I am Raymond Washington (2020)

I am Raymond Washington Zach Fortier Derard Barton I am Raymond Washington I Am Raymond Washington is the only authorized biography of the undisputed founder of the Crips and provides an unprecedented look into Raymond Washington s life If you re looking for stories of gang
  • Title: I am Raymond Washington
  • Author: Zach Fortier Derard Barton
  • ISBN: 9780692359877
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Paperback
I am Raymond Washington Zach Fortier Derard Barton I Am Raymond Washington is the only authorized biography of the undisputed founder of the Crips and provides an unprecedented look into Raymond Washington s life If you re looking for stories of gang violence and crimes committed by gang members, that s been done before, and this book isn t for you But if you re looking for a factual and intuitive look into what made RayI Am Raymond Washington is the only authorized biography of the undisputed founder of the Crips and provides an unprecedented look into Raymond Washington s life If you re looking for stories of gang violence and crimes committed by gang members, that s been done before, and this book isn t for you But if you re looking for a factual and intuitive look into what made Raymond Washington unique in the mean streets of Los Angeles, this is the book you want to read Filled with stories, many never before seen photographs, as well as interviews and eyewitness accounts of those who knew Raymond, what he represented, and how and why the Crips were formed and why his name is still spoken on the streets of Los Angeles today with hatred, fear, awe, and reverence Entering the world of Raymond Washington with an open mind was difficult for me however, the story of who Raymond Washington was as a leader, warrior, tactician, and mentor became clear Learn why the gang was so successful and how an unremarkable fifteen year old kid in the fall of 1969 sat down with his best friend and formed what later became one of the most successful, and yet feared and hated gangs in the world the Crips.
I am Raymond Washington Zach Fortier Derard Barton

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    333 Zach Fortier Derard Barton
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One thought on “I am Raymond Washington

  1. Carol Kean

    Raymond Washington, a name that has been overlooked, gets some of the credit that is his due, thanks to this biography by Zach Fortier.Everyone s heard of the Crips, but not everyone knows who started the L.A gang, and even those who were there argue about the origins of the name.Raymond Washington started the Crips between the ages of fifteen and sixteen, with bare minimum education, and absolutely no management or leadership training He just understood leadership at a gut level and perfected h [...]

  2. Apex Reviews

    Written in a conversational, no nonsense manner, Zach Fortier s latest work, I Am Raymond Washington, reads like the best of modern detective fiction However, this is no novel It s an extensively researched work of journalism on par with Truman Capote s In Cold Blood.The book begins with the author explaining his motivation, and his intentions, namely, to uncover his subject s true identity in a fair, impartial manner That said, Fortier lives up to his promises Indeed, despite being a former cop [...]

  3. Michelle Randall

    Reviewed for Readers FavoriteOver a kitchen table in 1969, in a small apartment in Los Angeles, two best friends were talking of forming their own gang One that would become one of the most widely known and feared gangs of the modern era, the Crips Only the three men in that room, the two founders, both now dead, and the youngest brother of one of them would ever know the true story of the name and the man, until now I Am Raymond Washington is the story of growing up in the streets of Los Angele [...]

  4. Sara

    Everyone has heard of the Bloods vs the Crips, but the mythology of arguably the most well known and feared gangs in American culture overshadows the truth of their origins This book adeptly cuts through the misconceptions, tall tales and myths surrounding the Crips and their founder, Raymond Washington.Washington, the charismatic leader and founder of the Crips, is the main subject of this biography The author has painstakingly cut through all the disinformation and uncovered the truth about wh [...]

  5. Victor Muthoka

    The Man Behind the Crips His StoryOccasionally you encounter a book that leaves you with mixed feelings This was one such book for me Raymond Lee Washington, the subject of this brief biography, was the founder leader of the Crips, a fearsome American street gang The author a former police officer for 30 years interestingly enough writes of Raymond from the stance of an individual with insight into ideas about the street life He does a very good job of staying impartial viewing his subject as ju [...]

  6. Donna

    Gritty, Interesting, and MesmerizingThis book piqued my interest not only because I enjoy reading true crime type stories but also because of an acquaintance I met about 10 years ago The circumstances of our meeting was nothing bad We had an opportunity to have some in depth conversation and I do believe if I had know the name Raymond Washington, this man would have been able to tell me similar stories I found this book to be quite interesting and I would hope Mr Washington s famine appreciated [...]

  7. Me

    The photos and comparisons to other leaders throughout the book were very interesting Loved the myths facts section Nice to see multiple sides of individuals even a little insight into the author Great that he can show individuals as people NOT monsters no matter what has been said or done Can t wait to see what ZF has in store for us next Keep it up ZF, I m sure you have a lot stuff to share Thanks

  8. Dan Phillips

    Zach doesn t disappoint with his latest piece of work The story of Raymond Washington, the man, and the leader of the crips is exquisitely told I really enjoyed this book Awesome job Zach Keep up the great work

  9. Jody

    Zach does a great job with this one You can tell he has put a lot of effort into it with research and interviews I ve never understood the draw gangs have on people but that is because I am a white male in the southeast US I remember watching the news when the reporters would talk about murders and battles between two different groups called the Bloods and the Crips I thought that it was a couple of new gangs that had just started up Little did I know that they had been around longer than me Whe [...]

  10. Tom mosedale

    Fantastic bookGreat read, I truly believed tookie was the founding member of the crips, until now that is, if it s inside knowledge of the starting of the crips you are after then this is the book for you.

  11. H.K. Johnson

    Just a book of conflicting testimonials In one chapter he s a righteous leader , in the next he s literally a rapist and a neighborhood bully In one chapter Crips were formed based on the principles of the Black Panther Party, in the next they re walking into a club and robbing everyone at gun point I was already aware of the discrepancies in people s beliefs about the gang This book answers little to nothing aside from maybe some tactics the Crips used against other gangs and naming a few of th [...]

  12. Shaye Gresham

    This book, while interesting on the face, was poorly written and poorly organized It could have been a much better book had the author not included such a large number of his own personal opinions and inappropriate remarks including one referring to the theories on how to distance gang members from their need for that group connection of a female presenter as a weird sexual fantasy and used the firsthand accounts of the many people he interviewed speak for themselves.

  13. Quanita

    Myth or RealityFortier lays out the life of Crips founder Raymond Washington He gives the reader the rumors, the myths, the folklore, and the reality of what happened during Washington s short life He was loved, hated, and feared all at the same time Thirty five years after his death he is still revered and hated.

  14. Rick St Amant

    Informative historyWhile this work is well researched, the writing is often stodgy and cumbersome I learned a great deal about Raymond Washington and the formation of the Crips However, Fortier s narrative style is not always fluid.

  15. Pamila

    Loved the last book I read by Zach Fortier which was Landed on Black, but this book I couldn t even get through all of it Way too much time spent on where the gang got their name, and how to pronounce the named on and on Sorry, this book just didn t get it for me.

  16. Gwen Lester-Cunningham

    Startling A real eye opener This book should be a must read for every black boy growing up in the ghetto.

  17. Debbie J

    I am Raymond Washington is a loosely organized set of anecdotes about the late gang leader, Raymond Washington His friends, associates, relatives, and enemies presumed subject matter experts tell stories which often contradict each other.It s basically an examination of a handful of persistent rumors and gossip that author Zach Fortier addresses via documentation like birth and death certificates, photographs, and job time sheets Fortier uses a haphazard, repetitive writing style and the text ab [...]

  18. Teaguem2005

    I honestly thought this biography was going to be about the life of the man himself The author said he didn t have a point of view but clearly he did He didn t allow the facts to speak for themselves instead, he compared Raymond Washington to historical warriors So much of thos book read like a college research paper The author injected his opinion, and even worse, himself into the book Some things missing were the very things I expected to be included For example, he interviewed the youngest da [...]

  19. Crispin Francis

    It was lacking, honestly a lot of the information was taken off documentaries and Youtube videos There was however some new insights into Raymonds life and the beginnings of the Crips from his brother and family members Not as much as I had hoped though the cloud of mystique remains.

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