ll break her heart when he has to leave Not to mention the fact she made it clear when they first met that she only wants to be friends Plus, Jared has seen so many of his fellow servicemen go through breakups and he wants for Cassie.Cassie is great and such an amazing person She and Jared are close friends but the she s around him, the [...]

  19. ~nikki the recovering book addict

    I love Zoe York, but this SEALs series seemed a little wonky to me I get that Cassie and Jared were friends and neighbours for awhile, and the 90% of the story was them wading through the friendship and potential relationship pool Then all of a sudden, they re professing love for each other and talking about marriage and children It felt weirdly disconnected, as if we lost a chunk of pages chapters between the first 90% and the last 10% Cassie was just getting over her divorce and finally admitt [...]

  20. Eniko

    Fallen HardI did fall hard for Jared What a sweet love story The friends to love relationship between Jared and Cassie is really sweet and hot, developing slowly, then one day they both realize they are made for each other What I like about the story is that they really talked, shared their feelings, there was honesty between them, not at the beginning mind you Unique twist about Jared which is refreshing, but you ll have to read the story to find out The plus was that there was no miscommunicat [...]

  21. Michele A.

    Jared and Cassie are neighbors and also friends Both of them know that getting into a relationship would be a bad idea because of preconceived notions each has about the other Cassie and Jared finally can t resist giving into what they both want and begin to talk about what each expects There was an unexpected twist to this one that was a nice surprise Cassie realizes that Jared is not what she thought he was and he is worried about forming a relationship with Cassie when he is obligated to bein [...]

  22. Karen Grage

    Jared and Cassie are sweet but come to each other carrying their own baggage I m a sucker for friends into lovers story lines and this one played that well A nice quick read involving two people who were able to overcome obstacles to find each other Thanks to librarything for an ecopy of this book in return for an honest review.

  23. Elisabeth Lane

    This was a friends to lovers, low angst story with a virgin hero Nothing brilliant, but a sexy read with a SEAL hero who didn t conform to the typical romance stereotype He s actually nice all the way through It basically worked for me, but there were some things that bugged me Like, the 24 and 27 year old characters sounded much older than that Nothing really bad, but not that great either.

  24. RedRedtheycallmeRed

    Where Fall Out was of a romantic suspense story, Fall Hard is pretty much just romance And I liked it even better.Both Jared and Cassie were likable and had really hot chemistry Jared s backstory surprised me, but it added a good twist.

  25. Black Butterfly


  26. Danae Ryder

    This shorter read kept things interesting and moved at a fast pace Would have liked to see a little depth into the characters lives, but I would read another book from this author.danae

  27. IkeaGoddess

    No suspense, just a boy meets girl tale, but with an interesting twist he is the innocent one It was a sweet story.

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