Continuing Destiny (2020)

Continuing Destiny Sarah Holman Continuing Destiny What would Maria s life look like three years after The Destiny of a Galaxy What about James Quint and Winter This collection of four stories gives readers a glimpse into the romance faith trails
  • Title: Continuing Destiny
  • Author: Sarah Holman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Continuing Destiny Sarah Holman What would Maria s life look like three years after The Destiny of a Galaxy What about James, Quint, and Winter This collection of four stories gives readers a glimpse into the romance, faith, trails, and everyday lives of this group as they each explore their Continuing Destiny.Approximately 17 pages 5,500 words long.
Continuing Destiny Sarah Holman

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    Sarah Holman

One thought on “Continuing Destiny

  1. Kate Willis

    This short story collection was a satisfying wrap up to The Destiny Trilogy Spoken WordsAw, my babiessss You did exactly what I wanted you to Thank you so much D On a clear headed note, I love how Quint told Winter to stop pretending she was Maria God gives people different personalities for a reason Changing AgainThis story was pretty sweet D I love how Maria is learning to embrace even the good changes in her life like view spoiler a little tiny prince squeal hide spoiler And the banter betwe [...]

  2. Sarah

    This is a collection that grew out of the question What would the four main characters from the Destiny series, be up to three years later There is some romance including a couple of kisses , there is some hardship, and some wounds that have yet to heal, but God still has a Destiny planed for these for, a plan that is continuing to unfold.

  3. Raechel

    After finishing The Destiny Trilogy, it was fun to sort of revisit them, and see where the characters were a few years past the time where the series ended The short story stories They were like chapters told from different character s POV s, telling a sort of continuing story had a bit of a different feel to it, but still familiar and well written I very much enjoyed it, and would definitely recommend finishing off this series with this one Adds a nice touch.

  4. Morgan

    I d missed Maria, James, Winter, and Quint, so it was nice to return to them for this short story collection It s just as sweet and meaningful as The Destiny Trilogy, and I love it.

  5. Nicole

    A satisfying visit with old friends, this is a light and easy read that helps to tie up loose ends and remind readers that their destiny is in Christ

  6. Rachel

    Anyone who enjoyed reading through homeschool author Sarah Holman s Destiny series will be as thrilled with this beautiful little novella story We ve all wondered what happened to Maria, James, Quint, and Winter after their grand adventures around the galaxy, and reading Continuing Destiny was just that chance It was so much fun to read of these beloved characters all over again, now a little older, and all they ve been up to Since this IS a very short story, Sarah did not fill in as many gaps a [...]

  7. Jessica

    I ve been waiting for this forever and then I found out, it wasn t what I thought I expected this to be a book about Quint specifically Instead, it was just a continuation of what all the characters were up to A little bummed that it wasn t Quint s book, but still really fun to see the aftermath and how their lives were three years later Fun for a short, easy read to pass the time and reignite the longing for books.

  8. Ivy Rose

    Very sweet I loved seeing how my favorite characters were doing a few years after The Destiny of a Galaxy My only complaint is that I wish it were longer.

  9. Tarissa

    I loved this short story collection Anyone who has enjoyed the Destiny series from Sarah Holman, will certainly relish in these few glimpses we get to see of Maria and the gang s future life together The reader gets to find out how the lives of these 4 friends went on, the changes that took place, and how each one of our favorite characters grew from their galactic adventures in the trilogy Really, it was a cool read Perhaps there s a few sweet, mushy scenes in there but someone had to get marri [...]

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