Beautiful Salvation (2020)

Beautiful Salvation Jennifer Blackstream Beautiful Salvation Librarian s note Alternate cover edition of ASIN B NU LWEC A princess with darkness inside herAiyana s dreams are filled with blood and death her waking hours plagued by phantom cries for blood that
  • Title: Beautiful Salvation
  • Author: Jennifer Blackstream
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Beautiful Salvation Jennifer Blackstream Librarian s note Alternate cover edition of ASIN B00NU3LWEC.A princess with darkness inside herAiyana s dreams are filled with blood and death, her waking hours plagued by phantom cries for blood that seem to come from the earth itself Fearing that she s becoming a danger to her people, Aiyana determines to risk a bargain with a fairy to get rid of the frightening powLibrarian s note Alternate cover edition of ASIN B00NU3LWEC.A princess with darkness inside herAiyana s dreams are filled with blood and death, her waking hours plagued by phantom cries for blood that seem to come from the earth itself Fearing that she s becoming a danger to her people, Aiyana determines to risk a bargain with a fairy to get rid of the frightening power inside her If she can find the fairy If she can get past the god she meets in the woods If there wasn t something about him that felt sofamiliar A god reducedSaamal is a deity who has gone from being all powerful to being forced to watch his land die His only chance to save his kingdom is a marriage bond with the princess prophesied to return him to glory The only obstacle The princess has been cursed trapped in a death like state When he is given a way to communicate with her, he has hope for the first time in decades Unfortunately, the princess is horrified by his very nature and the future she envisions if she believes what he claims The once all powerful god must now do something he s never had to do beforek.A marriage and a warWhen your real world is the Dream World, it s difficult to know who s telling the truth and who s lying A princess under a curse A god stripped of half his power The longer the land goes without the power it needs, the it will take to awaken the kingdom sBeautiful Salvation.
Beautiful Salvation Jennifer Blackstream

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One thought on “Beautiful Salvation

  1. Douglas Meeks

    I have read everyone of these books and as with any series some were better than others but they all had great stories and complex characters Throw in plots that never seemed to go exactly where you thought they were going makes for one of the best short series I have read, the fact that the author was able to make each book a retelling of a beloved fairy tale the word retelling does NOT mean it goes the same way as the fairy tale I can promise.This last book not only tells the story of the last [...]

  2. BigComfyChairBookReviews

    This was a good ending to this fantastic series This one had a unique world than the other 4 that required a little explanation than the others I found it really interesting My biggest complaint was how little time the Hh had to get to know each other They have like 3 hours together That whole time Samaal is pressuring Aiyana to trust him when her whole life she has been warned against him Blackstream typically moves her romances quickly but this one is really pushing it I however found it int [...]

  3. Tia Anderson

    Amazing endingJust wow A very powerful ending to the series but i hope she writes Like seriously after reading about the five princes I m invested into this new kingdom

  4. Jessica

    This was definitely the most twisted of the fairy tales and the most confusing in following what was happening in the story I liked the author s creative spin on making Sleeping Beauty her own, but it was difficult to understand exactly what was going on A lot of the time I found myself saying I don t get it Early on, I just stopped questioning or trying to figure things out and went with it, moving on to the next scene This contributed to me not enjoying the book as much as I probably should ha [...]

  5. Angi

    What a finale It was so packed full of so much This was the most creative version of sleeping beauty It was so good These books are so creative and packed full of drama, action, different relationships, love, lightness, darkness, just so many ingredients to make something spectacular They deal with several aspects of fantasy vampires, werewolves, demons, angels, mermaids, shifters, gods, magic So much fun I m not ready to be done with all of them

  6. Tinisha Daniels

    ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE Every page was just perfect What a flawless ending to such a humor filled, jaw dropping, heart clenching series Jennifer, you are bloody brilliant Seriously, I want to stand in front of BarnesNoble and pour my heart out to every human that passes and beg them to pick up this book, yes, it was THAT good

  7. Shanika

    It was a wonderful book The battle was epic I loved the fact that all my favourite characters from the previous books were included in this one I loved how it played out and everything worked out in the end This book has a great ending I loved it This is a retelling of sleeping beauty just with the prince being a God

  8. Tina Bartz

    I enjoyed reading this book It was longer and detailed than the previous books in the series The plot was well developed and the threads from the previous books were skillfully interwoven into a fascinating whole that, although fantastical, made sense in context 3.5 stars.

  9. Pat Wittman

    Great seriesSo enjoyed this series Loved all the characters and plot twists The prince are so much fun to watch as they work together.

  10. Claire

    Ive chosen to do a series revie on this last book rather than a book by book reviewis series isriously cute Dont get me wrong, we have the hunks and girls and the mates and the trials and tribulations that goes along with this, but i love the way this is written.Initially we are told it from a tree s point of viewbut not any old tree the World Tree Only occurs every hundred or so years and only at the point where 5 kingdoms meet and only on certain nights There is a being living in the tree She [...]

  11. Laura Greenwood

    Review forthcoming on a reader lives a thousand liveTitle Beautiful SalvationSeries Blood Prince 5 Author Jennifer BlackstreamFrom Genre Romance, Fantasy, Fairy Tale RetellingRelease Date 1st November 2014Challenges 2015 Prequel Sequel Challenge 12 points Links With the other Princes all married to women beyond their dreams, Euradyce s eye turns to Saamal, the fallen God For the past 100 years, Saamal has been trying to wake the woman that he knew he was going to marry, but Aiyana s dreams are f [...]

  12. Theresa

    Not one of my favorites of the five books Other than there being a beautiful girl sleeping, the whole Sleeping Beauty story is almost unrecognizable But I worked my way through it and in the end it made sense Even though there are a King Queen and castles, this Sleeping Beauty version has a Aztec Mayan world atmosphere, with blood sacrifices to feed the land The explanation of how the land was created is very hokey and I m surprised any of them believed it at all But other than that it s interes [...]

  13. Amanda (The Literary Hoarders)

    Okay this was a good book we finally got some action in a battle and some blood due to the nature of this world So this the last story and belongs to the only who s story has yet to be told, Saamal His story is different from the others since he has his mate but since this is a Sleeping Beauty retelling, she is asleep but it s still a challenge since they have never met so no the story really begins Aiyana is living in a dream world without knowing she, or any of the inhabitants of that world, i [...]

  14. Alexandra

    I recommend to read the first four books of this series first so you can understand the background story even though the main story can be read as a stand alone This last book in the Blood Princes series was darker and crueler than the others in my opinion It made a fitting end, dragged me down into the story and never let me out until the very end Sleeping beauty in a way I never would have thought about but so very fitting, so very compelling The hero is a god but still he has flaws and weakne [...]

  15. Moira

    27.1.2015 4,5 Prost p ni Kdyby autorka napsala v echny p edchoz d ly tak dob e a propracovan a s tak velkou d vkou fantazie jako tento, mohla to b t celkov zatracen dobr s rie, jedna, kterou bych adila mezi ty kvalitn j a origin ln j.Jak jsem psala, p b h byl pln fantazie, skv le zpracovan ch n pad , tradic a zvyk Nest v se asto, aby posledn d l p ed il v echny p edchoz , ale tady to tak bylo S rie, kter za ala jako zal skovanost a vygradovala do epick ho z v ru.Jist , byly tam naivn m sta, neby [...]

  16. Jamie Gogocha

    Sleeping Beauty is one of my favorite fairy tales, so I was pretty excited to read this The basic structure of the story was similar to the other books in the series However, this one had better character development early on That was something I felt was lacking in the two previous books Beautiful Salvation wasn t as fast of a read for me because the story is pretty heavy on the lore, so I had to do some rereading to make sure I knew what was going on This was a great and unique spin on the sto [...]

  17. Eva Millien

    A princess sleeps, a kingdom dies and a god stripped of half his power needs to find a way to awaken the kingdom s beautiful salvation in this spellbinding fairy tale romance If you have met the Princes from the previous stories which I recommend for the best enjoyment then you ll be happy to know that they all come together in this one and the overall plot to the series involving all the Princes and their mates comes to an awesome conclusion and while I am sorry that the series is ending I am h [...]

  18. Christina Miles

    Fairy tale love This entire series will automatically enthrall the reader with a bit of magic and hope and love all mixed in Jennifer Blackstream is a marvelous writer and a wonderful writer of unknown parts of the fairy tales we all know and love Wonderful read and worth the money to buy the whole 6 book series I would recommend to EVERYONE who would like to see a different version of our favorite fairy tale princes and princesses

  19. annette colon

    The dark story of Sleeping BeautyIn this story Aiyana is the sleeping beauty and the Prince is Saamal the earth god Aiyana is under guard in the castle It looks like the guards are protecting the people from her instead of the other way around There s darkness surrounding her and it looks like the only person that can help her is Saamal.Saamal was once a powerful earth god To save her from a dark spell,his life is linked to Aiyana To save his kingdom he has to marry her He has to work past her f [...]

  20. ⚜️Trea

    I have a feeling that this book was heavily based on Aztec or Mayan mythology, but there wasn t a lot of background given on that mythology, so for me it was a very confusing read The ending few chapters were the best in the book by far I loved how Saamal s bride became Briar Rose , and I found it to be a fitting tribute to the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale I especially loved the happily ever after given to the Orpheus and Eurydice Greek myth It was a good end to the series, but the build up to tha [...]

  21. Chelsea

    These books are so imaginative and creative, some of the best fairy tale retellings that I ve ever had the pleasure of reading They re a bit on the dark side and I think that is what I like most about them They are certainly not the fairy tails I would let my kids read Oh heck no They stick to a similar plot to the original stories that inspired the Disney fairy tales that we all know but give it a plot that adults can easily find entertaining I love this authors writing style It s very fresh an [...]

  22. Shawna

    Nice wrap upIt brought all the stories together very nicely I always wanted the princesses to interact with each other so that was a slight disappointment Adonis has always been my favorite of the princes but Saamal came I as a surprising second The love story was a little too quick but I somehow didn t seem to mind I also really appreciated the overall story arch wrap up with an explanation that didn t require a whole other book because many people already knew Euridyces story.

  23. Katrina

    I picked this series up on a whim because I love fairy tales with a twist I m so glad that I did, cause the Bloody Prince series is awesome I loved all 5 books I couldn t put any of them down Jennifer Blackstream knows how to weave a tale that has you hooked in from the 1st page till the last

  24. Angarad

    A great ending to a magical serie I loved all the princes and how they all evolved and matured during these book Saamal might be the one who changed the most His story had begun long before but without help, could not see its happy ending And what a spectacular one it was Aiyana was truly a huge surprise

  25. Crystal Moon

    AwesomeI have enjoyed every book in this series, and this story was no exception I fell in love with Aiyana s spunk, and strong will from the first time she appeared in the book, and I loved seeing Samaal s transformation The story holds plenty of twists and turns, and even a few tearful moments I loved it and can t wait to start the next book

  26. Karry

    Super intense, violent, and macabre story Yet it was also filled with beauty, honor, passion, and all encompassing love This was a fantastic ending to the series Everything came together perfectly in the end Happy endings for all I absolutely loved every moment of each book and how they all tied together in this final installment.

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