One to Take (2020)

One to Take Tia Louise One to Take A STAND ALONE NOVEL in the One to Hold universe Prepare for strong language panty melting sexy times and heart squeezing angst Readers and older only please Stuart Knight is a wounded Marine tur
  • Title: One to Take
  • Author: Tia Louise
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 492
  • Format: None
One to Take Tia Louise A STAND ALONE NOVEL in the One to Hold universe Prepare for strong language, panty melting sexy times, and heart squeezing angst Readers 18 and older only, please.Stuart Knight is a wounded Marine turned Sexy Cowboy Mariska Heron is the gypsy girl who stole his heart Now they re fighting for their Happily Ever After Life is never simple.Even perfect couples face storA STAND ALONE NOVEL in the One to Hold universe Prepare for strong language, panty melting sexy times, and heart squeezing angst Readers 18 and older only, please.Stuart Knight is a wounded Marine turned Sexy Cowboy Mariska Heron is the gypsy girl who stole his heart Now they re fighting for their Happily Ever After Life is never simple.Even perfect couples face storms.The question is whether our love is strong enough to survive.I believe it is.She told me to leave.If I leave, I take her with me Stuart Knight SexyCowboy BelieveOn Pinterest bit 1IwacnWOn Spotify spoti 1QPSbZR
One to Take Tia Louise

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    Tia Louise

One thought on “One to Take

  1. Lisa

    4 Stars One to Take is the eighth book in Tia Louise s One to Hold series This is also the second book about Stuart and Mariska in this series with One to Leave being the other book specifically about this couple I would highly recommend reading the previous book, as well as the other books in the series, in sequential order as the overall story arcs in each of the books are loosely connected I am a big fan of this series and was definitely excited to see where Tia Louise would take her readers [...]

  2. Pam

    4 believe starsOur sexy cowboy and beautiful gypsy is back, fighting for their true Happily Ever After Stuart Knight is the bossy, dominating, stubborn, and oh so sexy man that Mariska fell in love with She loved him at his worst and gave him the freedom he needed to heal his broken soul Together they are looking to build a home and nothing will stand in his way of giving everything his girl deserves to have All she ever wanted was a family, and Stuart is adamant she continue on getting her degr [...]

  3. Michelle

    ARC provided by the author for an honest review Omg my heart is broken a lil after this What a story it s so good I luvd it from start to finished I hated putting it down I didn t think we would get any of Mariska and Stuart an I m so glad we did I luvd there first book One To Leave it s was brilliant an this is even better Mariska is a free spirit gypsy she never really lets things to her she just gets on with her life she luvs her art but the luv she as for Stuart is even stronger they r livin [...]

  4. Wendy"sThoughts

    4 After The Happily Ever After Stars It s Live How many times have you wondered what many of your favorite characters lives were like after the last page even with a wonderful Epilogue to fill in some of the possibilities we thought of while reading their book Yes, we know they are all fictional characters and do not actually live in our Real Worlds but if an author has done their job in creating fully formed people causing us to buy in, then it isn t unusual for them to live on past the last pa [...]

  5. Michelle

    ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewSo it s no secret that I am a big fan of Tia Louise I absolutely adore and love reading her books And so when I found out that Stuart and Mariska were going to get another book, I was beyond thrilled and couldn t wait to fall in love again with my favorite sexy cowboy and his gypsy loving woman I know this woman in my arms is my home She eases my pain She makes me laugh She s the only pair of arms I want to fall into when I m in need One To [...]

  6. Kelli C ~ Jack Sawyer"s Heart

    4.5 Cowboy High Stars This is book 8 in Tia Louise s One to Hold series While each book is a standalone, I do recommend they be read in order as this author does a fantastic job of creating detailed relationships surrounding the main couple of her books To truly appreciate the now of the read, it is so much better to know the why of the past, especially when she decides to take a seemingly stable couple and twist their road to happiness Stuart Alexander and Mariska Heron.a seemingly perfect matc [...]

  7. MELISSA *Mel Reader*

    4.5 Stars ARC provided by author In One To Take Stuart Knight Mariska Heron are engaged working toward building a life together They are madly in love share an intense connection Mariska is out of school for the summer, so the couple decides to take a vacation to Stuarts family ranch in Great Falls, Montana It s secluded beautiful, and they both love to get away get back to the place they first fell in love.Once they arrive at the ranch, Mariska begins having awful nightmares She worries they co [...]

  8. Tia Louise

    EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT c TLM Productions LLC, 2016We rock together, her soft meeting my hard In all my life, I ve only had this with her I ve been with other women some I remember better than others but it s not about that It s about us, how we complete each other.I touch her, and she moans I kiss that little spot behind her ear, and she shivers She touches me, and my brow feels tight I can t think beyond needing her, possessing her, loving her, protecting her Mariska, I exhale Her slim hands hold my [...]

  9. Sybil aka Lala

    This book can be read as a standalone but is a continuation of Stuart and Mariska s story from One to Take.This is a story about what happens after the HEA Following a couple into a second book often makes their story become stale for me Sometimes I feel as though an author throws in ridiculous twists just to extend the story of two previously loved characters Other times I miss the angst, tension and uncertainty of the couple because the connection has been made So it was with a bit of apprehen [...]

  10. Jacqueline"s Reads

    EXCERPT Stuart Stuart Mariska s desperate plea snaps me from the sudden To Do list scrolling through my brain I focus on her gorgeous sunset eyes now round and filled with tears Why the fuck is she crying My brow clutches.Her sweet voice trembles I know it s not how we planned it, and I know you like to be in charge of everything What the hell Stop My voice is stern I grab her beautiful face and kiss her hard How can she not know how many times I ve pictured this moment I ve lost count of the nu [...]

  11. Shayna

    I feel like I ve fallen in love all over again ONE TO TAKE was an unbelievably heartbreaking and beautiful love story between two characters that have embedded themselves deep within my heart A favorite of the series for sure, we learn that sometimes soulmates have to break before they can come back stronger than ever THIS book will transport readers to a magical place, a place of love and a place of healing Stuart and Mariska loves hard and loves fiercely In their first book, ONE TO LEAVE, Mari [...]

  12. Amy

    Our love has always been a leap of faith, and our connection since those first days so long ago was mysterious and risk It s the most certain thing I ve ever known We re here, we re together, and together, we re home One to Take was such a beautiful read One to Take is told from dual points of view and is the continuation of Stuart and Mariska s story Stuart and Mariska have found their HEA and now they must fight for it One to Take is a heartbreaking and beautiful tale of what happens after HEA [...]

  13. Aleatha Romig

    Love this series Tia Louise has created a fantastic world of characters Though there were heart wrenching partse book made me smile I enjoyed of Stuart s love story

  14. Chrissy

    More Mariska and Stuart Yes Please One to Take is a perfect addition to the One to Hold series by Tia Louise Hot Cowboy Ex Marine CheckDetermined lead female character CheckHeartbreaking story CheckHappily Ever After CheckIt s no secret that I m a huge fan of Tia Louise s writing and this series, so I was ecstatic to get my hands on One To Take and read of Stuart and Mariska Mariska is a free spirit with a gift which makes her unique She usually sees things in peoples futures, and this gift is [...]

  15. Tiffany Willams

    She told me to leave If I leave, I take her with me Oh my gee I ve been eagerly awaiting Stuart and Mariska s continuing storyd I couldn t be happier with the ending These two characters have been through so much together, but they are about to go through hell and back This story made me smile as much as it completely broke my heart I don t want to be troubled by nightmares I don t want to figure out my dreams I want my cowboy to take me away I really love that Tia Louise didn t make Stuart and [...]

  16. Jessica

    One To Take is beautifully tragic and artfully heart warming.I loved every single second of reading this novel It pulled at my heartstrings and caused me to feel every emotion possible I cried, I laughed, then I cried some Mariska is a free spirit that goes wherever life takes her The only thing that she loves than her art is Stuart whom finds peace from his demons when he is at his Uncles ranch Will she agree to move to Montana with him or has she already sacrificed too much Sometimes lovers [...]

  17. L.J (Lisa Jane)

    I wish I had of the original story but it was not completely necessary.Stuart is loving, stubborn and so very protective and will do anything to keep Mariska safe and happy, even if it means giving up what truly makes him happy and keeps him at peace He has suffered a lot in his past and the ranch is his home, his solitude and his life As protective as he is, I did say he is stubborn and this stubbornness makes for some rough patches with the two of them I seriously wanted to smack the stubborn [...]

  18. Chantal

    If you loved Stuart and Mariska in One to Leave you will love them even in this one Just when you think life couldn t getting any better and you have everything you need and want events happen which tear you apart This is what happens to Stuart and Mariska Everything is going so well, they are happier than can be until that dreadful day their world comes crashing down Will they be able to overcome what life has put in their paths Will their love for each other be strong enough I love, love, lov [...]

  19. Tish Delanoy

    An absolutely fantastic story As soon as I started reading I was completely hooked and found it nearly impossible to put it down A very sweet story full of love, tragedy, forgiveness and growth The story was very well written and the characters were so real and lovable I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review

  20. Alexis Noelle

    I loved this story Stuart and Mariska melt right off of the pages and tug at your heartstrings I finished the whole book in one night and was seriously lacking sleep after it Five awesome stars

  21. Kathleen R.

    Title One To TakeAuthor Tia LouiseSeries One To Hold series, Book 8 Publisher TLM ProductionsRelease Date February 19th, 2016Genre s Erotic Romance Page Count 251 pagesHeat Level 5flames out of 5Rating 4stars out of 5Blurb A dream brought them together A nightmare has the ability to tear them apart Shayna Renee s Spicy ReadsStuart Knight is a wounded Marine turned Sexy Cowboy Mariska Heron is the gypsy girl who stole his heart Now they re fighting for their Happily Ever AfterLife is never simple [...]

  22. 1-Click Addict Support Group

    If Tia Louise s goal was to make me cry then, damn it, she succeeded If Tia Louise s goal was to make me smile then she succeeded there, too Laugh Check Swoon Check Want to slap someone DOUBLE check Basically, Ms Louise hit all the right notes with One to Take, and now I am done and the tears have cleared I can say it was one beautiful ride I made a point of meeting Stuart and Mariska in One to Leave first although I can confidently say, this one could be read as a standalone , and after reading [...]

  23. FMR Book Grind

    LEEANN S REVIEW5 STARSThis is a continuation and conclusion to Stuart and Mariska s story It was nothing like I expected It was joyous, sexy, full of promise and heartbreaking all at once.This story literally rips your heart out before putting it back together piece by piece This young couple have so much ahead of them but one freak accident tears their world apart and they are both so caught up in their own grief that they lose sight of the fact they need to support each other and share their s [...]

  24. Erin Lewis

    5.0 star Review One to Take One to Hold 8 by Tia Louise One to Take is book 8 in the One to Hold series and is the continuation of Stuart and Mariska s story.The majority of this story takes place in Montana when Stuart goes back to help his uncle on his ranch It a place of healing for Stuart, the only place he feels is truly home What happens though, when a placer of healing becomes a reminder of pain and loss Stuart and Mariska both need to look deeply into their souls and decide if the love t [...]

  25. Twin Sisters Rockin" Book Reviews

    Overall Rating 4.5 Rockin From the first page of this remarkable novel, a panoramic video unfolds that is so vivid and realistic that you don t realize you are reading Tia Louise creates a narrative that paints a picture with words filled with drama, angst, love and mystery In book eight of her One to Hold series, this talented author shares the life of two very different individuals that meet, fall in love but find the path to true love and happiness is not always easy or expected Marisa and St [...]

  26. Maria

    While this can be read as a standalone I do highly recommend going back and starting the series from the beginning.Stuart and Mariska have had their share of trouble, they should have had their happily ever after right Unfortunately they ve still got some trials and tribulations before they get their HEA.Stuart is an alpha male, asking for help isn t something he enjoys doing but will if it is truly necessary He is inside his head a lot and has a hard time expressing himself, but he is caring wh [...]

  27. Renee Entress from Renee Entress"s Blog

    5 starThe story has laughs, twists and turns, secrets, pain, ton of pleasure, and heartbreak I would recommend reading the below before reading this storyOne to Hold One to Hold, 1 One to Keep One to Hold, 2 One to Protect One to Hold, 3 One to Love One to Hold, 4 One to Leave One to Hold, 5 One to Save One to Hold, 6 Runaway One to Hold, 6.5 One to Chase One to Hold 7 This is of Mariska and Stuart s story Mariska and Stuart are engaged and working their way to being married When Mariska wants [...]

  28. Sultry Steamy Reading

    I received an ARC of this book from TRSOR in exchange for an honest review and as part of the book s blog tour promotions.I love a good cowboy hero When I started reading this book, I was expecting a good contemporary romance where the hero was a sexy cowboy who falls in love with a free spirit I got so much than that I got a book that was emotional, rich, and beautiful I could go as far as say that this might be my favorite in the series.I absolutely enjoyed this story The hero was such a grea [...]

  29. Jen Cothran

    Tia Louise knocked it outta the stables on this one Stuart is ex military and his Mariska is a gypsy student who followed Stuart and fell in love because of a vision And their love story is beautiful and heartbreaking all in one wildly enchanting story The love they have is something extraordinary, all encompassing, and beautiful to witness But when their perfect world comes crashing down in an accidental storm of hooves and misunderstandings, dealing with the ultimate loss, Stuart doesn t know [...]

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