Der Schneider von Panama (2020)

Der Schneider von Panama John le Carré Werner Schmitz Der Schneider von Panama Alle Romane von John le Carr jetzt als E Book In Panama bahnt sich eine Verschw rung an um den Panama Vertrag zunichte zu machen Dieser sieht vor die Kontrolle ber den Kanal den Panamaern zu be
  • Title: Der Schneider von Panama
  • Author: John le Carré Werner Schmitz
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Der Schneider von Panama John le Carré Werner Schmitz Alle Romane von John le Carr jetzt als E Book In Panama bahnt sich eine Verschw rung an, um den Panama Vertrag zunichte zu machen Dieser sieht vor, die Kontrolle ber den Kanal 1999 den Panamaern zu berlassen Der gutm tige Herrenschneider Harry Pendel wird von dem britischen Spion Andy Osnard gezwungen, f r den Geheimdienst zu arbeiten Er soll das amerikanische MilAlle Romane von John le Carr jetzt als E Book In Panama bahnt sich eine Verschw rung an, um den Panama Vertrag zunichte zu machen Dieser sieht vor, die Kontrolle ber den Kanal 1999 den Panamaern zu berlassen Der gutm tige Herrenschneider Harry Pendel wird von dem britischen Spion Andy Osnard gezwungen, f r den Geheimdienst zu arbeiten Er soll das amerikanische Milit r k dern, die schmutzige Arbeit zu tun n mlich Panama erneut zu besetzen und den Vertrag f r null und nichtig zu erkl ren Pendel verfolgt jedoch ein ganz anderes Ziel Der Weltbestseller vom Meister des Spionagethrillers
Der Schneider von Panama John le Carré Werner Schmitz

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One thought on “Der Schneider von Panama

  1. Anna

    This is best book about bullshit I ve ever read It is a wonderfully dry satire on Britain s inept attempts to overreach itself in foreign affairs The setting is Panama in the late 1990s and the fate of the canal is a hot topic of discussion Back in Britain, a shadowy cabal decides that a new listening post should be opened there, so they select a fleshy twentisomething public school boy for the job Of course they do Andrew Osnard, as he is called, arrives in Panama and recruits a tailor named Ha [...]

  2. Michelle Ryan

    A fun read with a touch of dark humor And, as always, Le Carre masterfully tells an intriguing tale.

  3. Philip

    At the end of The Tailor Of Panama John Le Carr acknowledges his debt to a previous work that presented a similar theme, Graham Greene s Our Man In Havana Both books are about the oxymoron that we call intelligence, so often self contradictory because the label is only useful when there s a lack of it Such gaps need to be filled, and when we don t have sufficient material it might be necessary to invent a little, just to keep everyone happy And such is the plot of The Tailor Of Panama, who const [...]

  4. George Ilsley

    Perhaps it was just me, and my distracted circumstances while reading this book, but I found it to be dull and rather a slog Somehow I forced myself to finish it, imaging that it had to get better It did not.

  5. Kristin

    I picked up The Tailor of Panama because I had been overwhelmed and bowled over by the awesomeness of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Half Price Books did not have a copy of The Spy Who Came in From the Cold I read TTSS on the plane from Europe, and the plot reached out to me and entangled me in its roots I was fitfully half asleep, thinking and dreaming of the Spy The Great Game The Mole KARLA Petrov and that is when you know a book is good.The Tailor of Panama was the exact opposite experience, [...]

  6. Andrew

    I recently watched mark Lawson s BBC4 interview with Le Carre and this book was referenced by the writer as one of his favourites What is interesting in this book is Le Carre s ability to develop an initially comic situation within a few chapters into a story about vanity and greed It demonstrates how a lie develops through the wishes of the intelligence service and media interests into the premise for an invasion The story itself pitches a newly appointed spy sent to Panama , Andy Osnard, into [...]

  7. J.

    Chance Favors The Prepared Mind PascalNot a suspense espionage in the regular le Carr mode, but a satire of same, and an expansive, elaborate novel at that Since the demise of the Cold War this author has been casting around for another conflict to narrate, and I m not sure le Carr has ever allowed himself to be this carried away by his characters and their dramatic entanglements That being said, there is an enormous asterisk here The story of a bourgeois merchant class civilian who is recruited [...]

  8. Jim

    Yet another Le Carre novel that knocks the spots off so many others I pick up in the average year, borne by the relentless characterisations that gradually shake off the disbelief and draw you in completely to the story being told What begins as a not very credible collection of near comic caricatures grows into some sort of reality while allowing the plot to strain at the limits of believability, anchored by the thoughts and actions of the principle protagonists I didn t warm to the Tailor that [...]

  9. Dee Green

    I have been on a spy thriller kick for a little while now I wanted to read some of Le Carre s books, but they are mostly not available on the Kindle I was in a used book store and found several of his novels cheap I decided to slum it and read a real book When trying to decide which book I found a recommendation online that listed The Tailor of Panama as one of Le Carre s top 4 books If this is one of his best, I d hate to read the ones not on the list This book was bad There did not seem to be [...]

  10. Diana Cahill

    I was thoroughly and possibly unfairly disappointed by Tailor of Panama It s almost a bridge in subject matter between le Carre s spectacular Cold war books the Smiley novels, etc which he does very well, and the machinations of multinational corporations Constant Gardener , which he also tells very well In Tailor of Panama, le Carre describes the post Cold War era when the Service was searching for a new purpose by messing around in third world countries, and his writing is a little messier, to [...]

  11. Kay

    I probably picked the wrong book to read as my first Le Carr spy novel, as I m know there are many classic Le Carr novels that are probably representative, but I still enjoyed this book quite a bit I knew to expect moral complexities, of course, and a slightly jaundiced and world weary outlook Obviously, Le Carr is working in the tradition of Graham Greene here What I hadn t expected, though, was how mordantly funny Le Carr can be, not in an overt but in a subtle way There s satirical clevernes [...]

  12. Pequete

    This was quite an enjoyable reading, even though spying and international intrigue is not among my favourite genres But I had this book lying around for too long and decided I had to read it before letting it go again through Bookcrossing, which is where it came from One of the things I found very interesting is how the core of the story of The Tailor of Panama remains so up to date intelligence services from developed countries looking for new purposes by messing around in the third world, a sm [...]

  13. Clark Gudas

    So long and unbelievably complex I could follow the action reasonably well but it wasn t easy or very enjoyable It wasn t a bad plot, just very verbose, and my lack of understanding Panamanian politics didn t help either P

  14. J.I.

    A spy novel about confusion, this is one that will confound many There is nothing in this book of any substance, but rather and intelligence officer puts the screws too tight on a man who likes to tell stories and exaggerate and the agency puts too much faith in the agent The result is that everyone gets what they want a little too well, the storyteller gets to tell his stories, the spy gets to hear them and the agency gets that chance to grasp for power they ve seen slipping out of their finger [...]

  15. Clif Hostetler

    I listened to the audio of this book in the early 2000s before my days so I didn t write my own review The following is from the November 2004 PageADay Book Lover s Calendar The main thing I remember from the book is that it was difficult to follow what was going on I m not sure I really understood the storyE TAILOR OF PANAMA, by John Le Carr Ballantine Books, 2001 , There ought to be a new way to express double cross, if only for the sake of John Le Carr novels In The Tailor of Panama, Le Carr [...]

  16. John

    The first of le Carre s novels that I have tried, this one was OK Set in Panama, a local tailor to the wealthy and powerful with a penchant for pleasant meaningless conversation and a prior criminal background becomes a spy for an avaricious young britian Largely he creates fantastical plots for his spymaster which ultimately culminates in an US invasion.Although it was written better than 10 years ago, it harkens to recent events that led to the Iraqi innvasion on a mad hunt for WMDs which were [...]

  17. Lemar

    My first Le Carre book struck me with the high quality of writing The characters were idiosyncratic and believable as was the larger political intrigue, great read

  18. Christopher

    It was ok For satire it took itself too seriously at times and for a spy book it took itself too lightly at times Not the best introduction to the author, I think.

  19. Richard Kunzmann

    The Tailor of PanamaJohn le Carr , Coronet Books 1996 I picked up a tatty copy of the Tailor of Panama because I d been feeling rather ashamed for never having read a John le Carr novel And reading just a few pages, I immediately knew I d like the rest of it The conversational language, the peppy tongue in cheek descriptions here was a confident writer patient enough to allow a good story to unravel on its own He doesn t feel compelled, as many thriller writers do, to barrel from one action sequ [...]

  20. Nilesh

    Here is a wonderful plot which goes substantially underused because of the point s of view used by the author.Given his background Mr le Carre narrates an extraordinarily good political manipulation story from the viewpoints of its perpetrators The author is comfortable discussing the lives, the methods, the thinkings of sleuths and people they encounter as long as most are British The same story could have been told much better with the plot as the backdrop, its perpetrators as some of the prot [...]

  21. sabisteb

    Harry Pendel ist ein durch Fehlinvestitionen hochverschuldeter Herrenschneider in Panama City Pendel ist bekannt in der Oberschicht und seine Frau ist die Chefsekret rin von Ernie Delgado, dem Vorsitzenden der Kanalkommission Harry Pendel ist somit das perfekte Opfer f r Andy Osnard, der f r den britischen Geheimdienst arbeitet und Pendels eher unr hmliche Vergangenheit kennt Er erpresst Pendel f r England zu spionieren und weitere Agenten anzuwerben, als Gegenleistung will er dessen Geldproblem [...]

  22. Michael Nutt

    without Graham Greene this book would never have come about After Greene s Our Man in Havana , the notion of an intelligence fabricator would not leave me alone.It was probably not a good idea to read this book so soon after the Graham Greene novel on which Le Carre drew his inspiration The two stories share a similar conceit and narrative arc, and Le Carre s modern in 1996 take on Greene s 1958 original is just as cynical in its view of Western foreign policy and British interference in small c [...]

  23. Simon Mcleish

    Originally published on my blog here in July 1998.As the acknowledgements at the end of The Tailor of Panama, this book owes a large debt to Grahame Greene s Our Man in Havana Le Carre says that ever since he read that book, he s been fascinated with the idea of the fabrication of intelligence information, which is the central theme of both novels.Harry Pendel is the tailor of the title he runs an exclusive gentleman s tailor in Panama City His past is not the past that people think the tale he [...]

  24. Steve

    At least as much satire as serious spy novel, it is full of subtle humor and irony The protagonist, Harry Pendel, is a tailor to the rich, well healed, and politically connected in Panama In dire financial straights because of a bad investment of his wife s money in a rice farm and blackmailed pressured by his hidden past, Pendel is recruited to spy on Panamanian political developments As his spy work progresses, Harry is increasingly pressured to come up with detailed and significant inside in [...]

  25. Gustavo

    O livro mais fraco que j li de John Le Carr os outros foram O espi o que siu do frio , O jardineiro fiel e Amigo absolutos , dos quais eu havia gostado em diferentes graus Conta nos a hist ria de um alfaiate contratado pela Intelig ncia Brit nica para ser um espi o e que, ao inv s de espionar, inventa as hist rias, causando um grande conflito internacional Creio que aquilo que torna um livro de espionagem bom principalmente ele passar a impress o de que aquilo possivel o que Le Carr consegue nos [...]

  26. Saul Escalona

    4.0 stars enty of witty quotes witty sarcasmI read this book several years ago and I remembered it as a good and enjoyable espionage thriller, but remember very little of the story line.A few weeks ago I came to acknowledge that this books, is one of John Le Carre s favourite ones, so the re read.As expected, one will find in this book Le Carres s writing style of building up slowly the tension in the story and resolving greatly the end of the thriller He does this, without becoming tedious and [...]

  27. Gregory

    from weeksnotice 2013 John le Carr clearly had a lot of fun writing The Tailor of Panama, which is spy novel as farce If you don t want spoilers then stop reading, because it s hard not to discuss it without giving it away Not, mind you, that it is particularly intricate There is a nod to Graham Greene s Our Man in Panama, which le Carr makes explicit in the acknowledgements.Harry Pendel is a British tailor in Panama City in the 1990s, and a British spy shows up at his door to recruit him The sp [...]

  28. Jeremy Bursey

    For years I would visit book fairs, or the Goodwill, or one of several local Barnes Nobles within a few miles of my home, and see on display a series of best selling spy novels from masters like John le Carre, and think, Wow, I would love to read that, if only and then come up with some form of if only, ranging anywhere from I can t afford it or I don t have time to read it right now, or Ooh, that other book looks even better, or something I m sure we ve all experienced once upon a time, and wis [...]

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