Empty Nests (2020)

Empty Nests Ada Maria Soto Empty Nests Neither James nor Gabe has ever had a real relationship They might make a connection if they can get past their differences and their fears At age fourteen James Maron decided to prove he wasn t gay
  • Title: Empty Nests
  • Author: Ada Maria Soto
  • ISBN: 9781632169945
  • Page: 270
  • Format: ebook
Empty Nests Ada Maria Soto Neither James nor Gabe has ever had a real relationship They might make a connection if they can get past their differences and their fears.At age fourteen, James Maron decided to prove he wasn t gay despite vast evidence to the contrary Now at thirty two, he s getting ready to send his son to college and wondering what he s supposed to do next Outside his son, his lifeNeither James nor Gabe has ever had a real relationship They might make a connection if they can get past their differences and their fears.At age fourteen, James Maron decided to prove he wasn t gay despite vast evidence to the contrary Now at thirty two, he s getting ready to send his son to college and wondering what he s supposed to do next Outside his son, his life consists of an IT job he hates and watching telenovelas with the women in his apartment building.Gabriel Juarez is the CFO of a technology giant He has looks, charm, fantastic wealth, a workaholic personality, and a string of boyfriends who only stick around because he s too busy to tell them to leave A bad laptop projector interface causes James and Gabe s paths to cross Friends, family, and coworkers jump to match Gabe with a nice guy, and James with anyone But are they too different Everyone will have to tread very carefully to keep things from ending before they start.
Empty Nests Ada Maria Soto

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    Ada Maria Soto

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  1. Heather K (dentist in my spare time)

    Every once in a while I want to read something low drama No pain, no angst, just two people meeting, romancing, and falling in love This fit the bill perfectly I want to state for the record that this story is NOT perfect Some might call it slow it is a pretty slow burn romance and it has a very abrupt cliffhanger ending, but I still found it utterly charming and totally smile worthy I sort of knew I was going to like this when I realized that James was as close to a virgin as you can get, despi [...]

  2. Heller

    4.5I m just heading out but I ll write a review when I get home This book Awesome So well written Funny and fun but sweet and sexy Single dad who is gay but also a gay virgin Loved it because the progression worked sooo well and it s the first in a series I thought it was a one shot but there s Loved it Finally did a proper review There s nothing better than finding an author new to you who writes in such an engaging manner that you can t put the book down I m so glad that I picked this book up [...]

  3. Kaje Harper

    4.5 stars I really like Soto s writing style The emotions are subtle and understated, the characters interesting, the relatively few sex scenes are meaningful, and the romance is slow This book 1 in the duology does have a very tentative HFN ending, and I immediately started the second book and was glad it was available.This book gives us Gabe, the CFO of a huge, wealthy tech company he started from scratch with two friends, and James, who works in tech support at a local university, and has a 1 [...]

  4. Ami

    3.5 starsI actually pre ordered this book during one of DSP s wide store event because I happened to love the cover so pretty and I liked the blurb enough However, before I even read it, a friend said that the book didn t offer closure that it would continue in book 2 So I put it aside and waiting until book 2 came out.I thought this offers a light angst and moderately paced of a slow burnt Cinderella love story James Maron had his son at the age of fifteen he is now working as an IT person in a [...]

  5. BWT (Belen)

    CLIFFHANGER ALERTWhat I liked I loved the support characters, I loved the humor, I liked and enjoyed Gabe and James s growing relationship, and I really liked that Gabe never used his money as a hammer Even though James had a broke ass car, phone and apartment, Gabe wasn t trying to fix anything He just let James be James.What I didn t like the story dragged in places It could ve used a bit editing of contentAND I HATED THE CLIFFHANGER Why BECAUSE I HATE CLIFFHANGERS.Now some may not consider t [...]

  6. Line

    Fantastic low angst high cozyness story that made me smile all the way through.I loved Dylan and James, and though Gabe s initial comments on how ordinary and plain James looked didn t feel very romantic, he really made up for it, by doing everything within his power to have a relationship with James later on.It ends with a HFN and maybe sort of a cliffy, but you don t HAVE to read the next book, to get a feel for the relationship I will however skip right to the next book seeing as I really nee [...]

  7. Aerin

    3.5 StarsThis isn t the first book of Soto s I ve read, but I think it s the best she s written so far There are things I absolutely loved about this book, unfortunately there are also things that drove me batty, which resulted in a lower rating than I d originally thought I d give this book.First, I m going to talk about the things I loved I loved Gabe, one of our MCs At first I wasn t sure whether I d warm up to him, because he came across as a cold, calculated business man, a workaholic at he [...]

  8. Anke

    Cliffhanger waiting for book 2.In case I decide to read this.Sept 16, 2015 Got it, together with book 2, started today and so far I m loving it

  9. Kira

    After finishing Bowerbirds today, I can safely say that this two book series has become one of my favourites How to explain it Like some books have a very strong sense of place, these two, for me, have a very strong sense of people Everything in these books helps shape their personalities and makes them that real and believable.Their lives both overworked CFO Gabe and poor single dad James are interesting to read about Other people surrounding them James s son Dylan in particular stole the show [...]

  10. Maygirl7

    This is a book about normal men feeling their way into a normal relationship Actually I take that back, because what is normal They are decent guys who aren t your typical guys One was a teen father raising his son alone and the other is a co founder of a fictional Apple type company Despite that they are regular people who are lonely and willing to take a chance on a relationship with each other There s no drama or excessive characters or explosions or super blinding white hotness or massive fa [...]

  11. MorganSkye

    James has been the perfect single father ever since his 14 year old mistaken attempt at being straight got pregnant and didn t want the baby For the last 18 years he s lived like a monk, worked his fingers to the bone providing for his son and doing his best to ignore that there might be a life out there for him to enjoy.Gabriel is a very out and proud CFO of a successful IT business and a player He s never had a relationship because he s never found anyone worth that kind of attention.From the [...]

  12. Tamika♥RBF MOOD♥

    4.25 starsI m really surprised at how much I loved this book Barely no angst, just straight contemporary which I absolutely love I don t even know what possessed me to buy it I looked at the cover and automatically that it was going to be cheesy or YA ish Well I was wrong Ha I kept updating that these two reminded me of the sane, sweet, non kink version of Anastasia Chrisitan Grey Gabe was amazing A billionaire tycoon, super sweet, and just wanted to be with someone he liked Someone who liked hi [...]

  13. Mercedes

    3.5 starsSlow burn, no conflict romance between two adults I am not big on drama but it s nice to get stories with some sort of conflict to stay away from dullness This story skates the edge between sweet and dull vey often Particularly when it comes to James James comes off a bit boring He leads such a spartan life that it was hard to find something interesting about him.It turns out there s a sequel to this so maybe that s where the conflict will come into play.

  14. farmwifetwo

    I have a coupon and a couple of people I follow that usually have opinions liked it What they didn t tell you was it was half a book It simply ends but you get a preview of the next one.Thanks but no thanks If I paid a couple of dollars for it yes When it s still 6 at 25% off nope.Secondary characters are the best part They are interesting and funny The primary characters are working or all we hear about is I need to get my kid into University Not for me.

  15. Mihaela

    Originally posted on mikkysworldofbooksEmpty Nests is the story of two men so different from each other who are brought together by their loneliness, and who are struggling to find a way to be together in spite of their differences.Gabriel is smart, hard working and a constant reason of worry for his friends who fear for his health and want to see him happy.He s really great and down to earth, even if his wealth is considerable and increasing every day.James s life has been filled with huge resp [...]

  16. Serena Yates

    This is an absolutely wonderful story with great, complex characters Two men who move in entirely different circles get thrown together by sheer coincidence At first glance this may look like a rich guy meets poor guy and changes his life story, it is not that at all The relationship between Gabe and James is complicated, and the story is all about how each of them changes and grows until they find out how they fit together And believe me, it is not an easy fit and that makes the whole adventure [...]

  17. Tracy~Bayou Book Junkie

    4.5 stars copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by author publisher via Pride Promotions in exchange for an honest review I Couldn t Put It Down I stayed up reading, until I couldn t hold my eyes open any and had no choice but to finish the next day This book held me captivated from the first word There were things I loved about these characters, but there were things I also found somewhat not believable.I LOVE James He was an amazing character I especially love the relationship he has with his son [...]

  18. Shannon

    Noooooo It can t be over yet, there s still so much that needs doing I absolutely adored this book So far, no crazy angst or stupid misunderstandings just two guys in their 30 s trying to have a decent relationship God, I hope I don t forget what this was about by the time 2 comes out because I am reading that sucker the second I can get my hands on it.

  19. Chris, the Dalek King

    Other than the fact that this seemed to end rather in the middle of a story, it was really good The problems in the story never get resolved though, I guess that is what book 2 is for , but for what it is, it s a nice story And the simple fact is that I enjoyed it for its almost near fluff.

  20. Pjm12

    This came across my feed, and when I realised I would be able to read the 2nd one straight away, and it was a little bit discounted, I took a chance is slow moving, in that the relationship takes a while to get going But the story happening around the romance was absorbing, and the characters so well written, that I was happy to take my time with Gabe and James.The secondary characters are excellent too Dylan, Nate Frank, and the best PA of all time, Tamara I think it s how her name is spelt The [...]

  21. Jenn (not Lily)

    I loved this story James and Gabe are such different people, but their path to being in a relationship makes so much sense I love how Gabe s partners treat James, and how James s son deals with Gabe I can t wait to see where they go from here

  22. multitaskingmomma

    Original Blog Post Blog Tour eARC Review, Excerpt, Author Interview, Giveaway Empty Nests by Ada Marie SotoReview by multitaskingmommaMy Rating 4.5 of 5 StarsThis was hilarious but at the same time, sad We have a new generation billionaire and a blue collar worker who gets head to head with each other They should never have connected the way they did, but they did They should never have found so many common things about each other, yet they did There should have been at least a semblance of into [...]

  23. Joyfully Jay

    A Joyfully Jay review 4.25 starsThis is a total Cinder fella story line and I absolutely loved it James and Gabe meet when the computer and projector keep freezing up while Gabe is giving a lecture Much like the outdated projector, James lives a life where if it s broke, you keep fixing it until it cannot be fixed any Struggling from paycheck to paycheck, anything extra he has goes towards his son s college fund in case the scholarships don t pan out Gabe, on the other hand, is much like his fa [...]

  24. Karen

    I liked the story, the main characters, their relationship, and even the secondary characters But the ending, without being a real cliffhanger, seemed too unfinished It felt like a serial in stead of a book series Actually there simply was no ending, it was so abrupt I wanted to turn the page and nothing.Good thing the next book has been released already or I would be one very unhappy reader.On to the next one.

  25. ◕ ◡ ◕ Mayday ◕ ◡ ◕

    Simple love story that makes my heart turn to mush There are so many aspects that make me love this book and read it in on go The struggling parents, the IT man, thene sugar daddy part hits close to home, but that was the past, but still a sore spot in my part.I did enjoy this book It had been a long time since I read non angsty romance and gave it four stars v

  26. Brooklyn

    Ugh To read the excerpt of book 2 or not I do not have a copy of it And I feel cheated The story is only half over and I ve finished the book So to truly get the complete story I have to read the next book I hate books like this So frustrating.

  27. Tatiana

    A feel good type of a book No angst, no drama, no tears, just a sweet romance between two guys from different backgrounds.

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