O Assassinato de Margaret Thatcher (2020)

O Assassinato de Margaret Thatcher Hilary Mantel Beatriz Sequeira O Assassinato de Margaret Thatcher Uma colet nea de contos brilhante e bastante transgressora da autora duas vezes distinguida com o Man Booker Prize com as obras Wolf Hall e o Livro Negro Hilary Mantel uma das escritoras mais aclamada
  • Title: O Assassinato de Margaret Thatcher
  • Author: Hilary Mantel Beatriz Sequeira
  • ISBN: 9789898752444
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Paperback
O Assassinato de Margaret Thatcher Hilary Mantel Beatriz Sequeira Uma colet nea de contos brilhante e bastante transgressora da autora duas vezes distinguida com o Man Booker Prize com as obras Wolf Hall e o Livro Negro Hilary Mantel uma das escritoras mais aclamadas internacionalmente Nestes dez contos revigorantemente subversivos, os seus dons de observa o e caracteriza o elevam se ao mais alto n vel, invocando os dramas tantUma colet nea de contos brilhante e bastante transgressora da autora duas vezes distinguida com o Man Booker Prize com as obras Wolf Hall e o Livro Negro Hilary Mantel uma das escritoras mais aclamadas internacionalmente Nestes dez contos revigorantemente subversivos, os seus dons de observa o e caracteriza o elevam se ao mais alto n vel, invocando os dramas tantas vezes escondidos atr s das fachadas do quotidiano Em V rgula , a crueldade da inf ncia vive se por tr s dos arbustos enfermeiras confrontam se em Harley Street sobre algo mais do que simples problemas profissionais e no conto que d t tulo obra, ficar em casa a aguardar a chegada do canalizador transforma se numa espera amb gua e potencialmente mortal Quer situadas num apartamento claustrof bico na Ar bia Saudita ou numa perigosa estrada de montanha na Gr cia, estas hist rias lan am um olhar sobre os recantos mais sombrios do esp rito humano Plenas do inconfund vel estilo e perspic cia de Hilary Mantel, revelam uma grande escritora no auge do seu talento Hilary Mantel autora de catorze livros, incluindo A Place of Greater Safety, Beyond Black e o livro de mem rias Giving Up the Ghost Os seus dois mais recentes romances, Wolf Hall e a respetiva sequela O Livro Negro venceram ambos o Man Booker Prize uma proeza sem precedentes.
O Assassinato de Margaret Thatcher Hilary Mantel Beatriz Sequeira

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    220 Hilary Mantel Beatriz Sequeira
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  1. Darwin8u

    She lives on the fumes of whiskey and the iron in the blood of her prey The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher, MantelSeriously, anytime I fantasize about writing a book I read a Hilary Mantel novel and become discouraged Reading Mantel is like watching Michael Jordan play basketball or Federer play tennis or back in the day watching Tiger Woods play golf Unless you are born blind or stupid you realize that these people just don t exist on the same field or plane as the rest of humanity No matte [...]

  2. Annet

    In those days, the doorbell didn t ring often, and if it did I would draw back into the body of the house Only at a persistent ring would I creep over the carpets, and make my way to the front door with its spy hole We were big on bolts and shutters, deadlocks and mortises, safety chains and windows that were high and barred Through the spy hole I saw a distraught man in a crumpled silver grey suit thirties, Asian He had dropped back from the door, and was looking about him, at the closed and lo [...]

  3. Cecily

    I read this for a mixture of rather weak reasons 1 I was out for the day and unexpectedly finished the book I had with me, so went to a second hand charity bookshop.2 I didn t want to start a novel, as I had a meaty one waiting at home short stories seemed ideal.3 I relished the shock of my mother when I told her what I was reading.It was a reasonably varied and diverting collection, but I won t be rushing to read another Mantel A couple have dashes of magical realism, and there s a nod to the v [...]

  4. Julie Christine

    The title alone should be enough to give a reader pause not to mention the cover of a headless woman holding a dead rose, an indication that we haven t hopped on the Love Train Hilary Mantel s collection of ten taut and acerbic tales wouldn t be out of place on a dark and stormy night, or at a slumber party where someone holds a flashlight under their chin, illuminating the bones and hollows of their skeleton like a specter of death.These aren t scary stories, but they are haunting, the stuff ad [...]

  5. Trish

    Mantel, eerily observant and wickedly funny, is a strange combination of self conscious fear and lashing wit Faced with her precision, I am reduced to the inarticulate a laugh, a sigh, a whispered outbreath, G ol.Sometimes she uses just a word, an adjective or a verb, that brings a smile, a wince, a world to life At six, the steeple headed Saleem had lost his baby fat, and his movements were tentative, as if his limbs were snappable The story How Shall I Know You speaks directly to my fears An a [...]

  6. Nandakishore Varma

    This started out as a 4 , or perhaps even 5 star book, but dwindled down to three stars in the end.I love Hilary Mantel s writing I found her rather confusing in Wolf Hall, even though the power of narrative could not be denied by the time I read Bring Up the Bodies, I had got attuned to her peculiar way of writing and was enjoying the style Mantel uses the English language in surprising ways and her sentences sometimes move in mysterious ways, though always grammatically correct Similes and idi [...]

  7. Maciek

    Hilary Mantel had written many books, among them two long historical novels which both have won the Booker Prize Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies making her one of the few authors to win the Booker twice, and the only woman to do so I can t speak about them as I haven t read them yet , but when I saw this collection I thought that it was finally time to get acquainted.The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher is Hilary Mantel s second collection of short stories in total and first in eleven years [...]

  8. ·Karen·

    I m not sureI m not sure if a collection of short stories should be quite so dissimilar.I m not sure if, when you give hobgoblins, zombies and vampires a role, whether you can cast them alongside an ornery tale of marital infidelity, does that matter I m not sure if the brilliance of the title story only serves to point out the facile, if disturbing twist in Winter Break I m not sure about a story that has the narrator see her dead father on a train, and believe it really was her dead father pul [...]

  9. Helle

    This is a collection of 11 bleak, unsettling stories which conjure up the atmosphere of Beyond Black and which are completely unlike Hilary Mantel s Cromwell novels There are some interesting moments in this motley crue of stories, especially when we see glimpses of Mantel s trademark biting tongue and sardonic comments, e.g this comment by the 1st person narrator about Margaret Thatcher in the title and best story She sleeps four hours a night She lives on the fumes of whisky and the iron in th [...]

  10. Blair

    Sorry to Disturb 2009 was first published with the telling subtitle A Memoir in the London Review of Books Even without this hint, it s obvious that the story is autobiographical because the protagonist is a writer, and because I already knew this somehow Mantel lived in Saudi Arabia and has previously written a novel based on this period of her life Eight Months on Ghazzah Street The story centres on a persistent local man who knocks on the narrator s door and tries, in various ways, to insinua [...]

  11. Diane S ☔

    Vivid descriptions, wonderful writing and amazing characterizations, make this one of my favorite book of short stories for this year All are good but there is one that sticks in my mind, the ending kind of socked me in the face, had to go back and re read to see if I read it right the first time.Then went and re read the whole story to see if any clues were given along the way The first time the ending kind of snuck up on me, I just love authors that can do that Anyway, not going to tell you th [...]

  12. Maria Espadinha

    A Beleza da TristezaEstes pequenos contos enquadram se lindamente no espectro das cores que comp em o arco ris da tristeza N o obstante, a tristeza n o deixa de ser fonte de beleza Ou nunca conhecer amos os Blues Nem t o pouco os Requiems Nem os soberbos nen faresBem um 3.5 castrado e um conselho comecem pelo fim

  13. Kim

    I m not a regular short story reader, but I ll read anything Hilary Mantel writes She didn t disappoint me with this collection of ten short stories Funny, creepy, sad, surprising while some stories are better than others, all display Mantel s witty, incisive, elegant and seemingly effortless prose If I were a writer, I d want to be just like Hilary Mantel.

  14. Clif Hostetler

    Hilary Mantel is an excellent writer, and my unenthusiastic response to this collection of short stories has to do with my frustration with trying to write a review of ten short stories Do I write ten reviews Some things that many of the stories have in common, but not always, include Woman as main character Poor health of woman Unresolved surprise ending1 Sorry to Disturb is a first person narration of the experiences of a married English expatriate living in Saudi Arabia dealing with unwanted [...]

  15. Abby

    My only acquaintance with Hilary Mantel until now has been via her two wonderful, Booker winning books, Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies While waiting for the final volume in the Cromwell trilogy, why not dip into her un Tudor oeuvre and see what else she can do The ten stories in The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher present a good opportunity Most were written and published over the last five years, one back in the 90s The title story is the most recent and was embargoed before publication d [...]

  16. Susan

    This is a collection of short stories by Hilary Mantel All but the title story has been published before, but it is nice to have them gathered together in a single volume As always, Mantel writes beautifully and draws readers into big themes through the domestic or every day The book begins with Sorry to Disturb, which looks back to her time in Saudi Arabia, basis of her novel, Eight Months on Ghazzah Street This is undoubtedly my favourite story in the collection the strange tale of a knock on [...]

  17. Elaine

    Someone described this book as bringing a gun to a swordfight, and there is something in that Here s Mantel, finally deservedly absurdly famous and universally renowned for constructing an entire culture, world, century in those doorstopper tomes, writing little short stories about the dark,off kilter corners of usually women s and girls lives But don t worry, it works These are great short stories, as perfect in miniature as Cromwell is in Tudor supersize I especially liked Harley Street and th [...]

  18. Jane

    Where I got the book my local library.Ah, the slender volume of literary short stories Such things have become a rarity in traditional publishing, but when the author is a double Man Booker winner there s justification for padding them out with plenty of white space and title pages, choosing the most provocative title for the volume and putting a heavy advertising budget behind it From the back matter I can see they were first published in journals and or best of short story collections I haven [...]

  19. Marialyce

    Having loved one of Ms Mantel s former book, I have to say this group of short stories were disappointing While touching on all sorts of human frailties, they left me feeling a sense of one upmanship in their presentation Suffice to say as well, that the manner of the printing of this book made what a two hundred page rendition, a longer than necessary print In other words I felt as if this was a bit of a rip off for those who purchase this book because of the acclaim the author has received pre [...]

  20. Dianne

    An offbeat collection of short stories, many darkly humorous The main thing here is less the stories although I enjoyed all of them except Terminus it s the glorious writing and her sly, acerbic wit Don t miss this if you enjoy quirky and eccentric short stories and superlative writing.

  21. Shawn Mooney

    As a devotee of Mantel s Cromwell novels, I was disappointed to find these stories utterly unremarkable and uninteresting Only the one about a girl with an eating disorder caused the slightest of visceral flutters.

  22. Book Riot Community

    I m not always one for a short story collection, but this was not a title my bleeding liberal heart could resist picking up I loved Wolf Hall, so I knew I would enjoy the writing in Mantel s collection if nothing else I didn t except the heart rending honesty of the domestic portraits, from a woman struggling with undiagnosed endometriosis to a man struggling with his moment of infidelity The breezily constructed stories are deceptive quick and deliberate, easily consumed but difficult to forget [...]

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