A Hot Glue Gun Mess: Funny Stories, Pretty DIY Projects (2020)

A Hot Glue Gun Mess: Funny Stories, Pretty DIY Projects Mr. Kate A Hot Glue Gun Mess Funny Stories Pretty DIY Projects In this beautiful paperback edition featuring French flaps hugely popular lifestyle blogger YouTube star and designer Mr Kate Kate Albrecht offers a stunning collection of step by step personal sty
  • Title: A Hot Glue Gun Mess: Funny Stories, Pretty DIY Projects
  • Author: Mr. Kate
  • ISBN: 9780062346612
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Paperback
A Hot Glue Gun Mess: Funny Stories, Pretty DIY Projects Mr. Kate In this beautiful paperback edition featuring French flaps, hugely popular lifestyle blogger, YouTube star, and designer Mr Kate Kate Albrecht offers a stunning collection of step by step personal style and home projects woven in with quirkily hilarious stories and anecdotes.Do you dream of finding ways to infuse do it yourself projects into every aspect of your life anIn this beautiful paperback edition featuring French flaps, hugely popular lifestyle blogger, YouTube star, and designer Mr Kate Kate Albrecht offers a stunning collection of step by step personal style and home projects woven in with quirkily hilarious stories and anecdotes.Do you dream of finding ways to infuse do it yourself projects into every aspect of your life and have fun doing it From the quirky personality behind the Mr Kate brand comes a not so average DIY lifestyle book that will make your dreams of creating unique how to projects become reality.Filled with 50 unique and approachable projects, along with hysterical, unfiltered stories from Mr Kate s crazy life, A Hot Glue Gun Mess will show how life can inspire art Growing up with a high powered Hollywood father and an oddball, down to earth mother, Kate Albrecht had a childhood that was anything but normal From how her first period influenced her to become an artist to how her friendship with a high priced hooker encouraged DIY beauty products, Mr Kate s stories are weird, wonderful, personal, inspiring, and downright hilarious.Her love of self expression inspired Mr Kate to create her own DIY life and a social media platform to connect with young women everywhere Her projects involve style, home design, and beauty, including DIY nail art techniques, upcycled projects for your old jeans, and watercolor curtains You don t have to be a seamstress, metalsmith, or expert at anything to enjoy these projects, all of which are doable in under two hours and require a minimal number of supplies Now you, too, can become a DIY diva
A Hot Glue Gun Mess: Funny Stories, Pretty DIY Projects Mr. Kate

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One thought on “A Hot Glue Gun Mess: Funny Stories, Pretty DIY Projects

  1. Bunny

    This is a very fun set up for a memoir Each chapter tells a relatively short, well explained story, and then follows it up with a not always related crafts project The crafts projects are fairly easy, and occasionally hilarious I do kind of want to get plastic geckos and glue them onto the backs of a pair of high heels.Kate is funny Her stories have flavor, and sass She sometimes gets too crass, which for anyone who knows me, you know it takes a lot for me to say anything is too much But some of [...]

  2. Sam Stiger

    I don t usually give negative reviews Who am I to judge However um this book is a mess It really takes a lot for me to to say, I really can t handle this book, and put it down I think the main problem is that on the surface, it looks like a DIY book That s some misinformation I think if the book were called, My messy life humping, sex, and coming of age, then maybe I wouldn t have been so shocked I know that there is a little disclaimer in the front warning us that there is some sex, but serious [...]

  3. Inge

    Some of the projects are cute, but they don t have detailed enough instructions or pictures.Some of her anecdotes are amusing, but mostly she s a skinny, rich, blonde, white brat which is only funny for so long.Also, can we not with the white girls in feathered headdresses and the use of the word tranny I know I KNOW She s so edgy and I just don t get her like y all do Snooze.

  4. Susan

    Chapter 29 Keeping Up with the Kardashians There s nothing rich people love than owning horses I mean, you can t put an Hermes saddle on a hamster When I was a preteen, we moved to Hidden Hills, a gated community outside of Los Angeles where every other household had horses in the backyard Our close neighbors were the Kardashians who didn t have horses in their yard, but their asses were the size of a small pony s , and in true Keeping Up with the Kardashians form, my parents decided it was a g [...]

  5. Heather Finley

    Wish I could give this stars Easily one of my favorite autobiographies Hearing her stories of being a rich kid were insanely interesting and just made me in awe of the way the other half lives But on the other hand, her other stories were so hilarious and relatable I loved the sex, cat, and body stories The crafts were fun too Absolutely would recommend to anyone wanting a fun book to laugh their way through.

  6. Abigail Woodruff

    Those short stories were fabulous and I can t wait to craft I hate all these reviews just saying that she was a spoiled rich kid She obviously lived a high life but she didn t choose it and I think her stories that she got out of her childhood were unique and fun I am a huge Mr Kate fan and this book just made me love her even .

  7. Ella Bianchi

    I wasn t really a fan of this There weren t detailed enough pictures or instructions for any of the crafts, therefore they were hard to follow or do too much of any extent This was a funny set up for a memoir like this, but not really funny in a good way Overall, it was kind of okay, but I mean, I personally would not recommend it.

  8. Barbi Faye (The Book Fae)

    Mr Kate is a lifestyle blogger, a killer interior designer for the most famous of the YouTube set, and a DIY diva of stellar proportions She did the interior design on the bedroom and office of my favorite famous YouTuber, Lilly Singh aka Superwoman , earlier this year I was stoked to see I was going to meet Lilly later, in person, in April Me, I am such a huge fan of Mr Kate, my nickname for her is the Queen of Schmall SCHMALL is a word her and hubby, Joey, have made up to fondly poke fun at he [...]

  9. Summer

    This book happened across my desk and I was in the mood for something funny so I picked it up It was hilarious I would have read it all in one sitting if time allowed, because I never wanted to put it down I m not particularly crafty Her DIY projects were of a gimmick than anything else, imho Crafty people would be disappointed in the pedestrian nature of most of them Her style is very O, wow, that looks interesting not at all, hey, let me actually try that at home Except for the nail art I mea [...]

  10. Carol Evans

    Maybe I m too old or maybe I m just not cool enough, but A Hot Glue Gun Mess didn t really inspire me There are a couple of cute projects that I may try, like the heels with bows or the mercury glass vase, but I really don t need a feather crown or pom pom cushion The photos are all well done and the layout is nice It s kind of a memoir meets DIY book The book is full of short stories from Kate s privileged life, each followed by a craft project that may or may not be related Most of her stories [...]

  11. Alexandra Fox

    I just read this book in one afternoon It s entertaining, clever, funny, irreverent, artistic, real, and fabulous I loved reading the stories and appreciate the candor in which Kate invites the reader into her world Her honesty, humor and love with all it frustration, laughter, beauty, and poo in bags for her family, friends, and husbbbbeeennnn is inspiring.The DIY projects are beautifully displayed as well as unique I want to try them all And wear them around town and re do my house This book i [...]

  12. Michelle Tyler

    I m so excited to read this book I ve been following Mr Kate s blog and have been a huge fan of her fun DIY projects and her beautiful jewelry line for a few years Now, she s written a book Her blog posts are always cute, funny and full of awesome OOTD, DIY and beauty ideas so I m sure her book will be even better I can never get enough of Mr Kate so I m really excited to DEVOUR her book figuratively speaking and be inspired to do a few DIY projects she has featured in her book And I m excited t [...]

  13. Sasha Kron

    Receiving this book next week cannot wait to read it Mr Kate is one of my favorite YouTube Personalities that creates amazing works of art is seriously, the most fun loving interior designer EVER If you are a huge fan of DIY projects having a fun laugh read along the way, this book is going to be perfect for you I ll be sure to update my review once I have the amazing copy in my hands have read it all the way through

  14. J.J. Landis

    I don t do DIY but I read this because her husband Joey is my cousin s son and because I love memoirs She s a riot There is a lot of name dropping, which might bother some, but I enjoy such stories about things I will never experience myself.

  15. Laura

    It went between really disliking the author, and thinking she was decently funny There was only one project of the crafty section I would do and I am an avid crafter.

  16. Kyera

    This is not the usual book that I read, but I was intrigued when I heard about it I ve watched Mr Kate s YouTube channel and she has some cool DIY projects decorating tips The structure of the book is not uncommon, as she tells a short story and then breaks it up with photos except in this book, the photos are a DIY project that you can do There are 50 different stories and accompanying projects While the DIY s are meant to relate to the story that Mr Kate just finished telling, they re generall [...]

  17. Dora

    Rude, crude, and gluedI like craft books and that is my only excuse for picking up this book The crafts were not that great and the stories that the author shared had me feeling uncomfortable like when someone over shares I do not feel that I am the target audience for this book However, if you are an over privileged, under disciplined name dropper with a penchant for glue guns, knock yourself out.

  18. Danielle Merjano

    This book was half short stories and half DIY projects I ve been watching Mr.Kate s channel on YouTube and I really enjoyed and still do like those videos This book just gave me an entirely different view of her that I did not like, from her videos you don t realize she grew up absurdly privileged and is very crude I also felt the DIY projects were lacking, one was literally hot gluing hair barrettes on a jean jacket no thanks I will still watch her videos though.

  19. Lacey Conrad

    She gives fair warning about the content, so don t be shocked when she actually talks about bathroom humor and the like I find her hilarious and adorable and I love almost everything she does It s really about her life than the DIYs, so if that s what you re reading it for then just go to her youtube channel.

  20. Verity

    2 stars for the suggested projects which consist of glue gun chic that isn t really my cup of tea and 4 stars for the ridiculously outrageous and devilishly funny memoir if you can get over the privileged poor little rich Valley shtick.

  21. Tina

    There is some fun and funny stuff inside this sticky mess Definitely in a class of its own with insights into a childhood many of us could barely imagine.Quirky, cute, care free and out there with plenty of attitude.

  22. Rosie

    I m a big fan of Kate and her glorious interior design style Reading this was a lighthearted adventure in Hollywood.

  23. Cheryl

    Funny, witty, and wise, Mr Kate is a strong, confident, empowered role model with a unique voice and stories for days The DIY projects are inspirational and easily accomplished I can t wait to try my own I love Mr Kate

  24. Michelle

    I can t believe I actually finished this book It was different and I m very embarrassed for the author

  25. Courtney

    I got this book through inter library loan, probably because it featured crafts and supposedly humorous memoir vignettes Sure, the crafts were cute, if not exactly practical, but what I really want to get critical about are the prose bits I suppose I should start by saying that I had no idea who Mr Kate was prior to picking up this book After reading a few of her stories, I started wondering about her background As it turns out, she comes from an extremely wealthy family, which explains the fanc [...]

  26. Erin

    Would be stars but the author hit a few sour notes with me towards the end I read the memoir parts, I did not do the crafts.

  27. Alexia561

    While I m not what you d call a crafty person, I do have aspirations of craftiness Unfortunately, they don t really extend beyond pinning projects on Pinterest After reading the synopsis of this book, I had high hopes that I could finally unleash my inner Craft Goddess Sadly, she remains leashed for the moment as none of Mr Kate s projects really appealed to me I do want to try her nail polish suggestions, but that s about it At least I have a fun new blog to follow Most of the projects in this [...]

  28. Kimmy

    Meh I went into this knowing nothing about the author and I have to say, I was unimpressed The DIYs were cute but pretty ordinary for the most part nothing I haven t seen on pinterest before and the stories that were sprinkled in with the DIY projects were, well, average See, here s the thing about memoirs I personally feel that they should be written by people that have done something exceptional in their lifetime Like they ve overcome some great challenge or changed the world in some way And M [...]

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