The Man Who Ate Everything (2020)

The Man Who Ate Everything Jeffrey Steingarten The Man Who Ate Everything When Jeffrey Steingarten was appointed food critic for Vogue he systematically set out to overcome his distaste for such things as kimchi lard Greek cuisine and blue food He succeeded at all but t
  • Title: The Man Who Ate Everything
  • Author: Jeffrey Steingarten
  • ISBN: 9780375702020
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Paperback
The Man Who Ate Everything Jeffrey Steingarten When Jeffrey Steingarten was appointed food critic for Vogue, he systematically set out to overcome his distaste for such things as kimchi, lard, Greek cuisine, and blue food He succeeded at all but the last Steingarten is fairly sure that God meant the color blue mainly for food that has gone bad In this impassioned, mouth watering, and outrageously funny book, SteinWhen Jeffrey Steingarten was appointed food critic for Vogue, he systematically set out to overcome his distaste for such things as kimchi, lard, Greek cuisine, and blue food He succeeded at all but the last Steingarten is fairly sure that God meant the color blue mainly for food that has gone bad In this impassioned, mouth watering, and outrageously funny book, Steingarten devotes the same Zen like discipline and gluttonous curiosity to practically everything that anyone anywhere has ever called dinner Follow Steingarten as he jets off to sample choucroute in Alsace, hand massaged beef in Japan, and the mother of all ice creams in Sicily Sweat with him as he tries to re create the perfect sourdough, bottle his own mineral water, and drop excess poundage at a luxury spa Join him as he mounts a heroic and hilarious defense of salt, sugar, and fat though he has some nice things to say about Olestra Stuffed with offbeat erudition and recipes so good they ought to be illegal, The Man Who Ate Everything is a gift for anyone who loves food.
The Man Who Ate Everything Jeffrey Steingarten

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    207 Jeffrey Steingarten
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One thought on “The Man Who Ate Everything

  1. karen

    wow, i have been reading this since july i put it down a bunch and lost it once or twice, but still it is shameful to have had this darkening my currently reading shelf for eight months shades of Savage Girls and Wild Boys A History of Feral Children but today i finished it and it is truly a wonderful bookis man is the anti foer if i were ever to read that foer book the one everyone says will turn me into a cowering meat avoider, all i would have to do to recover is open this book and read his l [...]

  2. Garrett

    Since I m into cooking and, to a lesser extent, food writing, this book had been recommended to me several times over the last few years I finally borrowed it from a friend at work and must say that it didn t really live up to my expectations It s an interesting, engaging, often funny book, probably essential for the gourmand, but if you have a mere passing interest in gourmet and exotic food, you d probably do well to skip it and read something by Mark Kurlansky instead.I suppose my biggest com [...]

  3. Julia

    The entire time I was growing up, my feminist lawyer mother had a subscription to Vogue I can t completely explain it myself, but woman does love her shoes Anyway, I spent elementary school reading Steingarten articles for the mag, where he is still the food columnist My conclusion for this book is that he is probably best in small doses Like, monthly doses But, if you ve never read any of his stuff before, I d check this out in one essay at a time stints Steingarten is obviously brilliant like, [...]

  4. Vanessa

    Probably not going to finish this one I am not going to make it to book club, and, frankly, I don t like the book, or the author He can be witty and smart enough at times, and I liked it for a while, and maybe it s just the bar study grumpiness talking, but I really resent that large chunks of this read like a dieting memoir, and that if it were written by a woman it would not be considered some kind of clever high mindedness, but rather just some woman ranting about weighing herself four times [...]

  5. An

    He is an excellent writer with a sharp sense of humor and a great palette My favorite part is when he forces himself to eat all the foods that he grew up hating to get over his aversions He comes across as much like able on paper than during his live appearances on Iron Chef Steingarten married a Utah girl from an LDS family and he delights is weaving Utah into his food articles for Vogue magazine It made me smile to read the later chapters which salute the home cook and house wife and the wisd [...]

  6. Christine

    Steingarten s compilation of essays on a wide variety of food related subjects written in the late 80s and 90s seems like it might be an interesting read for someone who likes food and cooking HOWEVER, the man s ego astronomical, of untold proportions, seriously it can be seen from three planets over is a bit of a turn off Its fun to read about someone experimenting with the many ways you can use a particular kitchen appliance or how best to prepare a particular cut of meat, but in all the book [...]

  7. Madhulika Liddle

    Or nearly everything, since it seems unlikely that anybody who had ever had a good nolen gurer shondesh would so summarily dismiss all Indian desserts as being reminiscent of highly perfumed creams fit only for the boudoir But yes, Jeffrey Steingarten, once the monthly food correspondent for Vogue, does seem to have pretty much eaten the best and the worst of most of the highly acclaimed cuisines, at least as far as the Western world is concerned In this interesting and very eclectic collection [...]

  8. Helen (Helena/Nell)

    This book represents to me a lost way of life It s a life in which I would read books like this, slowly, with particular pleasure, laughing out loud at regular intervals Afterwards, I would have time to write about them all, and share some of my pleasure I almost did this today but that s because I am on holiday.The Man Who Ate Everything is a book of essays, and really each one should be savoured at length No rushing Gentle but steady progress is the thing I am at an age where I no longer need [...]

  9. Emily McMillan

    I am not a foodie, I don t watch cooking shows and only rarely read Vogue I had no idea who Jeffrey Steingarten was when this book was loaned to me The title and the recommendation from a friend were enough to convince me to give it a shot, though I had little idea what I was in for Steingarten is many things witty, clever, simultaneously pompous and self deprecating, obsessive and thorough Above all he is interested, which is what kept me interested He s curious about the way foods are made and [...]

  10. Maria Elmvang

    I was tempted to give this only one star, but it seemed a bit too negative for a book I didn t actually have to force myself to finish 1.5 would probably have been fitting, because at times this book was really, really, REALLY boring the mere fact that I ve been reading it for than 6 months should be proof of that The book blurb as well as the title itself led me to believe that it would be a collection of essays about Jeffrey Steingarten eating weird things I thought that sounded interesting, [...]

  11. Bliss Phan

    The Man Who Ate Everything by Jeffrey Steingarten is a nonfiction book that focuses on Steingarten s many food experiments I chose this book because I have a strong interest in food and science Also the book was similar to a test kitchen type of book, which I liked The book was mainly fascinating, but had chapters that made me uninterested Steingarten had many memorable parts in his book such as his wife s crazy reactions to his food experiments An Example of his wife s reaction was when he was [...]

  12. Julie

    Though I love food writing, I sometimes shy away from it for fear that it will be lofty, pretentious, or too envy inducing to be enjoyable That is not the case here Jeffrey Steingarten, a food critic for Vogue, sets out on culinary adventures and misadventures so offbeat and engrossing, it s impossible not to laugh and learn and salivate along the way His approach is humble and investigative, relatable, and so funny It s everything I love informative writing, good food, and a lot of laughs.

  13. Angela

    i liked this book better than the 3 stars i gave it, but i wouldn t say it was a 4 star book every chapter was enjoyable the author s wit and love for food are charming the problem is that it s difficult to read straight through, as it s a collection of his writing from over a period of years, so topics and tone vary widely he includes a lot of recipes that i intend to try and if the chapter on kyoto cuisine doesn t make you want to go to japan, then nothing will.

  14. Minh

    A surprisingly hefty read, The man who ate everything is a collection of articles that cover a range of topics from the perfect pie crust, american style BBQ, bread baking and the exquisite nature of Kyoto kaiseki A few of the articles go into excruciating scientific detail while others make me laugh at the pseudo science the average mass of a standard shake of salt lol Fascinating read for lovers of food, but by no means a quick read.

  15. Griffin James

    This book is great for all those who find themselves thinking about food during their idle hours It also happens to be really funny I often compare Steingarten to a food obsessed version of Hunter S Thompson Pehaps no one has contemplated food in such depth, humor, and sometimes down right obesessiveness as Jeffrey Steingarten.

  16. Hubert

    Excellent series of essays many of them previously published on food topics ranging from potatoes to Sicilian gelato to American turkey Steingarten blends history, recipe experimentation, and wry humor to get get the reader really excited about food, perhaps even to the point of trying out food experiments in the same maniacal manner that Steingarten does

  17. Jamie

    Unfortunately most of the essays in this book were from the early nineties I did enjoy some of the travel pieces, but also nothing original there how many times can one go truffle hunting in Italy

  18. Niniane Wang

    i thought this would be a novel, and it turns out to be a recipe book with a story article around each category of recipes it is good as a cookbook, but not as a story with character development or plot arc.

  19. Anna

    More of a 3.8 really but I kind of adored this because Steingarten gets so nerdy in his search for the perfect flour for natural yeast bread s adorable Definitely one for food addicts.

  20. Margie

    I m not sure what I was expecting having never read Steingarten previously , but it certainly wasn t this witty, entertaining, or well researched Really enjoyable.

  21. E. M.

    So I wasn t sure what to rate this, largely because I don t read much nonfiction and I don t enjoy nonfiction as much as fiction and I want to be fair But considering I actually started reading this on the train around Christmas of2015 and then set it aside for literal years until returning to it this past Christmas and finally completing it, I went with a kind of meh rating.I think it s just the fact that the author frequently comes across as kind of arrogant about food, and then he has all thi [...]

  22. Richard Schwindt

    I have a fondness for food memoirs, and one in particular for acerbic Vogue magazine writer, Jeffrey Steingarten The Man Who Ate Everything is the first book by the lawyer turned critic and chronicles his forays into cooking and nutrition Aside from being witty and articulate, Steingarten is possessed of immense curiosity He is than willing to comb New York and Paris and parts beyond for a new ingredient or flavor And he is no ordinary voyeur lugging dozens of ingredients back to his apartment [...]

  23. Emlikescake

    I love food I love cooking it, I love eating it, I love travelling to other parts of the world to try new kinds of it, I love drinking wine with it, and I love challenging myself to start enjoying foods I didn t like for the longest time looking at you, olives and cilantro I love the fact that this book combines all of those things At times the writing felt a bit pompous, but I learned so much The stories were fun, the recipes intriguing I feel like I would get along very well with Steingarten.

  24. Adrienne

    There were parts of this book that were informative and even funny, but overall the snobby tone was too much A whole chapter on the search for the perfect water Plastic water bottles are a huge pollution issue, and there are a lot of larger problems in the world, even related to food, beyond the search for the perfect water Intellectually, this book was sometimes interesting But where I reside, in the real world, it almost offended me to read about such trivialities, and to hear the author scorn [...]

  25. Dominika

    This is required reading for anyone interested in food culture Not only is the collection of essays informative, it is a pure delight and Jeffrey Steingarten s humor holds up This man s prose though This book is on , so you can read it for free, but it has just been a pure pleasure to experience.

  26. Jenna Ward

    It was a great shame when Steingarten gave up writing to be a Food TV star His two books and numerous food articles in Vogue are hallmarks of terrific writing entertaining, informative, and often about something in addition to food and cooking, and almost always hilarious.

  27. Brittney Lyons Boone

    I liked the book for how dated it was All the musings, essays, and research is all from the 80s and 90s I learned a lot about random foods but some sections came across as dry or uninteresting The author does have a lot of funny little sarcastic bits that added to the book.

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