What Smart Women Know (2020)

What Smart Women Know Steven Carter Julia Sokol What Smart Women Know Before Ally McBeal there was What Smart Women Know a straightforward and honest guide from women who have learned the hard way how to be smart about men This national bestseller is geared for women f
  • Title: What Smart Women Know
  • Author: Steven Carter Julia Sokol
  • ISBN: 9780871319067
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Paperback
What Smart Women Know Steven Carter Julia Sokol Before Ally McBeal there was What Smart Women Know, a straightforward and honest guide from women who have learned the hard way how to be smart about men This national bestseller is geared for women from all walks of life.
What Smart Women Know Steven Carter Julia Sokol

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    161 Steven Carter Julia Sokol
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One thought on “What Smart Women Know

  1. Tia

    Excellent, excellent read Upon completing this book I instantly lent it out with the intent of making it a must read for every woman in my circle To this day, it still hasn t made it s way back to my bookshelf And that s ok It s the type of book that s too good to sit on a shelf when it could be out there helping someone While reading it, I felt as if an older, wiser, sister were handing down real and practical wisdom that every woman needs to be reminded of from time to time And what I really l [...]

  2. DJ

    This book should be required reading for every woman over 16 It s a quick read but it s jam packed with knowledge.

  3. Paige Weh

    Quick easy read I m not a lover of hard and fast rules but its a solid framework every female or any male who has a desire to understand the female psyche can learn and benefit from If you never had the luxury of a healthy female role model so, so very valuable.

  4. Jessica

    I found it amusing that a man would right a book about what women know There were some good aspects of this book, but for the most part, I felt the author was clearly deluded.

  5. Babita

    Coisas que toda mulher inteligente deve saber, se inteligente ela j sabe, mas se est lendo este livro pq falta colocar em pr tica Em resumo, sempre bom escutar mais uma vez todas as verdades sobre homens e relacionamentos se n o estamos conseguindo acertar

  6. Rachel Laskowski

    I love this book It has so much great advice.Unfortunately, I learned most lessons the hard way They could ve been prevented if I read this book years ago I would recommend this book to everyone It s one of my favorite books.

  7. Stephanie

    Simple to read used plain english throughout and stuck to the point Very comical in some parts I believe that most women should be able to relate some of the dating issues mentioned within this book.

  8. Rayssa Sullivan

    Fala de uma maneira muito clara a respeito de relacionamentos e imposs vel n o nos avaliar Recomendo

  9. Beth

    This book helped me through college and the difficult relationship ups and downs I went through as a young woman It s short, to the point and hits home.

  10. Ju Ribeiro

    A girfriend gave me this book on the last Women s Day I d say that it reinforces what we all already know, but sometimes forget Not a waste of time.

  11. Catheryn

    Every girl should be required to read this at the age of 12 It really is what smart women know and should know

  12. Mariana Machado

    Onze mandamentos para uma mulher inteligente Manter todas as expectativas fundamentadas na realidade Nunca esquecer suas prioridades ou o seu eu N o se dedicar a um homem mais do que ele se dedica a voc N o passar mais tempo analisando os problemas de um homem do que voc passa tentando compreender os seus N o transformar um homem mortal no pr prio Deus N o cobi ar a vida de sua vizinha Julgar todos os homens pela consci ncia de suas a es, e n o por suas palavras N o tolerar nenhuma forma de abus [...]

  13. Julie

    Very sexist and perpetuates some societal expectations and stereotypes about men and women that do not apply to everyone or even most people I would not recommend reading it It does have some good thoughts about boundaries and not ignoring those little important clues about a person, but those are mostly common sense.

  14. Domingos Novela

    Sem sombra de d vida um grande livro, muito divertido e elucidativo Sim realmente toda mulher inteligente devia ler este livro, e homens tamb m, porque descrevem exactamente o tipo de homem com quem uma mulher N O deve ficar Este livro foi escrito de forma t o simples e engra ada opa, certamente voltarei a ler s para poder rir um bocado Os autores est o de parab ns.

  15. Julie

    A quick read and very applicable if you have been in unseuccessful relationships I liked it very much although I went away feeling that I was in now way one of the Smart Women I knew what said I should know, just didn t keep me from making the same stupid mistakes.

  16. Gayla

    I thought cooking was bringing a talent to light Of course some men would misconstrue good intentions I ll hold of on that thanx

  17. Jin

    Of all the women s lessons learnt book that i ve gone thru Highly recommend this one A guy friend of mine read this and also recommends that some of the things mentioned here works for men too.

  18. Gina

    Sort of inane and clearly written for insane ladies, but it does have some valuable nuggets of truth which is the only reason it got 3 stars and not 2.

  19. Kristin

    I learned that if you want a commited relationship you should not date a thrill seeker read race car driver.

  20. Steve Todey

    finished it within 24hrs from time of purchase a book every girl woman should read and everything in it is true

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