Flipping the Scales (2020)

Flipping the Scales Pete Tarsi Flipping the Scales Meredith and Marina s lives have been flipped upside down When the translucent skirt that straight A student Meredith finds hidden on the beach gets wet it transforms her legs into a mermaid tail Des
  • Title: Flipping the Scales
  • Author: Pete Tarsi
  • ISBN: 9781502999108
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Paperback
Flipping the Scales Pete Tarsi Meredith and Marina s lives have been flipped upside down.When the translucent skirt that straight A student Meredith finds hidden on the beach gets wet, it transforms her legs into a mermaid tail Despite the evidence in front of her, she insists that becoming a mythical creature isn t scientifically possible.Marina is allowed to experience one day per moon cycle among thMeredith and Marina s lives have been flipped upside down.When the translucent skirt that straight A student Meredith finds hidden on the beach gets wet, it transforms her legs into a mermaid tail Despite the evidence in front of her, she insists that becoming a mythical creature isn t scientifically possible.Marina is allowed to experience one day per moon cycle among the humans After hiding her tail on the beach that morning, she takes her first timid steps on land When she returns at sunset to find it missing, she is left stranded and alone.For the first time in her life, Meredith doesn t have all the answers As she searches for a way to return to normal before the next full moon, she makes waves among the school of mermaids Meanwhile, Marina uncovers information about her past, and for the first time in her life, she must stand on her own two feet and take the lead on her own adventure.As Meredith senses her human side slipping away, a forbidden way to change back entices her But it comes with a consequence Marina wouldn t be able to return to the ocean.
Flipping the Scales Pete Tarsi

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One thought on “Flipping the Scales

  1. John Barker

    Pete Tarsi s debut Young Adult novel Flipping the Scales is a wonderfully refreshing and entertaining mermaid story with one foot firmly planted in the familiar surroundings of an island beachside community, and the other foot or is it fin submerged in a magical underwater world populated by mers as the story s mermaids and mermen prefer to call themselves The tale s two immensely likeable leads initially don t fare well at all when removed from their natural habitats, and the story gets a lot o [...]

  2. Sinead

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review This book is beyond adorable It s a very enjoyable tail haha about a human and a mermaid that switch places I loved Tarsi s twist on the mermaid myth, and how he made it completely his own Mermaids are able to come to land for one day during the full moon When two mers, Lorelei and Marina, come on land one month, disaster strikes when Marina s tail goes missing Enter Meredith, a studious seventeen year old human who accidentally stu [...]

  3. Amy Astorga

    One day, Marina It will be like no other experience Flipping the Scales is a magical tale of friendship, loyalty, and the ability to adapt The story is set during summer break, where Meredith is sent to spend her vacation with her best friend, Jill, and Jill s cousin, Hailey They live on a private beach, a perfect place for two mermaids, Lorelei and Marina, to disrobe their tails and spend one day of fun amongst humans But when Meredith finds the shimmering object and puts it on, she accidently [...]

  4. Katie W

    When serious and studious Meredith and her carefree friend Jill go to an island to stay with Jill s cousin, Hailey, for a few weeks during the summer, something unexpected happens Meredith finds a skirt, tries it on, and transforms into a mermaid.Honestly, I wasn t sure I was going to be able to finish this book at first because Hailey is very over the top with her teen lingo Everything is an acronym OMG, TTTH, SWIM, etc I have teens and they sometimes text that way, but don t really speak that [...]

  5. Samantha

    I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review Overall, I thought this book was a sweet, summery tale of friendship and finding yourself that young readers and mermaid fans would enjoy The writing was good and the book reads very fast is easy to follow, though I did have a few problems with the romance s and connecting to some of the characters I will have a full review up on my blog soon

  6. Rebecca McNutt

    Not bad, it was quite interesting and well written But I honestly didn t care for Meredith, she was a generic sheeple, kind of stuck up and annoying.

  7. Howard Parsons

    Some of you just may remember that episode of The Smurfs where Smurfette put on these magical dancing shoes and then couldn t get them off her feet and was forced to keep dancing and dancing Well, that episode was based on The Red Shoes by Hans Christian Anderson who also wrote The Little Mermaid Since neither of these stories as originally written had the sort of Disneyesque ending that people prefer these days, we ll end the comparison with Flipping the Scales by Pete Tarsi right here Just hol [...]

  8. Indiebrag

    We are proud to announce that FLIPPING THE SCALES by Pete Tarsi is a B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree This tells a reader that this book is well worth their time and money

  9. Katie O'Sullivan

    Flipping the Scales is a switching places fantasy aimed at young adult readers Although the characters are 17, the situations and language are very tame and suitable for ages 10 and up.Meredith is a studious 17 year old, going into her senior year of high school and focused on getting into a good college She doesn t spend a whole lot of time having fun, and packed mostly books in her suitcase for a two week summer vacation Her best friend Jill wants her to relax and have fun, to go with the flow [...]

  10. Amanda (Orandi et Legendi)

    I picked up Flipping the Scales because I was looking for a light read The cover brought to mind the TV series H20 Just Add Water, mainly because of the orange tail So I decided to give Flipping the Scales a go.I have to say that I did like how Flipping the Scales was different from other mermaid stories Jill and especially Hailey were well versed in various mermaid stories and used that knowledge to try to help Meredith when she grew a tail However, the stories the girls had heard weren t accur [...]

  11. Shawn

    Meredith is all work and no play, planning to spend her summer studying for her senior year so she can get into a good college but she s being dragged by Jill to Jill s cousin, Hailey s beach house for a month and expected to take her nose out of her book once in a while During a walk on the beach, something catches her eye and she picks it up, a pretty skirt, that she tries on, and instantly turns into a mermaid Jill and Hailey try to help her out, to get the tail off, but fail Meanwhile, Merin [...]

  12. Cristina Zhu

    I, overall, really enjoyed this book, even though I haven t had the most time to read this past week, because of ballet and traveling, but I tried to finish this book the quickest possible so that I could remember writing a review for this book I was sent this book by the R2R discussion in the We 3 YA BOOks , written by Pete Tarsi.I really like the content of this story, as it is different of all other topics of books, it s diverse.I loved the fact that both girls were trying to enjoy their live [...]

  13. Rose Perry

    PDF version of Flipping the Scales, by Pete Tarsi never missed a beat with me I love the whole concept of two girls the same age both trying to enjoy there own life lives Until Meredith tries on a skirt and suddenly has a tail while the other girl is stuck with legs Then these girls start living in the other ones life I love how the setting and plot it is straight forward and the author did his research to make them act and talk like teens I loved the conflict and the amount of romance in this b [...]

  14. Kimberly

    I love stories about people swapping lives and this is a fresh new take on the idea along with a fresh take on a mermaid story Marina is a cautious mermaid and Meredith is studious and only thinks about studying and school, so when the switch happens, they are both like fish out of water and are forced to adapt to their new surroundings Both Marina and Meredith must learn to live outside their comfort zones and both experience some typical teen issues in each others worlds while trying to beat t [...]

  15. Cyril Patrick Feerick

    Flipping the Scales by Pete Tarsi is an entertaining mermaid story This book is highly imaginative and the author has created an amazing world with fantastical colours and characters Really cute book for tweens This novel has just the right amount of sass to keep those tweens reading on My daughter has a very vivid imagination and adores this beautiful book so I would recommend this book for girls who like mystery, fantasy, and mermaids Great job, Peter You ve written a beautiful story

  16. Andrew

    This is a refreshing YA fantasy novel in which teenagers sound like teenagers to my high school teacher ears anyway and still have depth Even secondary characters leap off the page and have vitality The tale itself only suffers from being part of a longer story and leaving you with a taste for the sequel, as some of the most compelling questions remain unanswered That said, it still strongly merits a read if you are a teen, know one, or ever were one and know the angst of not feeling like you be [...]

  17. Charity

    For full review, please go to 5girlsbookreviews, Twitter camartinez and Facebook 5 Girls Book Reviews REVIEW BY Arianna, age 12 years, 9 monthsMAY CONTAIN SPOILER This book was extremely touching I like how the characters never give up, they persevere through the journey My favorite character is Hailey because she does all she can to help her friends When everyone else lost hope, she held her head high and fixed the problems She has an amazingly pure heart that I love

  18. Jeanie Gallegly

    Excellent book for younger teens The story makes the reader empathetic to all characters and teaches a great lesson on being a great friend Imaginative and fun.

  19. Randi (The Artist Formerly known as Guitar Chick)

    The perfect middle grade beach read Go froth and feel the fluff.

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