The Vagrant (2020)

The Vagrant PeterNewman The Vagrant The Vagrant is his name He has no other Friendless and alone he walks across a desolate war torn landscape carrying nothing but a kit bag a legendary sword and a baby His purpose is to reach the Sh
  • Title: The Vagrant
  • Author: PeterNewman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Vagrant PeterNewman The Vagrant is his name He has no other Friendless and alone he walks across a desolate, war torn landscape, carrying nothing but a kit bag, a legendary sword and a baby His purpose is to reach the Shining City, last bastion of the human race, and deliver the sword, the only weapon that may make a difference in the ongoing war But the Shining City is far away and the wThe Vagrant is his name He has no other Friendless and alone he walks across a desolate, war torn landscape, carrying nothing but a kit bag, a legendary sword and a baby His purpose is to reach the Shining City, last bastion of the human race, and deliver the sword, the only weapon that may make a difference in the ongoing war But the Shining City is far away and the world is a very dangerous place.
The Vagrant PeterNewman

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One thought on “The Vagrant

  1. Mark Lawrence

    book 3 came out this week If you ve read this one come and vote on how grimdark you think it is mark lawrenceI really enjoyed this book loved may not be too strong a word Best thing I ve read in quite a while.It s an original tale Every review will mention that it focuses on a man our vagrant who doesn t speak, and his co stars are a baby and a goat More importantly, the man s non speaking is backed up by a text that spends no significant amount of time in his head so he remains an enigma, illum [...]

  2. Bookdragon Sean

    This is a very unique book because the protagonist, quite literally, never utters a word I didn t think this would work as a novel and I feared that it would come across as a little silly It did, however, work tremendously, and the result was a protagonist who was somewhat of an enigma His thoughts are impenetrable and his motives are not entirely clear If the plot doesn t provide you with reason to read this, then discovery what drives this mysterious figure certainly will.One bad ass protagoni [...]

  3. Dan Schwent

    A sword wielding mute, a baby, and a goat cross a post apocalyptic landscape, heading for the Shining City But will they reach their destination before the demonic horde on their trail overtakes them After reading about this book on Chuck Wendig s blog, I couldn t wait to dig in However, at the time, Harper Voyager wanted 20 for the e book Since everyone knows that s horseshit, I held off until I found a new hardcover and I m quite pleased with my treeware purchase.The story of the last of the S [...]

  4. Bookwraiths

    Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths.My rating is 3.5 stars.The Vagrant The title itself is intriguing, begging the question how a fantasy story could revolve around such a person But then you begin to read the book, and it all becomes so clear that Peter Newman is channeling equal parts Stephen King s The Gunslinger, Peter Ward s The Warded Man, and McCormac s The Road, as The Vagrant mixes the extraordinary elements of each of those books, creating something spectacularly addictive, which not on [...]

  5. Ivan

    The Vagrant was delightful read.Not perfect but so fresh and unique that it s easy to overlook any potential flaws.Lets start with the cast.We have mute protagonist, baby and the goat Not a talkative bunch but that doesn t stop them from being well developed, even the goat especially the goat.We don t get to see what s going on inside Vagrant s mind, we only get insight into his thoughts based on his reactions and actions.Later odd fellowship is joined by other characters, most episodic and one [...]

  6. Petros Triantafyllou

    The Vagrant is an interesting format, and not one that you see very often, but very well executed, with multi leveled characters exciting action set pieces The writing is solid, well crafted, and in no rush In an alien infected, post apocalyptic world, a mute soldier is called to protect an ancient and powerful sword, and return it to it s rightful owners But, unable to speak, and with no company but a baby and a goat, will he manage to successfully finish his task, or humanity is doomed to peri [...]

  7. seak

    I actually accepted a copy of The Vagrant from the publisher knowing just about nothing about the book The synopsis coupled with an intriguing, if somewhat cliche, cover but wait, a baby sold me alone This doesn t happen all the time and usually when this is all that sells me on a book, I end up about as disappointed as you can get That s why I scour blogs and so regularly I can t trust my gut reaction on these thingsrmally.The Vagrant is a hard book to nail down It involves a mysterious man, th [...]

  8. Bradley

    I wouldn t say this was an endlessly engaging book about a mute, a baby and a goat, but the quality of the writing was such that I was lost in evocation, the magical spell of the text.I was slightly worried that this might have turned into a paint by numbers fantasy with a clever mute with a baby and a goat twist, but no, it actually became a flowing, even lyrical quest of redemption and slow reveals percolating from the past.I mean, demon hoards and intelligent singing swords are pretty awesome [...]

  9. edge of bubble

    I can t say I was in love with this book But, like is such a mild word to describe my affection for it Maybe strong fondness Why does it matter that I find the right word to describe my feelings for it I don t know, it just does.The Vagrant reminded me of Ursula Le Guinn s A Wizard of Earthsea The stories were nothing alike, or the writing But, both are tales of journeys in a fantasy setting Not tales of heroes defeating evil or delivering the world from it s fate, those are just a part of the s [...]

  10. David Sven

    A lone wanderer, wanders across the desertA lone wanderer, and a baby wander across a wastelandA lone wanderer, a baby and a seeing swordwander across a post apocalypticA lone wanderer, a baby, a moaning, seeing sword with wings of course it doesn t see with it s wings and a goat wander acrossA lone Wandering Knight, cloaked in mystery, speechless, travels across an apocalyptic landscape He carries in his possession an artifact pure and powerful Gamma s Sword, a seeing, living weapon of vast pow [...]

  11. Stefan Bach

    Book Vagrant is Miller s Mad Max 2 only without cars Del Torro s Pacific Rimonly without 5 storage high reptiles and it reminds me a bit of Invasion of The Body Snatchers.And in that world roams, without apparent reason nor quest, our main protagonist.Who s mute Ooookay A bit unconventional but for sure writer did stick some blabbermouth as his companion who ll than enoug Nope Main companion of our mute protagonist is a baby Aha Mhm Hmm But we have very amusing goat What Story focuses around mu [...]

  12. Philip

    1.5ish stars.The premise is really cool The dark tone is atmospheric and engaging The sparse prose is pretty and had me entranced for a little while Having said that, my experience reading this was much the same as it was while reading The Road with which I ve found this book has several similarities in style and content but without any of the payoff I eventually became disillusioned with the sparse, pretty prose and, within three or four chapters, found it to be frustratingly detached and inade [...]

  13. Justine

    The Vagrant is a mute knight on a mysterious mission accompanied by a goat and a baby and travelling across a demon infested post apocalyptic wasteland I would actually kind have liked to have been there when Peter Newman made his pitch to his agent because, even aside from the premise, a whole book where the main character never speaks is an interesting idea to say the least.Newman also doesn t provide any insight to the reader by way of the Vagrant s thoughts or inner monologue either, but lea [...]

  14. Matthew

    The Vagrant tells the story of a lone Seraph Knight The Vagrant as he travels across a post demonic and apocalyptic landscape with only a legendary sword and a baby for companionship He must deliver this sword to the Shining City, the last bastion of humanity, if there is to be any hope of defeating the demonic plague But the Shining City is far away, and the blasted lands are a very dangerous place I was lucky enough to be the recipient of an early ARC of the Vagrant many months ago At the time [...]

  15. Olivier Delaye

    Okay, so regarding narration I m usually not a big fan of the passive voice, the present tense, and repeated flashbacks I may be picky here or a bit of a quibbler but these are the things, among others, that really get my goat and yes, there is a goat in the book, as many have mentioned, and she s awesome Now of course there are exceptions Cormac McCarthy s novels and Suzanne Collins Hunger Games trilogy come to mind and drumroll please Peter Newman s The Vagrant is one of them This book is down [...]

  16. Phee

    A new favourite A mute man, a baby and a goat, that was all I had to hear about this book to pick it up This is one that, I think, slips under the radar somewhat People take one look at the synopsis and think that a mute protagonist isn t going to make the reader care about him, his mission or the world he lives in How can you enjoy a character so much when he doesn t speak How can you learn his motive and his emotions It shouldn t work, but my goodness it does work, it works in such a beautiful [...]

  17. Jason

    5 Stars You re confused I know what that s like He did the same to me Harm ignores the Vagrant s silent question, keeps his focus on the giant Usurperkin I used to live in Verdigris but I left that life behind to follow a rogue Seraph and his baby When I stop to think about it, I realize it s madness but I don t care This new life is many things but it s not poison After my reread a year later, my thoughts have not changed.I loved The Vagrant by Peter Newman This book deserves full marks because [...]

  18. ScottHitchcock

    A great world where fantasy, sci fi, urban and dystopian are all blended together I think the people who would love this book the best are gamers It read like an epic quest combining demons, half breeds that have been corrupted by a demonic pandemic, magic, modern artillery The writer s style did seem choppy at first and I can see why it would put people off I identified what it was and actually came to like it He would form a sentence like The knight commander walked down the street, cold, eyes [...]

  19. K.S.

    Not every day do I read a book that, in my mind, hits all the right spots.The sparse prose won t be everyone s cup of tea It flows well, relaying the dystopian atmosphere of the world perfectly, but it requires you to pay attention The POV borders on omniscientyou even get a couple from the goat, which made me grin I thought it was neat, something a little different, and for me it works well for the story this book is trying to tell Don t read it for the plot Read it for the rich detail of the w [...]

  20. Chloe

    I was so excited about this book, but it turns out, it s just not for me The concept, and the way the post apocalyptic world is painted, is really cool I wanted to love it, but the writing style simply had me incredibly detached and basically bored, the same way that The Road did If you loved that book, you ll probably love this one, too The style just didn t work for me and I had no enthusiasm for the story or the main character, whose head you never actually get into at all It s interesting ho [...]

  21. Liam Degnan

    2.5 stars.This book was a HUGE mixed bag for me, because a lot of the elements were so good, but other elements were just plain boring and not very well presented at all It reminded me an awful lot of The Road, but again, certain elements I enjoyed than The Road, other elements fell completely flat This book brings us into a world where the sun has literally been split in two Two smaller suns now orbit each other, one red, and one white I m not sure how this happened, but it did There was some [...]

  22. Terence

    A silent warrior sets out on a dangerous path to reach the Shining City All he carries with him is a baby, a powerful sword, and whatever meager supplies he has accumulated Many tainted beings are searching to destroy the sword and only the man, The Vagrant, is able to protect and wield the divine weapon.The Vagrant is a hard story to get into First of all the title character doesn t speak On top of that there is no internal dialogue that helps guide the story Information is gathered from other [...]

  23. Jokoloyo

    Tried but not for me borrowed the term from Liviu.After finished this novel, I see it as a first novel of a series, it reminds me of Jim Butcher s Storm Front But I like Storm Front better than this novel.I don t mind unfinished plots or slightly growing main characters But the perfect character is it called Gary Stu of the main protagonist is not for me If the main protagonist is not a mute, he is a perfect super hero knight defender of love and justice The Baby and The Goat characters can easi [...]

  24. The Shayne-Train

    DNF at 36% The idea is great, the writing is decent, and the concept of a mute, a baby, and a goat go on a pilgrimage across a dsytopian landscape wracked by demonic wars is incredible But I can t do it I just don t care enough about the peepz or the world to keep slogging through.If n yer gonna make a nameless mute be your third person protagonist, he s gonna hafta be about 20% cooler.

  25. Daniel

    Neocekivano humana prica o propasti sveta i pokusaju prezivljavanja sa glavnim junakom koji ne progovra ni rec.Samim tim sama naracija je dosta drugacija nego sto je standard kompletno u trecem licu Nekom to ume da smeta ali licno sam se brzo navikao a taman je fino posluzilo da poveca misteriju koja oktuzuje glavnog lika.Sam svet u kom se sve desava je surov, groteskan i provlaci se osecaj melahonije i cinjenice da je vecina ljudi na rubu predaje odnosno sve manje ima nadu u bolje sutra.Likovi [...]

  26. Laura

    2.5 starsA silent knight with a mythical sword, a baby and a goat on a quest to reach a Shining City Enough to guarantee the perfect story right And it really is I loved the Vagrant with his silence and good deeds I loved his relationship with the little baby and the baby itself was absolutely charming The winged sword is amazing And don t let me start on the goat because she is simply brilliant A stroke of genius The landscape through which the trio is travelling is dark and dangerous and they [...]

  27. Kaitlin

    This is a very unique read, and it s a series I have been wanting to start for quite a long time, but I came away from the book still feeling a bit confused, and although I liked the mystery, I wanted explanations We re following a main character called The Vagrant as he carries a baby and leads a goat through the hostile lands which hunt him The Vagrant is a mute character, never speaking for the whole story, but managing to express his feelings to those who are perceptive through expression a [...]

  28. Mieneke

    Peter Newman s debut novel The Vagrant was one of my most anticipated books for the first half of the year Already familiar with his work on the Tea and Jeopardy podcast, I was looking forward to seeing what he would do with a longer fictional work When the cover was released and I spotted that baby on it, along with the blurb, I was hooked, I had to read this book After a bit of a cold start The Vagrant made for very compelling reading I m not sure whether the cold start was due to the shift be [...]

  29. Joel

    Full review with fancy pictures at totalinabilitytoconnect.wordpSometimes I feel like a bit of a broken record, particularly when I say things such as This book is really hard to describe However, I can t recall a book that was difficult to peg down than The Vagrant was The novel is a quest centric storyline, and one that is presented in a format that seems to be becoming and prominent a main story, with interjecting flashbacks In the case of this book, the flashbacks begin at a time in the p [...]

  30. Mike (the Paladin)

    This is another that I d call a slightly odd book It doesn t fit neatly into any particular and recognizable sub genre With a taste of the post apocalyptic yet also the feel of taking place in a totally different world than our own we get that introduction to a totally new place feeling Sorry for those of you who hate it when quotes are used that way I m simply using them as I m sure the new place reference has been used this way elsewhere.The Vagrant is apparently a mute traveler who seems as w [...]

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