Catlore (2020)

Catlore Desmond Morris Catlore Desmond Morris considers the cat in myth and history and answers questions he received from cat owners after the publication of the internationally best selling Catwatching black and white illustr
  • Title: Catlore
  • Author: Desmond Morris
  • ISBN: 9780517880579
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Paperback
Catlore Desmond Morris Desmond Morris considers the cat in myth and history, and answers questions he received from cat owners after the publication of the internationally best selling Catwatching 31 black and white illustrations.
Catlore Desmond Morris

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    Desmond Morris

One thought on “Catlore

  1. Angela Maher

    This is the follow on from Catwatching, and includes another collection of revealing and fascination information about cats If you think you know lots abut cats, you ll be surprised at how much you didn t know The writing style is also very easy to read, and the book is rather absorbing overall A must read for anyone who lives with a cat.

  2. Robert Hult

    Great book with the most up to date information about felines that I have ever read This book is bound to save a lot of feline lives, since it gives the reader everything they would ever want to know about their pet cats.

  3. Sus

    This book is amazing and a must read for cat lovers Hilarious, informative, and head scratchingly weird Kinda like cats

  4. Shannon

    Outdated The author has clearly anthropomorphized the neutering of cats by saying it is unfair to de sex cats This sounds like a very human fear of becoming unmanned He seems to espouse the out worn theory of letting cats have at least one litter There are numerous other places where the author has imposed his own thoughts and ideas about cat behavior as though it was gospel truth, only to know that further or actual research since the time it was written 1987, has proven things to be otherwise [...]

  5. Xanthi

    I have read quite a few books about cats now so it is good when you come across a book that offers things that you have not already read elsewhere before This was the case with this book, for most of it, anyway The book is dated somewhat, now Whilst in agreement wholeheartedly with the author about the issue of declawing, I found myself opposed to his very strong views on desexing cats When it comes to this topic, he pulls no punches Basically, his stance is that desexing is extreme and takes um [...]

  6. Carrie ♠

    Wow, what didn t I learn from this book Although in places, this book was a bit dated, much of the information can still be useful today Very easy to read with short chapters, this book was full of cool information I have a very rambunctious cat and found that I have a slightly better idea how he ticks now I learned why it s a bad thing to stare a cat down, and quite related to this is why those who don t care for cat tend to be the person s a cat will go to often than a cat lover Another inter [...]

  7. Sarah

    Well that was something.Well written, straight forward and juicy.As a person with little business with cats so far at least, illustrations would have done me well in some parts but again Google exists, so.Why would they appreciate sour tastes buggs me, speculations and theories are appreciated, in fact , regarding that it s a 28yo book, I wonder if the questions unanswered then have remained unanswered now as the one of telepathy with owners.I laughed at the thought of superfecundation during su [...]

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