Awakening (2020)

Awakening Sydney Holmes Awakening Book OneUSA Today Best Selling Author Sydney Holmes brings you a steamy series that will awaken your soul Awakening book one of two is a full length sizzling contemporary romance novel The heat a
  • Title: Awakening
  • Author: Sydney Holmes
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  • Page: 244
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Awakening Sydney Holmes Book OneUSA Today Best Selling Author, Sydney Holmes, brings you a steamy series that will awaken your soul.Awakening, book one of two, is a full length sizzling, contemporary romance novel The heat and chemistry are off the charts ONCE YOU STEP OVER THE EDGE THERE S NO TURNING BACKEver feel like everyone else has figured out this thing called life but you re just watchBook OneUSA Today Best Selling Author, Sydney Holmes, brings you a steamy series that will awaken your soul.Awakening, book one of two, is a full length sizzling, contemporary romance novel The heat and chemistry are off the charts ONCE YOU STEP OVER THE EDGE THERE S NO TURNING BACKEver feel like everyone else has figured out this thing called life but you re just watching it fly by, not really living Nora Young still believes she has time to figure it all out She can still go to law school and take on the Supreme Court, make love in the sun, or even share her dreams with her boyfriend Maybe that explains her morose mood when she realizes she s moving up the corporate ladder at work as an Event Specialist not a party planner thank you very much It might also explain the horror when her emotionally distant boyfriend tosses out the words marriage and kids as if they re the inevitable next steps in their benumbed, stifling relationship Nora realizes she needs to take control and create a life filled with passion, purpose and adventure.Ryan Cole walks into her office and seems to offer everything Nora is looking for passion, adventure exhibitionism But just when Nora starts to open up to Ryan and his crazy adventures, his ex girlfriend warns her that Ryan s real tastes are dangerously extreme Intrigued, Nora pushes Ryan to reveal his secrets but will Nora be able to handle it when he comes clean Does setting boundaries with Ryan mean saying goodbye to the most passionate, sexy man she s ever met
Awakening Sydney Holmes

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One thought on “Awakening

  1. Linda

    Arc provided by Netgalley for an honest review Awakening, such an apt title for this book, the author, Ms Holmes could not have chosen a better name, because for your main Charachter Nora Young I is all about awakening to her desires, sexual and professional.Nora Young is finding herself and dissatisfied with the status quo, but from her boyfriend Darren s eyes what could be wrong he sees her twice a week, they have a routine, their on track for marriage and a family Does Nora not see this Why [...]

  2. Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog)

    Where have you been all my life Awakening is Sydney Holmes first novel I actually read the first chapter online and liked it so much that I wanted to read the rest of the book I was intrigued by the mystery of Ryan Nora s first meeting, they had instant chemistry on the dance floor but didn t know each other s names My curiosity about Ryan kept me turning the pageswhy did he say he lived too far if he didn t Why didn t he want her to see his home What has he been doing for the last three years W [...]

  3. Kjen

    4 Super Sexy Stars Whoa This was one hot book My first by Sydney Holmes, but I ll happily read I was intrigued from the beginning and enjoyed the way Nora evolved into her true self The awakening that she experienced with Ryan was an excellent parallel metaphor to the one she experienced career wise Darren was a mega creeper who should have been handled effectively Nora and Ryan s chemistry was off the charts Love scenes were erotic but tasteful, somehow The ending was a bit abrupt The author [...]

  4. Michelle

    An ARC through Netgalley was offered in exchange for an honest review.The title Awakening is a theme through the book Nora is awaked sexually, her career motives are awakened, and she is awakened emotionally The author does a superb job of building themes through the book There are intense sex scenes though the wording is a bit redundant The book fails a bit in building tension and angst, but overall is an enjoyable read I was drawn in by Nora and Ryan and hope the next book comes out soon.

  5. Jennifer

    Received an ARC from NetGalley for reviewSmoking hot guy at a bar, check Crazy ex s for both, check Very interesting sex clubs, check Life changing decisions, check Great ending NOT What the feathers just happened How did I not know this was book one There wasn t a terrible ending, not a cliffhanger but there just needs to be I really liked her friends Julie and Sophie So when does the next one come out

  6. Dorel

    This is the 1st book I read by Sydney Holmes I m sorry this book s story line characters didn t grab my interest.

  7. Kimberly

    Was given an ARC by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Due to downloading difficulties, I was not able to read this book.

  8. Amie's Book Reviews

    AWAKENING by Sydney Holmes I received a free, signed paperback copy of this book through giveaway My journey with this book began as soon as I unwrapped it from it s package and saw the very sexy man on the book s cover Faded in the background it shows the same man embracing a scantily clad woman in a very sexy pose It was clear immediately that this book was going to be a steamy read Synopsis Nora Young is three years post college and in a steady and extremely boring relationship Even their sex [...]

  9. Sorcha

    Book OneONCE YOU STEP OVER THE EDGE THERE S NO TURNING BACKEver feel like everyone else has figured out this thing called life but you re just watching it fly by, not really living Nora Young still believes she has time to figure it all out She can still go to law school and take on the Supreme Court, make love in the sun, or even share her dreams with her boyfriend Maybe that explains her morose mood when she realizes she s moving up the corporate ladder at work as an Event Specialist not a par [...]

  10. Jeannie Zelos

    Awakening, Sydney HolmesReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsI liked the description and quickly got into this book Nora s a person it s easy to like, hard working, ambitious, has good friends, a responsible job and a boyfriend of three years She s trying to spice up their sex life, and he thinks she s lost it, as far as he s concerned they re fine and she s some kind of sexual oddity to want .Slowly the disenchantment grows the plan was for her to take time out while he built his career, then [...]

  11. Dana

    free copy provided by the publisher via netgalley I need to read the sequel to this Yesterday, if possible It s not a 10 out of 10 book for me, but it s definitely entertaining.I don t know what s up with these characters, or how the author did it, but she totally hit the nail on the head with this one.Nora is a corporate events planner, who, because of a crappy relationship, has become accustomed to being a spectator in her own life She does everything to accommodate and to please her complexed [...]

  12. Tammy

    I loved Ryan and NoraLets start with Nora When this story begins she is in a relationship with Darren and to me, he is smothering the life right out of her It s always about him, he s really moody, and Nora basically gives up her dream career so that he can get his career started first Now 3 years later Nora goes out with her girlfriends to celebrate Sophie s 24th birthday and they are drinking and dancing and Nora is relaxing and having fun something that she can t do with Darren because he nev [...]

  13. Sharon Xuereb

    Copy obtained from NetGalley This was a fast fun read, and deals with issues that I think most of us can relate to at some point in our lives.Nora is feeling like her life is getting stale She wants passion, love and to have the career she has always dreamed of, plus someone by her side to encourage and support her along the way Ryan dances into her life and then she believes that what she wants is possible.This is a character driven story and these are two very likeable characters, flaws and a [...]

  14. Sonia Root

    Received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Well, what can I say This was almost a DNF for me which is a very rare thing I can honestly say that 3 4 through it I was asking myself, do I really care what this big secret life is that Ryan won t discuss with Nora Nope, didn t really care but I forced myself to finish this book This book started out with a lot of promise, the club scene by far was my favorite in the entire book.Big flags for me are the fact that the story line di [...]

  15. Melissa

    I have to day that I really enjoyed this book I really liked that there were no heavy life altering past drama s.Nora, is a great character that a lot of people will relate too I like that she is slowly realizing that her life can be so much then it is Nora was well written, in the fact that she is realizing that Darren is now what she wants and ready to explore her sexual creativity I love how Ryan was introduced in to her life and the story Sydney did an amazing job of taking a delicate situa [...]

  16. AshleyMoore

    This title was received through Netgalley in exchange for an honest opinion.Let me start by explaining how highly addictive this book is I had ly finished on less ten 24 hrs and could not put it down Sydney homes is a writer after my own heart I love the cat and noise game that she created between Nora and Ryan This book was a fast, hot read that pulls a reader on from the first page and going through withdrawl at the last Nora is a women who has just learned to go with the flow of things till o [...]

  17. BethNeeper

    I really enjoyed the majority of Awakening I was prepared to rate it 4 stars I liked the character development in the first half especially Nora I liked the steamy and kinky scenes for most of the book until 89 percent.Once I finished reading I was unsure how to rate it so I made a list of pros and cons The two pros are listed above Unfortunately, there were cons than pros with this book First of all, I am confused Is there a sequel for this book because a few loose end were left incomplete The [...]

  18. Laura

    Nora s dream is to become a lawyer, but instead she is now been out of college for three years, is working as an event planner and is stuck in a all around boring relationship As if life couldn t get any grey, in walks Ryan Ryan peeks Nora s interest instantly and she cant help but feel drawn to him Ryan appears to be hiding something from his past because he s afraid Nora will take off.I really enjoyed the book I was hooked from the beginning and couldn t put it down I really liked the fact tha [...]

  19. Bolinda

    I received an ARC copy of the book for an honest review.When I first finished the book I was at 3 stars, but after a couple of days I moved it up to 3.5 to 4 stars I liked Nora At first she seemed stuck, boring boyfriend, boring job, etc Then meeting Ryan something seems to change for her I liked that she didn t fall apart when things got tough Not when Ryan s ex girlfriends tried to mess with her, not when her ex attacks her, not when Ryan seems to ignore her She had decided to move forward in [...]

  20. Christy

    I liked this book but the woman, Nora, was her own worst enemy in it She stayed with a man out of habit or indifference that was nuts without even realizing it until she broke it off with him She meets a guy at a club one night and after one erotic dance decides he could be the man of her dreams She meets him again at her job and he acts like a first class jerk that doesn t remember her When she stands up to him and they get to know each other he admits he does an starts pursuing a relationship [...]

  21. Crystal Wright

    Disclosure I receieved this book as an ARC from Netgalley, all opinions are 100% my own Nora Young is stuck in a life rut, after college she didn t go to law school as she had originally planned Law school was always the plan, but sometimes life just gets in the way, and working as an Event Specialist is enough for now isn t it Her boyfriend keeps her at a distance, but tosses out marriage and kids as the destined fate of their stale relationship One girls night out however awakens Nora to how n [...]

  22. Erica

    Spoiler if you don t like erotic books with sex scenes, DO NOT read This is a very sex heavy story.Nora is out with friends for her friend coworker when she meets Ryan The next day at her job as an event planner, Ryan comes in with his Aunt, but does not acknowledge Nora Nora and her friends recognize him though Nora thinks that Ryan and the man from the club are brothers, not the same person Later Ryan does tell Nora that he is the guy from the club Nora is dating Darren by she dumps him I did [...]

  23. Niccisbookblog higginson

    This book is Quite steamy with a yummy leading man Ryan is hot and Nora is a character of two halves when she is with Darren she seems to be walked over, she gives up her dreams of being a lawyer to just float along with Darren Darren s needs seem to come first in the relationship Darren is a total douche didn t like him at all When Nora is with Ryan she is strong and feisty, she finds herself again.The sex in this book was erotic and steamy Ryan and Nora have an off the charts chemistry, and th [...]

  24. Anna

    I was thrilled to get an ARC of this book I thought the premise of an event planner lawyer wanna be working with a lawyer was a great foundation for a love story The erotic nature of the relationship that happens as a result of Nora being stifled by her ex and an adventurous lawyer.There were parts of the story that were disjointed that I felt would have worked better with maybe plans for a second book did I just suggest that HA We spent so much time leading up to Nora and Ryan that when we got [...]

  25. BooksandBeyondFiftyShades

    As I read this amazing book, my imagination runs wild I was not able to put this book down You will need to sit next to a fan and a glass of wine in your hand while you read those steamy hot sex scene Meet Nora Young, an Event Specialist with dreams to go back to law school and a boyfriend with a major case of OCD Moving up the corporate ladder, she realizes is time to do something about her life.Meet Ryan Cole, a gorgeous lawyer, after being forced to oversees the planning of the family firm an [...]

  26. Erin

    Four Flaming HOT stars Nora Young is a 24 year old still trying to decide what she wants to do with her life For now, she is an events coordinator with a dream of being a lawyer While planning an annual meeting for a law firm, she meets officially Ryan Cole Her previous encounter with Ryan was a smoking hot dance at a club 2 days prior Nora is in a relationship with Darren, who is a real prick She has spent the last 3 years with him and is finally ready to move on Ryan is a sexy, mysterious lawy [...]

  27. Christa Watkins

    Sydney Holmes has a new fan Wow I mean, really fans self Wow I wasn t expecting this I can even Just read it if you like things really, REALLY hot But I have to warn you that the ending is a bit abrupt Nora and Ryan s story will continue in a second book, which isn t out yet at the time of this review Dammit Normally, this would annoy me to no freakin end, but I m okay with it here because this book ended at a good spot I mean, yeah, I wanna know what happens next, but it didn t feel like I was [...]

  28. Lindsey

    As a fan of romance with a modern edge books I was intrigued to read this as Sydney Holmes first novel To start off we learn all about Nora her life in general and her life with oddball Darren, after there relationship fizzles out she ends up working with a total hottie whom she had a raunchy dance in a night club, this can only mean 1 thing A hook up between Nora and Ryan, however is Ryan all he seems there is a different twist in this book that I was not expecting and after Nora finds out will [...]

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