One Snowy Night Before Christmas (2020)

One Snowy Night Before Christmas Pamela Fryer Ava Bradley One Snowy Night Before Christmas Jessica Jeffries hates Christmas With all the commercialism stress and chaos there are a lot of people who feel the same way But Jessie has reason than most for hating it She s been robbed dumped
  • Title: One Snowy Night Before Christmas
  • Author: Pamela Fryer Ava Bradley
  • ISBN: 9780988912076
  • Page: 203
  • Format: ebook
One Snowy Night Before Christmas Pamela Fryer Ava Bradley Jessica Jeffries hates Christmas With all the commercialism, stress and chaos, there are a lot of people who feel the same way But Jessie has reason than most for hating it She s been robbed, dumped, caught pneumonia, broken her leg, and this year she ran over Santa Claus with her truck.Tom Dunham s holiday is turning out to be pretty awful Not only is he suddenlyJessica Jeffries hates Christmas With all the commercialism, stress and chaos, there are a lot of people who feel the same way But Jessie has reason than most for hating it She s been robbed, dumped, caught pneumonia, broken her leg, and this year she ran over Santa Claus with her truck.Tom Dunham s holiday is turning out to be pretty awful Not only is he suddenly responsible for a six year old daughter he hasn t seen since infancy, but Amy holds him personally responsible for uprooting her, making it impossible for Santa to find her on Christmas morning.Things go from bad to worse when Tom s car breaks down on a freezing mountain road, but he gets a reprieve when a young woman who looks like a Victoria s Secret model than a tow truck driver comes to his rescue Suddenly things are looking up until she runs over an old man with an eerie resemblance to St Nick.
One Snowy Night Before Christmas Pamela Fryer Ava Bradley

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    203 Pamela Fryer Ava Bradley
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One thought on “One Snowy Night Before Christmas

  1. Krystal

    2.5 stars It wasn t bad but not great either The plot and characters were decent If it was a big longer and maybe Tom and Jessie hooked up a few days rather than just 2 It would have felt real I felt that it was a bit rushed at some points I overall did like the story though

  2. Yvonne

    Jessica Jeffries absolutely hates Christmas She hates everything about it, which is why she volunteers to work on the holiday driving her tow truck and giving her partner the time to spend with his family In the midst of a snowstorm, she s called to pick up a father and his six year old daughter who are stranded when their car breaks down.Tom Dunham is having a horrible year He finds himself suddenly the sole parent of a child he hasn t seen since infancy Amy hates him and fears Santa will never [...]

  3. Christine

    Cute holiday story, butI don t usually bother with shorter stories under 200 pages I gave this one a try simply because I enjoyed Pamela Fryer s other holiday novel, Once Upon a Christmas Carol An attempt at an erotic sex scene fell flat especially in view of the characters very brief acquaintance and not much foundation for a lasting relationship A lot of potential and a reminder to myselfn t bother with those shorter stories appetizers.ick with the main course.

  4. Sherri Hayes

    Since we re in the holiday season, I ve started to work through some of my Christmas themed books This was the first on my list I have to say that overall I was very happy with this story A cute, lighthearted story that had me smiling often.One Snowy Night Before Christmas revolves around Jessie and Tom Jessie hates Christmas All she wants to do is get through the holidays All that changes when, a few days before Christmas, she helps stranded motorist, Tom, and his daughter I downloaded this sto [...]

  5. Beadyjan

    A magical, romantic seasonal story to renew anyones faith in Christmas.Jessica lives in Oregon where she works as a breakdown truck driver despite looking glamorous and dainty she s one tough lady she s had to be life made her that way It also made her loathe Christmas, every Christmas just gets worse and worse, bringing sadness and misery so she volunteers to work through the festive season scouring the icy roads for broken down vehicles.This year she rescues Tom, his Christmas isn t looking to [...]

  6. Trish R.

    Wonderful Christmas readI love stories where someone is kind of grinchy at Christmas and the story revolves around showing that grinch that it s not always such a lousy time of season I did feel so bad for Amy and what she went through with her worthless mother I could see why she was stand offish with her dad, someone she didn t even know Amy was a cute character and took very little time coming around, and Tom was a scared to death single dad that learned very quickly that all he had to do was [...]

  7. Wendy

    Welcome, Oregon is like a storybook Christmas town.And that s unfortunate for 26 year old Jessie who hates Christmas and just hit Santa with her tow truck.It s also unfortunate for Tom whose car just broke down on his way to Portland with a 6 year old daughter he doesn t even know.It s also unfortunate for little Amy, who s suddenly in the care of a father she s never even met before, stuck on the side of the road, cold and miserable, two days before Christmas.Fortunately, their paths collide, b [...]

  8. Lauren

    I loved this cute short story I loved the theme of how blessings can come in disguise even out of what seems at first like a bad circumstance you just need to stop focusing on the bad and look at the good I also related to Jessie in the sense of her ex Mike who as soon as he found out there was a new man in her life he wouldn t leave her alone I had an ex like that lol and I loved the way she told him off

  9. Dawn

    This was exactly the short Christmas story I needed It started off feeling like one of those Hallmark Christmas movies and I was already picturing the actors and then came in the smutty romance It felt like a version of Miracle On 34th Street and I really enjoyed it I also liked that the author based the story in my home state of Oregon Author did a good job painting the vision of a snowy Christmas town.

  10. Julie Powell

    A reasonable read filled with snow and a touch of magic I was surprised at some of the content, as it was a fantasy romance, however, some may like the unexpected intimacy portrayed Written quite well, despite the predictable storyline.I think many would enjoy this story and I did like the lead female character, who seemed realistic, portraying all those insecurities we can all feel at some time or another.Though I don t read romances as a rule, the magic element was charming.

  11. Amy

    Another cute Christmas love story Fun and easy to read I m to looking for profound, life changing stories when I read a book like this I m just looking to spend a little time not thinking about about my own life and its challenges I wanna bask in the glory of happy Christmases and this book did it for me A light, heartwarming read

  12. Mary

    A very nice book for Christmas time She s driving a tow truck to pick up a stranded motorist, little did she know how this would change her life The book was entertaining and a little heartbreaking You ll have read it to find out I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one, it was easy to follow along and light enough to put down if I was needed for something else.

  13. Pamela Devereux

    Christmas miracleJessie has had a rough childhood and Christmas is not her favorite time of the year Enter Tom and his daughter Amy They are stranded and Jessie comes to the rescue Amy has had a rough time but believes in the magic of Christmas A child can make you believe in things It helps that Tom is a sexy dad I had fun reading this book.

  14. ✦⟣Kelly⟢✦

    3.5 stars.A short cute story with a pretty grinch tow truck driver woman who has had bad luck at Christmas time, and a good looking lawyer stranded in the snow with his six year old daughter Some may find this kind of cliche and too short but I found it enjoyable and cute and just the right length It is a nice little feel good Christmas short story.

  15. Merissa (Archaeolibrarian)

    I completely enjoyed this book For someone who doesn t do Christmas it made a nice change to read something from that perspective Although it is a romance and you know it will have a Happy Ever After to it, it did it in a very well written way Really enjoyed the story, the humour and the characters.And ask yourself this what would you do if you ran over Santa

  16. Suze

    Bah humbug, Jessie doesnt like Christmas And with good reason as it turns out Jessie rescues Tom and his daughter Amy from a snowy car crash and then hits a stranger in the road Can Tom, Amy and Santa as Amy ahs dubbed him, thaw out Jessie heart.A warm, cosy read, best served with a roaring fire and a glass of wine

  17. Linda Cairns

    A good Christmas storyA good story about a young woman who has a dislike of Christmas due to a poor child hood As a tow truck driver she picks up a man and his estranged daughter near Christmas then proceeds to knock down Santa.

  18. Jo(Mixed Book Bag)

    This one was free on It turned out to be a really sweet Christmas story I loved both of the main characters and was pulling for them bothe Then there was Santa Claus If you don t believe before the story you will after you finish it.

  19. Karysa Faire

    One Snowy Night Before Christmas was a cute read It got me into the Christmas spirit if Jessie can be a convert, I think that somehow I ll manage as well I m looking forward to reading by this author

  20. Anita

    Take one woman bitter about Christmas, add in one white bearded fella in a red suit, stir in one motorist stranded in a snow storm and you have the makings of a Hallmark type Christmas love story that warms the heart o

  21. Shirley

    I quite enjoyed this short read It had a nice festive theme running through it Just a few typos spotted as I went along, but this did not mar my enjoyment.

  22. Janice McDonald

    Santa in disguise.Very good teen novel questioning the power of faith is good in my opinion, and this is exactly what the book does.

  23. Tiffany Archer

    It wasn t terrible, but I wouldn t recommend it to be the only holiday book you read The story was cheesy and the ending was rushed Good basis, tho.

  24. Staciy Wilson Wilson

    InterestingThis novel takes the reader into the possibility of a belief in Santa A very unusual, if somewhat predictable, story.

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