Chameleon (2020)

Chameleon Ellen Hopkins Chameleon Focuses on a teen who has to come to terms with the fact that her ex military father abducted her when she was a very small child though she thought her mother had abandoned her she had been searchin
  • Title: Chameleon
  • Author: Ellen Hopkins
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  • Page: 165
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Chameleon Ellen Hopkins Focuses on a teen who has to come to terms with the fact that her ex military father abducted her when she was a very small child though she thought her mother had abandoned her, she had been searching for her the whole time.
Chameleon Ellen Hopkins

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    165 Ellen Hopkins
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One thought on “Chameleon

  1. Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ Martin

    I love Ellen Hopkins and her books but this one was just okay to me It s still written in her beautiful verse that I love but I felt like it was too long Yes, her books are long but there were things I didn t really care to read about and it went on and on before things started to fall into place I did love most of the characters and I felt so bad for Ariel, the way her dad treated her I mean here she is at seventeen still begging him to let her get her driver s license and he doesn t want her g [...]

  2. Elise (TheBookishActress)

    DNF at page 306 and I almost feel bad because this book had some good elements, but on the other hand, I feel like lighting this book on fire ELISE IS AN IDIOT WHO KEPT HOPING HOPKINS WOULD GET LESS BIPHOBIC PART Ido you know how much i regret every life choice i ve made a lotSo here s a story about me and Ellen Hopkins The first Hopkins work I ever read was the Tricks duology, which I absolutely loved It was a harsh read, but seeing the characters work through these situations was emotionally c [...]

  3. Amy

    Star Rating 2.5 3 Ehh Not my favorite Ellen Hopkins novel Ariel is one of the worst protagonists Ever She is just soo dumb and absurdly selfish view spoiler I get she s trying to figure out your sexuality, but playing with the girl she reportedly loves emotions is not okay And not calling the cops when you clearly have a concusion Come on And why is everyone letting her make decisions She s an idiot hide spoiler I ve always liked Ellen Hopkin s books because the stories and the characters are pl [...]

  4. Maria (Big City Bookworm)

    Disclaimer I was provided with an ARC of The You I ve Never Known by Ellen Hopkins through Simon and Schuster Canada in exchange for an honest review This does not influence my opinion or rating in any way Ellen Hopkins has been at the top of my favourite authors list probably since about the time I was in grade 9 Which would be about 12 years ago now okay, before I go through an existential crisis, you should know that I was beyond excited when I found out that Ellen Hopkins had a new novel tha [...]

  5. Jess

    Originally, I was enjoying this However, it started to drag on and feel like nothing was really happening I found myself skipping parts because it was really adding to the story line Everything became so predictable that it wasn t enjoyable Yes, there were a couple twists, but most of the supposed plot twists were very easy to spot from miles away.

  6. Brooke

    I ve been reading Hopkins since I discovered CRANK back in middle school years ago I loved the way she could pack powerful, raw punches to your gut while writing so beautifully I became fond of her signature gritty ways found myself always looking forward to the release of her newest addition Unfortunately, this wasn t her best work It s clear that this one is personal she says so in the author s note which is why I feel guilty giving such a low rating but it really doesn t compare to her earlie [...]

  7. Book Riot Community

    Using both verse and prose, Hopkins yells the story of Ariel, a seventeen year old ready to start a life on her own, and Maya, a pregnant teen running from an abusive mother Ariel and Maya s lives collide when Ariel s estranged mother shows up, claiming Ariel was kidnapped by her father when she was a toddler Hopkins delivers an intense story of two girls in search of truth and redemption while seeking to create their own lives.Backlist bump Ask Me How I Got Here by Christine HeppermannTune in t [...]

  8. Jill

    This book was a pleasant surprise Having never read a book by Ellen Hopkins before, I wasn t sure what to expect going into it I ve heard so much about how she writes stories that shock people and that deal with pretty controversial issues I ve also never read a book made up mostly of verse, so that was also a unique experience Overall, I found myself being completely sucked into the story Ariel Pearson is a girl who struggles with her sexuality She s not entirely sure whether she straight, bi, [...]

  9. Rose

    Quick review for a quick read As per usual, Ellen Hopkins works tend to feel like I ve ran a sheer emotional gauntlet The experience leaves me winded in the aftermath in a good way How does someone describe the whirlwind that is this novel It s hard not to be drawn into it because you get so connected to the emotional journeys of the character within, how complex and complicated they are, and even hoping that in the end things turn out the best I ll admit I saw the twists in the relationship bet [...]

  10. Emerald

    The Dream I fight my way out of is tinted green Not dark like evergreen but the hue of summer leaves Overall Thoughts Let me start by saying I am a huge Ellen Hopkins fan I ve read every single one of her other books and freaking loved them So when I heard about this one coming out I was so excited to get my hands on it cause it s been awhile since one her books has been new to me This book held the same rawness and beauty that all of Ellen Hopkins others book have but for me personally, it has [...]

  11. Jacquelyn

    Actual Rating 4.5 starsThis is probably my new favorite book written by Ellen Hopkins It touched on so many different subjects and the relationships of the characters, the family dynamics, the letters, etc were all so real and raw I really liked how the majority of this book was written in verse but there were letters and some things at the end that were written in prose I absolutely loved this book and was so surprised finding out that Ellen Hopkins was inspired to write this book from her own [...]

  12. Elise (TheBookishActress)

    Wait this is the same premise as The You I ve Never Known I m pretty sure they re the same terrible book someone merge them

  13. LunaticBookLover

    After reading the Crank series by Ellen Hopkins, and absolutely loving that series, I have to say I was VERY disappointed in this book This book follows Maya and Ariel, two very different girls, living two somewhat similar lives And true to Hopkin s style, they are connected in someway Maya is a girl trying to escape her abusive mother, who is a devoted Scientologist, and you want to know how she escapes By meeting a solider that is quite older than her, and, unexpectedly, getting pregnant in th [...]

  14. AbigailHaleigh

    When I first finished this book I immediately wanted to give it 5 stars and then move along But I decided to sit back on this one for a bit, and I m glad that I did I m giving this book a 3.5 out of 5 stars, and here s why For many reasons I absolutely adored this book 1 The twist with Maya and Ariel great I really didn t start catching on until halfway through the book 2 Monica and Ariel s relationship Ariel coming to the understanding that closeness, feeling safe, and being loved is what reall [...]

  15. Bonnie

    My rating 2.5 of 5 starsNot one personon this planet cares about you.No one but Daddy, who loves you than anything in the whole wideworld, and would lay down his lifefor you You remember that, hear me I heard those words too oftenin any number of combinationsAlmost always they came floatingin a fog of alcohol and tobacco.Arielle has only ever known her dad from an early age Dependable yet temperamental, he s taken care of her for years on his own Bounced from house to house and different woman t [...]

  16. Julia

    3.25 out of 5 starsAnother Hopkins book has shocked me yet again In this novel we follow Ariel, who lives with her father as her mother had run off when she was a child We also follow Maya who gets pregnant as a teen and undergoes many challenges and obstacles along the way This book is written in verse as well as just a normal book as the point of views switch The story took awhile to kick off Its slower paced but picked up around page 150 or so This book is diverse in many aspects as Ariel is [...]

  17. Elizabeth☮

    This book is written largely in verse It tells the story of Ariel who lives with her father He is former military and largely an alcoholic as we see the two traverse the country for reasons that are unknown to us In interspersed chapters we hear from Maya A young girl whose mother is into scientology and ignores what is happening in Maya s life As such, Maya meets a young man and gets pregnant in order to get out of her mother s grip I like that Ariel s voice is in verse The author experiments w [...]

  18. Stephanie (Reading is Better With Cupcakes)

    The You I ve Never Known is probably my favorite Ellen Hopkins book that I have read so far I really think that she knocked this one out of the park.The You I ve Never Known is mostly told from Ariel s perspective She is a 17 year old girl who has lived pretty much her entire life moving from one place to another with her dad At times he would find a lady friend to live with for a short amount of time and other times they would just live out of the car Ariel s mother abandoned her and her father [...]

  19. Jennifer Leigh

    The You I ve Never Known is about Ariel and Maya both struggling in their lives Ariel is always moving Maya has gotten herself pregnant to get away from her mother As these girl s lives tangle they find themselves united This book was hard to put down, as every new page was a different development The perspective is raw and emotional and it reflects in the writing Ellen Hopkins has done it again, with yet another lovely verse book.To see my full review boundtowriting review

  20. Gretchen Gomez

    full non spoiler review here chicnerdreads.wordpress 2Summary PlotTold by two different characters, Ariel and Maya All Ariel knows is moving around the USA with her dad, she doesn t know stability and staying in one place She doesn t know friendships, education, or a household According to her dad, home is wherever the both of them are since Ariel s mom abandoned them when she was little However, for once in Ariel s life, her and her dad Mark have stayed in Sonora, California for a little over a [...]

  21. Fabulous Darling Little Duck Muffin

    Time to leapfrom the nestexperience flight,even if it meansa crash landing or two.Ah, might ve been nice if you had done that before I reached page 450, Ariel.Well, this took me almost three months three months, people to finish Even Three Dark Crowns, The Unexpected Everything, Here Lies the Librarian, and Portal Through the Pond didn t take me that long My Grampa Friend suggested I DNF, and the only reason I didn t is because I am an incredibly stubborn girl, and I refuse to be defeated by any [...]

  22. Iris

    I think mostpeople are chameleons,hiding pain and angerbeneath a mask of civility WARNING If you want to read this book DON T READ THE SYNOPSIS It spoils everything.If you want to know something about this book, it s about a girl named Ariel, who lived her entire life with her dad, moving all across the country, and about a girl named Maya, who lives with her overbearing mother That s it, now, moving onI did like this book, but it felt to long Granted, it s over 600 pages, and told in verse, but [...]

  23. Liza Wiemer

    Blog tour and giveaway going on right now Please go to whorublog 2017 01 25 bThe You I ve Never Known is filled with emotional punches, and it s impossible not to be deeply effected by them in the best way This story is brilliantly woven into a slow revelation of personal as well as sexual identity Themes of friendship, love, loyalty, teen pregnancy, and family are key elements Who am I Who loves me What does it mean to be loved What IS love Abuse also comes into play, explored and revealed so t [...]

  24. Darcy

    I liked this one, but it took me until half way through to realize how the 2 different stories were related Once I realized that I became invested Ariel definitely got the short end of the stick with her life so far But I feel like her life will change in big ways going forward I think having read the journal will make her realize how much she was loved and missed.

  25. Drew

    What a great first book by a new too me author I really enjoyed this Towards the end when I reached 570ish Lorde s green light was playing And that song fit the book Anyways, enough about Lorde Time to talk about this book But where to start First off Ariel was amazing character And there was multiple plot twist on this novel For those who don t know there is some abusiveness in here.Second off the rating is a 4.5 Almost a 5 stars rating but it just wasn t quite five stars Idk why Third off Elle [...]

  26. Sarah

    I really, really didn t enjoy this book First of all, it s mostly written in verse which almost never works for me.Also If you read the synopsis you already know most of what is happening in this book view spoiler I also don t know if it was supposed to be a plot twist that Maya is Ariels mother, because I saw that coming after the third part from Maya s POV, mainly BECAUSE of the goddamn synopsis hide spoiler The biggest problems I had with the book are Ariel as a protagonist, the pacing and ho [...]

  27. B

    I have received a review copy of this book from Simon Schuster through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review TITLE The You I ve Never KnownAUTHOR Ellen HopkinsIMPRINT Margaret K McElderry BooksPUB DATE 1 24 17FORMAT E ARCWHERE TO BUY Barns Noble Simon Scuster The You I ve Never Known Summary How do you live your life if your past is based on a lie A new novel in both verse and prose from 1 New York Times bestselling author, Ellen Hopkins.For as long as she can remember, it s been just Ariel [...]

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