More Than This: A Novel (2020)

More Than This: A Novel Margo Candela More Than This A Novel Sometimes what we have is not enough She doesn t know his name and he doesn t know hers but they just might be perfect for each other Alexander Velazquez an ambitious lawyer from a working class nei
  • Title: More Than This: A Novel
  • Author: Margo Candela
  • ISBN: 9781416571346
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Paperback
More Than This: A Novel Margo Candela Sometimes what we have is not enough She doesn t know his name and he doesn t know hers, but they just might be perfect for each other Alexander Velazquez, an ambitious lawyer from a working class neighborhood, and Evelyn Sinclair, a daughter of privilege trying to make it on her own, are strangers living parallel yet very different lives Alex finds himself deeply en Sometimes what we have is not enough She doesn t know his name and he doesn t know hers, but they just might be perfect for each other Alexander Velazquez, an ambitious lawyer from a working class neighborhood, and Evelyn Sinclair, a daughter of privilege trying to make it on her own, are strangers living parallel yet very different lives Alex finds himself deeply entrenched in the life of an unredeemable client, and Evelyn realizes she s committed herself to a company with questionable ethics They are both brokenhearted workaholics constantly trying to keep up with the demands of family and friends What they both want is to find meaning in their lives what they re doing is looking in the wrong directions As they watch each other through their office windows, all they can do is wonder about what might happen if they took a chance on the stranger across the street.
More Than This: A Novel Margo Candela

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One thought on “More Than This: A Novel

  1. Chelsea

    While clean sexually, still a lot of bad language I just picked up this paperbook last second before I checked out some books for Isabel and was hoping to be pleasantly surprised Wasn t Warning, here come some spoilersAnyway, the whole thing is kind of Serendipity esque the movie with the main characters always coming close to meeting, and never doing it until the last pageterally the last paragraph is them walking towards each other It really bugged me because I enjoyed both of characters a lot [...]

  2. Heather

    I ll give it a better rating if the author writes a sequel The whole book was a build up to these two people meeting each other, and then the book ends I don t like open endings

  3. Zulmara

    More Than ThisBy Margo Candelamargocandela blogspot Reviewed by Zulmara ClineMargo Candela has written a wonderful novel based on a parallel universe that truly shows her strength as a writer and her creative imagination Not an easy plot scheme to achieve, writing in parallel universes requires careful planning and plotting so the reader is right there with you, seeing the connections that are created, but no spelled out Living in both universes, yet keeping them both separate.Margo manages to i [...]

  4. Read In Colour

    Margo Candela s Good bye To All That is our featured book in March, but I wanted to check out some of her other work as well It dawned on me after reading More Than This that this was the first time I ve read a chick lit book that featured a Latino love interest A lot of times, if it s a book about a woman of color, her love interest is a Caucasian male or male of her own ethnicity This time around we re lucky enough to meet the handsome and well spoken Alexander Velazquez, attorney at law.Occas [...]

  5. Livin' laVida Latina

    Reviewed by BelaMember of Livin la vida LatinaReview This whole book is written in the POV of Evelyn and Alexander the two main characters or lovers in the plot It is in the classic He said, She said format.At first the story was kind of slow at capturing my interest, but then things gradually picked up when I started getting into Alex s character, especially when he is about to propose to his girlfriend I was sure that this is something ALL guys go through at some point the what the hell am I d [...]

  6. Anastasia

    Margo Candela is a good writer this book was very engaging and fun to read However, both characters were pretty superficial people, and although the author dangled in front of me the possibility that each character might grow into someone deep and interesting, ultimately, I never felt that it happened Alexander ended the book at the same place in which he began it no longer working at a law firm due to a conflict of values, but in both cases, without a plan for what he would do next or any tru [...]

  7. Mary

    One of the coolest things about being an author is knowing other authors Not only do you find a sympathetic ear but you also get to read great books before everyone else When Margo handed me an advanced reading copy, I was hooked from page one and neglected my husband that same night until I reached the end Margo s novel, More Than This is about Alexander and Evelyn, two strangers for whom after just one look, experience that magical spark of attraction More Than This is the story before the lov [...]

  8. Alissa

    Learned about this new book via a review and since it was a romance, threw it in for vacation reading.It s an interesting premise Rich socialite Evelyn Sinclair, and laywer Alexander Velazquez live and work in San Francisco and have several close encounters but don t actually meet Instead they can see each other through their office windows, and occasionally on the street or the bus The novel alternates their voices, and the ending really brings it all together.

  9. Krisnow18

    Totally enjoyed this book Began it Sunday afternoon, done it by Monday evening I had to work Monday, after all Two people are re thinking their lives A series of almost meetings Parallel lives They end up working in buildings located across the street from each other and notice each other I loved the end when they finally meet.

  10. Maria Papadopoulou

    I recently bought and finished this book It deals with what is probably the most painful question for most of us What if What if I have said this What if I have done that It is hard to put that book down, because it is so easy to relate to each and every character presented in the book Highly recommend it.

  11. Jennie

    This book was a really great snapshot of two lives that almost intersect It s a little bit romance novel, but mostly a character study of one rich girl trying to be like your everyday working person and one man trying to move from his roots to the heights of society And their plans all change depending on family I really enjoyed it.

  12. Erin

    This was the second book by Margo Candela I ve read and she is becoming my new favorite author I saw myself in Evelyn and my sister is so Tannin, minus the rich, socialite part And I m glad it ended the way it did Any and it might have ruined it for me I highly recommend

  13. Jennifer

    I picked this one up a few years back, at just the right time It was a random featured book at a bookstore and I was feeling low and needed some alone reading time That being said, it was a great dose of chick lit and I ve returned to it a few times in the past few years.

  14. Tara Carpenter

    An interesting idea, and good build up This is a story about the promise of a relationship, not the relationship itself A little bit disappointing that it doesn t go further in the end, but I can see how really it s better that way.

  15. Tawni

    COULD have been a great book For me the language was completely foul and the open ending ruined it I did like the main characters, and the author was on the right track Great ideapoor execution.

  16. Pandora

    Cute, easy read told in a unique way Great for vacation or when you need something light between other books.

  17. Corie

    This was a fun read I liked the main characters and the way the story keeps leading up to what happens in the end I did wish the book kept going instead of how it was left.

  18. Monica

    If you have ever wondered about a relationship with a stranger who caught your eye this is the book for you I enjoyed each character who brought their own feel to the story.

  19. Amanda

    Interesting story and a quick read I was drawn in and wanted to find out what happened, but thought the characters weren t fleshed out all that well.

  20. Jessica

    i had such high hopes for this story, and kept reading in hopes that it d finally get good and when i finished, i thought really there had to be than just this to the story

  21. Akeiisa

    An optimistic read A little anticlimatic and predictable, still fun and a nice way to pass the time.

  22. Patti

    I did not like the ending of the book I would have liked the author to have at least had a chapter on the beginning of their life together.

  23. Nicole Falls

    3.5 really Enjoyed this story a LOT Unconventional way to tell a love story whih initially frustrated me until I saw the brilliance in telling it in this way

  24. Melissa

    I did like the writing style but I think this would have made a great play I never quite connected with the characters I was kind of disappointed by that But it was great for a quick read.

  25. Sandee

    A good reminder why I generally don t read chicklit Stereotypes all over the place, from the ruthless Latino lawyer with the heart of gold to the frivolous society girl.

  26. Shelly

    All I can say without giving it away is, bad ending what the book was truly about didn t come until the last page Too much reading for just that.

  27. Nana Lee

    I was disappointed The cover and the synopsis is really interesting I was expecting something than this.

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