Circle (2020)

Circle Jeannie Baker Circle With entrancing collages and lyrical narration the creator of the acclaimed Mirror follows the epic flight of an extraordinary bird Each year bar tailed godwits undertake the longest migration of an
  • Title: Circle
  • Author: Jeannie Baker
  • ISBN: 9780763679668
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Hardcover
Circle Jeannie Baker With entrancing collages and lyrical narration, the creator of the acclaimed Mirror follows the epic flight of an extraordinary bird.Each year, bar tailed godwits undertake the longest migration of any bird, flying from Australia and New Zealand to their breeding grounds in the Arctic and back again They follow invisible pathways pathways that have been followed for thoWith entrancing collages and lyrical narration, the creator of the acclaimed Mirror follows the epic flight of an extraordinary bird.Each year, bar tailed godwits undertake the longest migration of any bird, flying from Australia and New Zealand to their breeding grounds in the Arctic and back again They follow invisible pathways pathways that have been followed for thousands of years while braving hunger and treacherous conditions to reach their destination In Circle, Jeannie Baker follows the godwit s incredible flight, taking us over awe inspiring scenes as the birds spread their wings above such beautiful landmarks as the Great Barrier Reef and China s breathtaking cityscapes.
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    Jeannie Baker

One thought on “Circle

  1. Hilary

    Circle follows the godwit on it s yearly migration from Australia to Alaska, stopping in China and back The illustrations are very interesting, they look like a mixture of collage, textiles, stitch and paint The story is informative and gives you a bird s eye perspective We found this in a new section of our library that is called Picture books for older children Some children may find a page where a chick is taken by a hungry wolf distressing but I appreciate this is a realistic account of the [...]

  2. Dale Harcombe

    Like all Jeanie Baker books, this is stunning From its turquoise, green, grey, orange and white cover all the way through the artwork is brilliant with colour You feel like you could reach out and touch the sea anemones and sea life in their mauve, green and yellow Interesting too that the city scene is much subdued in colour than many of the other pages The journey of the godwit is simply but exquisitely told I particularly liked Alone in an infinity of sky the tiny birds flyOn and one and one [...]

  3. Richie Partington

    There you stood on the edge of your feather,Expecting to fly Neil Young Buffalo Springfield, 1967 In a place where mud and sand become sea,a godwit with white wing patches flies up with his flock.The moment is right for the long journey north CIRCLE by Jeannie Baker is one of the most beautiful science books I have ever seen If I were still in retail bookselling, in addition placing it with children s picture books, I would also display this title in the coffee table book section The artwork and [...]

  4. Tasha

    As a young boy in a wheelchair dreams of flying, a godwit takes off from the beach The bird embarks on a journey from Australia or New Zealand to the Arctic and then back again, performing the longest unbroken migration in the world The reader gets to see the long and arduous flight with only one stop to eat along the way The godwit reaches the Arctic where he attracts a mate and has chicks, but not all of them survive the predators The chick who survives is left behind by his parents to make th [...]

  5. Kathleen Dixon

    Jeannie Baker is an artist who creates collages and her website is a work of art in itself She uses natural materials as much as possible, and so the illustrations in her books show the feathers and the mosses and the twigs, etc I have long enjoyed looking at her picture books, and this latest one is no exception.Her text is also excellent It s simple, but not plain She doesn t try to rhyme there are some authors who really shouldn t but tells the story in a poetical manner.This book is about th [...]

  6. Deborah

    Such a beautiful book I was fortunate to see an exhibition of the preparatory sketches and the final dioramas used to illustrate this gorgeous book, at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne I d always admired Jeannie Baker s books, and do so even now that I ve seen the painstaking creative work that goes into them All her books can be enjoyed on many levels, by people of all ages, from babies through to adults.

  7. Clare Snow

    Oh how I love Jeannie Baker s spectacular collage.This tale of the migration of the bar tailed godwit from Australia to Alaska and back every year is stunning in every way.

  8. Oznasia

    Jeannie Baker has been appropriately named She really is a jeannie us.I have been enjoying Jeannie Baker s books over the years and they keep getting better and better This one has to be one of the most beautiful books I have ever seen and it also carries a very important message that we humans need to take on board before it is too late.

  9. Laura G

    A beautifully illustrated book about the migration of bar tailed godwits from Australia New Zealand to Alaska and back again The collage illustrations are gorgeous I especially love the one of the birds on the second spread of the story I wish there had been details about the birds within the story, but if you read the author s note at the back first, there is plenty of material to discuss e.g Where do the birds start in this book How can you tell What time of year is it What month Be sure to g [...]

  10. Kalynda

    WOW Beautifully illustrated book It was so powerful So moving Literally there was great flow and movement to the bird s journey that you felt part of it What an incredible journey the godwits complete I appreciate the learning and the awareness that this book provides, because we are part of securing their path.

  11. Louise (A Strong Belief in Wicker)

    I already knew quite a bit about godwits and their migration, but Circle is another beautiful book from Jeannie Baker and a lovely way to introduce the wonder of bird migrations to kidstrongbeliefinwicker

  12. Jj

    I usually love Jeannie Baker s books, but this one just fell a bit flat for me The art is amazing as always, but just not as compelling as most of her other work Maybe I need to come back in awhile and give this one another try.

  13. Brenda Kahn

    I really loved the author illustrator s Mirror Home and Window This one is no less lovely spare text describes a godwit s migration from the south to northern breeding grounds and back again The collage illustrations are absolutely gorgeous.

  14. Edward Sullivan

    Stunning collage illustrations and a lyrical narrative tell the story of the extraordinary annual migration of godwits.

  15. Joanne Zienty

    A fictional story that deals with a nonfiction topic the migration of the godwit bird, which undertakes the longest unbroken migration of any animal over 7,000 miles when it flies from its summer nesting grounds in the Arctic Circle of Alaska to its wintering spots in Australia and New Zealand A gentle story told in poetic language that deals with migration, the cycle of life and how humans and other predators affect this natural and ancient cycle Lovely collage illustrations This book would be [...]

  16. Emkoshka

    I had the most unusual reading experience of this book I actually read it in deconstructed form at an exhibition this morning, walking from collage to collage and reading the text beneath It s a lovely story, and as always has an environmental message, reminding us of our interconnectedness It was also such a joy to be able to see up close the intricacy and beauty of Jeannie Baker s fine collage work, which I ve enjoyed since I was a child.

  17. Krissy Neddo

    Love that it s big enough for me to share as a readaloud, but the artwork is best appreciated up close one to one I read and then re read to look closely at art Especially after you read the note about the other migrating creatures in the book Had a bit of trouble finding some Map in back is helpful I plan to share this with third graders since they study major continental areas for SS Going to have them act out a lesson from the Bronx Zoo about bird migration.

  18. HueL

    This is a book made of beautiful collage to tell the story of how godwits migrate The path of migration was told in a poetic way, with a little boy being part of the scene The designing of this character is touching, as the boy sits on a wheelchair At the end of the book, there is even a migration map, showing all the places mentioned in this story Beautiful and touching.

  19. Whole And

    An exquisite migration book on the Bartailed Godwits, a migration route that may very well take the wits of God to accomplish is astonishing Gorgeous illustrations with a dreamy and magical feel A bird and book worth knowing, inspiring humanity In its lifetime the godwit will usually fly fartherthan the distance from the earth to the moon.

  20. Jo Oehrlein

    About the annual migration cycle of the godwits birds from Alaska to Australia New Zealand to China and back to Alaska.

  21. Tess Prente

    I want to critique the handling of disability in this book I am always on the lookout for books that feature characters with disabilities who are just in the books as the fully fledged human beings they are In this book we meet a child who wants to fly In this book this child is shown in a wheelchair Now, a child in a wheelchair whether permanently or temporarily disabled, is no likely to fly than a child without a disability so I was thinking Oh awesome, here is a book about a kid and he just [...]

  22. Bookrapt

    This picture book features the astonishing life of the bar tailed godwit Every winter this bird makes the longest unbroken journey of any animal in the world, travelling from Alaska to New Zealand or Australia The godwit is the star of the book, but it also features other migrating animals Readers will enjoy spotting these in the illustrations Circle shows the impact of human beings on the ecosystems that sustain the godwit as it makes its dangerous journey across the world.Jeannie Baker s trade [...]

  23. Linda

    Others have mentioned this book, and I managed to find it at my library I assume it s considered fiction because it begins with a boy in a wheelchair who, on a beach, wishes he could fly He s watching a flock of godwits arriving The subheading of the title says In its lifetime a godwits will usually fly farther than the distance from the earth to the moon Jeannie Baker, an author illustrator from Australia, tells the story of this amazing traveler, living in Australia and New Zealand in the warm [...]

  24. Alice

    In it s lifetime a godwit will usually fly farther than the distance from the earth to the moon I love love love the illustrations in this Book Not sure of the technique but it looks like real objects Like cloth and other things with texture are used to make the objects.I love that the boy at the beginning is in a wheelchair and by the times the Godwits make their migration, he is on crutches Lots of great details in the pictures It is a non fiction about the Godwits but it has several sub story [...]

  25. Barbara Band

    Stunning book about the flight of a godwit, a bird that travels the longest unbroken journey of any animal in the world, 11,000 km from Alaska to Australia and New Zealand The colours of the sky and sea glow and the double page spreads lend themselves to panoramic views of earth, sea and sky with the gentle curvature of the earth on the horizon adding depth The reader follows its journey as it tries to find a place to rest, feed and raise young in the wetlands, despite the encroachment of man, b [...]

  26. Evan

    Each year, bar tailed godwits undertake the longest unbroken migration of any animal, starting in Australia and New Zealand to their breeding grounds in the Arctic and back again They follow an invisible pathway that they have traveled for thousands of years This lovely book shows their journey, told with simple, short text and expansive and textured illustrations Migrating shorebirds depend on wetlands during their migrations to provide them with food and rest during their long journeys As we c [...]

  27. Sandy Brehl

    Jeannie Baker s skills as an artist and visual storyteller are undisputed In this case her approach to depicting the incredible but true story of the global migrating godwit shorebird includes minimal but lyrical text and a story within the story of a boy, his community, and the interconnectedness of communities around the globe The illustrations are themselves as all absorbing as the godwits migration patterns Children and adults alike will seek out subtle details, speculate on creation techniq [...]

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