Lily's Law (2020)

Lily's Law Danielle Torella Lily s Law My clients call me Lily Lily Stargazer No I m not a stripper or a street walkerBut I sure as hell like to push it deep I call the shots I take control that s how it goes Don t like it There s the do
  • Title: Lily's Law
  • Author: Danielle Torella
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 460
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Lily's Law Danielle Torella My clients call me Lily Lily Stargazer No I m not a stripper or a street walkerBut I sure as hell like to push it deep.I call the shots, I take control, that s how it goes Don t like it There s the door.Everyone has a dark side, I wear mine proudly Sure I have my secrets and a past, just like everyone else, but only he knows where I come from and he doesn t thinkMy clients call me Lily Lily Stargazer No I m not a stripper or a street walkerBut I sure as hell like to push it deep.I call the shots, I take control, that s how it goes Don t like it There s the door.Everyone has a dark side, I wear mine proudly Sure I have my secrets and a past, just like everyone else, but only he knows where I come from and he doesn t think I belong here Do I But even those who seem to be plain as day, have the darkest sides of all and when the lights go out and the bulb is changed, they can t hide it much longer.I know who I am and I am not everyone s shot of tequila But I sure as hell ain t a fine wine.
Lily's Law Danielle Torella

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    460 Danielle Torella
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One thought on “Lily's Law

  1. YaYa

    Full review afterdarkbooklovers 2015 0 New Author Review Doesn t mean they are freshly new, just new to me What did I enjoy about this story I d like to call this book the perfect example of opposites attract Two people from two completely different worlds The tattoo artists meets the wine maker, business man So was it Insta Love Maybe for the hero because this heroine was not thinking of love at all Her walls are bigger than the Great Wall of China You know how that goes in these types of stori [...]

  2. Katie Monson

    Lily s life started off rough but she slowly has made a name for herself and has become a very successful tattoo artist and even opened her own shop without the help of anyone.Lily is a foul mouthed, strong willed tattoo artist in the shop she owns She is a wild one to say the least, she works, drinks, f ks, sleeps then repeats on a daily basis But something changes in her when she meets Lawson, and she s not sure if she likes it He makes her think and feel differently than she ever has before a [...]

  3. Christy Lutes

    Lily, what can I say about Lily She s a ballbuster, and that s the way she likes it She has a philosophy on life, to live as much of it as she can in the shortest amount of time possible She owns a tattoo shop Her life consists of tattooing, drinking, screwing, rinsing and repeating Butwhat happens when a buttoned down, straight laced, preppy guy bursts into her shop with a bachelor party he happens to be babysitting in tow If you go by looks, there s a world of difference If you take the time t [...]

  4. Maria DeSouza

    This is a book that will change your life when you read it It is than just a romance, it s about getting past the exterior of what someone looks like to get to know the person underneath Lily is a tough girl who likes to party hard and live life There is to her story than meets the eye When this preppy guy walks into her life, the total opposite of everything Lily stands for, her world changes Nothing is how it seems, and this book is beyond anything I have read By far, this is the best thing [...]

  5. Jamie

    ARC kindly given in exchange for an honest review.I had absolutely no idea what to expect when I opened this book.Lily, that whore I swear she s my type of girl She s a badass bitch and I loved her She does what she wants, when she wants and gives no fucks I wanted to be her friend.Life hasn t always been easy for her, hell it s still not, but she takes it by the reins and has one hell of a ride Will one chance encounter with a sexy, straight edge business man put a wrench in her life plan

  6. Three Chicks

    Review by Jen Skewes This is the first book that I have read by this author When I first read the blurb I was very intrigued and needed to find out This is the story of Lily, a tattoo artist with an attitude who has a wall up that is so thick it would take a bulldozer to break it down Lawson is the guy that manages to do that They come from two different worlds He s a business man who grew up with money But you know what they say, opposites attract And this story is the perfect example of how t [...]

  7. Ana

    ARC was kindly given in exchange for an honest review Lily, was her name and I wasn t about to forget that any time soon She is a wild one, I can see that, her black as night hair reminds me of a wild mustang running free You don t tame a woman like her, even when I told her to watch her mouth LawsonThis book is a badass sexy strong girl type of book you will want to read when you re a girl It will make you feel this kind of feeling that you can achieve anything and take over the world.Lily Star [...]

  8. Jennifer

    Where to begin, where to begin First of all, Lily is a bad ass chick She is smart, strong and independent She does who she wants, what she wants, when she wants and makes no apologies for it She likes not having anyone to answer to But you can tell pretty early on that there s a lot to her than meets the eye Under the tough girl persona is a woman who wants what most people want To be accepted To be appreciated To be loved Lawson is the exact opposite of any guy Lily would ever look at He comes [...]

  9. Colleen Oppenheim

    First of all, I have to say that I am so excited that I got the opportunity to read Lily s Law I have admired and purchased Danielle s artwork for years, following her career as it took off I am ashamed to say, however, that Lily s Law is the first book I have read by her That will be remedied shortly Danielle brings a fresh perspective to a genre full of bad boys and good girls Lily is the anti heroine an unapologetic bad girl with a mouth and attitude to match While some readers might be taken [...]

  10. Amy Miller

    Lily is not your typical girl Growing up in a trailer park raised by her grandparents she has made many mistakes Now she owns a tattoo shop and has made a name for herself in Vegas She has resolved herself to working, partying and having casual sex that is until she meets Lawson Lawson is the complete opposite of Lily He is uptight by the book kind of guy and when fate throws them together the seemed to turn each other upside down and inside out Just wow at first I didn t really want to like Lil [...]

  11. Priscilla Garcia

    I was given an ARC by the author in an exchange of a honest review Let me start by saying I loved this book One of the reason is the female lead, she was a badass independent women If you love to read about kick ass female characters, you will love lily Loved the romance, and is rare that I cheer for the good clean cut guy and I did in this book I love how different they seem but deep inside they had in common that we thought Is rare that I love the female character than the guy, it happens to [...]

  12. Stacy

    This is an amazing story and honestly I think it is the BEST one yet I really enjoyed the characters Lily is the main female lead and she is a kickass, badass, kind hearted, lady who isn t going to take crap from no one She thinks she is set in her ways and doesn t want or need love Then she meets Lawson but will he change her mind or is she just to stubborn and set in her ways Lawson is a strong alpha male with a big heart He knows he wants a true love and he doesn t care what their background [...]

  13. Samantha

    Lily s Law is one of those great books that you can t wait for it to end because you want to know what happens , but you also don t ever want it to end because you want to know about their life beyond the book I couldn t put it down.Lily is a wonderfully weird spitfire, who is who she is and isn t sorry about it don t we wish we could all be like that I loved her development and growth and was excited to see her find herself Let s talk about this amazingly patient and loving man Lawson I appreci [...]

  14. Maggie Lugo

    Lily is one tough chick Going thru so much in the town she grew up, she leaves, makes the best of her life, lives day by day without a care in the world Until HE Show s up He s awaken In her something she s not use to, making his way into her crazy world She fights him left and right, but he slowly makes his way to her heart Making bad choices, trying to decide how to move forward, secrets coming out will they overcome it s a beautiful story you don t want to miss A ball busting girl falling in [...]

  15. Kim

    I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review Well at first it started off a little slow for me just couldn t get my mind into the book But I have to say that I stuck with the book and by the 3rd or 4th chapter I was hooked Lily is a strong woman but at the same time kinda weak cause she puts on a brave front but doesn t put up with crap from anyone I really wanted to throat punch Adam one of Lily s workers and playtoy He is an a hat Lawson I love OMG can I have me one of him Book boyfriend [...]

  16. Monique

    First thing I will say is I loved every single word One thing I will say is this book is so different from what is out there in the book world right now it just had me hooked from the start I didn t want it to end I was sad it ended Lily is one freaking bad ass, she is funny and tough Lawson swoon he is a strong alpha male and respectful I loved these characters This is a must read Check it out

  17. Logan Hr

    I was given an arc for an honest review and it did not disappoint I love strong and hard headed heroines and lily was one of them I truly recommend this book and I hope I get a chance to read books from this author

  18. Lheanne Spicer

    OMG, this book is freaking awesome You will have so many emotions while you are reading and you won t be able to put it down once you start Danielle is talented and I can t wait for her next book.

  19. Amber

    Even bad a , foul mouthed, independent women need love too even if they don t know it Lily owns her own hugely successful business She parties hard and answers to no one It s her rules One night is all they get, never Sure, she has a past with fears and a secret she doesn t want to share with anyone, but that only makes her determined to live her live EXACTLY as she wants Her only tie to her past is her grandfather, whom she d do anything for, and a childhood friend that holds the key to her s [...]

  20. Tabitha Holmes

    Amazing read Raw, honest, and different I couldn t wait to get my hands on this book The cover alone had me anxious to read it from the moment I saw it The bright colors mixed with the darkness had me drawn in When I finally did get my hands on this, I began reading right away It was definitely not what I expected Lily has worked her way up from nothing and now owns a successful business in Vegas She has this care free, devil may care attitude She tells it how it is, and what she says goes What [...]

  21. Dina Maio

    This is the first book that I have read by Danielle Torella, but it will definitely not be my last I have been familiar with and own a few of her Pushy Girl Paintings, but have never ventured into her world I am so glad I did When the fourth word of a book is f , you know you are in for a ride And a ride is what Danielle takes us on.I love, love Lily and Law individually, but together they are amazing Lily is the anti heroine She is unapologetic with her one night stands and her tough girl perso [...]

  22. The Literary Vixen

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Lily is living her life the way she wants to She has a successful tattoo shop and is proud of it Work hard but party harder Work, drink, have sex, and repeat There was no one going to tell her how to live her life Lily s life was out of control but she didn t care one bit One day Lawson shows up at her shop He is from money and not her type at all but still something draws her to him Her life isn t the same after that Can two people [...]

  23. Shelby (Book Lovers Have More Fun)

    I m rating this book 3.5 starsFirst off the cover is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING The author designed it herself and there s cute graphics in the book as well I didn t really care for the heroine, Lily so much I just didn t connect with her I did like her better in the end Her characteristics that she was independent and didn t take crap from anybody I enjoyed about her the most Also, it was refreshing that instead a man being a player it was the female Now I really liked the hero, Lawson He was very swee [...]

  24. Gloria

    I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review Oh damn this book didn t disappoint at all Our Lily is a feisty woman with balls of steel I wish I could be just like her This book had me feeling the whole spectrum of emotions I was all over the place, but I loved every last second I hope to see alot from this author.

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