Phyl-Undhu: Abstract Horror, Exterminator (2020)

Phyl-Undhu: Abstract Horror, Exterminator Nick Land Phyl Undhu Abstract Horror Exterminator An expedition into the indescribable
  • Title: Phyl-Undhu: Abstract Horror, Exterminator
  • Author: Nick Land
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Phyl-Undhu: Abstract Horror, Exterminator Nick Land An expedition into the indescribable.
Phyl-Undhu: Abstract Horror, Exterminator Nick Land

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    226 Nick Land
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One thought on “Phyl-Undhu: Abstract Horror, Exterminator

  1. David Peak

    Land is a brilliant mind and this title is worth purchasing just for the two appendices, Abstract Horror and Exterminator As for the core text itself, the short story Phyl Undhu, I think most of it just flew over my head It s disarmingly simple at first and sort of hopelessly complex by the time it wraps up I ll probably spend a few restless nights processing the end notes and then reread the whole thing.

  2. Matthias

    The term Lovecraftian is probably overused nowadays, but between his racism, overwrought prose, obsession with deep time and cosmology, dubious Continental influences, and panphobia, no one for better or worse can make a legitimate claim to it than Nick Land Knowing this you already know most of what there is to know about it It isn t scary and doesn t really go anywhere, which is perhaps slightly damning in that it s attached to an essay also following HPL proposing to explain what makes stuff [...]

  3. Acep Hale

    I m an established fan of Nick Land s writing so there will be no surprises here I found Phyl Undhu to be a healthy dose of what I was expecting combined with a great mixture of new ideas to dwell upon I do not read Nick Land simply for compelling prose, which is here in abundance I read Nick Land for those logic bombs that send my mind off into unexpected directions of surprise and delight Phyl Undhu delivers on both counts.

  4. Vulture

    The quality of the fictional prose in the central short story, Phyl Undhu , is laughably, amateurishly bad, unfortunately It s a shame, because the story is otherwise an excellent phantasmsgorical romp The difficulty in taking it seriously given the quality of the prose outside of description and monologue is a flaw, but really a minor one.As for the essays, I don t know where Land got his reputation for being so fiendishly hard to understand, since these essays at least are reasonably straightf [...]

  5. Marcus

    Edit while this is a competent story in the Lovecraftian tradition, the writer is also a racist in the Lovecraftian tradition, and I cannot in good conscience recommend supporting his work I regret paying actual money to a neo fascist.

  6. Petr

    Good modern metaphysical horror The first story has a vague beginning and ending but good dark atmosphere The last story gave me the shivers.

  7. Aung Sett Kyaw Min

    t h i c c land flexes his theory fiction muscles as the title suggests, it s about abstract horror, or perhaps horror abstracted to its most distilled form the unknown abstracted from what it is for us, beyond any anthropological comprehension the plot moves at a dizzying pace.upon an alarming complaint from the school faculty, suzy s mom and dad have no choice but to jack into an eerie VR game to find out what it is about the game that has got their 12 year old daughter spreading the gospel of [...]

  8. Joseph

    Delightfully horrifying I ve always loved the idea of Weird Fiction Cosmic Horror, but very rarely has any one work managed to grab me the way it seems it should be able to do Nick Land definitely has points in his favor with his actual descent into over educated madness, and of course you d hope that someone who could write a serious book called Fanged Noumena would manage to render the uncanny, ineffable Other in a sufficiently terrifying manner And it does While rejecting any obvious, tangibl [...]

  9. Suhrob

    Very enjoyable short horror novella As it says in the text this world and that of Lovercraft share the same Outer Metaphysical horror meets deep time meets contemporary digital derealization meets the ultimate, and very, very real dread of the Big Filter Scary because it s true, as they say, no I ve always enjoyed Land s writing and this one is no exception sadly his current out there fiction doesn t match the horror fantasmagoria of his academic papers he wrote in the 90ies on drugs oh yeah, be [...]

  10. Sgossard

    Next level shit.Some of the weirdest shit I ve ever read.New and exciting is hard to find these days but this is the real McCoy.Cyberpunk X Lovecraft fuck yeah please.

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