Rogue (2020)

Rogue Elsa Jade Rogue The mating moon is full Rafael Villalobos is a werewolf without his wolf The beast is rogue gone hunting without him making Rafe even of a menace to his pack than the wolf hunters who hate them He d
  • Title: Rogue
  • Author: Elsa Jade
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  • Page: 269
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Rogue Elsa Jade The mating moon is full Rafael Villalobos is a werewolf without his wolf The beast is rogue, gone hunting without him, making Rafe even of a menace to his pack than the wolf hunters who hate them He doesn t know what the wolf wants until it leads him straight to the sassy, luscious Darling Rowan Bitten by a rogue wolf that may or may not have been the sexiestThe mating moon is full Rafael Villalobos is a werewolf without his wolf The beast is rogue, gone hunting without him, making Rafe even of a menace to his pack than the wolf hunters who hate them He doesn t know what the wolf wants until it leads him straight to the sassy, luscious Darling Rowan Bitten by a rogue wolf that may or may not have been the sexiest Villalobos boy, Dare knows her quiet days as the county librarian are coming to an end She ll be coming too, if she can just get a certain stubborn man to admit that the simmering heat between them is than the mating moon ________________________________ Join the packs of the Mating Season Wherever that silver light of the mating moon touches, lone male werewolves are seized by the urge to find their mates Join these six packs of growly alpha males with six packs as they seek out the smart, sassy women who are strong enough to claim them forever The Mating Season werewolf shifter novellas are brought to you by six authors following the adventures of six different packs Each novella is the story of a mated pair or trio with their Happily Ever After Enjoy the run
Rogue Elsa Jade

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    269 Elsa Jade
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One thought on “Rogue

  1. Cassandra

    My Thoughts 4 out of 5 Unicorns I really liked it Received the ebook for an honest reviewThe cover is WOW I want to take Rafe home This was my favorite yet Of course I will be collecting the whole set which I hope will be bundled together in the future This is the 3rd book in this novella series Each one is its own story, but they do connect, so I highly recommend reading them all in order so you know who is who and what s going on I really love Elsa s writing style because I m always pulled rig [...]

  2. Sue Zawisa

    Review for Wolves of Angels Rest ROGUEI received this as an ARC for an honest reviewRafael Villalobos is a werewolf whose wolf has gone rogue which is a death sentence for him if his pack finds out He has no one to blame but himself for this because he has always chosen to be a or less lone wolf, not listening when his wolf told him to look for his mate Fear of losing another person close to him has kept him on the fringes of his pack and life Darling Rowan has known Rafe for a very long time, [...]

  3. Pam Louis

    With 2 of the 3 Villalobos men mated there is only one left Rafael Villalobos but his wolf is going rogue Man and wolf no longer communicat But when Darling Rowan is attacked one night bitten by a werewolf he isn t even sure if his wolf bit her or the lone wolf did he only knows he has to do what ever he can to safe her from all danger even if it s himself.Darling Dare has always had a crush on Rafael but he never gave her the time of day.What an action packed parnormal romance I loved it Talk a [...]

  4. Cilicia White

    Wolves of Angel Rest are back and this time we get the rogue wolf, Rafe and Darling AKA Dare Dare goes out one night and is bitten by a wolf What she doesn t know is if Rafe or another wolf bite her Rafe is afraid to let his family know that he is rogue and that he has lost his wolf With Dare s help he tries to find his wolf and to also defeat the Hunter group and the rogue wolf This is a short story with no cliffhangers and with a HEA This is part of an ongoing storyline and it is better to rea [...]

  5. D Thomas

    Rogue Wolves of Angels Rest 3 The Mating Season, 15 by Elsa JadeRafael has lost his wolf, it has gone rogue, instead of the man and wolf being of one being, they are now separate He no longer controls the shifts When Rafael shifts to his wolf, and only when the wolf wants to, he doesn t remember One night he remembers walking out the the Mesa, then the next thing he knows is that he is standing with Darling Rowan by her gate She has been bitten and he doesn t remember doing it.Darling Dare has j [...]

  6. Kristy

    I was given a copy of Rogue by Elsa Jade, in exchange for an honest review.I loved being back inside the lives of the Wolves of Angels Rest, I was lost within the first sentence, quickly devouring the book I loved it, Rogue starts pretty much straight after Joker finished, so I would advise that you read Wolves of Angels Rest series in order Rafael is almost rogue, when he shifts he has no memory of what he s done, he feels it s almost time to leave for the safety of the pack Darling or Dare as [...]

  7. Rose

    A very fantastic and enjoyable read you ll not put it down This review is from Rogue Wolves of Angels Rest 3 Mating Season Collection I was given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for a honest review and have to say that Elsa Jade again does not disappoint This is Book 3 in the Angel Rest Series and part of the Mating Season Pack Series The plot reveal the story of Rafael Villalobos, a rogue wolf, cousin of Kane Alpha of the pack and Darling Rowan the sexy, smart, gutsy librarian and [...]

  8. Netanella

    Another nice addition to the Wolves of Angels Falls series Side note I wasn t too thrilled that I ve seen this cover before on a Laurann Dohner book I ve been noticing and the stock photography that graces so many erotic romance books these days I really wish authors and publishers would make their covers a little unique to the story Typically, I m first attracted to a book by its cover, hate to say, and repeats tend to sour me a little.

  9. Sharon Hatt

    Rafael is a were without his wolf, his wolf is silent and won t work with him The pack is still in danger from the Kingdom Guard, and he is having a hard time avoiding Dare Dare wants Rafe but is frustrated by him at the same time, she thinks she sees him skulking around but it s a black wolf, which bites her Another black wolf shows up and Dare doesn t know who is who Now faced with becoming a werewolf herself Dare wants Rafe for her mate but he is reluctant since he is sure that he will have t [...]

  10. Christine Croke

    This book is great Couldn t put it down Raphael Villalobos believes he is done for His wolf is Rouge and he doesn t think its safe for the pack to have him around any He saves the town librarian Darling or Dare as she is called They fall for each other while battling others that would kill or enslave them all.I can t wait to see what Elsa Jade writes next.I was given this e book by the publisher for the purpose of an honest review My conclusions are my own I was not compensated in any way.

  11. Denise H.

    Very different take on the werewolf Rafe can t control his wolf, in fact he can t find him Usually Man Wolf werewolf Rafe s has abandon him The sexy librarian, Darling, wants Rafe, and has for awhile now She gets bitten on her wrist Is it the rogue or Rafe s wolf There have been attacks on the town by a rogue and Rafe is afraid it s his wolf, and that he needs to be put down to save everyone Deep characters, interesting plot, and super sexiness make this series wonderful Highly recommend ENJOY

  12. Elizabeth/snoopypeach

    Rafe and Dare s story was emotional and full of action The characters were fully developed and the story was perfectly executed Between wolves, an insane werewolf, a black ops evil organization, and the connection of true mates, I couldn t put it down Even at the end I was hoping it wasn t over This HEA is one not to be missed.

  13. Denise Mcnamara

    Dare never believed werewolves existed, until she found out her best friend became one Rafe has lost his wolf and don t want to be around his pack any When Dare is attacked by a wolf Rafe saves her, but is unsure if he is the one that attacked her This is an action packed story full of mystery and suspence Can they survive the mating moon and the hunters I recommend this book

  14. Tammy Sowards-Sanchez

    I received this copy from the Author for an honest review.I loved this book this book talks about how he has lost contact with his wolf and has gone rogue will he let that stop him from finding his mate will his wolf find her first who really attacked her do they figure it out dose she save her an in time

  15. Teresa Stirewalt

    I am hooked on this series The story and plot line runs smoothly, there is just enough danger on the edges to keep my interest without over doing it I can not wait to read the rest of the series and learn what else is going on with the Wolves of Angels Rest.

  16. Sue Riley

    Rogue Wolves of Angels Rest 3 Elsa JadeReviewed by SFF DragonThis series just keeps getting better and better I can t wait for the next one, and, happily, there is a next one I love it Rogue is the third book in the Wolves of Angels Rest series by Elsa Jade as well as the fifteenth book in the multi author Mating Season Collection of short stand alone paranormal romances I was given this copy by the author in exchange for an honest review.Werewolf Raphael Villalobos is a seriously troubled soul [...]

  17. Angela

    Enjoyable story with a completely hot and tortured hero and a brave heroine who is able to take charge and not look back I did wonder at how easily she accepted her turning and moved on to take the next logical step, but I think it was meant to be part of her spunk and ability to roll with the punches It seems that the women in this series are strong and fighters, not damsels in distress There was a good amount of action balanced by the romance and not overdone sex I was intrigued by the blurb [...]

  18. Ingrid Stephanie Jordan

    Title Rogue Mating Season Wolves of Angel Rest Author Elsa Jade Reviewed by Stephanie Jordan Wow this is the 3rd Book in the Wolves Of Angel Rest Series and so far Ms Jade has not let me down this was a phenomenal read.Darling Rowan also known as Dare was the librarian of Angel Rest where she has lived her whole life She was the only human in there town who knew about werewolves She wouldn t tell anyone there secret.Raphael Villalodes was the the oldest of his family, brother and cousin Raphael [...]

  19. Karen

    Rafael Villalobos black wolf is MIA But when a foreign black wolf attacks Darling, the county librarian, Rafe s wolf rises to defend her Dare is bitten by one of the black wolves, but which one The intruder, who then tried to drag her into the woods Or Rafe, who pulled her out of the way as the intruder struck They may never be sure, since Rafe s wolf refuses to talk to him Their only solution to stopping the intruder from completing the forced mating with her is for Rafe to preemptively mate wi [...]

  20. Ana

    I love this series, always so much mystery and suspense, but this one surprisingly had much love and understanding than the rest.Rafael Villalobos is a werewolf that has lost his wolf and he has kept this secret by hiding it with a rough exterior, until Darling She manages to tear into that rough exterior Rafael has dedicated himself to helping rogue were find their way back, but will the librarian help him find his way Again the story of Rafael took me completely by surprise and it was a very [...]

  21. Donna Hokanson

    Finding your wolfSome very interesting turn of events in this story Each book is a self contained story but they do build upon each other and it s much enjoyable to read then in order In this book you have a man and wolf together and yet not A new possibly mating and the King guards with new weapons And let s not forget about the other rouge werewolf that shows up Well written and very entertaining to read this book.

  22. Tara Dorough

    Loved Rafe and Dare s storyThis was my favorite book of the series so far I love Rafe He is so much of the real idea of a hero Dare is willing to fight for her man They are exactly what each other needs to be whole I can t wait for Warrior to be released I hope there are several stories from the Wolves of Angels Rest.

  23. Tammy Nitschke Sokol

    I love this series, and love the wolves of Angel s Rest I think they get better and better as you peel back the layers of the townspeople, and find and depth to them Rage is of of my favorites of the werewolves and I just loved reading about him Just wonderful, and very much worth reading I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  24. Simera

    I m hooked on this series Rafe has lost his wolf and and when he shifts he can t remember what has happened Dare has just recently found out about werewolves and suddenly she has been bitten But who has bitten her Rafe or a stranger Can she win Rafe as her mate before it is to late

  25. Zeinab Dh

    I got this in exchange of an hones review, I must say it was amazing charming sweet and had a little mystery to it I cant wait to read the rest and so many need a book of their own you better start reading it wolves and their mates are an amazing world to dream of

  26. Vickie

    Whoo owwooooFrom Maddie Kane to Leila Bastian to Darling Rafael The wolves of mesa Diablo are exciting and wonderful I have enjoyed the first 3 installments of this series and look forward to reading the rest.

  27. Sandy Catanzarita

    Man this cover is freaking hot the story just as good as the dang cover lol Mrs Jade did it again with another awesome tale but this time with a wolf who seemed to be dying to belong but scared to loose even .

  28. Kaila

    Totally loved this book The characters are amazing and holy crap I love that he was rogue and found himself The characters were amazing and how she stuck up for her mate was even amazing Totally awesome and I am so glad I got to review this one.

  29. Deb Grenier

    Rogue Wolves of Angels Rest 3I really enjoyed this short story The characters and storyline were interesting and different from other shifter stories I ve read I recommend this book especially if you like shifter storylines It s well worth your time to read it.

  30. Natalie

    Rogue Wolves of Angels Rest 3I can t wait to read Warrior I know DARLING S aunt is as sassy as she, is and she is about to take a ride on the wild side Rafe had me worried there for a while, but glad it all worked out

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