The Bear Who Loved Me (2020)

The Bear Who Loved Me Georgette St. Clair The Bear Who Loved Me Bear shifter Heath s brutal upbringing on the streets has taught him that there s no such thing as happy endings and love is a cruel lie so why does his inner bear go crazy every time curvy cub repor
  • Title: The Bear Who Loved Me
  • Author: Georgette St. Clair
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Bear Who Loved Me Georgette St. Clair Bear shifter Heath s brutal upbringing on the streets has taught him that there s no such thing as happy endings, and love is a cruel lie so why does his inner bear go crazy every time curvy cub reporter Tonya Crandall shows up, bugging him for an interview His sister swears that Tonya is his fated mate which means it s time for him to get the hell out of Dodge An assiBear shifter Heath s brutal upbringing on the streets has taught him that there s no such thing as happy endings, and love is a cruel lie so why does his inner bear go crazy every time curvy cub reporter Tonya Crandall shows up, bugging him for an interview His sister swears that Tonya is his fated mate which means it s time for him to get the hell out of Dodge An assignment on a floating pleasure palace, flushing out an assassin known as the Chameleon, provides the perfect distraction until feisty, fiery Tonya shows up and makes it clear she s not going anywhere Tonya s stumbled on the story of a lifetime, and even though her heart yearns for Heath, she s not going to let the rude, stuck up jerk get in the way She ll do whatever it takes to land her scoop even pretend to be Heath s companion for the duration of the cruise Unfortunately, things are not as they seem on the Shangri La of the Sea, and betrayal waits for both of them in the most unexpected of places.
The Bear Who Loved Me Georgette St. Clair

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    228 Georgette St. Clair
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One thought on “The Bear Who Loved Me

  1. Rhonda Jones

    What a fun, fun book A curvy female Fox shifter who is a reporter goes on a cruise looking for a big story on an attempted assassination A hunky male bear shifter who is a private investigator also goes on the cruise to protect the potential targets for assassination They have met before and are attracted to one another but she does not like him as she thinks he looks down on her because of her weight But the cruise is for over indulgent rich people who get access to paid companions And the repo [...]

  2. Jessica Frances

    The Bear who loved me was an incredibly enjoyable shifter book In some places it did move a little fast, and perhaps some bits could have been fleshed out a little especially when they both just accept that they are fated mates, that was a ridiculously easy conversation , however it was easy to read, and a great book to read on a quiet afternoon It was quick, very angst free and enjoyable If you like Georgette s other works then this one is a must.

  3. Diana Woodward

    Who Done ItLoved the mystery, action, and integer Bear who losing his control, on his emotions and denies he has a mate A fox who is sweet, kind while awake turns into super ninja in her sleep Must watch and guess who is in charge of who, and who but the wambie to the bears mate.

  4. Cielo Mae

    RATING 4.5 5.0Good day everyone I haven t read the first few books of this series yet so bear with me bear heh It was amazingly a stand alone so I have enjoyed reading it without any confusion from my part because of this.So again, this might contain a few spoilers and it usually does so don t ignore this view spoiler SYNOPSISHeath, a bear shifter and member of a security agency, Shifters Inc Tonya, a fox shifter, and a reporter This two show that they don t like each other but deep down, they d [...]

  5. Kim O'Daniel

    OMG, Where do I began SO just Bear with me while I get this out.This is a Freaking awesome book You have to read this book.This book is the 4th in Shifters INC series And this is a very compelling, interesting, and one hot as hell Romance.Georgette is a Phenomenal writer, I love paranormal romance, but this is by far the hottest one yet.Most writers think the only shifters are wolves, and very few think to use other animals Georgette brings a fresh look to this.This book is just one good example [...]

  6. Page

    I m a big fan of Georgette St Clair, but unfortunately this book just doesn t do her writing justice Although it sounds childish, this book was stupid And Heath He went from a hunky to a whiner is just a few short pages I ll keep reading Ms St Clair s books, but I just can t recommend this one.SPOILER ALERTThere is a scene where Heath handcuffs Tonya to the bed during sex Then later in the sex seen the handcuffs simply disappear She starts doing things to Heath that she could not have done while [...]

  7. Terry

    What a hunk of a bearHeath and Tonya s story was amazing They had chemistry from the beginning and both tried to deny it Let s face it when it is fate and they are your fated mate no one nor any circumstances could keep you apart On the curse Heath realized that Tonya was his Fox and only his He hated seeing other men ogling her and it almost cost him to break cover He still had a job to do but nobody said you could have a little fun Awesome,fast pace book I cannot wait for another shifter s Inc [...]

  8. Nenya

    i should ve stopped with my one good run book 2, after the disaster that was book 1 the pleasure cruise was not a good idea the H and h are good so far Ch9, midway through but Levi, i m afraid is cheating on his fated mate the author does know why ppl read the fated mate stuff right so that this confusion and emotional angst of H boning the OW and not the h isn t there granted Levi isn t H of this one, but this totally killed it for me not a big fan of view spoiler the possessing theme hide spoi [...]

  9. zoegrl

    I just love Ms St Clair s books.Her sense of humor, love, shifters sex How could you want from a story There was a few errors that can be expected one that was confusing She had handcuffs on but could reach around grab his dick Hmmmm Problem is I attempt to visualize the scene go back forth trying to see if things changed.Otherwise I love the guys from Shifters, Inc I wonder will there be What about from the Blue Moon Shifters Timber Valley Pack I m on the newsletter list so I ll find out.Enj [...]

  10. Lauren

    This book and series has such great potential, but I have a hard time actually sinking into the characters Everyone is good looking and perfect and the problems they have just seem to be shallow issues There s a depth to the writing that is just missing the mark for me The continuity issues also drive me nuts At one point someone s handcuffed to the bed, and next, they re getting handsy with their partner.

  11. Sue

    Theses shifters inc novels are excellent, In this one we meet Heath a hot alpha bear shifter and Tonya a strong willed sassy fox shifter who seem determined to hate each other until they are thrown together on a job and have to face the realisation that they are mates.Throw in an assassination attempt and a spell caster and you have an interesting storyline as well as steamy sex scenes.A great mix and always a good read.

  12. Tasha

    I hope and pray there will be stories in this series in the near future because if not I may have to cry myself to sleep tonight Sometimes Heath could be a real dumbass okay most of the time but when he realizes it then he tries to fix it, okay well saying If I didn t care, why would I get so upset about you and Reshef didn t fix anything I think it pissed her off a little

  13. Cindi Phillips

    Shifters, incHeath, a big sexy bear shifter has his hands full with his job as an investigator He s convinced that Fated Mates aren t real and his current obsession with Tonya Fox shifter is just a passing annoyance When the job takes him on a cruise ship and Tonya happens to be there the romance , suspense and action never end.

  14. Rebecca Elliott

    Love the Shifters, Inc WorldI love this world and can t get enough of its stories This one didn t disappoint me either I admit I didn t figure it out until the end this time I m glad Ms St Clair is writing of these As always Heath and Tonya are fated mates fighting the inevitable.

  15. octavia cooper

    Loved it By far one of my favorites in the series This author has rom com books down to a science with action and intrigue as well If those are the types of books you re looking for, this author writes it in spades Can t wait for Bridgit and the Brady s story.

  16. Alina Neac┼ču

    By the way, if you do happen to propose to me, I just want you to know one thing One deal breaker One thing we will not do, she said What s that We are never, ever, ever, going on a honeymoon cruise.

  17. Jennifer Erwin

    I love this author She blends the right amount of humor, romance, and action for my tastes I didn t realize this was book 4 in a series but I don t feel like I lost anything by reading it first But I am definitely going back and getting the rest of the series.

  18. Sandra

    There were a few probs with continuity handcuffs the secondary character having sex realising it wasn t his fated mate, who he s met and will probably be the MCs in the next bk Not a good idea.Otherwise it wasn t bad Not one of GSC s better books.

  19. Pam Collins

    Wow Exciting intriguing action and hot sexy romance created a great book I hope she writes Bridgit Beast story next, if that was what she was planning I m hoping there will be Shifters, Inc books.

  20. whitney glover

    Full of mystery, humor and heartAs always Ms St Clair managed to create two amazing, yet believable characters Within the mystery and romance she makes me laugh out loud Looking forward to Bridgit and the Beast.

  21. Charlie Torres

    FunI do love the Shifter s Inc characters When a sexy were bear and a fox are in the mix you know that things will only get hot.

  22. Trina Brooks

    Good plot lineGood plot line Good romance, just enough sex,not too much Did not guess the killer person at all I will look at the Beast finding his mate.

  23. Frances

    I hope for I want shifters inc I can not get enough this is the third one I have read in two days Please I want

  24. Debby

    Corvette you did it again OMG this was by far was the funniest Shifters Inc I loved the character s and the plot outrageous Can t wait for the next installment.

  25. Ceola

    electricAn orgy Cruise ship, shifters, magic and mind control.Oh let s not forget murder Georgette s shifter come with a lot of drama Yet it s fun to read.

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