Sea of Stars (2020)

Sea of Stars Amy A. Bartol Kate Rudd Sea of Stars None
  • Title: Sea of Stars
  • Author: Amy A. Bartol Kate Rudd
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Audible Audio
Sea of Stars Amy A. Bartol Kate Rudd None
Sea of Stars Amy A. Bartol Kate Rudd

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    217 Amy A. Bartol Kate Rudd
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One thought on “Sea of Stars

  1. Simge

    UPDATE 12 16 3,5 Stars I have a paper heart and he has written notes all over it I finally got around to reading this, and than two years passed since I read the first book Considering that it was pretty easy to get back into the world, and remember characters and such.First of all, I didn t dislike the story in general, no in fact I m still and always will be impressed by Bartols story writing, still in awe of her ability to create such worlds and write in a way that s deep and easy at the sam [...]

  2. Ashley Marie

    This book probably one of the best sequels I have ever read it definitely surpassed UDS in romance and action and heartbreaking moments and humor haha, oh yes, definitely This book was beautiful and dark and heartbreaking and so well written the cliffhanger of course killed me.but most of the book had me dying anyway I am so sad that I read this all on its release date because I should have savored it Luckily the third book comes out in SEPTEMBER

  3. Steph Sinclair

    Actual rating 1.5 stars The romance isn t too bad in this one if you forget the fact that it s an Insta love romance It has a good amount of cringe worthy moments that ll make you vomit in your mouth, same amount of wish fulfillment wankery and moments of intense eye rolling But this time with sexy times Sex in a bed Sex in a dirt hole Sex against a tree Whoo hoo, sex, baby, yeah _So why did I read it despite disliking the first book Answer The narrator is pretty great and it was free on Kindle [...]

  4. Pam

    4 stars Love is the worstIt sets fire to us just to see who it can kill Kricket s story continues in the arms of the man she loves How can you feel so much for someone that it hurts to think of them ever leaving your side Knowing the inevitable is about to happen, she does what she does best survive Kricket is the definition of strength, honor and truth holding her own against an oasis in a sea of scary As the truth of her past is revealed, she realizes that there is only one person who can save [...]

  5. Sarah

    Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to Publishing and NetGalley Has anybody ever told you that you re irritating No Everybody loves me, This was an okay sequel, but I did find it confusing in places.Kricket seemed to need constant baby sitting in this book, which wasn t quite what I expected It just seemed like she d constantly got someone with her looking after her and trying to keep her safe, and I was surprised that she put up with it The st [...]

  6. Candace

    Picking up where Under Different Stars left off, Kricket is cast into an unfamiliar world of civil wars and forced unions She finds herself to be an object of obsession for many Everyone seems to want to either own her and control her, or to want to eliminate her as a threat It is getting harder and harder to decipher who she should trust and what everyone s motives are.This second book in the series is full of action and adventure Imprisoned and tortured at times, on the run at other times Kric [...]

  7. JAIME

    This book is strange, in that a bunch of stuff goes down but, I got to the end of the book and felt like not a lot happened There wasn t enough feeling in the events to make them seem real And, for me, moments that could have been huge were simplified by Kricket saying something stupid about the sexy way Trey smells and that happened than once I mean, people are dying all around you, and that is what is running through your mind Kricket herself, is one of the worst characters I have ever read S [...]

  8. Jacqueline's Reads

    5 Consume me with Love StarsSea of Stars is the second book of the Kricket series.I love young adult books and I love young adult books with a touch of fantasy, epic love and romance and intense story line.All the reviews are justified and you will be gripping the pages from start to finish and never wanting to let go I did an audio read with this one and it was the BEST way I love the narrator and brilliance audio produces really great books.Sea of Stars picks up where Under Different Stars end [...]

  9. Angela

    THANK YOU AMY BARTOL FOR GETTING ME OUT OF MY READING SLUMP Sea of Stars literally picks up where Under Different Stars left off We are still following Krickets story as she continues to be a fugitive Kricket in this novel much like the first, is still a force to be reckoned with She is still strong and still insanely smart The big difference between book one and two is that this one is over packed with action yes this is a good thing You ll find yourself barely having time to breath with all th [...]

  10. Dana

    Whelpat was a departure from the first book We were left in YA and started off again in the very erotic NA I mean I m no prude, but I like a little meat in my stories than justwell, meat The first half of the book was literally a single drawn out fight scene, and the second half was mostly just Kricket and Trey making out I like romance as much as the next person, but when the story is just a series of love scenes my interest wanes This dramatic shift in story priority didn t sit well with me, [...]

  11. Mlpmom (Book Reviewer)

    4.5 Stars Sea of Stars picks up right where the last ended, with Kricket and the gang hanging low and jumpy at every whisper, creak, or sudden noise, and for good reason, there are people out there that still want her That still believe she belongs to them.When I read the first book last year, it completely surprised me with how much I enjoyed it This isn t typically my go to genre but Kricket, Trey, Jax, and Wayra won me over heart and soul In fact, the boys are what really make this series The [...]

  12. Donna ~ The Romance Cover

    Sea of Stars Kricket 2 by Amy Bartol5 stars If this doesn t work out for us, Kricket, know that I ve loved you from the moment I held you in my arms on Ethar, and every moment in between I will love you even after my final breath I am in total awe of Amy Bartol, every book I read of hers just gets better and better This series needs to be a film, seriously I feel the same about the Premonition series tooAmy has this incredible talent for scene setting, she brings her books to life through words, [...]

  13. Kelly

    Sea of Stars is the second book in the series and I loved it I love the settings the author created with bits of new words and technologies In this book, Alameeda declares war to Rafe and it s getting really dangerous for the characters There was a lot of action and I wasn t bored I liked seing Kricket and Trey together, they make a great couple They love each other and manage to find each other again even in some surprising situations We also learn about Kricket s family and the other priestes [...]

  14. Alaina Meserole

    UGH THAT ENDING THOUGHI still liked this book and this series but Kricket seemed to be serious than her fun and sassy self Maybe that s just me I still hate Kyon so freaking much I AM STILL IN LOVE WITH TREY I will continue to ship Trey and Kricket I don t care what anyone says, they are perfect for each other and a god damn goal of a couple.I have no idea what the third book will be about and I don t want to know until I have it in my hands or on my kindle OR if I freaking find time to read it [...]

  15. Angela

    I received a copy of this book from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I have loved Amy Bartol s books since I began reading the Premonition series way back when However, when I started reading Under Different Stars, I was even enad with her Yes, I love Evie and Reed and the rest of the gang, but there is something about Kricket and Trey and the world of Erath that speaks to my soul Yes, you read right This series affected me differently than the Premonition series I l [...]

  16. Christy LoveOfBooks

    4.5I don t even know exactly what it is about this series that causes the addictive feeling I get while reading it It s weird When I finished Sea of Stars, I immediately went back and reread the last four chapters because I wasn t ready to let go I rarely do that, but I craved .This picks up immediately where Under Different Stars left us War is coming and Kricket is in the middle of it Oh boy, does it go down It s an exciting journey for sure, with twists and secrets abound.I m still in love wi [...]

  17. Jen (The Starry-Eyed Revue)

    Grrrr I hate when I stop paying attention to how much time I have left on the audio and I get caught unawares by a semi cliffy like that.I felt like they were all just playing a sick game of keep away with poor Kricket for the majority of this book Kinda made my head spin how many times she was abducted or almost taken Still, she remains unflappable and never resorts to being a damsel in distress.And I really appreciate that, so far, the romance hasn t gone into that territory, neither with Kric [...]

  18. Vilma Iris

    Sea of Stars is a riveting, romantic, richly imagined fantasy.If you haven t read bestselling author Amy A Bartol yet, you must Her stories consume you Her writing makes you feel Her heroes make your heart race And her heroines are fearless and inspiring.Sea of Stars her second installment in the urban fantasy Kricket series is a riveting romance that thrums to life in the vibrant, imaginative and also perilous world of Ethar It s exciting, action packed, suspenseful and immediately absorbing In [...]

  19. Shelley

    5 Sonic Sayzer Sizzling StarsARC generously provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I must start by saying that five stars just doesn t seem enough for me, if I could I would give this book 10 stars I should also say that I am a huge fan of Amy Bartol s writing, her Premonition series is one of my all time favorites So when she started the Kricket series I was a little nervous because I wasn t sure how she could write characters I loved just as much as her other ones [...]

  20. Katie

    ARC received via NetGalleyThis book is the continuation of Kricket s story I loved the first book in this series and this one did not disappoint Everything I loved about the first book, is in this one as well There is still a strong, captivating storyline This book, compared to the previous, is much action packed which made it very engrossing to read There were also some plot twists that I wasn t expecting You are the brightest star among the Sea of Stars, Kricket During this book, there are so [...]

  21. Stacee

    I just don t have words for this book Rarely do I enjoy a second book than the first, but somehow I think this one has done it Kricket and Trey are fantastic together Trey brings some serious swoons this round and it was hard not to just sit and reread all of the things Jax and Wayra are just as much fun as they were in book 2 Maybe even so because they really care for Kricket, so their interactions have behind them The were a couple of twists I didn t see coming and I was delighted at some o [...]

  22. AiraCabrera

    ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest reviewI loved it This book picks up where Under Different Stars left off Kricket and Trey are finally free to be together, for about a night The next day everything goes to shit The Alameeda declares war against everyone I loved how the book was so action packed There was never a dull moment Kricket, this girl had it hard EVERYONE wanted to capture her and use her She was kind of like the ring that everyone wanted to get a hold of on Lord of th [...]

  23. Emmeline (The Book Herald)

    I received a copy of this book from 47North Publishing via NG in return for an honest review THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING This was this easiest 5 stars that i ve given to a book in a while I didn t question it.I had no need to second guess myself.It s a 5 star for sure Okay I m going to be jumping straight into it and write a rendition of the plot We stand together as a unified force of destiny In this , Our most monumental moment, we teeter upon the precipice of a new dawn the rise of the House of Ala [...]

  24. The Y.A. Bookworm Blogger

    Soooo, book three Where is it I ve been waiting for this book for a long time now and I m so thrilled to have gotten the opportunity to read it a little bit earlier than its release date Amy Bartol has an impressive gift for writing great stories with even greater romancesSo much chemistry and swooniness ebook is littered with highlights everywhere Trey reminded me once again why he s one of my favourite book boyfriends Wowzah Lovey dovey ness aside, Sea of Stars was a solid sequel with tons of [...]

  25. Rebecca Wash

    I liked this one way than book 1 Kyon is still my favorite character He s so complex and he s definitely the most interesting character to me I feel sorry for him because I think he really does have true feelings for Kricket I want youyour beautiful face, your taste, your mouth full of lies, your sad, violet eyes I hate them, but I want them.

  26. Christina

    I did a joint review with one of my co bloggers, Ana You can find our original review of this title here on The Book Hookup SPECIAL NOTE An eARC of this title was provided to both ladies by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review However, that did not influence this review in any way All thoughts, quotes, and opinions will be of this version and not of the published edition Initial Thoughts and Rating Ana 5 OMG, I can t believe she did it again stars Amy Bartol sure can writ [...]

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