Fruit of Misfortune (2020)

Fruit of Misfortune Nely Cab Fruit of Misfortune Isis goals for the future included things like attending and graduating college However becoming a monster wasn t part of the plan Isis and her boyfriend David are on the brink of a horrible transf
  • Title: Fruit of Misfortune
  • Author: Nely Cab
  • ISBN: 9781634221139
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Paperback
Fruit of Misfortune Nely Cab Isis goals for the future included things like attending and graduating college However, becoming a monster wasn t part of the plan Isis and her boyfriend, David, are on the brink of a horrible transformation and they are eager to stop it Together, they set out on a quest to Greece to find Isis biological father the only person that may be able to help them Their jouIsis goals for the future included things like attending and graduating college However, becoming a monster wasn t part of the plan Isis and her boyfriend, David, are on the brink of a horrible transformation and they are eager to stop it Together, they set out on a quest to Greece to find Isis biological father the only person that may be able to help them Their journey comes to an abrupt stop before it even begins when Isis falls ill, and Eros, David s best friend, arrives in Athens, unannounced and curious with a plan of his own The hunt for her father leads Isis on the turbulent path of deceit, death, and demons as she anticipates the dawning of the beast that stirs inside her.
Fruit of Misfortune Nely Cab

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    186 Nely Cab
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One thought on “Fruit of Misfortune

  1. Bianca

    Let me kick off this review by saying that I was the 1st person to rate Fruit of Misfortune on GoodReads, and I feel very honored and happy to be able to do it Nely, thank you so much for alowing me to read this book right after you sent it to the editor You can t imagine what this means to me, and I thank you for that.The fact that Nely sent me a copy of the book has nothing to do with the rating or with the review This is my honest review and opinion about a book I read, and m relationship wit [...]

  2. Caro

    Let s start this review by saying that I can t believe I waited 3 YEARS to read this book Three years is a long time to wait for any book, and I at least expected the book to be awesome It wasn t, but I ll get around to that later.I ll start with the cover When the first volume in this series, Creatura, was first published in 2011, it looked like this The art was done by the author herself and I believe the delicate tree in vivid red and dark brown on a papyrus style ground was both new and tast [...]

  3. Maribel Platypire Reviews

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review There is so much I want to say and so much that I CAN T When it came to reading the end of the book, I had some colorful words for Nely, because how could she just leave us hanging like that I want, no, NEED the third book of this series, like now But, I have to admit I m enjoying this feeling of anticipation that cliffhangers always give me Now that you know the ending made me upset in a good way, haha , let s get on with what the [...]

  4. Elisabeth Kauffman

    I just finished editing this manuscript and all I can say is, Well done, Nely Your fans are in for a treat

  5. Amber Addison

    Fruit of Misfortune is an amazing continuation of a series that is just so new and different, that I encourage everyone to pick it up In the second book, Isis is turning into what she was born to be spoiler free, vague statement there , and she s bringing David along for the ride, though not completely willingly She s at an age where she knows what love is, but isn t ready to say that any one thing is forever and man can I relate At 18, I was the same way and it s so refreshing to read a book th [...]

  6. Joood Hooligan

    I was given a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.First of all, I would like it known that I waited almost two years for this book I had hyped myself up for it, so there were a lot of high expectations on my part.This book did not disappoint.There were several new characters, and they all fit right into the story Although I would like it known that I shall refer to Eros as buttface until he proves himself otherwise.I both liked and wanted to smack Isis in this stor [...]

  7. Alisha Webster

    If you ve read the first book which I m hoping you have if you re reading this review , you know the first book leaves off on a huge cliffhanger I have wondered multiple times what happens but I didn t have a copy of this book I m glad I finally got the chance to read it after I grabbed a copy from the library No thanks to Judith from Platypire reviews, ya jerk P.To my surprise, I enjoyed this book than the first I haven t had that happen in a long time The new characters introduced in the stor [...]

  8. K.R. Wilburn

    I made no secret about how much I loved Creatura and if I m being honest, I was afraid that the second book like many before it would fall flat I shouldn t have worried Fruit of Misfortune continues the story of the Creatura Isis and her greek god boyfriend, David, this time in Greece while they look for Isis father and try to find answers before their transformation is complete and their death warrants are signed The introduction of new characters creates new drama and intrigue for the pair, bu [...]

  9. Tonya

    Fruits of Misfortune is part two in the Creature series And Nely Cab has done it again, by writing an awesome story that ends in a cliffhanger I love the cover and how the story unfolds I do however hate that I can t read the third book NOW Thanks for another great read.

  10. Helen Stokes wilhelm

    Just finished reading it and I thought it was really good,way better then the first book in the series Was kind of sad and surprised at how the book ended can t wait till the next book comes out

  11. Susan Davis

    Fruit of Misfortune by Nely CabGenre Paranormal RomancePublisher Clean Teen PublishingFirst Sentence The monster was still submerged deep inside of me.Review The relationship between Isis Martin and David Chios spins a web of contentment but will it last now that Eros Lamoureux, a good friend of David s, enters the picture.I read Ms Cab s first book and was not disappointed with the second in the Creatura Series another part of this story that I turned into a complete glutton and consumed.Unpred [...]

  12. Marley

    UmmmmI really expected from this book I found myself dropping off wanting to read it and then need to skip and skim I did skim some but I didn t skip It honestly didn t get good for me till Galilea entered the book Fav character by far Isis had me scratching my head quite a few times Eros I ll save for book 3 review.

  13. Gladys

    I m starting book 3 now I am so exited about reading it My favorite character of the second one is Galilea She is so damn good and awesome Wow Did not like the end because I ve been crying for David over and over again Hope to see a little bit of love between David and Isis on the prequel

  14. Courtney Whittamore- The Moral of our Stories

    In Nely Cab s Creatura series, everything you thought you knew about dreams and love will be turned upside down and inside out with the turn of every page Fruit of Misfortune is the second book in the Creatura series and picks up immediately after one heck of a cliff hanger, one that, as a reader, took my breath away and left me incredibly grateful that I already had the next installment on hand Isis has always been in control of her dreams, until one day her dreams reached out and took control [...]

  15. Lynn Worton

    This is the second book in the Creatura series I LOVED IT Isis Martin is not a normal teen After finding out that she is a Creatura a being created when an immortal and a human have children Isis is determined to track down her father to find out what she is transforming into.I have been dying to read this book ever since I read Creatura, and went into shock after the cliffhanger at the end of the book my jaw literally dropped and I had to re read the ending three times It has been a long wait, [...]

  16. Desiree Putaski

    Book one, Creatura, left me with a HUGE book hangover Normally if I know ahead of time I am going to have to deal with that kind of ending, I will put off a series until all the books are out I m just not that patient a person But, since I received Creatura as part of a giveaway and promised to give an honest review on it I gave it a shot I posted my review for Creatura a few days ago bookie monster 2014 04 cre and after a very long wait I give you Fruit of Misfortune, book two in the Creatura s [...]

  17. Rachel

    I started the Creatura series last year because it was a recommendation from booktuber I follow I read the synopsis and realized it was about mythology and since I love stuff like that I gave it a go I Creatura was really good and I knew I had to get the other books in the series as soon as they were released Later on that year the second book in the Creatura series, Fruit of Misfortune came out and I got it right away, I was planning on reading it especially after I read the cliffhanger ending [...]

  18. Stephenee

    I received an ebook in exchange for an honest and unbiased review This is book 2 in the series and it picks up right where book 1 left off You should read book 1 before starting this one as you will need to know what has happened in order to understand the progression of the story Author Nely Cab didn t disappoint the reader at all with this book sometimes the anticipation of the next book overshadows the actual book but not this time This time the anticipation actually made it sweeter not that [...]

  19. Autumn

    Its been awhile since I had David Chios in my hands And let me tell you he was missed and still very missed As Fruits of Misfortune was Isis s story than anything else Though its been awhile for me since the Creatura in FOM we start of very close to where we left off Isis and David are on the hunt for her father and answers How can they stop what shes becoming I dont like Isis, I just dont And im not even going to apologize for that Could be it my super book crush on David Well I can neither co [...]

  20. TheBookLionizer

    Woahwhatwaiiiitwait a second He just left WHAT Let s start with the beginning, shall we Obviously Things were cheesy, sweet between Isis and David I nearly got diabetes reading about them, cosy with each other and then BAM Enter the God of love and lust I don t trust Eros How could he just fell in love For a while I thought he got turpis in him or something Sometimes he s charming and then irritated af Even David lost his cool now and then Though with Isis persistence, I would have too The half [...]

  21. Sara

    This book was provided by the publisher author for an honest review Fruits of Misfortune, the second book in the Creatura Series by Nely Cab started off so amazingly that I thought I would die of excitement The first book was a really fresh and interesting YA debut It went on my favorite YA list and trust me, it s hard to make that list Isis was a strong and believable heroine, going through a terrible transformation, and David was unique in the fact that he was a sweet and gentle soul, not the [...]

  22. Sara

    A few years ago I read and reviewed the first book Creatura, and I remember that I liked it because I loved the aspect of Greek mythology that was incorporated into the story I thought Isis was an interesting character, and I felt there was chemistry between her and David Fruit of Misfortune, the second book, picks up shortly after the end of book one I really enjoyed the second book as well.While I still like Isis as a character, in this book, she frustrated me a little in what I would consider [...]

  23. Tara

    David and Isis are on the verge of a transformation, but the question remains if it will be a good or bad one.In this second installment in the series Isis and David go to Greece to find answers to their questions from Isis biological father Before they can even start their search, Isis begins her painful transformation and David soon follows They look to a human genecist for help and his results are fruitful but not promising for finding a cure, yet this isn t the only problem Isis faces David [...]

  24. Sofia Galvez

    Fruits of Misfortune is the second book in the Creatura series and I can safely say that I liked this book better than the first This is why I give Fruits of Misfortune 3 1 2 stars platypires I thought it had action and it was entertaining I did have a few issues There were times that Isis acted very immature I understand this is a YA book and the characters are young They are learning but it just didn t seem that Isis was grasping what was going on For example, she kept asking to talk and exp [...]

  25. Devon Smith

    I am 19 and Isis is 18, so you would think that the book would be perfect for my age, but I found the whole text to be written to a much younger audience I read the book within a few hours, and I am not a speedy reader That should say something about the text There were hardly any complicated sentence structures or even words that an 18 should have in her vocabulary.SPOILERS COMING I enjoy the ideas behind the story grotesque monsters and all but the final production seemed to be all over the pl [...]

  26. Jenny Bynum Black Words-White Pages

    I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.Nely Cab has once again left me in awe and amazement I am speechless and even excited to have had the privilege to read and find out what had happened this book first hand This phenomenally written story had the best and awesome twisted story that only could be written by Ms Cab I loved the characters in the story and I loved the fact that this story picked up where Creatura left off This author has a way of writing tha [...]

  27. Kristan

    Some minor spoilers Possibly if your smart pA kind of pissed me off Eros was not needed and I honestly didn t want to read it after her entered especially because it was so out of the blue and not explained or believable really, still I love the chiros family and Isis was a good character beside the whole Eros thing other then that I liked the story and I really loved galilia she saved the story for me The ending pissed me off like if your that in love talk about shit don t leave and run away li [...]

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