A Death in the Dales (2020)

A Death in the Dales Frances Brody A Death in the Dales A murder most foul When the landlord of a Yorkshire tavern is killed in plain sight Freda Simonson the only witness to the crime becomes plagued with guilt believing the wrong man has been convict
  • Title: A Death in the Dales
  • Author: Frances Brody
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Kindle Edition
A Death in the Dales Frances Brody A murder most foul When the landlord of a Yorkshire tavern is killed in plain sight, Freda Simonson, the only witness to the crime, becomes plagued with guilt, believing the wrong man has been convicted Following her death, it seems that the truth will never be uncovered in the peaceful village of Langcliffe A village of secretsBut it just so happens that Freda s neA murder most foul When the landlord of a Yorkshire tavern is killed in plain sight, Freda Simonson, the only witness to the crime, becomes plagued with guilt, believing the wrong man has been convicted Following her death, it seems that the truth will never be uncovered in the peaceful village of Langcliffe A village of secretsBut it just so happens that Freda s nephew is courting the renowned amateur sleuth Kate Shackleton, who decides to holiday in Langcliffe with her indomitable teenage niece, Harriet When Harriet strikes up a friendship with a local girl whose young brother is missing, the search leads Kate to uncover another suspicious death, not to mention an illicit affair.The case of a lifetime As the present mysteries merge with the past s mistakes, Kate is thrust into the secrets that Freda left behind and realises that this courageous woman has entrusted her with solving a murder from beyond the grave It soon becomes clear to her that nothing in Langcliffe is quite as it appears, and with a murderer on the loose and an ever growing roster of suspects, this isn t the holiday Kate was expecting .
A Death in the Dales Frances Brody

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One thought on “A Death in the Dales

  1. Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede

    I was quite thrilled when I was given a chance to read the latest Kate Shackleton book since this is a series I have been meaning to try out but never got to Amateur sleuth Kate Shackleton and her niece Harriet is on holiday in the little village of Langcliffe Harriet has recently recovered from diphtheria and Kate thought it would be good for her to get away from the town and spend two weeks in the country Kate is also planning to spend some time with Lucian Simonson, the local doctor to see if [...]

  2. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)

    The latest in this savvy historical mystery takes Kate to a small town full of dark secrets A mystery that is also a character s study Worth the read Reviewed for Affaire de Coeur Magazine affairedecoeur.

  3. Rebecca McNutt

    I received a copy of this book in a giveaway.Death in the Dales is a great book I loved the authors vibrant descriptions of the rural scenery, the originality of the characters, the captivating plot and the vivid vocabulary The main heroine is very remarkable and likeable and brings out somebody readers can easily relate to in the story However I found that the mystery itself was rather predictable and the story did drift off topic many times Nonetheless I still really enjoyed this novel and I w [...]

  4. QNPoohBear

    Kate decides to take her niece Harriet, who is recovering from diphtheria, on holiday to the Yorkshire Dales Kate s vacation has an ulterior motive she will be staying at the home of her beau, Dr Lucian Simonson s late aunt to get to know him better Lucian hints that he wants from their relationship, but Kate isn t sure she wants to marry again When Kate arrives, she discovers a mystery 11 years old Miss Freda Simonsen claimed to have witnessed a murder for which an Irishman was convicted and k [...]

  5. Paromjit

    The author has penned a stylish period murder mystery and captures the wonderful atmosphere of a Dales village of that time It is both well plotted and structured Kate takes on the investigation whilst she is living in Lucien s late aunt s home She is there trying to see if her and Lucien could work out as a couple, and she has brought her convalescing neice, Harriet, with her.Lucien s aunt had been a lone voice in the village who had argued that the wrong person had been convicted for a murder [...]

  6. Agi

    A Death in the Dales is the second book by Frances Brody that I have read, and one that I eagerly awaited I totally fell in love with Kate Shackleton and with her adventures, and what a joy it is to read a book about private investigator that doesn t have any modern devices, such as internet, mobiles and other fancy helping things, and the only thing she can rely on is her own brain and logical thinking it so refreshing.Even though A Death in the Dales is a part of the mystery series featuring t [...]

  7. Janet Emson

    I received a copy of this book from the publishers and this is my honest opinion of the book.Kate Shackleton has taken her niece, Harriet, to the countryside to recuperate after an illness It will also give Kate time to assess her relationship with Lucian Simonson Staying in Lucian s deceased Aunt Freda s home Kate becomes aware that Freda was a witness to a murder 10 years previously and that she was adamant that the wrong person had been convicted and hung for the crime Kate is at first reluct [...]

  8. Maureen

    In A Death in the Dales our female detective Kate Shackleton is on holiday with her teenage niece Harriet This holiday is supposed to give Kate her much needed rest and Harriet her strength back, after a short sickbed Together Kate and Harriet stay in Langcliffe, in the house of Lucian s deceased Aunt Since Lucian is courting Kate, this vacation seems to be the perfect way to see if a marriage will work between them and to get the house of Lucian s Aunt Freda cleaned up But soon Kate finds out F [...]

  9. GONZA

    Frances Brody tells of the times when, after the end of World War II, have a woman driving through the countryside in English was a source of wonder, imagine if the same woman began to solve mysteries this time the mystery goes back many years, when the owner of an inn is killed by what looks like the perfect culprit Freda, the aunt of Lucian, however, has witnessed it all and has always claimed that they had blamed the wrong person, who had been an innocent end up on the gallows, but until her [...]

  10. Heather Duff

    It is the time of the year when it is crisp and cold outside I m in Scotland and I just want to cosy up with a cosy mystery So Frances Brody has not disappointed with her Kate Shackleton mysteries.Taking us back to the 1920 s, this novel takes Kate to the Yorkshire dales, her companion is her niece Harriet, who is convalescing from an illness and as she is a fourteen year old girl she has an opinion on everything They are staying in the house of Kate s gentleman friend Lucian, the house did belo [...]

  11. Damaskcat

    Kate Shackleton has been offered the use of a house in the Dales by her friend Lucian Simonson She decides she will take her niece, Harriet there for a short holiday to help her recover from diphtheria Kate decides she will have a holiday from her own investigations as well.Almost on her arrival she is approached by a Mr Wrigglesworth who wants her to investigate a murder which was witnessed by Lucian s Aunt Freda the former owner of the house in which Kate and Harriet are staying Kate s curiosi [...]

  12. Faa

    Something serious might happened between Kate Dr Simonson She was invited by the charming doctor to his hometown for a vacation Kate came with Harriet, as Harriet needs a good rest from the illness she suffered previously at home The two of them lived in Dr Simonson s aunt cottage It was a beautiful house and inside, lies a mystery unsolved Freda, the Aunt died few months back with an unsolved mystery and she lest behind letters for Kate to continue the investigation These had put a strain in he [...]

  13. Julie

    Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with this ARC, but this in no way influences the review that follows.I have not read anything by Frances Brody before but will definitely be reading Kate Shackleton is an amateur detective in the best traditions of Miss Marple and all those who followed In particular she reminds me of the Agatha Christie characters, Tommy and Tuppence This series of novels are set in a similar between the wars era and this one has a real charm to it, in spite of the subje [...]

  14. Kathy Moberg

    Another excellent mystery from Frances Brody I ordered mine from the UK and hope the US publisher prints it here soon for other fans of the Kate Shackleton series I m anxiously awaiting the next one now

  15. Rebecca

    It s 1926, and investigator Kate Shackleton is in need of a holiday, as is her 14 year old niece Harriet, just recovering from a hospital stay They head out from Leeds to a small town in Yorkshire, where Kate s possibly fiance Lucian has a house and is planning to live once his new practice is set up As soon as they get there, though, an old friend of Lucian s aunt the aunt who raised him and had owned the house until her recent death arrives with a mystery for Kate Ten years previously, Flora I [...]

  16. Valerie Andrews

    Small towns harbor big secrets, and tiny Langcliffe seems to have than its share When Kate takes her recuperating niece Harriet to the country, she hopes the girl will get some pink in her cheeks after a bout of diphtheria Kate also hopes to get to know better the handsome doctor who s hinting at a long term relationship What she didn t plan on was a decade old murder mystery, courtesy of the doctor s recently deceased aunt, who was an eyewitness to the murder and who claimed until her death th [...]

  17. Elizabeth

    I m so sad that my grandma has no of these books to lend me.what a series This book was again different from all the others which left it a super refreshing read This time Kate tackled a cold case mystery that led to present day cases as well as cases previously in presented After the last book I was very disappointed that Kate and inspector Wallis love hate relationship wasn t investigated further Instead a Dr was introduced as a love interest who I think had been in an earlier book I haven t [...]

  18. Nese

    This is one of my favorite cozy mystery series that take place at the beginning of the twentieth century, right after WWI, in England What l like about this series is the intricate descriptions of the environment and the way each character is introduced and described during the story to help the reader remember who this person is among thirty some people mentioned without being repetitive As much as I enjoy Frances Brody s writing, I didn t care for the first two thirds of this book since Kate S [...]

  19. Vontel

    I believe I have read previous books in this series This one takes place in a different location, in a small village where renowned amateur sleuth Kate Shakleton has come too have a restful vacation with her 14 year old niece, Harriet, who is recuperating after recovering from Diphtheria Kate s current friend suitor, Dr Simonson, has lent her his late aunt s vacant house, for the two weeks The books seems slow to start, perhaps with the intent to try to recreate the kind of pace that would have [...]

  20. Kathleen

    Kate Shakleton, the private investigator protagonist of this novel, comes to a small village in Yorkshire with her convalescing niece, Harriet, hoping to spend two weeks roaming the hillside, enjoying the quiet, and figuring out her relationship with Dr Lucian Simonson Instead she is asked to investigate a ten year old murder the first day she arrives, and it seems there is another secret or mystery every where she turns Set in 1926, hinting at some of the turbulence in England at the time, the [...]

  21. Squirrel

    Started out great, but didn t sustain that There were too many creepy things going on in this tale, nd to my mind, inappropriate responses to those things from any character The only sound morals in this tale appear to have disappeared with one of the victims In fact, the only reason I might look at another book in the series is hope of the unlikely case where the heroine even acknowledges her own hypocrisy, hounding some murderers, and turning a blind eye to others Not a satisfying read for me. [...]

  22. Judith

    This is the second best, I think, of a well plotted series I especially liked that her niece, Harriet, is a major character in solving the mystery She and her younger brother are both very likeable Children of today will find puzzling though the fact that Harriet has so long a recuperation from an illness and that children as young as their early teens or even younger could cease tending school and were expected to become self sufficient wage earners This difference in children s lives should pr [...]

  23. Susan

    This is my first read from the series and the tale is set in 1926, when Mrs Kate Shackleton takes her niece for a holiday in the village of Langcliffe In the home of her friend Dr Lucien Simonson late aunt, the aunt who ten years previously had witnessed a murder but her testimony was discredited So while investigating Kate uncovers a few secrets.I enjoyed this gentle murder mystery, and found it very easy and descriptive read I liked the main characters, and look forward to start reading the se [...]

  24. Sandy

    Kate Shackleton is a widow of The Great War In 1926 she takes her niece Harriet who is recovering from diphtheria to the Dales in England to recover She has been given a house to stay in for two weeks by a doctor friend who is trying to convince her to marry him While she is there she tries to solve a murder that occurred in 1916 and one that just happened Kate is a woman private detective unheard of at that time.The book is number seven in the series and is compared to Agatha Christie by the cr [...]

  25. D.R. Oestreicher

    It s 1926 and Kate Shackleton has taken her niece Harriet for a holiday in the Yorkshire Dales A Death in the Dales by Frances Brody mixes the idyllic small village atmosphere with murder Murders actually.A delight cozy mystery with enough delight in the British countryside and surprising plot twists.For a bit 1book42day 2017 0

  26. Cheryl

    Freda is a witness to a murder and is racked with guilt that the wrong man was convicted Her nephew is courting amateur sleuth who decides to take a holiday with her niece in the same town as the murder Her niece becomes friends with a local girl whose brother is missing Searching for him leads Kate to the real murderer This book is set in 1920 and is interesting to read the different methods for finding things out.

  27. Nancy Wilson

    Excellent as always and Brody introduced some new and interesting people to Kate s world Kate takes niece Harriet for a two week vacation which turns out to be anything but While there Kate solves 3 different puzzles and rights a couple of wrongs All which turns out to impact her life in unexpected ways, Her dependence of her assistant Mr Sykes and housekeeper Mrs Sugden becomes and evident.

  28. Anna Bergmark

    A Death in the Dales Yes, the sheer rural boredom of this story might cause the demise of a reader or two alright There s nothing cozy about country life in this particular corner of Yorkshire, only dullness and depression There s unlikable and unremarkable characters galore Kate s romance with the good Doctor is definitely soppy And all those children taking up an inordinately large portion of the narrative God help us They bring nothing with them except just that childishness, an immature flat [...]

  29. Kathleen

    Started a bit slow but soon turned into an excellent story with multiple murder threads to be followed along with Kate Shackleton and her able assistants There is an old mystery to be resolved and newer ones, along with a missing farm hand All resolved satisfactorily, if surprising conclusions to some.

  30. Bradley Kjell

    Nice cozy, a little bit sad, but some happy weddings at the end Set in rural 1920s England with lots of period and location color The author has studied the time and location so the local color is authentic but not excessive The plot is engrossing without being complicated Interesting character development.

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